Finest Cuban Cigars

Finest Cuban Cigars
Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Hong Kong
Online Since : 2000
Rating : 127 ( : 133, : 6)
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Description (taken from the website) : House of Finest Cuban Cigars was founded in 1997, with its original objective to provide Hong Kong with premium, genuine, first quality Cuban cigars at the most competitive prices. Now, we have expanded our clientele again to provide you, the private aficionado, with the very best quality, genuine Havanas at the most competitive prices.

145 Comments on “Finest Cuban Cigars”

  1. Experience:

    They shipped the bands separately, the cigars were packaged with a humidification device, and they followed up with me after I received the shipment to make sure everything was satisfactory.

  2. Experience:

    Great seller, very reliable, quick shipping. Top shelf professionals.

  3. Experience:

    Their website seems a little unauthentic and concerning, almost what you’d expect a scam to look like. But i took my chances, and now I order almost exclusively from them. Not only are they the fastest by far, their prices are INCREDIBLE (on cubans, non cubans are priced astronomically) and they ship with humidification prices wrapped in with the cigars, ensuring quality EVERY time. Follow up and customer service is definatly their goal, and they have won my custom with ferocity!

  4. Experience:

    Cigars were delivered fast (less than 10 days) and with a humidification pouch. Great job!

  5. Experience:

    Tested them out by ordering singles. The Montecristo #2 was fake compared to one I already owned. The No.4 was way too harsh and the siglo VI band wasn’t printed straight.

  6. Experience: Neutral

    Site would match prices. Was very satisified until I received moldy cigars. They insisted it was plume. It took way too much effort to resolve, so I moved on.

  7. Experience: Neutral

    The full, sealed boxed I ordered were fine; authentic and in good condition. But BEWARE when ordering single sticks from this seller. The Cohiba Behikes I received were absolute, unequivical FAKES! The bands were extremely loose fitting as if they taken from real Cohibas. The taste was similiar to a medium grade Dominican cigar. When I complained a rep. gave me a stroke job about how cigars loose flavor during shipping. Prices are good, shipping is fast. However,I’d rather pay a little more and wait a little longer to receive and enjoy the genuine article.

  8. Experience:

    Started out ordering a few singles and tubos. Everything was authentic, and the packing and shipping was outstanding. I have ordered several boxes since with no problems. Up to this point, I have confidence in this merchant.

  9. Experience:

    Just got my box of Hupmann no.2 from
    Very impressed! Box was beautiful
    Everything looked in order hologram,
    Labels, etc. & it Arrived at the perfect humidity.. But the real test smoking One. Flawless :)
    I am very happy with my order and am looking forward to my next order with them.

  10. HANEY master says:


    been a customer for over a year they say within 10 days on delivery i live in oklahoma takes 8 days after order is processed always been real cubans great taste and quality im sold o have ordered singles and have never gotten fakes you can let your gaurd down here and just relax

  11. Experience:

    I’ve used Finest Cuban Cigars for a little under a year and I have been happy with every order I’ve placed-singles, 5 and 10 packs and samplers have always been shipped in humidifying pouches, boxes have always been shrink wrapped and sealed inside a large zip bag. I’ve always received box codes when I’ve remembered to ask for them when I order a sampler or a 5/10 pack.

  12. Experience:

    I’ve use this site before 4 years ago, i’ve ordered single Cohiba Siglo I. When i opened box, i saw that, Cohiba was FAKE.

  13. Experience: Neutral

    I’m not sure what to say about this company. I ordered 3 Montescristo #4 sticks and they were shipped in a glorified ziplock baggy. After inspection of the cigards the bands looked good, the cigars were uniform in size and shape, the foot looked good, they were triple capped, and they smelt good. It’s just hard to tell because they weren’t shipped in a standard cedar box, with a cuban seal, barcode, etc. So, I really don’t know what to think. They smoked really good though.

  14. Experience:

    pretty satisfied so far, ordered a box from them last winter and it was great, ordered a second box from them this week and expect to have the same luck as before, i will update if otherwise.

  15. Experience:

    Ordered $175 worth of single sticks. My order was trackable via the HK post and arrived discreetly. It was packaged in humi bag, double bubble wrapped in a box. Some cigars had some frog eye leaf spots. All appear to have a nice spring appart from maybe 2 which seem a little on the dry side but they will hopefully smoke well.
    I’ll try these guys again to varify the consistancy before I buy some boxes.

  16. cigar dragon says:


    With the cigar traffic we see on the web these days, its important for us puffers to share and exchange those experiences with retailers – we all know the heartbreak when a bad batch comes in the post.

    Recently tried several new retailers among one was FinestCubanCigars. Oredered 5 singles of VegaUnicos,Trinidad Short Robustos T, Ramon Allones SS, Cohiba secretos,Bolivar Beliscos Finos, and a 5 pack of Monty2.

    Despite living in Tokyo 4 hours away from Hong Kong, the cigars took 11 days to get to me from the day of order. Upon the third inquiry, customer service came back to me with a nice polite letter.

    When it arrived, the cigars were rather on the dry side. The monty2’s put next to another monty2 bought from CigarOne were apparently different in color and build.(To note the package from CigarOne came in 5 days – prices tend to be high tho).

    For now the cigars need to be restored to smokable conditions, afterwhich I will provide a full review on each cigar.

  17. Finest Cuban Garbage says:


    Howdy Do,
    Well, the first batch of sticks I got consisted of the mixed robustos sampler and 2 jose piedras. The Piedras tasted as a $3 cigar should. The remaining sticks all unequivocally sucked! Vegas Robaina, Partagas, Bolivar, Hoyo -all crap! Oh, the packaging was fine. They arrived in about 10 days and were safe and sound, but who cares! I have smoked all these brands and know what they should taste like and these ain’t it! These were like smoking White Owls, or Grenadiers or some such festering junk. So I politely inquired about these possibly being a bad batch and of course they thought I was crazy. How could I not love their genuine cigars? But, they agreed to give me a credit.

