Habanos & Hermanos

Habanos & Hermanos http://www.habanosyhermanos.com
Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : FL, USA
Online Since : 2007
Rating : 2 ( : 11, : 9)
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Description : HabanosyHermanos.com, available both in English and Spanish, carries various non-Cuban cigars and cigar accessories.

22 Comments on “Habanos & Hermanos”

  1. Experience:

    I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent customer service that I received from your company. I recently made a purchase from you and the instrument was broken when it arrived and you guys immediately shipped me
    another one after just one email. Customer service like this is hard to find these days. Not only did you replace the broken part but you also sent along samples of some cigars. One of which is sitting in front of me and reminded me that I needed to kick off this email to thank you guys. yes, I will certainly buy, without hesitation, from you again. Sincerely, Steve

  2. Experience:

    Avoid. They charged my card, never sent me my order and I never heard anything from them. Sent them e-mails to which they didn’t respond.

  3. Experience:

    *CAUTION* *CAUTION* *CAUTION* We tried to order a cigar/ashtray set from these people and it has been a complete nightmare. The contact number provided is often a fax machine line and when it is answered, it is answered by someone who claims to not speak English. We have tried to contact them via email and were told that they would check on the order but no other communication took place after that. I will be finding a way to file a complaint against this company to the proper authorities. These people are crooks. I highly recommend that you patronize another company as this one will likely leave you feeling robbed.

  4. Experience: Neutral

    I’m a fan of all Gurkha cigars and this site is definitely the best option you can try for that. All my orders have been on time. The site is really nice and easy to navigate and they have a great selection of accessories never seen in any other cigar store.

  5. Experience:

    Excellent customer service – great prices. I will continue to buy from them. Carry hard to find brands too!

  6. Ed Trzeciak says:


    I Ordered Rocky Padel Vintage 1992 Churchill Paid $120.+ 11.99 shipping. Received 2nds. PURE GARBAGE!!!!!!!!! THEY WILL NO RETURN MY E-Mails. Person on the phone does not speak english!!!! I have been ripped-off!!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

  7. Experience:

    I have been a customer of this company for more than 2 years, I always order the same cigars, they have the best price for the Graycliff Double Espresso and I always receive my items on time, and from time to time, I get a freebee.

  8. Experience:

    I am very satisfied with their customer service and the attention they give for their clients, there was a slightly miscommunication at the beginning but only due to the bad connection.
    Very competitive prices and elite merchandise, I have been a customer for about a year now , and I truly highly recommend for their excellent prices.oh and I got some freebee as well.

  9. Experience:

    outstanding response to purchase. will continue purchases in the future.

    Solid experience. Great website with solid deals. Bought 2 humidors, a cutter and ashtray. All solid buys. Good store and a good merchandise

  10. Experience:

    Incredible prices and outstanding services. I do recomend this store.

    Also, nice you can try some local bundles they offer at prices hard to find outside of Florida. Try the Pedro Estevez and you will not be disappointed.

  11. Experience: Neutral

    Solid experience. Great website with solid deals. Bought 2 humidors, a cutter and ashtray. All solid buys. Good store and a good merchandise

  12. McGill says:


    Great service! Highly recomended.

    They offer a collection of accessories never seen in any other vendor.

    You should try some of the Made in USA humidors they offer. I ordered a Lester Signature Collection humidor, build on request, and the time to get this master piece was less than the time anounced in the site (4 weeks)

  13. Experience:

    1) Throughout the web, they have about 4-5 different registered phone numbers. NONE which they will answer.
    2) Faxing does not work.
    3) They will NOT nor EVER returned ANY of my emails.
    4) The “Live Help Operator” will NEVER appear online – Your questions or concerns will NOT be answered.

    I was billed TWICE for one order. Did not receive my order. Never heard from anyone acquainted with the establishment.

  14. George Crossman says:


    Took the money, no cigars. They are crooks.

  15. Experience:


    Ordered $200+ humidor, was shipped and delivered to Miami (I live in NJ), no response to several emails, phone calls, and the so-called “online help” seems to be permanently offline. Will need to file dispute with credit card. What a PITA. These people, or person, truly SUCK.

  16. Experience:

    I just ordered my first humidor off of habanosyhermanos.com and couldn’t be more pleased, this was an Adorini Chianti, awesome!!. Between the prices and selections and ease of using their site was just great. I plan to make many more purchased down the road with them!

    Great Service From Jessica!!

  17. H. Mokhasania says:


    If you are a fan of the Padron, this is your site. Best price ever.

    Fantastic service and cigars received in perfect conditions.

  18. M D'Morney says:


    I have to say I was really impresed by the customer service and the quick solution I got from this store. Being in the states for a short period I decide to bring back a Daniel Marshall humidor for my housband and came across this on-line store. The item I selected, a 65 cigars, was not in stock due the high volumne of order in the season and they, quickly, send me an option option for a 100 cigars honoring the original price I paid.

    The piece is just amazing and arrive just on time. Super happy going back to Europe with an iconic item like this

  19. Experience:

    Fantastic prices and the best selection of cigar accessories ever on the web.

    I ordered a Jemar humidor, directly from Spain, it took me around 15 days to receive it. It worth every penny I paid. Pure Piece of art!!

  20. Experience:

    AVOID AVOID AVOID I’ve had now 2 terrible experiences with this company. The first was this past Christmas when they informed me almost 2 weeks after ordering that what I had ordered as “in-stock” was actually not. But, I sucked it up because they were one of the only places that had the cloudstone marble ashtrays. So, now it’s march…it has been a week since I ordered my husbands cloudstone marble ashtray for his birthday and this time I’ve tried contacting via email twice and via phone twice (leaving voicemails both times) just asking for a status update on my order (the website said nothing new for my order, but my card was charged) and absolutely no contact back from them. It states on their website that they will contact within 24 hours, it also states that the item will arrive within 5-7 business days. Both incorrect. I’ve tried calling all times of day to see when they’re available because it NEVER rings. It just goes to a voicemail stating that “all representatives are either not available or assisting other customers.”

  21. Experience:

    Scam business. Ordered a humidor for over 200. It never came, so I disputed the charge on visa. Business Does not respond to email or phone. However, if you do make the mistake of giving them your money, set your alarm every 15 minutes to call and leave a voicemail. After about 15-20 calls they will answer annoyed and stay on the phone until your money is confirmed via email refunded.

  22. Experience:

    I placed an order for almost $500 for a humidor and accessories. After 2 weeks of no updates, I attempted to call. Six weeks and MANY calls and emails later, no response and no products.

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