H. Upmann Half Corona

H. Upmann Half Corona

Origin : CubaH. Upmann
Format : Half Corona
Size : 3.5 x 44 (90 x 17 mm)
Ring : 44
Price : ~$6

The H. Upmann Half Corona was released in 2011 and quickly became quite a popular cigar and a regular smoke for many cigar aficionados around the world. Why? It isn’t just the flavors, the construction and the price of this stogie that make it popular, but the size, which is a distinguishing characteristic. This Half Corona measures just 3.5” with a 44 ring gauge, making it a short cigar. You can smoke one of these at a leisurely pace and still finish up in less than 40 minutes, so it is perfect if you are pressed for time and still want to enjoy a nice stogie.

Appearance : Rating: ★★★★½
The Half Corona stands out because of its short, squat shape and size. The Cuban wrapper is a medium brown with a few small veins and a well-constructed triple cap. Pre-light aroma smells of hay, cocoa, and honey.

H. Upmann Half Corona

Construction : Rating: ★★★★½
The draw is a tad firm but by no means problematic. The burn is just slightly uneven, but barely required any touch-ups. The ash held on for an amazingly long time without disrupting the draw or burn at all. Construction is close to perfect.

Flavor : Rating: ★★★★☆ (3.75)
I expected hay given the pre-light aroma, but I got cedar when I first lit up. There is a bit of spice thrown in for good measure, and the flavors take on a creamier characteristic as the stogie approaches the middle third. At this point, the honey I smelled on pre-light emerges, and only then does the hay really come to the foreground. The peppery spiciness builds up toward the final third, and the cream melts into the backdrop. The cocoa note also plays in the backdrop throughout the smoke. There is something nutty in the final third as well, and the cedar note lingers until the very end. Overall, nothing to get too excited about but the cigar is far from boring.

H. Upmann Half Corona

Value : Rating: ★★★★½
Given that these are roughly $6 each, they are quite reasonable. While I often enjoy a cigar which I can smoke for a good long time, sometimes you need something that isn’t going to fill such a large space of time. And for that, these Half Coronas are perfect.

Overall Rating : Rating: ★★★★½ (4.25)
There is nothing not to like about the H. Upmann Half Corona. These cigars are small, affordable, and ideal for days when you are pressed for time and want to relax—but cannot afford an hour and a half to enjoy a stogie. The flavors and aromas are pretty good and the construction is great. I can definitely see why these have become a regular favorite for so many smokers.

10 Comments on “H. Upmann Half Corona”

  1. Don Jose says:

    I recently served these to participants in a poker tournament and they were very well received, by newbies and experienced smokers alike.

    Couldn’t get over how long the ash held on. This is a spot on review of this cigar, in my opinion.

  2. NewfStoogie says:

    Could not agree more. This little cigar is one of the best bang for the buck around. This, along with RGM Perlas are my fav short smokes! Great review

  3. pacman41 says:

    Great and accurate review Denis. I found my stick somewhat on the mild side, but that would have been due to my lighting my stick immediately after discarding a plugged quarter smoked Jose L Piedra.

  4. Once again Denis great review. I have been smoking them since about a month or two after they came out. They are a perfect smoke for the ride home from work.

  5. Sparkplug says:

    Excellent. Delicious cigar always want another.

  6. I want to love these but not yet. A tad harsh at the moment IMO. A lot of potential. Going to let them sit a awhile. Construction is not an issue at all.

  7. Hey guys, this might be a little bit out of context but am going in cuba in 6 days. Am planning on stocking a few stogies, and i got a few question…i’ll be staying at colonial hotel in cayo coco i know that there is a LCDH in it !

    -Can i go thought the border (canada) whit an open box of cigar ?
    -Can i ask the staff at the LCDH to open a box that i would buy to see the condition of the cigars ?
    -Can i pay whit a Credit Card ? so i dont have to carry a few hundred bucks on me ?

    And do you have any tips or comment please let me know !

  8. Was looking for a quick winter smoke! This did not disappoint. Upmann has done it again, from the first draw to the nub….allll upmann!

  9. Overall good stick. Agree with review that draw was a wee bit firm. But this is one of the better “shorter” smokes you can have from Habanos.

  10. Superbly practical cigar size if a bit stubby-looking. Seems a bit different flavour than other Herman Upmanns, whether in bigger or smaller ring gauges. I find a dominant sense of greenery at start, more spice notes than usual for Upmann, a nice bit of nutty flavour starting in middle third, eventually a sweet spot as the greenery fades.

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