    Well it has now been a few months and I have ordered, received, rested and sampled the new shipment of Hoyo Petit Robustos and Trinidad Coloniales. The verdict? Take a guess. Either these are the greenest Cubans possible, or they aren’t using genuine tobacco.

    Folks, I’ve been smoking cigars since 1988. I smoke top shelf goods on a weekly basis; Opus X, Anejo, Padron Anniversary, La Palina, Viaje, Illusione, various standard production and limitada Cubans. I don’t fcuk around people, and with that in mind, I’m through with wasting my time ordering from finestcubans!

  18. Experience:

    First order i place was for $100 worth of single cigars. I didn’t receive my cigars at all and after 30 days of waiting, they then agreed to reship. The reshipment took 21 days to arrive…cigars were fine and seemingly authentic. I was extremely upset that it took 51 days to receive my cigars, so they told me they’d send me a bundle of their cuban “house blend” with my next order. So, I order a single Partagas P2 and had them send along this house blend bundle. Once again, it took 21 days to receive my shipment. The P2 was kind of squished and the house blend cigars may be the worst cigars I’ve ever smoked. They sell these bundles for $200 or more and they absolutely make me want to throw up. There is garbage flavor with harshness left in your mouth. I took the cigar apart and the filler just looks like dried out crap.

  19. Experience: Neutral

    The cigars are authentic, but they basically have no customer service. It takes at least 24 hours to get back to you on anything and take forever to get shipments in route. They’d better smarten up and at least try to compete with the other sellers farther up this list. Hey, not my problem, I am happy with their competition. It’s like doing business with Europeans(them) vs Americans(their competition).

  20. Experience:

    These guys are the “real deal”. I’ve placed numerous orders of mixed singles and have never been disappointed. Jeez, they are the only web site that is an Official Habanos Dealer. Why WOULD they sell fakes. And I, for one, like their house brand.

  21. harleylen says:


    I’ve been buying from for approximately 8 years. Although I normally buy boxes only, I have purchased a few singles and I’ve never been disappointed. One has to expect that their singles come from open boxes that are probably handled a lot or broken boxes that they can’t sell, etc. But there’s no finer feeling than opening a brand new box of Monte 2s or 4s or Edmundos or some other fine cigar. Puts a smile on my face! Their shipping to New Mexico(USA) has been between 5 and 18 days, averaging about 8-9 days.

  22. Experience:

    I have been ordering a box a month for years. Siglos, Cedros Deluxe and several others out of box but with bands. Takes two weeks and I have aalways been happy.

    They come in by way of Switzerland with a return address that looks like its from one of your relatives, which is cute.

  23. Experience:

    I’ve ordered from Finest Cubans several times. Every order has arrived safe and sound, albeit they usually take 2-3 weeks coming from Switzerland. Why do I order from them? Because I know my cigars will arrive hassle free. I’ve only been disappointed once, with a box of Fonsecas, but that was because I didn’t care for the cigar, not the shop.

  24. Experience:

    I have been dealing with “FINESTCUBANCIGARS” for close to two years. I cannot say enough about there service, not to mention there great prices and perfect product. I will, and have, recommend them to any one I feel deserves to be treated properly.

  25. Longshore101238 says:


    On Oct 23 I ordered a box of Montecristo Limited Edition 2010s and a box of Cohiba Genios from I didnt receive my order confirmation by Email until Oct 28. Personally I believe that is too long for a order to be shipped but upon receiving my order I was more than pleased.I havent had a chance to taste one yet but as soon as they get acclamated to there new home we will get acquainted While online I might as well place an order with them.HAPPY SMOKING EVERYONE

  26. Experience:

    I have placed two orders with finestcubancigars in the past two months, one a box and the other a number of singles. Both shipments arrived on time (about 10 days), in excellent condition, and exactly as described. I also greatly appreciate their customer service and responsiveness whenever I have a question – this attention to detail, along with the quality of the product, will keep me coming back.

  27. Experience:

    Bought two boxes so far. Tobacco on the first box was a little young (six months old), so it’ll have to age for a couple more years. Second box was about a year old so that will have to age too. On the bright side, this is a sign that the cigars are legit (high demand for Cuban cigars means inventory doesn’t sit in the factories very long). I just ordered a third box cause I’m assuming those will need some time in my humidor too.

    I smoked a couple of the cigars and they are not ready. That said, I think it’s interesting that many people have commented about how quickly or slowly they got their cigars, when in reality a variance of 10 to 50 days in shipping doesn’t really matter when you shouldn’t be smoking them for a least six months, probably a year or two anyways.

  28. Experience:

    I order cigars about twice a week. They arrive in perfect condition, and in a timely manner. No matter which cigar I order it is exactly as described, perfect and most important, each cigar draws excellently. You cannot purchase cigars from a better source.

  29. Experience:

    Saw them on your site and gave them a chance – they are my go-to cigar place from now on. Great selection, service, and super prices. My package arrived in 9 days in perfect condition, as were the cigars, all sealed and ready to smoke. I gave them a few days to avoid ‘cigar shock’ and am ready to place another order. Kudos to these guys.

  30. Experience:

    This is my 3rd time ordering from Finest Cuban Cigars as my previous shipments of Cohibas were real fresh genuine Cuban cigars ! Prices are competitive & shipping was the Best I have ever seen as cigars come in a humidified bag then bubble wrapped as they arrived perfectly ! Happy Holidays to the TCC team & every satisfied customer out their ! Steve C.

    Update (Jan 9 2014) Just recieved my latest shipment in Blizzard like coditions & the cigars arrived in perfect codition ! Living the Dream with thanks to the staff at FCC ! Steve C.

