Fuller’s Pullers

Fuller's PullersURL : http://www.fullerspullers.com
Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : WI, USA
Online Since : 1998
Rating : 4 ( : 4, : 0)
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Description (taken from the website) : Fuller's Pullers sells cigars including boutique, flavored, and seconds as well as accessories.

4 Comments on “Fuller’s Pullers”

  1. Experience:

    An excellent source for cigars by Luis Sanchez (of La Tradicion Cubana notoriety). Communications and shipping are outstanding. Five-packs are shipped in humibags and arrive in perfect smoking condition.

  2. Experience:

    One of my favorite places to shop for “boutique” cigars like LTC, Pepin/Tatuaje, etc. when I want to try five rather than buy a whole box. Superb shipping and service.

  3. Experience:

    Carry a lot of smaller, boutique brands which is great. Good prices.

  4. Chemed3196 says:


    Joe runs a great cigar shop, and he is extremely knowledgeable. You can find lots of great boutique cigars. Joe is also very dedicated to his customers, so you are guaranteed not only quality products but a very positive customer experience. I highly recommend Fullers Puller for cigar purchases.

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