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Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Spain
Online Since : 2003
Rating : -2 ( : 4, : 6)
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Description (from the website) : We have been supplying Spanish Cuban cigars (Habanos), Dominican cigars and Canary Islands cigars smokers since 1973. From that moment, we have been achieving more and more experience until becoming cigars “lovers”.

13 Comments on “Habano Cuban Cigars .com”

  1. Experience:

    I asked Cigar Inspector to add this shop to the list because I was very pleased with the customer service and products I received. The short story is that I placed an order for cigars that needed to be replaced. Luis Balsain, one of the managers, told they would be happy to replace my order or offer me a full refund. I wanted to replace the order

    I paid the shipping back to them (I have no problem there) and they replaced immediately. The previous order I had with them was for a vintage box of cigars, R. ALLONES Super Ramón E.R. Canada, which are unbelievable. I will continue to do business with Luis and his shop. They offer great customer service and the real deal.

  2. Experience:

    Great website and great Cigars! Got a box of Cohiba Doble Corona EL 2003 and Piramides EL 2006. Cigars are GREAT!!! Delivery was quick and Luis Balsain gives great customer service.

  3. Experience:

    In my opinion, these guys sell fakes. First of all their prices are not accurate at all, 3590€ for a box of Cohiba 1966 el 2011, 2750€ for a box of 10 Cohiba Piramides EL 2006, and so on, please Munro tell me you didn’t pay that madness !

    I bought a samplers from them and i’m sure the Cohiba Sublimes el 2004 that was in are fake because the edicion limitada ring is not embossed. For the rest of the cigars, they look lovely, the ring looks authentic but the cigars are smaller than what they should be by a few millimeters ! But then again i might be wrong, they do smoke well even if they do not have a lot of smell, but i still have doubt about this retailer.

  4. Experience: Neutral


    No, I didn’t pay those outrageous prices. If you notice, those prices are put only for the Cigars that are out of stock (I’m guessing so people won’t accidently order out of stock items). All of the cigars I’ve gotten look and taste legit. However, I have not tried their Sublimes EL 2004.

  5. gregg miller says:


    I’ve ordered twice and have been impressed with communications to the merchant, speed of delievery and authenticity. Luis purchases from a LCDH authorized distributor and my orders have been perfect. INZA: I emailed Luis about the crazy prices and he said he does that to indicate they are out of stock on that cigar which is a little strange- but that’s what they do.

  6. Experience:

    Purchased a box of Cohiba 1966 “on sale” for $389. WHen the box arrived the stickers and labels were not affixed to the box. The authenticiation code failed when I entered it into habano.com. The factory code on the box is OAG when the real factory code is OGA. Unquestionably fakes. When I returned them per the merchants approval they were refused and were apparently lost coming back to me. BUYER BEWARE.

  7. Experience: Neutral

    Unable to contact this shop by either email or telephone number on their contact us section….

  8. Experience:

    WARNING!!! This is the most crooked cigar dealer aside from the street vendors in Habana. Bought a box of Saint Luis Rey which were undoubtedly fake. The cigars were not the right size and were very very mild (anyone that knows SLR knows they are not mild ). Never purchase from this vendor unless you love being ripped off. The vendor doesn’t return calls and refused to accept a return after he robbed me. World class dishonesty and low class people. You’ve been warned.

  9. neuticles says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Hongos- Ive dealt with this merchant on 4 transactions. Ive concluded he sell both authentic and fakes. If you got ripped off simply dispute the charge with your credit card provider.

  10. Matthew Anthony Luján says:


    Okay,I ordered a carton of cohiba cigarettes and let me tell you….they were very real all gov’t labels on all packs .inside the wrapper can’t take that.Luis was very responsive. I have bought real Cubans that Wer in question from the lcdh labels not perfect as in glued right qc issue. I do believe in this website and look forward to more buisness.

  11. Experience:

    This site has Magnum 50 LE 2005 for $399 a box. This is a very rare box selling for $1200+ on legitimate LCDH sites.IF you can find them. Why risk getting ripped off when there are so many legitimate sites on line? My LCDH merchant checked them out and he said the distributor the site claims to use is fake.

  12. John Glaser says:


    DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!! I ordered a box of Monte Cristo #5’s back in Nov and they never arrived. I emailed the site and after several emails I received a response by some jackass named Luis. He said the box must have gotten lost and said he would mail another box. As of Jan 30th I have not received anything and now they will not respond to my inquiries. This site is fraudulent. Spread the news.

  13. Experience:

    I can’t believe you stole my Money….
    I placed an order and received nothing, I spite of several e-mails sent I received no response.
    I tried calling the phone number provided and left several messages…. But no return.

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