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Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : PA, USA
Online Since : 1999
Rating : 23 ( : 43, : 20)
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Description (taken from the website) : Since 1939, Famous Smoke Shop has worked to provide our customers with premium hand-rolled cigars at the best prices. We're not always the cheapest, but we're the best when it comes to knowledge, customer service and satisfaction.

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69 Comments on “Famous Smoke”

  1. Torpedo2 says:


    Always had good luck with them, great specials every week, decent auction site (hide your CC!) and speedy delivery. Never had a issue with Famous.

  2. Experience:

    Broad selection, good prices, prompt service.

  3. bitbuster says:


    look for the daily specials – sometimes those are amazing deals: in addition they also give you free shipping on your entire order.

  4. Experience:

    Cigars from Famous are usually 1/2 to 1/3 the price of the same from local retailers. The cigars are never dry or messed up in any way. They also have good sales/closeouts. I get the Thompson catalog as well, but Famous blows them away on both selection and price.

    I’ve ordered on Wednesday afternoon and gotten them by Friday via UPS regular. I only live a few hundred miles away, but the speed and consistency always make me smile.

  5. Experience:

    Had a bad experience with Famous Smokes. I won 10 Rocky Patel American Market Selection from their auction. When they arrived 3 were damaged. I called to get replacements & the womne made me feel like I was trying to rip her off for 3 cigars. The 3 cigars were dried out & damaged. After a week they finally replaced them. Cigars International is GREAT never a problem.

  6. GerryRosso says:


    Website is very well made. The normal prices are nothing to write home about but they do have a good daily deal.

  7. Experience:

    This was the first place I ever bought cigars at and have to say they’ve been very good to me. When they missed something on an order, they shipped it rush — at their cost — to me (it was a free sampler so I was rather surprised it went out with that kind of speed).

  8. creekEnd UK says:


    i live in the UK and Famous accept my UK credit card which is excellent as most online american cigar firms are not that helpful, even if you can use international cards in person in their shops.

    Famous offer excellent cigars and ship to my colleague in the States.

    They are a first rate and cheap supplier with a personal touch.


  9. Big Daddy Zues says:


    After falling in love with cigars a few years ago and finding my nitch,my cigars, I decided to look for my brands on line for a better price and after about 3 other cigar shops on line, I found Famous, and it has been an ongoing love for their service, price and treatment that keeps me coming back. The prices are terrific, delivery is excelent and the free cigars with certian purchases are a nice extra in the orders. Their selection of everything, lighters, humidors and accessories are top notch and affordable. All i can say negative is, i’m dissapointed they arn’t closer, i’d love to visit them on a regular basis.Definatly top notch in my book! Thank you Famous smoke shop. Joe Z. AKA Big Daddy Zues

  10. Experience:

    I never had a problem at Famous. They have great selections and very competitive pricing. Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly. It’s the only cigar web site I now use.

  11. Experience:

    Great prices, quick service, wonderful website, etc. What else could you want out of a vendor?

  12. Experience:

    I keep Famous Smokes as one of my “go to” shops. Order is ALWAYS right, and I’ve bought quite a bit of merchandise.

    I think I had an issue one time, and they quickly took care of it. Overall, a great store.

  13. Carbonell Ken says:


    F-S has been an honest, up-front, replete-with-bargains place to buy cigars either on-line or via phone since I began buying from them about 7-8 years ago. I like to participate in the ratings of indivdual cigar brands, find their cigar flavor/body profiles and reviews to be accurate and unbiased and look forward to receiving their catalog each month. It’s a really, really good place to buy cigars and I plan to continue after the Depression is over or I drop dead, whichever comes first!

  14. Cody D. Grundy says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I have been using Famous for years. Their prices are great, their site is easy to navigate, shipping is quick, I have no complaints and would recommend Famous to any cigar smokers.

  15. LibertyToad says:


    Have never had a problem. Fast shipping and cigars always in good shape. Sometimes they even throw in a free cigar–nice touch.

