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Duque CigarsURL : http://www.duquecigars.com
Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : FL, USA
Online Since : 2008
Rating : -27 ( : 17, : 44)
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Description : Thomas Hunter made his dreams come true and opened a cigar shop in Melbourne Beach, Florida. Duque Cigars aims to offer cigars their customers really like, not marketing champions. The website is currently in its baby stage but already has received some serious exposure.

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  1. Experience:

    The guys at Duque Cigars are great. They always have what I’m looking for and they take good care of me. I love that they take care of our troops overseas too.

  2. Experience:

    Tina at Duque cigars really helped out alot. I had some questions about the Old World Humidor, and she was a wealth of knowledge.

  3. Robusto Smoker says:


    I’ve Placed over 15 orders with Duque and have never had a problem and many times I have received a Free Gift I was not even looking for. Over all they are very helpful and give me great communication back and forth.

  4. Experience:

    Top Notch service time after time and good price’s as well

  5. Experience: Neutral

    Generally my go to keep my humidor full of my yard cigars. Have had issues of my order never showing up at the door. Having one now. I would hate to lose them. I’ll keep you posted.

  6. Experience:

    Follow up from above. After multiple unanswered e-mails my cigars arrived 22 days later. I think I will give them a rest for awhile.

  7. Experience:

    Charged my card on 2/5/09. As of 2/26/09, no cigars, no shipping notice, and NO RESPONSE to several email inquiries. Saving a few buck per box isn’t woth the hassle.

  8. Experience:

    ordered some cigars almost a month ago, no confirmation, no response, no answer to my 3 emails, when i call there is an answering machine on…but the guys never answer the phone !!! Considering other options of how to contact them…/ frustrating experience….!!!!

  9. Experience: Neutral

    it is over 1 month now since the order was placed/few more emails and calls…/…No answer from Duque Cigar Company

  10. jbcou69 says:


    Placed an order on 4/2/09 and as of 5/7/09 still no delivery. I have tried called and e-mailed several times over the past month and have gotten NO response. I thought their prices were great but as it turns out I suspect them to be a fraudulent company and I am seeking further action. Advice to future shoppers…DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! You WILL regret it.

  11. Experience: Neutral

    same here…already over 10 weeks and no cigars. Will talk to the guys from american chamber of commerce in tokyo/where i reside …lets see what we can do…

  12. Experience: Neutral

    I tried to get in touch with Thomas a few weeks ago to see what was going on. I haven’t received a response yet.
    I will keep you updated.

  13. Experience: Neutral

    Update: I just posted about it on Twitter and here’s Thomas’ answer:

    “Yes we had a server go down a month ago that caused us to not receive orders and not to receive emails. I have already sent out a letter to every customer explaning the problem and what we are going to do to fix it for them.”

    If you didn’t receive an e-mail, I guess you should let them know about the issue.

  14. fdziembo says:


    Order a box from them in Feb and after multiple calls/emails & much hassle I received my cigars in April. Figured my troubles were over so I order again Jun 2nd now Jun 19th and still nothing. Emails & Calls later Duque is unable to provide me with a adequate tracking number for my missing package.

  15. Experience:

    Placed an order for Cuban Exotic Humidor gift set in March 2009; several emails and a phone call later, I still haven’t recieved the product or a refund; I would not recommend this company to anyone…a waste of time and money

  16. Cigar smoker says:


    Purchased a large amount of boxes of cigars and never recieved them for two weeks. Then I call secveral times and am told they were shipped. You call and get a human being, other times its a answering machine and they never call you back. NEVER! The person on the phonedoesnt know jacksh…. They didnt ship at all. Then they email you or you call them back and get someone with two brain cells functioning at once and say, we had a price increase and you need to pay some outragous price per box. Needless to say, I canceled the order and would never and I mean never do business with them again. They are the absolute worst internet company I have dealt with. Dont waste your time or your money with this company!

  17. surfshepard says:


    It is funny to read these negative ratings. I have never had any bad experiences with Duque. They have what I am looking for and they arrive right on time. I would and will continue to purchase from Duque.

