Cruzado Avalitos

Cruzado Avalitos

Origin : HondurasCruzado
Format : Petit Corona
Size : 4 x 46
Wrapper : Nicaraguan Criollo
Filler : Honduran and Nicaraguan
Binder : Nicaraguan
Price : ~$8 each
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The Encounter: I’ve been searching the country for this target since it appeared on our Most Wanted List. An informant on vacation in Florida tipped me off to its whereabouts. A plane ride later, I had sequestered the target for interrogation.

Appearance/Construction: This target’s wrapper had a nice medium brown hue, with only a few small veins running its length. After sizing up the target a little, I found he had been evenly filled, with no hard or soft spots. In an attempt to disguise himself and throw me off the trail, he wore an interesting pointed cap. I knew after seeing that, that this one was going to be a real character.

Flavor: This target was a tricky one. Interrogation began with a woody base flavor - a story he stuck with until the end. Hints of cocoa and slight spiciness lingered between puffs. The most interesting flavor I found was the fresh horseradish finish that the target exhibited. These flavors made for a well balanced and exotic group of natural flavors (not related at all to the exotic flavors one might supposedly find in an Acid Cigar).

Evaluation and Termination: Overall, this target’s interrogation was a job well done. The nice balance of flavors and superb appearence really made for a great experience. I would advise all to try and find this target at all costs.

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