  16. Experience:

    After CI screwed me (really themselves) I started shopping with FSS and never looked back. From sales to service to cigarmonster.com they have everything I need. Im on the website several times a day, viewing the vast knowledge based articles. When I need more info I call or email with great response. Thank’s to everyone working @ FSS !!

  17. Smokey DaMota says:


    Famous is simply the best !!!

  18. Experience:

    Fast shipping, good prices. Interface could use some work.

  19. Experience:

    I’ve always been satisfied ordering from Famous. The auction site is a regular stop of mine.

  20. Experience:

    Overall FS is a great site .Great specials …Good customer service …. The one problem I had they fixed immediately …

  21. Experience: Neutral

    A good place to have in your bookmarks.
    Just placed an order on a deal for 15 Gurkha’s
    One of my go to shops.

  22. Saint Jimbob says:


    Imaginative deals and competitive pricing make Famous a sure stop in my shopping “trips” in the ‘Net. I have yet to have anything but prompt service and quality products from them.

  23. ronhoffman2 says:


    i’m lucky enough to live close by the shop. they have great events. the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and overall, just plain awesome. they know how to take care of their patrons. And on top of that, their Monster deals kick ass.

  24. Experience:

    Purchased a box of CAO Italia. Paid more than a good number of other sellers. The cigars were too dry and hard as pencils. I’ll buy elsewhere in the future.

  25. Experience:

    Good people behind a well-run shop. Good prices, and they will stand behind the order if anything is wrong when it arrives. My boxes have show up pretty quick.
    One box had a couple broken glass tubes (shipper’s fault really) they offered to give me a credit or take it back (on their dime), whatever I preferred. I took the credit and bought more smokes. Always good.

  26. Experience:

    I haven’t been able to connect to your website the last two days. Anything wrong? I have order online several times.

    Arni Harlan

  27. Experience:

    It took two months between my putting in an order with Famous Smoke Shop and getting my delivery. I had to courier them my credit card statement for verification – the only Internet retailer ever to require such a thing. Their correspondence was terse and dismissive. My package was held up for weeks at Customs, and I was charged 80% more in taxes. The cigars were, of course, the worse for wear. I got the impression FSS is not keen on international orders. After this embarrassing, time-consuming and above all expensive rigmarole, they’ve lost me as a customer. NEVER AGAIN. There are far better retailers online for international customers.

  28. Experience:

    An attempted extortion with the duties they tried to charge, would not send to an address different then the billing address of credit card. Far more affordable and professional vendors out there for interational customers.

  29. Experience:

    I have ordered from Famous numerous times. Never had a problem.

  30. Experience:

    My items arrived on time and packaged well. The Montecristo No. 3s were excellent!!

  31. Experience:

    Never had problems with Famous

  32. Experience:

    Great customer service, fast shipping, no harassment like how ThompsonsCigar.com does it. Never had a problem with them.

  33. Experience:

    great selection, great prices, and the customer service keeps me coming back. I don’t think it’s worth saving a dollar here or a dollar there taking a chance with a no-name company. I stick with the best, and Famous is it for me.

  34. CIGAR0499 says:


    I have ordered from FSS five times, four of the times have been back ordered. This last time I ordered 2/12/11 it is now 3/17/11 and no order has arrived and they don’t know when it will get sent (back ordered). When I ordered items where $54 now the price is $41 and they refuse to adjust price. Once I receive this order I’m looking for a new supplier.

  35. Experience:

    I’ve been ordering from them for probably 4 or 5 years, and can honestly say their customer service has been superb. They fill my orders accurately, and I have never had to return or exchange anything. Their prices are fair, and the merchandise usually fine. No complaints, and I recommend them to all my fellow herfers.

  36. Experience:

    One of my go-to places. 90% of my shopping is done through cigarmonster’s mash-up. Their CM prices are the lowest I can usually find around on the web, you just have to be patient to see what shows up there during the summary listings at 11am and Friday all evening. Customer service is great, did a couple returns no problem, and they’ve even sent freebies.