  18. lecroix66 says:


    I ordered 2 boxes of cigars from Duque on May 4th; was charged on my VISA but never recieved the items or any response to email or phone call…however, on Monday – July 18th, I recieved an email from Thomas Hunter – “Just as 6:58 PM eastern time today the server and site were put back online this will be the first of a few public updates made.” He goes on to say that they are still in business and looks forward to serving his customers…as for me, I tried to purchase from Duque because the prices were good but in the end,it wasn’t worth it, I would use another company.

  19. Experience:

    I just received a box of 26 gorgeous Padron 2000 cigars. I am so excited to try one. Thank you very much for cigars .To be honest with you I had mix fillings about all this business but now I am relived and very happy in the matter of fact I am going to order more cigars from your website and I will highly recommend your cigar website among mine friends in Toronto, Canada.

  20. Experience:

    Order placed on August 2 for $57 worth of cigars. It was supposed to be sent 2-3 day priority mail. I have not received anything as of yet. Many phone calls and e-mails have gone unanswered. I am sending a letter cetified mail to have my money refunded I am also contacting the better business bureau. I can never reccommend to anyone to use duque cigar company. I will tell everyone in my network of friends to stay away.

  21. Cigar smoker says:


    Thomas sends out an email that he wil update all of soon with further emails on what is going on….. guess what? Not one single email and the cigars are never sent to you. I think he is using ourmoney to purchase for himself and then refund the money 90 days later. NEVER EVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I HAVE TRIED TWICE AND IT IS TOTALLY AN AWFUL SITE TO DEAL WITH!!!!!!!!

  22. Mean-Machine says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I ordered 3 boxes of cigars that was over $400.00 and never heard back from them for two weeks. Multiple phone calls go unreturned as well as emails. You would think that a first time customer placing a $400.00 order would be taken care of promptly and if not a phone call or email would be expected. I finally got through and heard nothing but excuses. At least they put a credit back on my card but I will NEVER purchase from this company again!

  23. Experience:

    These guys are the worst! Here’s my experience:

    I ordered some of the Cain Habano Robustos from an online retailer on 9/4. The website stated that they were in stock as of 9/1. I received instant confirmation of my order and my card was charged immediately. Even allowing for the holiday, I thought it was odd that my order hadn’t shown “shipped” status by 9/10 since I thought they were in stock an all. I used the online contact form in the “Contact Us” section to inquire on my order. I got no response from that. On the 11th I emailed customer support directly. I got no response from that. I emailed them again on the 14th. Once again, no response for 24 hours. I called them on the 15th and a nice lady told me they were are on backorder but were expected in “today”. I told her about my frustration with their order status updates and not answering my inquiries. She said they’d throw in a couple samples. As of today my order still hadn’t shipped. I answered the email they sent confirming our conversation on the
    15th with a question as to why the cigars hadn’t shipped and when they expect to ship. They replied they expect them in on Monday or I could get a refund. A little communication on the front end of this deal would have made me happy. I don’t think I should even have to inquire when something is on backorder if it is not clearly shown on the website. I’ve dealt with this vendor twice: My first time and my last time.

  24. Experience: Neutral

    after few month …managed to talk to someone on the phone…he promised to send it…/again…lol!!!/…..its been almost 1 year….rip off operation!!! i wish i was in usa and could close them down….
    /so far the best experience i had was with lynn cigars./

  25. Experience:

    I ordered from them on 12/13/09 and have not received my cigars. The phone number is disconnected and they don’t answer my emails. It seems good prices = bad or no service. Spend the little extra and purchase from a well known company.

  26. Experience: Neutral

    Before you order I would call and make sure the item(s) you want is in stock. I placed an order 12.10 and the order was showing “processing” until I called on 12.15 and found out my item was not in stock. The man who took my call offered me the smaller box of cigars, but he would send two out to equal what I ordered. I was fine with that. An email I sent before my call was not answered. You need to be easy going and order with a credit card you can do a charge back on if you’re not happy. Received the cigars today. The product looks great.

