Don Bernardo El Caballero Robusto (Review & Giveaway!)

Don Bernardo El Caballero

Origin : Dominican Republic
Format : Robusto
Don Bernardo CigarsSize : 5 x 50
Wrapper : Dominican Criollo 98
Filler : Dominican Seco, Ligero and Olor, Nicaraguan Ligero
Binder : Dominican Olor
Price : N/A

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by Richard Galdieri about reviewing a cigar made by his company, Don Bernardo Cigars.

Don Bernardo is not a very well-known name in the cigar world yet, but Richard started in cigar manufacturing in 1989. You will not find a lot of information yet on this boutique line; El Caballero cigars come in three sizes: Montefino (52 x 6.5"), El Rey (57 x 6"), Robusto (50 x 5"). For this review, I tried out the Robusto.

Disclaimer: cigars for this review were provided free of charge.

Appearance : ★★★★☆
The El Caballero Robusto has a medium brown wrapper. There are some noticeable creases, but overall the appearance is very smooth with only the finest veins. The leaf is very oily and has a distinct gleam to it.

Construction : ★★★★★
Construction is outstanding on this stogie. The burn line was very even and only required minor touchups. Draw was perfect, just tight enough to offer the right amount of resistance.

Flavor : ★★★★☆ (3.75)
Right off the top you get a burst of spices and pepper. This is somewhat in-your-face, but it quickly cools down. Dessert flavors take over: chocolate and espresso and roasted nuts. The dessert flavors dominate the rest of the experience, but the spices and pepper are still there to balance it all out. The flavors are smooth, but the cigar is definitely leaning toward full-bodied. I wouldn’t characterize this flavor profile as particularly unique, but it is very enjoyable.

Value : N/A
The price is still TBA, and these are not yet available to the general public. So I cannot make a comment on the value yet.

Overall Rating : ★★★★☆
Assuming the price is right, there is nothing to complain about with the Don Bernardo El Caballero Robusto. I very much enjoyed the flavors, and the construction was top-notch. I will be excited to see how these cigars catch on once they are released.

Don Bernardo El Caballero Three-Pack

So what about the giveaway? Courtesy of Richard Galdieri, we've got 10 (!!!) 3-packs of Don Bernardo cigars to give away - just leave a comment on this post to enter!

Contest is open to the US residents only, you must be of legal age to smoke in your state. Winners will be chosen randomly and announced in one week, next Thursday.

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231 Comments on “Don Bernardo El Caballero Robusto (Review & Giveaway!)”

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    Sounds tasty, hope to win a 3 pack!

  11. Scott Kenefake says:

    I love dessert flavors!

  12. KDWaters says:

    I’m a fan of boutique cigars and medium to full with spice. I look forward in trying these sticks and if nothing else, seeing these sticks @ my local shop.

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    I will stock up…from a fellow DB…lol

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    I have so often read reviews about the flavors of a reviewed stick with comments of ” chocolate nuance with nutty hints of almonds and cashews with some wafts of cappacino…yards yada yada…..
    Your description is just as appetizing and alluring. Would love to compare your tasting to mine. Send me one of those 3 packs.
    Appreciate the site and your commentary. Thanks

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