  37. Ricardo says:


    First time customers cannot order if your billing address is different than shipping address, so it is impossible to become a customer.

  38. Experience:

    I became a new customer a few days ago, and while it’s true that the site requires billing & shipping addresses to be the same for your first order, that wasn’t a problem for me. I’m not sure why this would really be a big deal, but maybe I’m missing something. I selected this shop because they carry a brand that I’m having trouble finding elsewhere, and the price on a sampler was good. I chose the Priority USPS shipping (for an extra $1.50), and my order arrived before the end of the week. Satisfied, and likely to use them again.

  39. Experience:

    Hassle free ordering and I love the paypal feature. Highly recommended.

  40. Experience:

    Whew Whee my items came fast when I ordered last week! Fine, fine experience. Great, great company. Triple AAA++++ seller!

  41. Experience:

    Dry, Stale, Old. Must be selling someone else’s old stock.. Returned 3 times and same dry, stale cigars sent back.. Will not do business with them again.. No problems with the C.S. or shipping Just old dry cigars..

  42. KingoftheCove says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I’m with Ricardo – can’t get an account set up because of the billing address/shipping address fiasco. Why is this a “big deal” Newb asks?
    Because I work all the time, and I’m not home during the day. My house sits way back off the street, and things will get stolen if just left on my porch. On the other-hand, I’m, always at work and can receive UPS/USPS shipments no problem.
    I’ve had no problems setting up accounts with several other major cigar web sites using different billing and shipping, right from the get-go.
    I do have a few emails into Famous, and will report back here if they are able to set me up somehow (maybe with a phone order first or somehting??)
    But I want to get signed up so I can use cigarmonster.com too.

  43. Experience:

    I have no idea why people are complaining about not being able to send to your billing address which should be the home you live at. I find their service amazing. The customer service is fantastic and their cigars are smokable right out of the box. Anyone who thinks JRs or CI is better must be nuts. And if you’re a loyal customer, you really start seeing the perks.

  44. Experience:

    I love that you can order in singles and they offer alot of 5 pack deals. Have placed 2 orders with them on hard to find cigars.A++++

  45. Experience:

    Placed a phone order with Lisa late Tuesday.
    Sent a box to Alabama and one to Kansas.
    Alabama has already been delivered and Kansas is on the truck.
    Great service

  46. Experience: Neutral

    FSS has a good selection of products at a decent price. Coupons, auctions, and daily deals offer better discounts.
    A recent order I received some nasty, dry Padron Series A cigars. Customer service provided a measly partial refund. Overall I’m not satisfied with that transaction, but other orders have been good.
    I would probably order again if the deal looks good enough, though I am now keeping an eye out for a better retailer that will stand behind their orders.

  47. Experience: Neutral

    I placed an order for some cigars on famous-somke.com as you know they are priced in US Dollars . I made payments via my credit card for a sum of $77 but as i live in the UK do i get charded 77 Pounds or the conversion of $77 in poounds (appox £45)..
    Second issue was that there was not estimate on when my goods would be delivered nor were the prices for deivery listed. In need some answer Thanks

  48. Experience:

    Ordered cigars from them and paid with PayPal. They called up and wanted my CC saying PayPal had a problem. I gave it to them even though I wanted to use my PayPal credit. I also had a problem with what i received but he wouldn’t take care of it. I had to call a separate person.

    About 3 of the cigars in one of the 5 packs were crushed. Two of them that survived are practically unsmokable. They’re like petrified. The lady from customer support would only offer store credit. I wanted them to ship out a replacement. If I accepted store credit I would pay 7 shipping on a 14 item. Unacceptable.

    Fortunately there are many other sites that sell cigars at competitive prices.

