Fumee World

Fumee WorldURL : discontinued
Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : TX, USA
Online Since : 2008
Rating : 10 ( : 11, : 1)
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Description : Fumee's eStore specializes in "Build Your Own" sampler packs, any cigar in our inventory can be purchased by the stick or box. We also sell pre-selected packs of cigars, coffee, and cigar t-shirts.

14 Comments on “Fumee World”

  1. Experience:

    Fumee has excellent customer service! I have received every package I have ordered in a timely manner and the cigars look great. The humidity pack included with every purchase really goes to show that they are willing to go above and beyond. I also love the E-newsletters that keep me up to date on their specials, so I get more bang for my buck. YOU GUYS ROOOOOCK!

  2. Experience:

    A much more personal experience than your average online retailer — you won’t get care in packaging like this from anyone else. And they allow purchase of singles! Great for when you want to try a few before taking a chance on a box. My experience with them is limited, but so far I’ve been completely satisfied.

  3. MartiniGuy says:


    It is a pleasure to work with Fumee. Cigars are always shipped quickly and packaged with more care than most online retailers. The prices are also very good.

  4. Ashton Morris says:


    I’ve ordered from all over, and I can safely say that Fumee has the best customer service out there. On top of that, the cigars are always top quality and the selection is very good.

  5. Experience:

    Always enjoy ordering from Fumee. One thing that makes it rather nice is that she offers singles rather than only boxes. That way, with minimal investment, I get to taste several cigars. Support the small vedors!!

  6. Experience:

    I was shocked with the speed AND care I received from my order from Fumee! I order a group of singles, and received them, with a humidy pack, in 48 hours. Plus there was a hand-written note thanking for the purchase! I would call that awesome customer service.

  7. Experience:

    Great Site! Great Service. All of my orders have come quickly andt the quality is excellent. I will be buying from Fumee again and again!

  8. Experience:

    The cigars I ordered were packed well AND attractively! Try and find that at another cigar retailer. The humidity packs in the packaging are great. You can have no fear about smoking one straight out of the mail. I look forward to doing business with Fumee World again.

  9. Experience:

    Received my order quickly and well packaged. The option of creating your own sampler is really amazing and the range of cigars is quite impressive.

  10. Experience:

    Extremely positive experience. Heather at Fumee runs a great shop and business. I appreciatet fast shipping and great selection. Right now Fumee is the only online retailer carrying Flor de Jardin.
    Very personable and her staff evens writes hand-written thank you notes – nice touch.

  11. Experience:

    The mixed box deal is a great idea. Site design could use work.

  12. Experience: Neutral

    Great customer service. Constant specials and birthday email deals to make you feel special.

  13. Experience: Neutral

    Hey – thanks for the tip! Cigar Inspector is doing its job: getting the word out on quality vendors; thanks!

  14. Experience:

    Shop’s closed. We need an update here.

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