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Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : FL, USA
Online Since : 2003
Rating : -5 ( : 2, : 7)
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Description : Based in Miami, Florida, CVM Cigars distributes a wide range of non-Cuban quality cigars.

10 Comments on “CVM Cigars”

  1. Experience:

    I’ve used them a few times, especially for their email specials. Fast shipping and good prices.

  2. Experience:

    I ordered from CVM once, and my order was processed perfectly. No issues, and cigars were delivered in great shape.

  3. Experience:

    I just want to give my BOTL a heads-up! Do not go for the 6 Best Selling Cigars Free Offer! I did and I was robbed! This company has an actual listing of their best selling cigars, ranging from inexpensive to well known brands! I figured if you have that kind of variety, I will probably get 1 or 2 of their well known….

    NOPE! Not a one! All I got was a bunch of losers! I wrote them and told them how I felt and I have yet to get a response. I knew I was taking a chance, but when your best selling includes some good smokes, you would think they would have tried to lure me in as a new customer…nuh-uh!

    Am I pissed….yup, but I do not want to see any one else burnt as well. Pass the word brothers!

  4. Experience:

    CVM advertised in stock don salvatore humidor 1576-19d when no one else seemed to have it. I called to verify they had it and they confirmed it. Unfortunately when it was shipped, they sent a look alike. I contacted them and was told that there is little difference between them and they didn’t think it was an issue. I demanded a full refund, including shipping and they said they will not pay for shipping even though it is false advertising.b My credit card company has been told not to pay the vendor. CVM stated they would send a return label through email which I have yet to receive. I have attempted to call them back and continue to get their voice mailbox.

  5. Darryl says:


    MadToro speaks the truth! I went for that deal some time ago based on a well known vlogger/reviewer. I too figured I would get at least 1or 2 good smokes, and all I got were smokes I couldn’t give away if I tried! I emailed them in regards to the selection and no one ever contacted me. Lost me as a customer for sure!

  6. Experience: Neutral

    went for the 6 best selling free offer. still waiting for cigars. tried contacting them in regards to when they will be showing up and if they have been shipped. no responses.

  7. latinamn says:


    OK, here the scoop on this cubero cigars “free offer”. I received the “free cigars” today and I’m totally dissapointed. First, the “free cigars” are not actually free. You pay shipping and handling to the tune of $13.79. The actual postage charge for the small USPS Priority box is $5.05, so they are making money this way. Now, let me explain about the cigars. They send you a total of 6 cigars; 4 of them don’t even have a label, (bundle cigars), zero, zip, nada. They are wonderfully packed inside a ziplock-type bag, then covered in some bubble wrap. The cigars themselves, all but one, were stale and hard as a rock. So, out of 6 “free cigars”, 5 cigars ended up in my trash can. I haven’t smoked the only salvable cigar, but at almost $14.00, it better be good! Seriously, I will stay away from this “free offer”, its not even worth the postage charges. After this bad experience, I will also stay away from cubero cigars.

  8. Robby Brown says:


    Do not do business with this place. I place an order for a sampler. I was sent a receipt and tracking number for my order. My order was shipped somewhere in Louisiana. I live in the Tampa Bay area. I have called and spoken to someone a total of 6 times. The last 2 times I have asked for a refund. Each time I am assured I will get one. I have not. I am reporting this business to the Florida Attorney General. Avoid at all cost.

  9. Experience:

    I have ordered cigars before a couple of times without issues. Placed an order 2/3/17 then received an email and here it is exactly what it said: Your order from CVM Cigars with order number 18*** has been canceled.
    Nothing else or no reason. I called customer service and was asked if I got my money back. I said if it didn’t ship or as prepared, why would I have been charged? The person couldn’t say anything. He said they did not have the cigars that were ordered, which is OK by me. Then he asked me to hold on or called back, he had a couple of customers. I asked him if I’m not a customer? I advise, DO NOT DO BUSINESS with these people. Sound like they are operated by a people that have no business sense or care about their on line non customers.

  10. Experience:

    6 Free Cigars = Winning The Nigerian Lottery. Please stay away from this flim-flam operation. Fell the the 6 Free Cigar scam (shame on me). Paid 12 dollars shipping a month later, no cigars. Four e-mails attemting to contact them, no replies. So in short I go just as many cigars as I die replies 0!

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