  31. Experience:

    I have been ordering for years and have always received quality smokes. They are the best price I have found and the customer services is on top of things if a problem arises.I had an issue with placing an online order sent them a fax of the problem and they called me with in 24 hours with total satisfaction. Great cigars great service

  32. Corky'sPharm says:


    Once again, my entire experience with FCC has been outstanding. There is not much better than receiving a special package in the mail, and the package from FCC is at the top of the list. I’ve utilized their service for several years and had absolutely excellent service. Hats off to the folks at Finest Cuban Cigars!

  33. Experience:

    I have been ordering singles from Finest Cuban Cigars and always satisfied with their great service. They ship original fresh Cuban cigars in the humidifier pouch and arrived in good condition. Although I always only ordered singles, if there is a problem they called directly to my cell phone advising that my order was not available and giving alternative within the same price range. Great service!!

  34. Experience:

    I wish to thank you for my prompt order that I received. This is my second order and both have been delivered on time and in excellent condition. I do truly appreciate your excellent products and customer service.
    Thank you.

  35. dudley danoff says:


    I have been getting my cigars from this company for many years (original sealed box) and have found their quality, service and price to be unbeatable. I am extremely satisfied in all areas.

  36. Experience:

    Excellent communications, excellent prices and most importantly, excellent cigars! Finest Cuban Cigars are a pleasure to do business with.

  37. Experience:

    Been ordering from FCC for a while now. Never disappoint. Great cigars. Fast delivery. Thanks a lot and Happy Holidays.

  38. Experience:

    I’d like to clarify that my previous comment originated because of a confusion created by insufficient information.

    After the initial confusion I contacted fcc / Bill to understand the situation better. Bill was very helpful and explained the situation.

    I placed my order (single sticks) again and in less than 10 days I received the cigars. Am not a very experienced cigar aficionado, having smoked a few Cuban cigars bought from multiple locations. Using my limited knowledge and experience, I think that they are genuine cigar sticks. The construction look really good and they smell great (what you expect from real Cuban cigars). I am yet to smoke them which I plan to do during the festive period, and I’m expecting a good experience.

    The packaging of the cigars was impressive, multiple layers to keep the cigars safe, inside a humidifying pouch.

    The prices on fcc, except a few high profile ones (like Cohiba Behike 52) are very good.

    Overall am very happy now. Am glad I did contact them after the initial confusion. It was all worth it.

    Many thanks Bill!

    Based on positive and neutral reviews I placed my 1st order this morning and 2 online frauds were attempted on my credit card – from China and Korea. My card is now blocked.
    Do I need to say more?

  39. Experience:

    I have been purchasing from Finest Cuban Cigars for several years after having purchased from various other online cigar shops. These guys are the absolute best- best prices- best quality- best selection and what matters to them most is customer satisfaction and it’s truly unbeatable. Customer for life. Thanks guys! Herb

  40. Experience:

    I researched several sites, I kept returning to Finest Cubans. My overall customer experience been great. The condition of the cigars…perfect. The variety excellent, timely delivery. I found my site. Please not I am a tough sell, but Finest Cigars won me over. Enjoy, and thanks guys keep up the great work.

  41. Experience:

    Fantastic experience with Finest Cuban Cigars. I started with a small ‘test’ order, with no issues. Follow up order of sizable stature was met with the same outstanding delivery service- cigars in impeccable condition, properly and carefully packaged, and most importantly- I received them promptly.
    FCC has my business from this point, forward. Highly recommend.

  42. Experience:

    I have been ordering from FCC for nearly 4 years. Prior to that several other noted Havana retailers. Their shipping is absolutely the best; I have a disruptive travel schedule which they have not only accommodated but in many cases have called to verify.

    The cigars are absolutely genuine and shipped in humi packs. Their service and responsiveness ranks with the best and their total value equation cannot be beat.

  43. Michael Shipper says:


    I’m an experienced cigar smoker and have been purchasing online from reputable merchants for years. Finest Cuban Cigars has by far the best customer service- superb quality cigars- flawless packing and delivery and unbeatable prices guaranteed. I now use them exclusively. Customer for life!. M. Shipper

  44. Experience:

    I have been purchasing Cuban cigars from Finest Cuban Cigars for about 15yrs as I live in HK-not too far from their offices/shop. They have the absolute best quality ,selection and prices with a Price Matching Policy to boot! A superb team dedicated to customer satisfaction. Wilbert

  45. Experience:

    I have been a customer for over 15 years. Every order has been delivered without issue. I always purchase” box only and opened for inspection”. ( A few times I ordered singles or sampler packages)

    I have never been displeased.

    There is no doubt about the product being 100% legitimate.

    I too have tested them…..They not only “passed” …they are the “top of the class”!! Thanks to the team….


  46. Experience:

    Been using them for 5 years and have only the highest regard for the product. Delivery is reliable, any issues have always been dealt with promptly and quickly. I always order in box sizes but without box. Always delivered well packed and in cigar bags.

  47. Experience:

    Always a professional experience!

  48. Experience:

    Been ordering from Finest for years, grat experience every time. Always packed and shipped with care. Timely and consistent.

  49. Experience:

    Just recieved my 1st order from FCC, excellent product and delivery. Will be ordering agian as well as telling my friends about FCC.

  50. Experience:

    Very reliable seller. Real Cuban cigars. A+

  51. Experience:

    I have ordered several boxed and mixed specials from finest cubans cigars – they always come fresh and ready to smoke. I highly recommend this site for quality and value

  52. Experience:

    First order w/FCC, pre-service was great. Answered all of my questions in no-time, and were flexible with my special delivery needs.
    Shipment was quick and most importantly, my two Cohiba boxes are great…

  53. Experience:

    I’ve ordered from finestcubancigars on a number of occasions and haven’t had any issues. Cigars always arrive well packed, nice and fresh and not dry at all. Great seller!

