Da Vinci Exhibicion A

Da Vinci Exhibicion A

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Da VinciOrigin : Nicaragua
Format : Double Corona (Prominente)
Size : 194 x 21 mm
Ring : 54
Weight : N/A
Price : $6.00/piece

Generally, one learns that in cigars you get what you pay for. This was not the case with the Da Vinci Exhibicion A. I expected a decent cigar, as most in that price range are just that, decent. What I did not expect was a high profile cigar experience. This, however, was exactly what I got.

Appearance : ★★★★☆
The look of this stogie was what caught me in the first place. It was big, bold and beautiful. It had a lovely chocolate color with just a hint of oily shine. The color could have been a hair darker and there could have been more oil accentuation, but still a pretty cigar.

Da Vinci Exhibicion A

Construction : ★★★★½
This was perhaps the most impressive burn that I have ever seen in my life. There was a couple of times when it looked like it might go uneven, but as impossible as it seems, it appeared to correct itself! The draw was impeccable, a very nice plume of smoke. Excellent construction.

Da Vinci Exhibicion A

Flavor : ★★★★½
The first third was like being teased by a beautiful woman. You knew what was to come, but she only gave you a hint. That was the experience. The first third was as smooth as you could ever want, but with a defined earth and honey sensation, with just enough spice to warn you. The second third of this cigar was the epiphany of the perfect smoke. Moderate spice, excellent sweet flavor, yet bold. The final third was the ultimate payoff. Awesomely intense spice, but not enough to hurt, wood and cedar obvious in the flavor, and an excellent after effect of feeling as if I were at peace. I smoked this one with a fine red wine and it was the perfect accent.

Value : ★★★★★
The value is unbelievable. I really have a hard time seeing how a cigar with this kind of flavor would be only 6.00. Well worth it.

Overall Rating : ★★★★½
I've had a lot of decent cigars and a few great ones. I would say this one scores nearer to the great end. I haven't stored one in my humidor yet, but am looking forward to it. When all is said and done, I have to say this is one of the better cigar experiences that I have had.

4 Comments on “Da Vinci Exhibicion A”

  1. Da Vinici is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. Crap cigar in fancy packaging with a $6 price tag. I was scammed as well.

    Beware of Fancy Packages; They are more likely to disappoint.

  2. I feel for this smoke and really did not care for it –at all–sorry!

  3. Morris Africanus Levy says:

    I’ve tried all ring stylesof the Da Vinci main and Masterpiece series and I can honestly said that they taste better than Camachos, the Camachos burn and draw better that’s all.

  4. PittsburghDad says:

    I really like these cigars. I found the smaller (6 and 5 by 50 to 54 even better than the big boy reviewed here.

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