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  1. Adam
    November 11, 2015
    My review of the Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic 1979

    Appearance & Construction: The Cuban Classic is a rustic looking cigar. The wrapper has a few small veins running throughout and some stretch marks on some of them. The cigar is slightly bumpy in some areas and soft in others.

    Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic

    Smoking Characteristics: As with most Pepin cigars, the draw is fabulous and dare I say perfect. The nice free draw has just the slightest bit of resistance and produces voluminous clouds of thick white smoke. Despite the lumpiness felt in the wrapper the cigar burned very even. The ash is somewhat compact but has some flowering and falls off at about the one inch mark. The body of the cigar is medium while the strength is medium to full.

    Flavor: The Don Pepin Cuban Classic starts off with some nice clean spiciness but quickly mellows down to a nice wood core. Also present are notes of leather and coffee. The cigar is not overly complex but has a good balance of flavors. The flavors remain generally the same for the entire cigar so there is not much more to report in the category.

    Final Thoughts: The Don Pepin Cuban Classic is a fantastic cigar. I absolutely love this cigar and it is my top go to cigar. When I am unsure of what to smoke or just want a great cigar that won’t kill my wallet, this is my cigar and it never disappoints. The flavors are clean crisp and refined and the cigar performs every single time I fire one up. Highly recommended.


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