  54. Experience:

    I have also been buying from these folks for over 10 years. You don’t deal with an online retailer for that long and not run into a couple of issues with customs. Always resolved to my satisfaction. They will drop the cigars off at the hotel for you if visiting Hong Kong. Always good stuff and well packed when mailed. A bit slow sometimes…but still reasonable. They do have competitive prices and price matching policy. Their selection can get lean (like now) and I’ve noticed with recent orders…they were being sent from ?Switzerland?
    They are a trusted retailer in my short list.

  55. Experience:

    I bought about 10 pieces of “house blend”cigars, and they arrived very soon. However, all of the cigars smell worst in my life. Too bad smells to smoke. I absolutely believe their “Cuban” cigars include many other leaves. I shall never buy the cigars from this site.
    P.S When I bought Cuban brand cigars from this site, they were OK. So, only the house blend cigars are worst.

  56. Experience:

    I got a couple of the house blend cigars and thought they were quite tasty. Construction was good and they did not need to sit in my humidor for more than a couple of weeks before they were ready to smoke.

    The age of the boxes (I have bought maybe five now) have ranged from four months old to over two years old.

    Shipping to the West Coast has ranged from about two to four weeks.

    I needed to make a change on my last order, and the owners were quick to respond and very helpful.

    So far I have been pleased with all the cigars I have received from FCC.

    My only critique is that they need to update their website. They might also want to add some newer photos to their gallery.

  57. Experience:

    This was my first experience with FCC. The service was EXCELLENT. It they keep this up the will have me as a customer for life.

  58. Experience:

    You guys are amazing, got my order within a few days, i dont see myself going anywhere else for cigars you guys have the lot. cheers keep up the good work..

  59. Experience:

    My first order, lots of communication, delivered to me in 5 days. Very happy these people are the real deal and know how to package depending on your country. My go-to people for Cubans now!

  60. Alexander says:


    Delivery fast enough for such a distance.
    Cigars were fresh and in perfect condition. Prices are also affordable.
    I will continue to purchase from this site.

    Thank you very much.

  61. Experience:

    Finest Cuban Cigars offers the best customer service- genuine Cuban cigars at guaranteed lowest prices- you can’t beat it. I have now switched to them permanently. F. Levis

  62. Chris Davis says:


    Finest Cuban Cigars is a top drawer company .I have bought my favorite brands from them for many years . Quality and freshness have been superb every time.Try the great value in their “house blends”, you get a high quality, daily smoke for a very reasonable price. Thank you FCC, C.Davis.

  63. Experience:

    I’ve been ordering from Finest for years and never experienced any kind of problems. Cigars always arrive fresh.

    I only use Finest when ordering cigars.


  64. habanabruddah says:


    I have been patronizing them for at least 8 years now. When there was a problem, they resolved it quickly. I’ve never had a reason to complain. Keep on doing what you’re doing. Thank you.

  65. Experience:

    I’ve been using Finest Cuban Cigars for a while now and have never been disappointed. Orders are prompt and accurate. It is much appreciated.

  66. Experience: Neutral

    Cigars arrived quickly. They were genuine for sure, but some single sticks were mouldy. I threw out 3 sticks! Cigars were dry and they sent some house blend sticks for free which I also discarded, since they smelled really bad. Prices were much better than the swiss or Belgian sites, but you get what you pay for!

  67. Experience:

    My order from FinestCubanCigars was delivered promptly and the packaging was very protective of my cigars. I was pleased with the service and quick response. I will use this company again and again.

  68. Experience:

    3 weeks before my bachelor party in Vegas, I realized I was too low on Cubans. I wrote to FinestCubans and explained what I wanted: cigars with some age on them, so I wouldn’t have to lay down young cigars, and what I liked. They wrote back promptly with recommendations from what I’d listed, plus some cigars they thought I’d like. They even directed me to all the cigars they had with age on them. I received everything in under 10 days, and was very happy with the selection. The guys on my trip loved what I handed out. I’m placing another larger order shortly.

  69. Swillie says:


    Ordered a box of H. Upmann, great price, received way faster than quoted. Packed very well, received unopened cigars with a year and a half of age on them and a beautiful dusting of plume. They burn and taste excellent, way exceeded my expectations. Have ordered a few times, always a great product and service, no worries. Thank you!!

  70. Brenda Bee says:


    I have ordered cigars from Finest Cuban Cigars for over 15 years. The service and products have consistently been excellent. I have never had anything but the best experience with this company, and have recommended it to many of my associates and friends. Keep it up.

  71. Experience:

    I never smoked cigars in my life until going to Cuba last fall and I fell in love with them. After returning to the USA I tried a few brands and they were nowhere in the ballpark of quality you get in Cubans. Luckily I found this website through my brother-in-law and almost every week I am placing another order! Great company!

  72. Experience:

    I have bought from this site in the past and returned recently with an order of 50 Hoyo petit robusto. They taste excellent and smoke good. Seem to be authentic…!!

    Very happy with this supplier.


  73. Experience:

    As always, the box of Romone Gigantes arrived in perfect condition and within 9 days. Thank you again for matching the price of another online merchant. You have the best service!

  74. James Thomas says:


    FCC is the best! Very good communication. I ordered to boxes. they got here quickly and were in great shape. Anyone looking for quality Cubans from a company you can trust, should ORDER NOW! Very happy and will be ordering again soon!


  75. Experience:

    Just place my 1st order at this site.
    All cigars were received in good condition – well packed & humid, no damage at all. In addition, it takes only one day to arrive my office in Shanghai, from Hong Kong of course.
    A good choice to get Cuban cigars continually.

  76. Experience:

    Reliable, fast delivery, well packed, excellent cigar quality (well stored in there), friendly staff, very good prices for Cuban cigars. My only (and best) supplier for Cubans now. Highly recommended.

