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  1. Len Plant
    August 16, 2012

    I like the Hermoso 4 size, and the Choix Supreme has a nice, subtle nutty flavor. However, the wrapper invariably splits when I’m about half way through, and that pretty much ruins the experience.


  2. poupon
    August 19, 2012

    I bought a 2010 box this year and every cigar so far sucks big time.


  3. Mark
    November 13, 2012

    ERDM is a such a niche marca and I’ve been tempted to try them out… thanks for this, I think I’ll just stick to PSD4’s.


  4. Seedeater56
    June 12, 2014

    My condolences to DrFever; I am entirely sympathetic to the disappointment of a “hard draw” cigar. However, in this instance I must differ. The Choix Supreme I have just been fortunate enough to enjoy was outstanding. I’ll not elaborate on the construction and pre light qualities; they were non plus ultra! I’m unsighted how others cut their cigars, I invariably use a “punch” from my Victorinox Swiss Army cigar knife which comes with a special blade sporting three sizes of hole which between them serve ring sizes 30-50 comfortably, leaving a clean and entirely “non-flaking” hole in the end cap.

    As above, the construction, burn and ash all testified to the expertise of the roller. Now, what about the taste?

    Unlike above, I immediately got a full bodied smoke, quite peppery but with several lighter notes (chocolate and a melange of Christmas spices, not unlike German Lebkuchen).
    There was a light but discernible saltiness left on my lips. Still being relatively nouveau a cigar smoker, I appreciated the restraint of this cigar, and would agree that it’s suitable for early in the day and best following food/drink which hasn’t already placed huge demands on my taste buds.

    Of peeling or splitting there was no sign and can only conjecture that the humidity in which these were kept was exemplary. (Mine came from J Fox’, in St James’, London). The generous ring size maintained a pleasant coolness throughout. As to flavour development; true enough the cigar didn’t venture into any exceptional areas, but I still look for something which, at this size, will not become a chore. In this regard, being left with the blend of peppery, sweet, salt throughout its length, would suit any occasion where there are no strongly conflicting flavours.

    In common with other Cubans, price is always a factor and this stick should not be hurried.

    I would give it 4* and seriously recommend giving it a try IF it has been properly maintained.


  5. Michael
    October 19, 2015

    Received my order of the El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supremes 25’s from FCC last Friday afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised to find the box I received were box dated Oct 2014. I enjoyed my second smoke tonight and found this cigar absolutely fantastic. The pre draw left a baked bread/cedar taste on the pallette. The light revelaed hardly any spice, but the longer I smoked it, the more pleasurable it became. Just tons of smoke off this jewel until the last third which deliverd the authentic cuban “buzz” I was expecting. These are going in the wineador to age and can hardly wait to try again with more age. The only negative is that the box was not as constructed as well as other brands I have received. I would order another box of these without hesitation. Delicious.


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