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Description (taken from the website) : Cuban Lou’s Cigars, based in Switzerland, is a trusted Havana cigar merchant since 2003. Cuban Lou’s features free shipping and world-class customer service.

563 Comments on “Cuban Lou’s”

  1. Experience:

    Wide selection of Habanos, competitive pricing and fast, secure shipping. Boxes are vacuum sealed and in good condition on arrival.

  2. Experience:

    Competitive prices. Received my shipment in excellent condition in less than one week. Great selection of 3 and 5 packs for those who want to sample new cigars or can’t afford full boxes. I’ll definitely order again from Cuban Lous when the time comes.

  3. paul watson says:


    i have ordered hundreds of CCs from this site,superb service at all times.

  4. Experience:

    Definately use them again. prices a bit higher than some other sites, but the service was fantastic. Gladly order from them again for the service alone!

  5. Experience:

    Great service fast turn around…I am a customer for good!

  6. Experience:

    4 day processing and 7 day shipping after that. Great communication with Kevin.

    I don’t know if the cigars are fake or not, but I have smoked many many cigars (both C and NC) and these were some of the best cigars I have ever smoked. As others have said, they will definitely benefit from aging in the humidor but they were great cigars.

  7. Experience:

    Very good experience. Delivered in 7 days after shipping confirmation. Good service, good communication (prompt notification of shipment) and a very good cigar(s).

  8. Experience:

    have been well treated at cuban lou’s and delivery was fast

  9. Experience:

    it is good and precise as a Swiss
    Cohiba Genios

  10. Experience:

    I took advantage of the Christmas special, lowered price and free shipping. These guys are
    the are greatest!!!!!!!!!!! Extremly greatfull
    of the great product and shipping!!!!!! Doug

  11. Experience:

    Jumped on a 2008 Monte Subline special. Superfast shipping and receipt. Great price, just an overall positive experience.

  12. Experience:

    Excellent site, great product, and reasonably quick shipping time. And the cigars are the real McCoy!

    Comment #2 (Sep 14, 2010): *Another successful delivery of a precious product safe and snug to my door! AAA+++company

  13. SmokeyBear says:


    Together with my best friend P. we ordered two boxes of Romeo Y Julieta Edicion Limitada 2009, only to receive two boxes that contained a number of severely split cigars, one whose wrapper is about to peel off completely, and the consistency of the stuff raises questions. We have owned numerous cigars of that model previously without quality defects whatsoever, and given the difficulty we are now having in dealing with CubanLous to obtain a satisfactory resolution of the problem I’m beginning to wonder whether the products are genuine or counterfeit.

  14. Experience:

    Cigars are well priced, the amounts of emails received letting me know what the status of my order was really good and it took only 5 working days to deliver to Denmark. Cigars were in very good condition, vacuum sealed and boxed with lots of protective foam. Will definitely buy more cigars from this site!

  15. Experience:

    Better prices out there, but always been pleased with their products/service.

  16. mtnmandrew says:


    Fastest delivery (to Tokyo Japan) of any company I’ve used to date. My recent order was not charged for postage! Just the online price. Still arrived in 3 days of dispatch.
    Customs clearance in Japan is a pain in the arse, but Cuban Lou’s probably cant control that. I’m not sure if they’re putting the value anywhere -that’s what I’m getting asked by customs to provide, which holds things up.
    The Cigars are authentic to the best of my knowledge. Next order is Bolivar; will no for sure then! With Monte Edmundo Tubos -in one out of five 3 packs, cigars were slightly molded. Gave those to mates who were grateful none the less.
    I will use this company again, and have already recommended to friends.

  17. SmokeyBear says:


    Cuban Lous has really screwed up. Since I wrote last month about the defective order (made in July) there has been no progress. Initially, CubanLous took long periods of time to respond to backwards-and-forwards messages, now for the past two weeks there has been NO response at all. I cannot recommend this supplier, meanwhile I’ve been ordering through other suppliers and been pleased with the results and I am yet hopeful the right person at CubanLous will pick up the case and resolve it.

  18. Experience:

    Having ordered from Cuban Lous before with no problems before..
    So there was some good deals during the labour day week..(two box deals) So placed order as normal.. my order was shipped (took a little longer than before)
    So the shipment arrived on 7/10/10, a full fours weeks to get to the UK from Europe !! only to find that half of my paid for order was not shipped..

    My Order below;
    Fonseca Cosacos – 25 cigars – TWO BOXES
    Partagas Aristocrats – 25 cigars – TWO BOXES

    I have only receive the Partagas Aristocrats, so to date i have sent 6 emails to Kevin at CubanLous..still no reply.. no one answer the phone (so called customer order line!)
    Am $175.00 out of pocket and i dont think i will be seeing it !!
    I will not be ordering from them again, if this is not sorted to my liking.. “Very Poor Customer Service”

    This is the Quote for CubanLous Returns and Refunds section…

    “In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with the condition or freshness of any of our cigars or if you receive damaged merchandise, simply contact us, let us know the problem, and we will give you full return instructions and replace your order”

    Got to love this part…

    “Our top priority is to provide you with world-class service, selection, and cigars at the lowest possible prices”

  19. Experience:

    We should refer to them as Cuban Loo’s, with the sh1t service they’ve been giving. Friends of mine had previously ordered from there so I gave it a try and now I am sorry. The goods arrived in very poor condition and a very slow (and slowing) email dialog has gone nowhere. Last couple of days I have tried telephoning the company but no matter when I call the number is not putting me throughh to anyone. I wonder if the company has shut down and run into hiding?