  77. kurt ueno says:


    Had a tricky order, as I am an American living in China. Received 2 orders in a timely hassle free manner. Sales people on second order even suggested since my order was a few dollars short of on hundred, that I should add an extra stick to qualify for free shipping. Great service!

  78. Experience:

    I am very impressed with the quality of both the cigars and the level of customer service this company provides to its customers. The cigars arrived in a timely fashion and were of splendid freshness and quality. As one who has smoked many authentic Cuban cigars overseas and at home, I have every confidence in the cigars they sell as being REAL CUBANS. As the name says, “FinestCubanCigars” sells fine Cuban cigars at an honest price. I highly recommend this company.

  79. Experience:

    Cigars arrived in seven days. They were packaged nicely. Serial number checked out with Habano S.A. website. Phew! The cigars are authentic! Definitely recommend this site. Thank you, Team at Finest Cuban Cigars!!! Look forward to my next order.

  80. Big Hank L. says:


    Always a pleasure doing business with Finest C!!! They have always been professional and always delivered top notch cigars. I will continue to be a loyal customer (customer since 2004).

  81. Experience:

    Great service! They were very fast with reply and processing an order. Package arrived within 7 days, all fresh and nicely packed. Great service, Great products!

  82. Experience:

    Came to my door in 8 days discreetly packaged and the first one I smoked was the nicest tasting cigar I’ve had in a long time. Seems to good to be true because they are such a good price. They are a really good merchant. I’ll use again

  83. Experience:

    Ordered just a few singles, but they look awesome!
    Came very nicely packaged witha humipack.
    Kept me informed every step of the way.
    Excellent service excellent products.
    Will be purchasing a BOX next!!!

  84. Experience:

    The cigars always arrive in perfect condition. Service is consistently excellent!

  85. Experience:

    I’ve traveled the world an have sampled enough sticks to tell these guys are legit. I just received my first order and I’m currently putting in a second. Now that I sampled the merchandise, I’m a customer for life!!!!

  86. Experience:

    I have ordered from other sites for years- and had very good luck. But their supplies of my favs became limited. I questioned FinestCubanCigars- and did my best to make sure they were for real- and ordered a box. It arrived a week earlier than my other supplier!– and was the exact same wonderful smoke that I really enjoy. I have since ordered multiple boxes and they continue to exceed my expectations! Thanks! I will be ordering more regularly.

  87. Experience:

    Authentic Cuban Cigars, all seals and box codes are genuine. Received parcel within 10 days, Cigars were well humidified. I will be ordering from them in the future!

  88. ERNEST TEO says:


    Cigar arrives in protective Cohiba Humidified Pouch with all cigars intact with no damage. Delivered as promise without delays.

  89. Experience:

    I was skeptical at first, but I’ve never been happier to have been proven so wrong. I got me some real deal Cubans! Packaged well, arrived in 6-7 days, which I thought was pretty fast. I’m as happy as a clam. Already planning my next order. I have a 9×12″ humidor that I plan to fill with an assortment of 400-500 minis, and a handful of puritos!

  90. Experience:

    I have been ordering cigars from FinestCubanCigars since 2001, delivered to 4 countries I have lived in , I have NEVER had a problem and they are always the real deal. Those in the US not use to Cubanos note that Cubanos while fantastic are inconsistent , unlike what we get in the US . Also FinestCubanCigars house blends are good.

  91. Experience:

    Just received my first order from them, took 18 days, which was to be expected. Well packed and decreet. The cigars, H Upmann were in perfect condition and ready to smoke. These are real deal cuban and delicious. Will definitely buy here again.

  92. Experience:

    Great service! Order arrived before the estimated 10 days, customer service was was top notch, this was my first order and they gave me some great advice via email, if you want authentic cubans AND great customer service and packaging dont hesitate!

  93. Experience:

    A solid operation – would recommend them to anyone wanting an authentic box of cuban cigars – at a good price – with good customer support.

  94. Experience:

    I placed my first order this month and a few I got my order. perfect , fresh. I referred a friend who placed an order. will place my second order soon

  95. Experience:

    Ordered from Finest Cuban Cigars on the recommendation of someone. Placed my order for a bix of Cohibas and had them 13 days later all packed nicely. Have already placed another order, and there will be many more. You can’t go wrong with this site.

  96. Experience:

    The best online cigar retailer I have dealt with. Fair prices, speedy delivery, great quality products and responsive with service questions. A great choice,

  97. Experience:

    As advertised. Perfect packaging and fast shipping! Will be ordering again!!

  98. Mark Schroeder says:


    Excellant service, fast shipping. Package arrived in perfect condition. Will order again!

  99. Experience:

    Prices are a bit higher but they respond to emails like nobody’s business. Website looks a little “old” but everything got to where it was suppose to :) Cheap ship to the Great White North.

  100. Experience:

    Ordered on August 22 and received package on September 2nd. It was worth the wait. Cigars arrived well packaged, and unlike other online retailers, cigars arrived in great conditions. They always respond to your emails.

  101. Experience:

    I received the 4 Cohibas I ordered right at about 10 days. The Cohibas are absolutely genuine and the Behike 52 I have smoked was fantastic to say the least. I have the other 3 in the humi for a few weeks. Next order will be a complete box and maybe 2 boxes. If you want authentic Cuban cigars guaranteed then finest cuban cigars is your best option. I highly recommend them. Thank you

  102. Experience:

    FCC Has a new customer for life! After many inquiries to their customer service I finally pulled the trigger and bought a 10 pack sampler. They were everything i asked for including a great aroma, dark and oily wrappers and with 2 to 3 years of age on them I could smoke them right away. They also have a brand new website which is user friendly. They also gave me the box code dates upon my request. They have impeccable customer service usually getting back to you within 24 hrs. Thank you FCC!