  27. bwilliams1 says:


    Confirmed order 12/15 for shipment USPS Priority Mail…Still waiting for the cigars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Huw J Long says:


    Ordered $200 worth of cigars on 07 Dec 2009. Nothing yet as of 3 Jan 2010. 14 emails and 4calls from the UK and no reply. I give up, or maybe I wont!

  29. bwilliams1 says:


    Calling all disgruntled Duque Cigar Co. customers! Do not dismay…The local Chamber of Commerce is now involved in this issue and plans to take action with their internal legal counsel. As soon as I have further details (contact name and telephone number) I will pass the information along for you to register your complaint and provide a copy (e-mail) of your order. Regards, Beverly Williams

  30. Huw J Long says:


    I had a look at the Better Business Bureau, Miami. It has 2 other complaints on the site. I am unable to register a complaint as I live in the UK. I am trying my bank to see if they can recover my money. Pretty bad show on his behalf. I’d feel better if he just emailed me to say he’d gone bust, but it’s bad that he hasn’t pulled down his website. I Twittered him yesterday, not holding out much hope of a reply. feel free to twitter him on @DuqueCigar.

  31. Paddlefoot says:


    I came across Duque Cigars via a Google search. They had a great deal on my cigars and i did another search for discounts. I found a 5% discount on this web site. I placed the order on 12/19 and still haven’t recieved my order and I haven’t been able to contact them. PLEASE, CIGARINSPECTOR.COM, REMOVE THIS DISCOUNT FROM YOUR SITE! I would have been skeptical of the company, but I saw the discount and positive comments on your site and figured it was a legit business. I wish I had searched further to find this page before I lost $130.

  32. Experience: Neutral


    Duque had sponsored a couple of contests at CigarInspector.com in the past and it used to be a reliable shop. However, since the beginning of 2009 things got bad. All the posts mentioning Duque have been updated with “UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE DO NOT BUY FROM DUQUE”.

  33. Huw J Long says:


    Strangely enough I got a refund from Duque today. He stated that he told me the goods were out of stock and decided to give me a refund. I’m pleased he gave me a refund but still annoyed that he never ever contacted me. A short mail would have sorted this out and I would have happily waited for the cigars to arrive. All I needed to know was, was I going to get my cigars.
    It’s a shame as he had a good choice of cigars. Thanks to the power of the internet it has been resolved

  34. Paddlefoot says:

    Experience: Neutral

    @ Inspector

    Thanks for that! Maybe you can save somebody a little grief.

    @Huw J Long,

    Glad you received a refund! I hope everyone else is as fortunate.

  35. Huw J Long says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Thank you all for allowing me air my concerns. I do hope Duque mails his other customers and resolves any issues they have.

    Keep up the good work :0)

  36. Paddlefoot says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Well, after several unanswered calls and emails, I requested a refund from Duque. Amazingly within a couple of hours, I have an email from them with a tracking number and an email of apology from customer service. The tracking page only states that the USPS was informed of the package….not that it was actually sent. I will give an update as soon as I can smell the Hemingway burning!

  37. bwilliams says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I just received e+mail notification of a refund of my $122.44. If you are still trying to resolve with Duque feel free to contact Lisa at the Brevard County Better Business Council (321-724-5400) and the Florida Attorney General’s office at http://www.myfloridalegal.com then Consumer Protection then File A Complaint. Good Luck!

  38. paddlefoot says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I received my order today! I actually got a call from customer service on Jan 5 returning my call. The lady that I talked with in customer service acted like she was surprised when I explained that there were a lot of folks on here that were unhappy with their lack of response. She said that she thought they had their problems worked out. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that my order was held up due to the holidays. However, I think it was probably sloppy service. Yes, I got my cigars, but it took 2 1/2 weeks and I got no response from them until I started asking for a refund. I guess I would rate my experience a “Meh”.

  39. Experience:

    I have been in the store it was just too much. Anyway I tried cigars from grandezacigars.com and they were extremely fresh and quickly sent to me with no problems. Great dominican blend.

