H.J. Bailey Don Ramon 660 Connecticut & Maduro

Don Ramon 660 Maduro

Origin : Honduras
Format : Toro
Size : 152 x 24 mm (6 x 60)
Ring : 60
Wrapper : Honduran Shade Connecticut, Honduran Maduro
Filler : Honduras
Binder : Honduras
Price : ~$9 each
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Recently Cigar Inspector was given the distinct honor to be the first to review this very special first release from the H.J. Bailey Company. I had the pleasure of discussing with Andrew Roth about this release. Speaking with him it becomes immediately apparent that he and his family are passionate about fine cigars, and they are equally excited about this first release. Andrew’s enthusiasm is contagious!

Founded in 1932 by Raymond Roth as a humble retail cigar store, Raymond built his business into the legacy it is today, the leading wholesale cigar distributor in the United States. Their motto: “Supermarket to the Industry”. Raymond passed away in 1998, and his family felt it only appropriate to develop a tribute in his honor. The result is Don Ramon. As Andrew put it “These just simply had to be right”. And I am delighted to say, they are!

Manufactured at the Camacho factory in Honduras this premium offering possesses some of the finest construction I’ve seen, with a flavor profile to match. Available in 2 blends across 4 of the most popular formats, they are packaged in beautiful Cabinets of 25.

Appearance : Rating: ★★★★☆
The Connecticut is a beautiful toothy wrapper with impossibly fine veins, having the color of fine grained tan leather, it is stunning. The band is quite elegant and regal. The Maduro wrapper has equally amazing quantities of tooth, with a beautiful dark chocolate color.

Don Ramon 660 Connecticut 
Construction : Rating: ★★★★☆
The cigars are firm with no soft spots, and are quite smooth. Band is easily removed with no danger of impacting the wrapper. It possesses an effortless draw, that generates significant amounts of pleasant white gray smoke, leaving behind a stunning white, firm and tightly formed ash that holds firm to the body. I find the ash columns to be quite content to remain intact for nearly 3 full inches before release. Burn is amazingly precise, requiring no management. My only criticism being that with such a generous draw my tendency is to hurry just a bit. The consequence being that the cigar does heat up a little on the finish. This is a very minor issue that is mainly my responsibility any way.

Flavor : Rating: ★★★½☆
The Connecticut upon prelight is musty with a sweet grassy note. Very balanced in the first and second thirds, it is woody with flavors of cedar, new leather and a subtle mint spice on the first palette, a roasted coffee bean flavor with a slight vegetal note on the second palette. Throughout the experience there is a subtle sweet undertone. In the final third there is an increase in the power of the profile, not overbearing or brutish mind you, just a noticeable power increase in the profile. This is also where I found the most evolution to this cigar. There is a shift to a rather bright red chili flavor with notes of cedar and leather. The finish is bright and tangy with subtle notes of nutmeg and cinnamon, a very satisfying cigar.

The Maduro pre-light is of molasses and aged tobacco. The first third is a lovely Maduro sweet flavor with notes of cocoa intertwined with delicate vanilla and cedar. It provides a Port Wine flavor on the second palette, truly a delight. Closing the first third a subtle note of fennel is introduced, as such it undertakes a supporting role. The second third presents a smooth, pleasant but dramatic transition to a spice dominated profile with flavors of black pepper, red chili and leather. The final third and finish develops into a crescendo that is quite bright, spicy and tangy, medium to medium full bodied it is quite a bold statement that closes this experience out.

Value : Rating: ★★★★☆
The price point on these cigars is well within line considering their overall quality and performance. Given their presence nationally, one could draw the conclusion that these cigars will be readily available.

Overall Rating : Rating: ★★★★☆
The fact that these tobaccos are from a world renowned region, as well as the brightness in the finish, I think that 1-2 years age on these has the potential to set the stage for an epic experience. I find myself enjoying these in my regular rotation now. The Connecticut is welcome company to the morning coffee and subsequent commute. The Maduro pairs exceptionally well with an evening Single-malt or Port.

This brand in its current incarnation is unquestionably worthy of a place in the world of premium cigars. These cigars achieve the highest standards in terms of quality and flavor. I give these a Recommended Buy rating. Live well my Friends!

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  1. Very good review, thank you! The ash on your pictures looks amazingly good. Are these available online yet?

  2. they are available at http://www.thecigarstore.com

  3. Nice review. I hope to see these available soon.

  4. call HJ Bailey for local retailers.

  5. Looks like and sounds like an amazing smoke. Thanks for the great review. Thanks to College for the info on where to find these.

  6. I just smoked a Connecticut. It is a slow starter. Wood and leather through the first and second third with a bit of charcoal. The last third adds a nuttiness and the bitter charcoal goes away. It reminds me of a 5 Vegas Gold.

  7. Price is not too bad and the review makes me very interested.

  8. I have one of each wrapper and look forward to reviewing them. From what I have read and talk to people about they are something else.

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