Davidoff Grand Cru No. 1

Davidoff Grand Cru No.1 #1

DavidoffOrigin : Dominican Republic
Format : Grand Corona
Size : 6 3/32 x 43
Wrapper : USA Connecticut Shade
Filler : Dominican Republic
Binder : Dominican Republic
Price : $15 each

The Davidoff brand, founded by Zino Davidoff, has been in production since 1946. As far as I remember, I read somewhere that this brand is among the top 5 best-selling cigar brands in the United States. As most of us are aware of, Davidoff cigars carry a large price tag in comparison to other competitor brands. Lets see how the Grand Cru No. 1 measures up to the test.

Davidoff Grand Cru No.1 #2

The pre-light ceremony for the Davidoff Grand Cru No.1 was outstanding. The golden brown, sand colored wrapper was covered with lots of smooth veins.

The band was an elegant creamy off white with gold lettering and the smell gave way to barnyard and dry hay. Pre-light, cold draw was sweet and spicy and gave a perfect resistance.

Pre-light score: 9 pts.

The opening notes showed a sweet toastyness that was accompanied by lots of lush white smoke and the settling aroma was a coffee/cappuccino.

The Davidoff Grand Cru No. 1 had an impeccably straight burn with a wonderful gray ash. The cigar was burning fast, however, I was mostly paying attention to the delicious blast of sweet butter that covered my palate at the end of the first third.

About half way through my Davidoff Grand Cru No.1 the sweet buttery goodness turned into rich dark chocolate with hints of cabernet. This cigar was most certainly thus far an absolute pleasure to smoke and would be classified as medium bodied.

Davidoff Grand Cru No.1 #4

The beginning of the final third showed hints of vinegar which was a little less pleasing, but it soon smoothed out and revisited that toastyness I experienced at the beginning. The end of the final third really hit the spot with woody and honey notes on my palate. Wow! This along with the pristine burn and draw made this cigar a real treat.

Smoking score: 9 pts.

Davidoff Grand Cru No. 1

In the past I have not had great experiences with the Davidoff brand however the Grand Cru No. 1 hit a grand slam. I would most certainly pay the heavy price tag for this cigar again and highly suggest it to those who may have not given it a chance. It truly is a fantastic experience!

Overall Experience score: 9 pts.

Davidoff Grand Cru No.1 Rating

Pre-Light: 9 pts.
Smoking: 9 pts.
Overall Experience: 9 pts.

TOTAL: 27 pts.

2 Comments on “Davidoff Grand Cru No. 1”

  1. Richard Payton says:

    This is a truly magnificent cigar. The quality of Davidoff is without equal! This smoke holds an esteemed place in my Humidor.

  2. I was recently given one to try. Unfortunately, the wrapper unraveled, perhaps the result of the cigar’s long journey overseas. I saved what I could, leading me to agree with this review. I look forward to another.

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