  40. Experience:

    Wish I had seen this site before ordering. Same negative results, no answer to email or phone calls. Ordered on Jan 31, 2010 and became suspicous on Feb 4 when no package arrived yet and I called their number to hear a standard digital answering machine outgoing message….BING! Instantly knew I had been ripped off. Called the bank and filed request for refund…pending. I will take the time to research and/or call any on-line business that I do not know or trust before I ever order anything again. I filed a complaint with Florida Dept. of Professional Business and Regulation at the My Florida Legal.com website mentioned above. Will do so on BBB website also. You know the guy’s business is no longer, and he/she is just running with our money….very illegal and unscrupulous….we need stronger prosecution and consequences for this behavior…swift adjudication and jail is what Thomas Hunter needs right now!!

  41. Experience:

    This is a follow up to my post on 12/19/09. We went to Florida for Christmas and I decided to pay Thomas Hunter a visit. I brought along a friend and we found his very small store. I showed him the receipt from my online purchase and told him I wanted the cigars or a refund. He quickly opened the cash register and handed me a little more than what I paid. He then got a zipper bag and put in 5 very nice cigars. I think he would have put in more if we stayed any longer because he was very nervous, but at that point I was satisfied and we left the store. I got lucky because I was able to go see him, if it wasn’t for the trip I would have lost my money. I do a lot of online shopping and the comment from MCon is good advice. If you don’t know them check them out!

  42. Experience: Neutral

    In response to rcg2; very interesting follow up. I figured this guy’s store was closed and that he was just screwing the on-line customers.

  43. Huw J Long says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Hi rcg2, Did you ask him the reason why he’s taking orders and not posting them?

  44. Experience: Neutral

    To Huw J Long. I told him there is a lot of negative comments on the web and that I was upset that I had to come to the store. That’s when he really got nervous and started getting me free cigars. He then handed me his business card and told me in the future to call and ask for him. He did not comment on the bad press. The phone number is the same as we have all called. I also found the cigars I tried to purchase (Best Seller)at a reputable on line dealer for 2/3 the price and 5 days delivery.

  45. Experience: Neutral

    To rcg2: Will you tell us the reputable on-line dealer you have found?

  46. Experience: Neutral

    They sell Cuban and non-cuban. They sell out of Arturo Fuente very fast and will notify you when they have stock if you ask.

  47. Experience:

    ordered cuban exotica humidor on 30th jan 2010 for my husbands birthday 14th feb, recieved it today 15th feb missed by 1 day but still not bad.Humidor is beautiful my husbands well pleased with it,thanks Duque cigars for swift despatch.
    kind regards Angie UK

  48. Experience: Neutral

    I received the order today. Called the bank to inform of dispute resolution. I’m not going to purchase from this company again because of their unresponsiveness to my emails and phone calls, and the lengthy delivery time. It’s not worth the few dollars I saved.

  49. Experience:

    I never received my cigars. I finally got a returned call once I initiated a credit card dispute and my money was refunded. A very frustrating experience.

  50. Experience:

    No email returns, got one packet late and sent the other late after I canceled my order. Called the bank and disputed the amount successfully, and refused the order when it arrived. No one should order from this company again, they cannot handle more than one order.

  51. puffdaddy says:


    I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM HERE AGAIN ! Placed the order in February, recieved the order two weeks later of course they were the wrong cigars. After several attempts I finally recieved an email from customer care saying they would send the right ones. It is now 3 weeks later and still no cigars. Called the shop and spoke with a guy he said sorry and that he would forward my order concerns to customer care WOW what service, NOT ! If he couldnt handle the issue there and then what the hell is he doing answereing the phone. I dont think they will be around long if they continue at this rate. By the looks of it this place is falling apart fast!

  52. Experience:

    I met Tom about a year agao and stop in every once in a while to get a good Smoke, Tome seems to be a very nice and knowedgeable person on Cigars, his shop is very small but he says he has over 25 thousand cigars in there, don’t know if I beleive that or not. He says he does a lot of online bussinees but after reading this Inspectors report I would be a little hesitent to purcase from him on line sense I only live a few miles from the Shop. I hope he can get this resolved soon, I see to many unhappy customers. Regards Longashes

  53. Diehardacidsmoker says:


    I’ve only been a cigar smoker for a little over a year now so I’m not an expert in the art by no means.
    What I can say about Duque is for the past 7 months I have ordered my box of Acid Blondie’s from them and they have always arrived in a timely manner and in great condition.

