Cubao No.3


Origin : Nicaragua
Format : Lancero
Size : 6 ½ x 38
Wrapper : Ecuadorian Sumatra
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : $7 each

Cu-bao – the Taino word meaning “where fertile land is abundant” or “a great place”, made its debut in 2008. It was created by Eddie Ortega and Erik Espinosa when they were partners in EO Brands. In 2013 Eddie Ortega reintroduced the brand. Cubao cigars are manufactured in Esteli Nicaragua at the My Father factory.

The triple layered pigtail cap is beautifully put on. The wrapper of the cigar is very veiny and has two dark spots on it. The pre-light draw is very tight (which was expected with this size) and showed signs of spicy pepper.

Pre-light Score: 8 pts.

The draw on this cigar is perfect. The lightest of draws produces lots of white creamy smoke. The burn line was a little uneven and the wrapper started to crack after being lit. The ash is a luscious white powder ready to crumble. A nutty tasting was noted about ¾ inch in.

Cubao No. 3 seemed to be a bit toasty and somewhat dry on the palate. The aroma lost appeal about halfway in and the draw became tight near the end of the smoke. I’ve only been reading great reviews on this cigar and this brand but haven’t had an overwhelming enjoyment with this cigar yet…

Smoking Score: 5.5 pts.


The finish on this cigar was short. I had to touch the cigar up twice and overall was disappointed that the spiciness never truly showed through.

This cigar never showed much character for me. In fact I stopped smoking it sooner than normal for lack of enjoyment. Well I wouldn’t totally say lack of enjoyment, ’cause smoking a cigar is always nice, however the elements that were being presented said it was time to stop.

Overall Experience: 6.5pts.

Cubao No.3 Rating

Pre-light: 8pts.
Smoking: 5.5pts.
Overall Experience: 6.5pts.

TOTAL: 20pts.