Finest Cigars

Finest Cigars
Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Hong Kong
Online Since : 2003
Rating : -1 ( : 1, : 2)
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Description : Finest Cigars is a Cuban cigars retailer based in Hong Kong.

3 Comments on “Finest Cigars”

  1. Experience:

    I ordered a box of Trinidad Short Robusto T LE 2010 from this site without realizing that they ship the cigars “separate” from the original box and the bands. I didn’t feel comfortable about that and although they said that they are located in Zurich, Switzerland (with a Hong Kong mailing address), the shipment was sent from Costa Rica. This made me even more suspicious as I’ve read on the Internet about bogus Cuban cigars coming from that country.

    When the package came, it was shrink wrapped in a box labeled Costa Rica Cigars. I examined them and they just didn’t look right. I decided to order another box from a dealer which I found to be very reputable ( When I got them, it was sealed in its original box and the Habanos serial bar code was in place and I verified them to be authentic. I compared the cigars and found them to be difference in shape, construction, smell, and appearance (e.g., triple cap was evident with the authentic box).

    I contacted Finest to return them and get a refund where I stated they were not authentic. They claimed they were and that they are an “authorized Habanos dealer”. I asked where on their website did it say that and they just recited the same statement like they were reading a script.

    I stated I wanted to return them and get my money back. They gave me the address and I returned them first class international. It’s been over two and a half weeks and still no refund. The bands came three weeks after I had received the box (but no original box was ever delivered). I returned the bands as well.

    I’ve since place the original credit card purchase under a claim dispute. I’m not sure if I will ever see the money but by putting the purchase under dispute with my credit card company, I plan to make it difficult for them to get credit for my funds.

    In summary, I recommend that you do not go to this site, or any site that will send your cigars separate from the box and bands.

  2. Experience:


  3. Michel Ouellette says:


    These reviews most confused Finest Cuban Cigars with Finestcigars. I made two orders so far. I tracked both from Zurick and both checked as Authentic from Habanos SA. I also both samples from a local licences Habanos Specials and on closed examination where idential to those from Finestcigars. Excellent prices too

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