  49. Experience:

    Good selection, below par customer service. I felt that as an international customer, they couldn’t care less about my order. Placed an order, nothing happened for a week. They eventually contacted me after I sent them e-mail, and the credit card verification process went fairly ok. They sent me a confirmation by e-mail saying: “Everything’s ok, your order will ship today.” Next 10 days, nothing happens, order status still unchanged. I finally had to send them another e-mail asking what’s the problem, and only after that they managed to finally ship my order. No explanations, no apologies, nothing. In total my order was not shipped until over three weeks since having placed the order, and for me that’s less than impressive. Will definitely order elsewhere next time.

  50. Experience:

    Twice ordered from them n twice they mess up with the credit card issue. They dont realize customers have deadlines n time to collect. I live overseas so was coming to USA, placed the order well 2-weeks ago n followed up with a call, replied thir email the same day to verify address. Then 2-days before actual delivery they send 3 emails saying waiting for credit card verification. I am so livid mad. They just thought about themselves but from customer viewpoint or experience! If there are negative marks they get it. No more this hassel. An email to The Boss elicited no response. Do you want to deal with these people. Go elsewhere

  51. Experience:

    Had very bad experience with famous smoke. With them making an issue of the monthly statement verification documents.
    I live in japan and we use electronic monthly statement and not in paper form. I did send three times copy of my credit card and the electronic statement yet they never process my order.
    Nicole Patoki is the lady i communicated with, she was unprofessional they she replied my concerns.
    I will never order any cigars from famous smoke

  52. Experience:

    Love Famous Smoke! They are my primary online cigar retailer. Great selection, deals, and service. A+++++

  53. Experience:

    My first order. Arrived the next day, even though I had basic shipping. Cigars were in great condition. Will buy there again.

  54. Experience:

    Very disappointed! I placed and order for over 200 dollars. Famous smoke shop promptly took the money from my PayPal account…several days later they contacted me through email stating that they needed account information so they could process the order? What a scam! When I talk to customer service I explained to them that they had already taking money from my PayPal account. I explained to them that I was not happy that it was going to take longer for me to receive my order. Customer Service if you can call it that?? was extremely indifferent, simply asking me if I wanted to cancel my order…
    which I did!!

  55. obviousadams says:


    Ordered a bunch of times. A little pricey compared to my favorite places but reliable and the place I go when my other places are out of stock. With coupons you can do pretty well and they always have plenty of those.

  56. Experience:

    I ordered a couple of months back. Becuase of the labelling on package (cigars & value), customs took a long look and I got absolutely hammered on excise duty and taxes. So unless you live in USA, don’t order.

  57. Experience:

    Ordered several times now from Famous and their auction site, positive every time. Fast shipping, but also economy shipping available to save $2-$3. Packaging was really good and safe, only downside is not airtight sealed. However, the singles I’ve gotten were all in cellos, then fully wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap, and that bundle surrounded by air bags to keep it from shifting. Good prices, and lots of reasonable priced samplers if you are only wanting to spend $20-$30.

  58. Experience:

    I have been using Famous-Smoke for over a year. I buy a box every month. Quality and choice is excellent, price is more than competitive, delivery is timely and reliable and coupons are terrific and keep me coming back. Wouldn’t shop anywhere else.

  59. Experience:

    Great prices and quick shipping. They offer all kinds of good coupons as well. I havent found a site with better prices on Padron as well.

  60. Bruce H, Scroggins says:


    I order regularly from Famous, have had three bad experiences out og over a hundred buys. This last one was a heart breaker, got me concidering moving on. I ordered $380 of top cigars and new selection Mint corona $151 a box and got a cream corona, I called and told them what happen on the website, they siad send them back and when we get them we’ll send what you want, I said, I’ll send them please send me what I paid for. They said they’d have to charge me agin, I originally ordered on the 6th and no have to wait until or after 19th of June for my Cigars. They wouldn’t even send the way I originally paid for them which is USPS there in 3 days. Soured me something awful and the Lady I talked too, has blocked her e-mail, so I cannot get a response. I’ am so incensed about this, I’ am sending a certified letter to Owner and board, she blew it big time.

