El Baton

el Baton #1

Origin : NicaraguaEl Baton
Format : Double Torpedo
Size : 6 ¾ x 54
Wrapper : Nicaragua
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : $6 each
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The El Baton brand is produced by J.C. Newman, being one of the company's original historic brands. Re-released in 2010, El Baton cigars are available in three different sizes; Robusto 5 x 54, Double Toro 6 x 60, and Double Torpedo 6 ¾ x 54. Each size comes packaged in cabinets of 40 or can be bought individually at your local brick and mortar stores. This week's review will be on the double torpedo and I’ve only heard/read great things about this cigar.

el Baton #2

The El Baton had quite a hard start with a very low pre-light score. The cigar was very thick/hearty with a veiny dark wrapper. I found many construction issues with the cigar’s wrapper. Lots of bruises, black spots (looked like tar), very sloppy/wrinkled cap, and glue marks at the foot(???). The band was very retro and new age with blue, gray, and black lettering that was almost holographic. The El Baton pre-light smell was a strong manure, and the cold draw showed firm tobacco flavors. Lastly, the cigar did not want to light very well. This could be due to the girth of the stick but no matter what the case proved to be an inconvenience to me.

Pre-light Score: 5 pts.

el Baton #3

During the first third of my El Baton Double Torpedo my palate was tickled with a burnt toast flavor and faint signs of tea. The draw was decent but proved to be airy near the end of the first third. The burn line was wavy and the ash a splendid solid white.

Heading into the second third of my El Baton the taste profile turned musky with a hint of mint in the aroma. The draw could be defined as much too airy and the burn quality only worsened. The smoke was cold and thin and I felt as if I was working much too hard to smoke the cigar. We all know my feelings on working to enjoy a cigar… YOU SHOULDN”T HAVE TO!

Smoking Score: 5 pts.

el Baton #5

Well, the finish was about as exciting as the first and second thirds of the cigar… bland and un-eventful. I will not buy this cigar again and do not recommend it to any of my readers however I do believe this proves a great point in being that all palates are different. Personal preference is a huge part of cigar smoking and that’s one of the reasons I love it so much. My crap is another man's jewel while his garbage I may keep stocked year round in my humidor. Magnificent!

Overall Experience: 5 pts.

El Baton Rating

Pre-light: 5pts.
Smoking: 5pts.
Overall Experience: 5pts.

TOTAL: 15pts.

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