Cumpay Robusto

Cumpay Robusto

Origin : NicaraguaCumpay
Format : Robusto
Size : 115 x 19.8 mm
Ring : 50
Wrapper : Nicaragua
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Drink : Mojito
Price : 6€ each

Cumpay cigars are 100% Nicaraguan puros, made by Maya Selva (you have probably heard about Flor de Selva, her Honduran brand). I didn't manage to find them on sale in the US-based online shops, so I assume these cigars are not very popular in the United States. That's a pity because they are quite good, with nice construction and decent flavor. The Cumpay Robusto is in my opinion the best vitola, however both Piramide and Short Robusto also deserve some attention. On to the review.

Appearance : ★★★★½
The wrapper is very smooth, almost veinless, of a claro shade. It is not very oily though. The band is rather plain and is not glued to the cigar, making it quite easy to remove it. The Cumpay Robusto is firmly packed without any soft spots, some great work here.

Cumpay Robusto
Construction : ★★★★½
After a painless lighting, I only needed to touch up the cigar once (in the very beginning) to get a regular combustion. The draw and the amounts of smoke produced were simply excellent.

Cumpay Robusto

Flavor : ★★★★½
The first ten minutes or so, the stogie is all spice, as far as I remember I have never had such a spicy beginning. The white pepper is simply overwhelming. I am always looking for some spice in a smoke, so I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the first third. At the end of the first third, the amounts of spice decrease, making some space for creamy coffee notes, accompanied by delicious flavors of nutmeg. It paired up very well with my mojito (which is becoming my favorite cocktail lately). Approaching the end, the Cumpay Robusto becomes slightly less powerful, with a hint of chocolate added to the bouquet. The smoke was not hot at all, no harshness - so I gladly smoked it to the nub.

Cumpay Robusto

Value : ★★★★½
I believe that this Nicaraguan puro can easily engage in competition with some Cuban robustos. Considering that it is 3-5€ less expensive, I think that we have some good price/quality ratio here.

Cumpay Robusto

Overall Rating : ★★★★½
As you have probably understood, I really enjoyed the Cumpay Robusto. I might seriously consider buying a box, especially if the construction quality is regular (this really needs to be found out).

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2 Comments on “Cumpay Robusto”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful bargain. Although very peppery cigars are not my thing. I love mojitos also, it is absolutely my favorite cocktail.

  2. Another I have yet to try—another Ummmm

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