  61. Experience:

    Terrible! Never have I had cigars shipped in such poor condition. They were all cracked dried out and flaking. Customer service just have me a “meh here’s a return label” kind of response. These were not cheap cigars either.

  62. Experience:

    Called in after placing my first order, only to find out that they shipped my cigars to my billing address instead of my shipping address, even after I had emailed them to confirm that they got the two correct and that they would not be confused. The customer service agent was extremely pushy and defensive when I was trying to find out how they were going to fix the issue, and I wasn’t satisfied with “We’ll deal with it once you receive the cigars at the wrong address… just call us back”

    I quickly asked to speak with a supervisor so that we could reach a resolution by the time we got off the phone, where Renee (the supervisor) would tell me that it was my fault for their system sending my items to the wrong address, and that she would send out replacement cigars immediately. One week after that call, I called for a status update on my cigars, and quickly found out that the replacements had not been sent, nor would they be sent until my old ones were returned, which was not what Renee and I had discussed.

    My interactions with famous-smoke.com have led me to believe that customer satisfaction is not their priority. Follow through is lacking, and they do not trust their customers. Clearly this company has been around for long enough that they don’t care about satisfying or impressing new customers. It’s interactions like these that will keep my local cigar shop in business. My local shop would never treat me the way famous-smoke has. There’s something to be said about being welcomed into a store, walking into the humidor, choosing a cigar, and being appreciated by the staff when you leave. Famous-Smoke.Com did none of this for me.

  63. Cheryl says:


    I had the same experience as most of the negative reviews. Bought a box of 20 CAO Gold Double Coronas, they arrived DRY AS A BONE. I called “customer service” 5 or 6 times over two days, ALWAYS GOT THE VOICEMAIL. I left an email, no one ever returned my call. I emailed customer service, and was told to CALL customer service. I called SALES and they said someone would call me back within the hour. No call. When I emailed a second time, threatening to report them for internet fraud, they replied that the had called and left messages me twice. NEVER HAPPENED. They keep telling me to call customer service but NO ONE EVER ANSWERS THE PHONE and when you leave a message, NO ONE EVER RETURNS THE CALL. I wanted to try Famous Smoke, because I liked that there was a rating system. It helped me know I was getting a good cigar. But, I won’t be using them again, I used cigar.com successfully for 2 years, I’m going back to them.

  64. Experience:

    Don’t know how they got my email address, but they spam ads daily and the “remove me” link does nothing. Called to be removed, they said they had no control over it, next time I called they increased the spam to 3 emails a day and added print catalogs. Will NEVER buy from company with such terrible customer service.

  65. Experience:

    I have been dealing with Famous for 4 years now. They can be downright bureaucratic when it comes to getting a foreign credit card verified, but once they have done that the service is nothing short of perfect. I often spread two or three orders over a few days to take advantage of promotions and CigarMonster offers. Famous are always happy to consolidate the order for overseas shipping, then apply the most advantageous coupon deal to the consolidated order. Mind you, I always ask nicely and say thank you.

  66. Experience:

    I agree with Rey who posted May 24, 2010.

    I recently tried to place an order with them. The shop requires a copy of my monthly credit card statement to be sent to them in order to ship. This is the ONLY shop who claims to do international business to require this. (I live in Singapore, not exactly a high risk jurisdiction for fraud, interesting enough they don’t require this of US or UK credit cards…) Like Rey’s experience, they are dismissive and terse in their responses.

    There are so many choices on the net, I simply do not have the time to deal with a vendor that is not appreciative of my business and come up with arbitary policies that make the purchase experience difficult.

    Will not recommend them and will not give my business to them.

  67. Pierre Douyon says:


    Great selection, reasonable prices, prompt shipping. Well done.

  68. Experience: Neutral

    Well stocked store. Great prices but first they need to lower Intl shipping cost, also some sticks do come rock hard dry so more QC is indeed needed.

  69. Experience:

    Shipped with no humidity control. Stale old cigars. Never again.

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