  54. Experience:

    *Well, I ordered from them just a week & a half ago. What happened, they accidently mixed my order w/somebody else’s. They called, apologized, and I had the correct order lickety-split! I don’t hold honest mistakes against anybody, we’re all human. What matters is that they quickly fixed it. 1st time ordering from them and I’m sorry to read about everybody’s bad fortune with them! My experience was positive.

  55. Agis Nikolakopoulos says:


    DUQUE CIGARS SUCKS!!!!Don’t ever buy from them!Three weeks ago I orderd cigars from Duque SHITgars,via their website.I’ve checked with my bank,they received the money,everything O.K.Almost two weeks later I had no news from them about the shippment date.It took 2 e-mails from me to get finally a response:”shipped out”.That’s it.No dates,no estim.date of arrival,no nothing.Three e-mails later…no answer.They just don’t give a damn.They paid the money back to my account (of course),but never gave no explanation why my order didn’t make the U.S customs.And I’ve lost about 4 Euros due to transaction fees and currency.These guys are AMATEURS and should do us a favor and close their miserable “store” once and for all.

  56. mtnmandrew says:


    I ordered arturo fuente short story from Duque earlier this year. They arrived at my door in Tokyo, JApan, in under one week. They weren’t even held up at customs as Duque had provided all necessary info from them to clear them, with no charges! Categorically, these were authentic.
    In my opinion, this guy is not trying to rip people off, he is just plain incompetent. Or won’t refuse orders when he can’t instantly fill them, then loses track??? It certainly is woeful reading the other posts here.
    When I went to order another box, about 2months ago, their website was dysfunctional. I could not place an order (lucky me, huh). This certainly matches his own excuses for previous screw-ups in 2009. But why hasn’t he improved the server and the website? Incompetent!
    I ended up ordering from The Cigar Supercenter. And got screwed! Which is what brought me to this site. Thank you Cigar Inspector, for this excellent resource.

  57. Experience:

    met this guy in person after I got ripped off by him. He is a nervous weasel. You could hear the phone ringing in his little shop and he does not even answer it, said it was telemarketers. lol. Guy is a con man to me. I will NEVER order even a matchstick from him again.

  58. Experience: Neutral

    Same experience here–they took my money and 4 weeks later, no cigars. Going to file with BBB. Seriously–DO NOT order from these people.

  59. Experience:

    Placed an order on December 13th. They took my money and I have yet to receive the order. No response to emails or phone messages. Obviously a scam. I will dispute the charge through MasterCard and file a complaint with the BBB. I also intend to alert as many cigar clubs as possible to these crooks.

  60. Experience:

    This is a poorly run business if in fact it is still a business at all. They don’t even answer the phone. You leave a message they don’t return it. They don’t respond to eamil either. I will NEVER do business with them again. I have no idea if and when I will ever recieve my order.

  61. bassguitarded says:


    Wish I would have read this before I purchased. Ordered over a week ago, no response regarding my order. I did finally get them to answer the phone, and said they were accepting a shipment that day, and would ship mine out. Still nothing as of today. I tried to call a number listed for the owner, but received a recording stating the caller is not accepting calls. No answer at the store. No response to emails.

  62. Experience: Neutral

    Oh how I wish I would have read these reviews PRIOR to dealing with cigarsupercenter/el duque. These guys are the absolute worst, and Thomas needs to go to jail for the rip-offs that he is pulling. Unbelievable. Card charged immeditely, 2 weeks later nothing. Multiple e-mails and phone calls unreturned. How do these guys stay in business? I would love to have Thomas’s personal #. Anyone have it? Better yet, it is anyone willing to go to the store on my behalf? I’ll send you a very nice “care package” for doing so.

  63. Experience: Neutral

    AFTER I left angry v-mails and several e-mails, I was informed that my card was never charged and that the item was on backorder. I told him to cancel it. I will still speak with the ag’s office and the local BBB. When does “incompetence” become “fraud”?

