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  1. pacman
    September 5, 2014

    Nice review Denis. It happens I have a box (MLO JUL 11) of these, and although I have cracked the box, I am yet to smoke one. I have a few other sticks I should smoke first, which is OK, as it appears there is no hurry to start smoking these Deputes.



  2. StevenSauce
    September 17, 2014

    3 years are not enough for cigars from the le hoyo range, give it another 3 and its gonna be delicious.


  3. Beneluxor
    October 30, 2014

    Tasty, very interesting smoke, as Inspector says above, « a complex, ever-changing experience ». I smoked the Député a bit too fast, always interested in what was happening next with this stick. After punching but before lighting, a pleasant, creamy inhale. First third was mild and flavourful, 2nd third was sharp & spicy, final third was contemplative before getting very sharp at the finger-burning end, when the pretty red-and-gold Hoyo band slid back to let me puff a little more. Maybe a bit odd in the fast-changing combination of mild and somewhat strong smoking experience.

    In French, ‘Député’ is a more exalted term, not like in English ‘I shot the Sheriff but did not shoot the Deputy’, but referring more to a member of parliament or national envoy, a ‘deputed’ representative of the people.

    Something to be said for these ‘Coronita’ sized short-smoke cigars, ring gauge between 36 and 40, length between Perla & Petit Corona. The Député’s 38 ring gauge (15,08mm) is interestingly the same as the avowed favourite cigars of both Fidel Castro (Cohiba Coronas Especiales), and Zino Davidoff (Classic No 2), tho both the latter at 152mm (6 inch) length.


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