Holt's Cigar CompanyURL : http://www.holts.com
Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : PA, USA
Online Since : 1996
Rating : 5 ( : 8, : 3)
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Description (taken from the website) : Even though its costs a little more than a nickel like they did in the fifties, Holt's still provides a coveted and affordable luxury for cigar lovers everywhere; the joy and simple pleasures of a fine cigar.

13 Comments on “Holt’s”

  1. Experience:

    Great premium selection. Great customer service. Love the weekly specials and especially the holiday samplers!

  2. bitbuster says:


    reliable service but not the best deals on the web!

  3. Experience:

    I did a lot of business with Holts. Then they started sending out weekly requests for my driver’s license. They stated this was for age verification; however, I heard that they were working with state governments turning over client information for tax collection purposes.

    Please be careful and select companies that refuse to turn over your information to state tax agencies (California is really putting the pressure on these companies for your sales and contact info). Several people in California have gotten tax collection letters for their on-line cigar purchases.

  4. Experience:

    Great selection, prompt shipping. Great access to rare Ashton, Fuente, and Padron.

  5. charmingkarl says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I’ve yet to make it to Holt’s, which is definitely my loss based on their rep. And I make it to Philly frequently, and have been to their lounge, Mahagony, which is a great spot. I do remember seeing that they posted some hateful press about a cigarmaker, which I thought was ill-advised and unfortunate, which is why I am giving them a neutral review for now…

  6. Experience:

    I’ve only purchased from them twice, but bother were good experiences.

  7. Saint Jimbob says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Prices are okay, but Old Henry is a good smoke for a house brand. Better than anything I’ve ever smoked from Thompson Cigar…

  8. Experience:

    Great service. Very nice website. Large format catalog. Wide selection of cigars. Shop their variety of specials and sign up for email notification for their best deals.

  9. Experience:

    If you are a Canadian looking top quality service, great selection, low shipping rates with quick delivery, Holts is the only place.

  10. swimmingmickey says:


    Am Canadian and their service was fantastic, no complaints and look forward to doing more buisness with them, also good selection.

  11. obviousadams says:


    Placed an order a couple of weeks ago and went very well. No complaints and I would order from them again.

  12. L.b. Morrell says:


    I purchased 5 rocky Patel fairway edition mulligans. None of these cigars were fit to hold in your mouth,let alone smoke. All of them were so bitter that I could not do anything to save them. I am glad that I only bought 5. My advice is to avoid this cigar.

  13. george waterstraat says:


    i just finished one cigar from holt that i got for christmas. the cigar split partitaly open from one end to the other. the cigar was smokable, but unpleasant to deal with. what should be done.


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