  103. Experience:

    Great customer service. Responsive to emails. Quick shipping and the packaging was amazing. Cigars were in great shape and authentic. Recommended.

  104. Experience:

    Excellent communication, top quality product, discreet shipping- A+

  105. Experience:

    I am extreemly happy. The company responded to my order with great concern and efficiency.

    I sampled a robusto on the way home from the Post Office and decided to write this note.

    The cigars were PERFECT! Just as advertised. The flavor, texture and overall quality of the smoke is not only a fine example of Cuban tobacco, but an even better experience of a great smoke. Theyt have made a continued customer for their House Blend of cigars as well as other brand name products from time to time. Most assuredly though, the House Blend is excellent.

    Just thought I would let you guys know that it’s an important thing in this world today to have a resource that can be trusted all the way around.

    You may quote me what I’ve said. GREAT COMPANY.

  106. Experience:

    Very good company for order online cigars !

    In My country cigars prices is 20 to 40$ minimum with Finest Cigare I can order same cigars 9 to 11$ and the conditions very good !

    Shipping take 10 days in box and the conditions very good, don’t hesitate to order on this website for now I order 3 boxes and every things gonna be good.

  107. Seattle smoke says:


    Delivery was relatively fast. Solid customer service. Cigars (singles) arrived in great shape and appear to be authentic – or they’re the best looking fakes I’ve seen. Proof will be in smoking so we’ll see.

  108. Experience:

    Package arrived at my US dooorstep 12 days after I placed my order. 10 days after I received the shipment email confirmation. Cigars arrived a little wetter than I prefer but in great condition nonetheless. My own authenticity checks revealed true habanos. I recommend this site and the overall quality of the cigars seem higher than previous websites Ive used. I.E. more oils on the wrappers. I suggest you order them opened and inspected so you know theres no chance they left with damage.

  109. Experience:

    Absolutely the best address for cuban online cigars.
    Working professionally, quality always great and knowing how to send out parcels in Asia.
    I have tried 4 others, Finest Cuban Cigars is the very best from all of them.


  110. Experience:

    Best website to buy Cuban Cigars hands down! Delivery within 10 days and quality cigars every time.

    The best part about this site is that the customer service is outstanding. They answer any questions you have in a prompt fashion.

  111. Arthur Cairo says:


    Just recieved my order and WOW can not believe how fast it was delivered,The package arrived perfect and the cigars were also perfect.Also the cigars were very well protected some one took great care in packaging it.Great customer service ,I will be ordering again very soon. Very happy and thanks to FCC .Keep up the great work..

  112. Experience:

    I have been a customer of FCC for a long time,And very happy with all of my orders.Very fast shipping and great packaging cigars are very well protected,excellent customer service,no problems at all.The best place to order cigars.Thanks FCC and keep up the great work.

  113. Richard from Nova Scotia says:


    I first ordered a box of the Hoyo De Monterrey Grand Epicure 2013 Limitadas. It only took 7 days to arrive to my place in Canada. The customer service was great They were very responsive to any emails in a timely manner.. Quick shipping and the packaging was amazing. Cigars were in great shape and authentic. Highly Recommended to any consumer who wants to get what they actually ordered and loves there Cubans fresh and ready to smoke. Also. They have honored their Price Match Guarantee twice already for me. I recently have just ordered a box of Cohiba Piramides Extra and I can’t wait to enjoy them..

  114. Experience:

    Great customer service. Have placed over 10 orders with them.

  115. Experience:

    Fast shipping and package arrived in perfect shape. Box was sealed and wrapped in a protective covering. I will be using FCC again! Thanks.

  116. Experience:

    I have been doing business with HFCC for over a decade. They have always been honest, pleasant, timely, and deliver a quality product. Companies in other industries would be well served to model themselves after HFCC. They are the Nordstrom of cigar retailers.

  117. Experience:

    Finest ships authentic Habanos, beautifully packaged to arrive in prime condition at unbeatable prices!!


    You have to keep in mind that they are based in Hong Kong, shipping from Switzerland . Hong Kong is 13 hours ahead of us on the east coast of the US so you can’t call them on your lunch hour!

    As for buying singles and deeming them fake because they are a different shade from another stick you should realize that there are 62 different color shade classifications at the factory, shades vary from box to box

    My two cents.

  118. Martin V. Sloan says:


    Just received my Hoyo de Monterrey. Arrived quickly in box, nicely humidified. Great texture and flavor-as usual in products from Finest Cuban Cigars. Good draw. Fantastic price! Wonderful cigars! As a long time customer you have never disappointed me. Long may you run!

  119. Experience:

    Highly recommended! Received my Cohiba Esplendidos on my doorstep (Australia) in about two and a half weeks (the customs process adds the extra week or so). Free shipping for orders over $100, so even after paying the customs duty on the cigars they were still half the price than what you would pay in Aus!
    The cigars arrived in perfect condition and are authentic.
    Very pleased.

  120. Experience:

    I purchased a box of Cohiba BHK 54s. I was extremely pleased with the service I received. The price was fair, the cigars were exactly as advertised, the delivery was timely and I was kept informed of the shipment during the process. I will definitely be ordering more products in the future and have recommended your site to a couple of my colleagues who will likely also place orders. Keep up the good work and you’ll have a customer for life who continues to find you new customers.

  121. Experience:

    great price on my h.upmann sir winstons. shipped quickly and beautifully packaged right to my door. can’t wait for my nexy order. I highly recommend FCC!

  122. Sam Gearhart says:


    These guys are great and their cigars are of the finest quality! I made a pretty big order, 5 boxes and 7 singles and I recieved them all within a week and a half. Their email communication is top notch and their prices are competitive. I will definitely buy from them again and again. Honestly, I don’t see why people spend their money on inferior non cuban cigars anymore when there are reliable suppliers like these guys around, but then again, I’m glad not everybody and their brother knows about them. Leaves more for the serious cigar enthusiasts like myself.

