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  1. Guy
    February 15, 2011

    Hi Aaron,
    Great review, thanks.

    I’ve had the chance to smoke the Dirty Rat
    Thanks to a friend in the states, yes, It will
    never win a beauty contest for sure, other then that I found the construction to be perfect.
    However, I didn’t find anything special about the cigar itself. As to being complex, REALLY ??
    I didn’t find it at all complex, PEPPER & DIRT,
    that’s all I found.
    For me, it’s pure strength with no body, Very one- dimemsional and no evolution. The end is very harsh and bitter. I’m sorry to lay it down soo thick but it’s FAR from being complex.
    Pepper in my dishes, Yes. Pepper in my cigar, No. I would replace it with a Touscani anytime.
    Of course, this is just my opinion for what it’s
    worth. On a side note, keep up the great work on the site, I enjoy the site very much.

  2. John
    February 15, 2011

    Not liking peper in a cigar pretty much handcuffs you to less than an tenth of the cigars on the marked, wouldn’t you say Guy?

  3. Inspector
    February 15, 2011

    As you said, Aaron, “controversial with polarized opinions” :)

  4. chekk12
    February 15, 2011

    I have to agree with Guy.The two my friend and I smoked tasted exactly like pepper and dirt.The construction was horrible also.I Love the #9 and T52 but they can keep these .I really wanted to like the dirty rat but at $12 I am probably better off.
    Great sight guys. I visit everyday and love the reviews.

  5. Ross
    February 16, 2011

    Hey Aaron,

    How would you compare this to the flying pig?

  6. Mike
    April 1, 2015

    I smoked about 2-5 boxes of each of the Liga Unico with the exception of Ratzilla. This occurred with the last 12 months. I love Drew Estates a cool guy and Stev Saka knows his stuff. I just finished up 2 more today that I aged for 9 months. I must say the weight and perfect smoke for a corona is brilliant. I have noticed some to be really straight forward Ligero but kicker, but had some others that seemed a bit more complex with some bacon and BBQ’d chocolate that I loved. I can understand folks that think the cigar is all power of spice and dart, but pick up another one, slow doen the puff pace, and residual on the retrohale seem more complex in flavor bomb. I love the T52 doble and the FFP in more social settings, but one alone and looking for somehing special, I always come back to the rat. In 30 years of smoking premiums, this stood at as my favorite FTW smoke. I only have two more boxes, but when you are in the right mood there is no Cuban (even the Patagas D) hat makes me happy. I rather thing this are great and $12 cigar seems reasonable for the experience. The key is to keep it in the rotation and experience some time between them to really appreciate there is nothing out there like them. Cheers whether you like them or not….because I think it would be difficult to call these anything but great.

  7. Carey Green
    June 8, 2015

    I should not have to remind people that everyone’s taste is different, and there are so many factors contribute to tasting the same profile between what you eat, drink, etc with your cigar or just before. Also speed of consumption was mentioned, and I have to agree this is a huge factor. I have found several great cigars were tasting terrible till I slowed the rate of smoking. I am some times in a rush, and Cigars are not to be rushed. It is like shoveling food down at a fine dining establishment. Not everything is to everyone’s liking and this is one, along with a few others that are not daily smokes for me. It takes a special occasion, but that is what makes cigars so special for me.

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