    I’ve ordered from several on-line cigar places, and this has been the worst experience BY FAR. Even if it appears cheaper, don’t do it.

  64. Bschnei23 says:


    Well… Just like everyone else i have fallen victim to this horrible business! Over fifty (50) phone calls and emails have been sent and I still have not received my package. The cigars (Gurkha Ancient Grand Reserves) were supposed to be for my wedding… Was forced to buy from another company and I still have heard nothing from Duque. I have been calling these phone numbers (321-206-0363 and 321-777-3691) anyone have any different numbers? GRRRRR!!!!!!

    How do I cancel my order? I want a refund but I do not see anywhere on the website where I can request one. I ordered 04/01/11 – No emails, call backs or anything! VERY VERY disgruntled! I am out 58$!

  65. Experience: Neutral

    Same thing happened to me..$142 gone. Credit card co is putting in a claim….

  66. Experience:

    Beware of Duque Cigar Company!!

    I Ordered (2) Vector Table Torches and (12) cans of Vector butane from Duque Cigar Company over 60 days ago, no return emails or phone calls. The website says they ship in “0-2 days”… all lies.

    After filing a claim with my credit card co., Duque emailed a bogus “detailed statement” claiming my card was refunded. Only the refund confirmation and transaction ID numbers were left blank.

    As expected Visa confirms NO refund has been attempted on my account. They must need $180 pretty badly… what a hassle.

    Never again.

  67. Experience:

    Ordered two boxes on 6/27 before seeing this website. Called and talked to Thomas on 7/1 who told me that the order shipped out the day before. Received cigars today 7/7. Will order again but I think I’ll call and skip online.

  68. BeefSnot says:


    Ordered some lighters on May 12th. It’s now July 29th and nothing has been delivered…

  69. soflaron says:


    I ordered on a Sunday, and cigars arrived the following Saturday. Received an immediate order acknowledgement, and within a few days a shipping notice with USPS tracking. I’m finding it a bit difficult to reconcile this experience with many of these posts, which I discovered after ordering.

  70. Experience:

    Ordered my cigars two weeks ago, called and e-mailed customer service. The NOW finally tell me they are SHIPPING it! NEVER ordering from them again…

  71. Experience:

    Had a GREAT time at Duque. Went in and got great service and a great recommendation for a cigar. I used to go to another lounge when I heard about Duque and decided to give it a try and will never go anywhere else now. Great atmosphere, Great people and the best prices and quality I have ever seen. Strongly recommend Duque Cigar Lounge for anyone looking for a great smoke and experience.

  72. Experience:

    Took way too long after ordering online. The cigars that came were dried and too hard. Bad experience, bad service. Never ordering again, and never recommending…

  73. Experience:

    looks like not only do they give awful customer service but they don’t even pay their vendors he Thomas Hunter stole $1200 me.

  74. Experience:

    Hello. On Monday I learned that Duque had the new Liga Undercrown in stock (only place that I’ve been able to find these). I immediately ordered a box of Undercrown Gran Toros, and I’m very satisfied with my experience. I was worried after ordering them and reading these reviews, but I am happy to say that they were shipped immediately and arrived today. Looks like they are working to turn their customer service issues around, and I will certainly order from them again as long as the service is as good as it was with this order.

  75. Experience: Neutral

    Had a horrible experience ordering from them online. Tried to negotiate a deal to save a customer, was ignored. They don’t care about good service or keeping customers either.

  76. Experience:

    Site claims they don’t charge your card till the smokes are shipped. This is a lie. Charged my card immediately. Almost 4 weeks later, no cigars. I’ve reported them to the BBB in Florida, disputed the charge with Visa.

    Worst communication ever. No response from emails or the contact form on their website. Plus, they can’t even be contacted through the number that appears with the charge on my credit card statement!!

    If ordering online, STEER CLEAR OF THIS PLACE.

  77. john henry says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Ordered the Liga Privada Undercrown Gran Toro on Wednesday 19 October, 2011. I got the order confromation and the transaction approval the same day but have never an order shipped status. Contacted them via email and their web site customer service contact and have received no response at all. It also looks like they charged my credit card the same day as the order was placed. I have ordered from these guys a couple times in the past but this is the first time I have received the order in a timely manner.
    Will update upon event changes.