  123. Experience:

    First online order of Cuban cigars, pleasantly surprised with excellent communication, fast shipping, excellent packaging and authentic product. Will definitely be a go-to source in the future for additional purchases. No reasons to be concerned with these guys, they are legit and the prices quite good.

  124. Experience:

    Excellent service and the cigars arrived at my home in Tokyo in short time and in a very good quality, better then most duty free shops offer!!

  125. Experience:

    Ordered for the first time. Although the shipment took little longer than expected, cigars have arrived in great condition. Will be placing second order soon.

  126. Experience:

    I’ve smoked both Cuban and non Cuban cigars for more than 10 years. I placed an order recently… The cigars arrived on time and I was given a tracking number when the order was shipped, which was nice. The cigars are perfect and definitely authentic. I have done much research to avoid fakes. I can say these guys are the real deal. I will be placing another order very soon.

  127. Experience:

    I placed the smallest order (to get free shipping) to check quality. Every thing arrived VERY well packed! Cigars were in top condition! I was a bit worry buying online, on this shop that I didn’t know, but now I’m 100% confidant! The funny thing is: I read so many good reviews on this shop that I was thinking, it sound to good to be true! But now I know it’s not a swindle!
    I also like the new website design, easy and clear.
    I want to say a big thanks to the crews, as they always reply emails very quickly and try to help as much as they can!
    Thanks to Finest Cuban Cigars, for sure I’ll be placing new orders very soon.

  128. Experience:

    Fantastic! is a great company and provides very good service. They answer any questions within 24 hours, cigars come very fresh and hermetically sealed in about 10 days. Only negative is that their selection is a bit limited however if you want to smoke many of the standard lines and vitolas, they are the best I’ve ever dealt with.

  129. Experience: it’s all in the title.
    I ordered 25 cigars
    5 Cohiba siglo Vl: great smooth tastes, great draw and perfect condition.
    3 Cuaba Salomones: perfect flavor, fine and hard but not dry, great draw and again condition was great.
    2 H.Upman Sir Winston’s; great construction smooth draw perfect length and fantastic flavors.
    15 montecristos: about a year old smelt great, rich taste and again soild construction on every cigar.

    I live in Canada and shipment took about 10 days
    They came packed nicely and in nice humifier sleeves for the singles I purchased. The montecristos came in a box with perfect seals and design. And to insure protection they doubled boxed and bouble wrapped my shipment to insure safety.
    This will be the only online website that I purchase from, for now on. You can’t go wrong with

  130. Experience:

    This guys were great. I got my cigars a whole box of Montecristos sealed fresh and triple wrapped in 15 days. and I am sure the fact that Christmas fell in between caused some delay. The smokes are on and phenomenal. I would recommend. I will never use another online retailer. Thanks finest Cuban Cigars!!!!


  131. Experience:

    This company is the real deal. I am a skeptical guy. When it comes to Cubans you can only hope they are real even when you pay top dollar and are in Cuba buying them. That being said, there comes a point where the cost to deceive is greater than the profit sought. So I decided to try finest Cuban Cigars, a Hong Kong based Cuban cigar exporter. I include the email because there are many sites with similar names that say they are the company I am reviewing now. I ordered two boxes of the Jose L. Piedra-Cazadores because I had had them in the islands and Cuba. They are inexpensive, but still undeniably Cuban and flavorful. I was skeptical that the cigars would be as good as I remembered. I also did not want to lose too much money if the cigars were fake. We have all seen Cubans for sale for $25 a box on any South American street you walk down. It is easy to make and ship fake cigars. I can say that this company shipped me real Cubans. My cigars arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The correct seals were intact on both boxes, the cigars were fresh, and the single I ordered was also in perfect shape. I ordered one single just to see how they ship their singles and they shipped this one in perfect condition. The house Blend Coronas Gorda was equal to other Cubans in the below ten dollar price range. They are a bit too mild for me, but still delicious. I am writing this review because I like Cubans and I hate getting ripped off. This company delivered what I asked for at a reasonable price which is all a customer can ask for. I will buy again. One note, if you call these guys you will get an answering machine and if you email them they may take a few days to answer. Finally, get a Visa card because they do not take MC and Western Union is a hassle and costs a minimum of ten dollars just to send the money. My western union payment went through and the cigars were quickly delivered, but it was a hassle. This company is the real deal and treated me fairly.

  132. Experience:

    I ordered a box of Cohiba Behikes 52’s and within two weeks they arrived at my doorstep. they came perfectly wrapped and in the original box with all the legit habanos markings and decals. This company is the real deal. their customer service is also pretty top notch also. i would def recommened this company and infact i just put a second order in!

  133. Experience:

    I placed an order with this site/vendor in December of 2014. I was drawn to their professional website, and the prices seemed consistent with what these cigars should be priced at, plus I had heard about their site from a reputable source that I trust when it comes to Cuban cigars. They were having a promo that month which included a discount, and gifts if you ordered a certain dollar amount. This company went above and beyond on all counts. They responded promptly and professionally to all emails I sent them and addressed all my concerns. One of the gifts during the promo was a cigar box clock. They actually held the last one for me while I placed my order. I can’t say enough about their customer service: Two thumbs way up, and I’d put three thumbs up if I had three thumbs. I’m waiting on my third shipment (they broke the order down into three separate shipments to make it more secure to ship), but the first two (which included a box of cigars, and the second shipment which included the cigar box clock) have arrived in stellar condition. The packaging was secure and protective of the cigars and merchandise contained within them. The seals were unbroken on the box, and everything checked out (UV watermark, proper placement of Habanos label and tax stamp, and the box was completely protected and wrapped in bubble wrap). When I inspected the cigars, they were in pristine condition. There is no doubt in my mind that everything I received is 100% authentic. On top of all that, they actually provide tracking information so you know when to expect your package. The cigars are currently sitting in my humidor and are awaiting a proper occasion to light one up. I highly recommend buying from this vendor. You can be sure you’re getting the real deal.