  78. Experience:

    Wish I had found this website earlier.
    Ordered two humidor boxes of Gurkha Special Ops on 12/5/11. Ordered on line. Have not received the cigars or a shipping confirmation as of yet. Have called and left several unreturned voice mail messages this week as well as two unreturned e-mails.
    These smokes were supposed to be Christmas gifts for two of our finest (Army) getting ready to deploy overseas.
    This place is like the Grinch who stole Christmas–Bah Humbug!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone there gets lumps of coal.

  79. john henry says:


    When my Visa bill came in for December the charge was there for Liga Privada Undercrown ordered 10,19,2011. I called Visa and disputed the charge and they started an investigation. I will never place another order with Duque Cigars and advise anyone else to think carefully before ordering from these guys.
    It appears once the order is placed they immediately charge your credit card and if they no longer have that item in stock you are doomed. Appearently there is no way to contact them after the order is placed, no email response and they will not answer the phone.
    Stay away from these guys.

  80. Experience:

    Well another unanswered e-mail to Duque yesterday, called them and again got voice mail and no return call.
    Called my credit card company today and they will make things right on the bill since Duque processed the card the day after the order.
    Explained the full details to the card company and they were more than happy to charge back to this scammer.
    Placed an order with a “Famous” cigar company on Tuesday and the product has already been delivered to my Army buddies. One in Alabama and the other in Kansas.

  81. Harry Kendall says:


    Three weeks since the order with no communication from Duque. No reply to my emails. Their phone message is a artificial electronic voice saying “Thank – you – for – calling – please – leave – us – a – message.” Odd behavior but at least they haven’t charged my credit card — yet.

  82. Experience:

    And the beat goes on! THESE GUYS ARE A SCAM!!! Do yourself a big favor and never order from these guys! They need to take down their website and stop pretending to conduct business! I just got off the phone with my bank to get my money back! They have not returned any emails or any phone calls! It’s people like this that screw things up for everybody! Criminals! Especially in this economy!!!

  83. Larry Fill says:

    Experience: Neutral

    WoW! What a mess, ordered cigars three weeks ago and no shipment yet. Call and E-Mailed and no reply. I’m going to make this guy my hobby until I get my $200+ cigar order. Last time with is scam scum company. I wish I had seen these other comments before I got screwed. Will see what happens!

  84. Robert Watkins says:


    I also have had this company ( duque) charge me for cigars I never order from them . I did order cigar from the cigar super center for the same price duque charged me . Tried emailing both company’s no response from either company ! This has been going on since fed 9th 2012 . I am disputing the charges with my vise company . They say cigar super center and duque are the same company . To me they are a scam business watch out .I buy a lot of cigars online this is the only company I have had problems with. use someone reliable ,These company’s are not .

  85. Experience:

    Same story as almost all of you here. Ordered online. Charged. Weeks later, no cigars. No response to my attempts to contact them. Phone numbers now deactivated. These people are crooks. Filed a fraud claim with the FBI. Probably won’t matter, but if enough people put these people on the radar of the legal system, they’ll get shut down.

  86. Tony Fasano says:


    Ive been waiting since June for my order. No responce from my E-Mails, a total of 10 sent so far. They charged my CC real fast and still now Lighter and fuel. THIS COMPANY SUCKS THE BIG ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Experience: Neutral

    They charged my card but have not sent the cigars I ordered, and no response to my emails. I can’t find their phone number. Does anyone have it?

  88. Kevin Jones says:


    This is a cell number Mikephxaz

  89. Experience: Neutral

    He has been out of business for over a year now. Got too many charge backs on the credit cards and the one service that deals with tobacco still cut his service. The fact that he still has a site up to take orders is criminal in and of itself.

  90. Experience:

    I ordered 2 Acid humidors over 2 months ago and have not received them. After repeated inquiry’s I received one email that said the order was now filled and on the way but still no humidors. My card was charged 2 months ago and I have not gotten any responses to my recent emails asking what the holdup is. That is what it is, a hold up, theft.

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