  134. Experience:

    The common theme with Finest seems to be the wait time. If I had to point out one thing I was not thrilled with, it would be that. I did however order my first box New Years night, so with Christmas included I can see how this happened. With that aside, the cigars themselves were terrific! Real deal of course, and the care they take in packaging is second to none. The prices are the best I’ve seen, this coming from experience at buying first hand around the world. Every question I asked was answered with respect, and they made me feel like my business mattered, which should happen no matter how much or often I purchase from them. I have already made my second purchase, and they are tracking quicker than my first. Point is this, if you want real authentic Habano’s at competitive prices, and the best possible packaging, then Finest IS the place to get them. Oh, I smoked my fist stick out of the box, and it was everything I know to be true about Cuban tobacco, THE BEST!

  135. Experience:

    This is my 2nd order from Finest Cuban Cigars and let me tell you the entire process has turned out A+++++. I ordered 16 sticks on my first order and 14 sticks on my 2nd order various brands and this will be my go to site from now on. The cigars arrived both times in under 10 days and arrived in excellent shape well packaged no extra taxes or duty which is awesome!!! My first cigar I smoked was a Cohiba Maduro which was outstanding the 2nd was a Hoyo Epicure 2 which was great!!! both smoked really well great draw and burn! A site that sells Authentic Cuban cigars that you can trust.
    Thanks Finest Cuban Cigars!

  136. Experience:

    This is my new go to site for real authentic cigars that are delivered with such care and as advertised in a timely manner. FCC kept me updated via email of the status for delivery expectation and they arrived ahead of my scheduled date. After opening my cigars I couldn’t wait to immediately place a second order of the same. I am a new customer for life and have deleted all other sites that promise the same service and care but none compare to the attention that FCC gave me answering all my questions so professionally. Thank you FCC and Never Change.

  137. Experience:

    The cigars purchased here are the best quality I have ever seen! I first heard of them from my buddy on the Dr Joe Show. He was right . This company is all about doing it right! This is my go to cigar company from here on out !

  138. Experience:

    Just received my order of monte 2’s along with a few singles. Excellent in every way!!! Timely delivery, very well packed. Cigars are in excellent condition and definitely authentic Cubans. Why use any other site? Thanks finest Cuban cigars!!!!! Will definitely be ordering more soon!!

  139. Sam Gearhart says:

    Experience: Neutral

    After having expressed my extreme dissatisfaction after having gotten 2 horrible quality boxes of Hoyo Epicure #2’s, the owner Bill, called me this morning and offered to send me two new boxes to replace them, and then once recieved and deemed acceptable quality by me, quality that I know they have and are capable of sending because I’ve recieved many good boxes and singles from them too, that I will then send back the bad boxes. I’m a man of my word and expect the same of all that I deal with. Please disregard my post above as alot of it was said out of anger at having felt like a sucker getting stuck with $500 worth of really bad cigars. When I receive these two boxes and I find they are of a quality that I’ve always come to know from Habanos S.A., I will update here with a positive review but as of now, I’m labeling this neutral because I’ve had vendors promiseto make good before and ddidn’t so if they do send as promised, it will go a long way in my mind of completely legitimizing this vendor and I think it only right that other cigar smokers see how this plays out. More to come.

  140. Felix The Cat says:


    This team of professionals care about your satisfaction. My experience on first order was very good. I ordered a box of monti edmundos. A little young but still excellent quality!
    Box dates mix up by a couple of months no big deal.
    the packaging was excellent. They communicate rapidly.
    they are the real deal. they are the only people I will do internet business with, they care! Know what you like and order accordingly if your not sure ask. they are friendly. If you order from these guys and are not satisfied you don’t know enough about your own personal tastes.. that’s the only way I see someone walking away with a bad experience? When it come to cigars you need to know certain things. The most important what you like. if your just starting out don’t hesitate let them know…. you don’t want a strong cigar to start out with…. there prices are very good , quality is excellent. they are very service minded . A+ from me

  141. Experience:

    My first order with Cigars arrived in about 3 weeks, full sealed box of perfect Monte #2’s. customer service was great, cigars smoked so far have been tasty, even sent me a complimentary Cohiba note pad. looking forward to further orders with FINEST CUBAN CIGARS

  142. Experience:

    Ordered from FCC and my cigars came well packed, very fresh and absolutely the real thing. I have 3 more boxes on the way and recommend these guys 110%. Order with confidence. The only advice I have is watch your cart and if they only “CONFIRM” your order just shoot them an e-mail through their message function and they will “COMPLETE” the order. I will update when my others orders arrive to confirm their service. Thanks and happy smoking!

  143. Experience:

    Ordered a sampler of my choosing. Cigars arrived in excellent condition. Packaging was excellent and the price is right. Customer service was excellent. I will order again.

  144. Experience:

    Just received my third order from Finest Cuban Cigars and I plucked up the courage and money to order a box of Cohiba Behike 54’s. Fantastic communication from the company, The confirmed my order, informed me when they were sent and a tracking number.
    When the cigars arrived, they were superbly packed with what seemed like 10 metres of bubble wrap. The cigars were fresh and well humidified. Absolutely fantastic experience with an awesome company. Great price and great service. 100% genuine products.

  145. Experience:

    So far so good! Ordered for the first time from them. They respond fast to any questions, the cigars were shipped in humidor bags, and they arrived in under 2 weeks. The cigars look like the real deal, looking forward to ordering from them again.

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