  20. Experience: Neutral

    I could not agree more with your comments.. I have rang them every day since last thursday (7/10/10) on both the canadian and Swiss numbers..both are not answered.. I would be good for [email protected] to come on here and explain his companys actions..Because all they are doing is losing customers at this rate..and not just that.. they are hacking people off in the process.

  21. Experience: Neutral

    *Well MINE came to me just today…order was made Oct.5th – and today 7 days later they are here. I really regret reading all the difficulties some of you’ve had…but I will be ordering from them again! What I like about Cubanlous’ is the TIMELINESS of their arrival. I’ve had delays & no-shows from a few reputable companies in the past. I’m reasonable & understand glitches & so on here & there. But I DON’T like having to wait MONTHS for my order. Each & everytime, Cubanlous has had my order to me within only days. Very happy, satisfied customer.

  22. bigbadcuban says:


    I have been experiencing the same: no delivery, ni response, no answering the phone. My orders have been taken “in fulfillment” on october 26th. Nothing has happened sice. If anyone knows more please inform me on this site. Before service always was perfect, fast and good cigars………

    Update (Oct 20, 2010): got an email today. They will fill my order before the end of the week. Apologises for the mess; seems honest and sincere. Hope my smokes will soon be here!!! Even if they screw up i still like the service. Wait and see…..

    Update (Oct 28, 2010): MY CIGARS HAVE ARRIVED!! Today my cigars finally arrived. It has taken about a month and some trouble. This was my first subpar experience with cubanlous. Hopefully also the last. Prices, shipment quality and service make that I will still be ordering with cubanlous in the future.

  23. Experience:

    To date, I’ve placed 3 orders. 2 were received in about 10 calendar days from date of order.The 3rd is en route. Orders take about 2 days to process and 2 days in fullfillment. Airmail takes about 3-5 days to the U.S. Very nice service.

  24. Experience:

    Ordered a SLB of 10 Siglo VI and the authentic Habanos arrived in excellent condition. The fulfillment process was a bit slow but the low price more than made up for it. They have definitely earned my repeat business.

  25. Experience: Neutral

    My last two orders have been screwed up. The first time they left out a pack of PD4’s. I got in touch with Kevin, he told me they’d make it up to me in my next order. All was good. I placed my next order, and they forgot to put the PD4’s in again. It’s been about a month now since I received the last order. I’ve sent multiple e-mails from different account, from their website, and even left a voicemail. NO RESPONSE. What’s going on with these guys? Anybody know?

    Update (Oct 27, 2010): I got an e-mail recently as well. They have promised to fix the situation and it does seem sincere.

    I agree with bigbadcuban. I’ll most likely continue ordering from them.

  26. mtnmandrew says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Took possession of a box of Bolivar Belicosos yesterday. Categorically, these are the real deal, and in superb condition, especially given the travel!
    I will try to get CUban Lou’s to provide more info for customs (in Japan) next time, to speed it up even more.
    Sorry to hear others are suffering. Perhaps having the business based in Canada and the warehouse in Switzerland is creating some issues. Whatever, I damn well hope they can sort it out, bcos at the moment I have total faith in these guys and would hate for that to change.

  27. Experience:

    I ordered a box on 9/8/10. No cigars as of 10/29/10. I have sent several e-mails to resolve – no response. I think they are having problems. Will not order from them again. STAY AWAY!!!!

  28. Experience:

    I live in the US and have ordered 3 tmes and have always got them within 7 days! I would recommend Cuban Lous! The Cigar are legit. I recently went the LCDH and bought a sampler of CC back to confirm if cuban Lous to see if there was any difference and they look and taste identical…. Cuban Loud has my trust!!

  29. Experience: ARE SELLING FAKE CIGARS. Please distribute these info in the web so that in future nobody else will get cheated by them. AGAIN CUBANLOUS ARE SELLING FAKE CIGARS. They mix some of the cigars with fake and real one. Not all are fake but they select the customer that they want to cheat.

  30. Experience:

    Milee, would you explain your statement? Never seen any fakes from them personally, nor have I ever heard of any, just the oposite. A little more information would be helpful. Thanks.

  31. Experience:

    I wish I had read these comments before ordering from Cuban Lou on Thanksgiving weekend. The tracking number they sent me indicates that my order has not left Switzerland, and when I inquired they sent a canned email blaming “increased security” because of “terrorist incidents”

    Complete BS, and I will probably never see my cigars.


  32. Experience: Neutral

    I have to agree with some of the negative comments. I believe I received some fake boxes myself, absolutely flat , no taste cardboard appearance. Then again they may be selling rejects from other suppliers. I have had some good boxes mind you, but majority boxes, bad flavor, and they are in very ideal humidity conditions 65-69% , temp 68 Farenheidt.

  33. Experience: Neutral

    Used to order from a competitor and had great results. The prices of cubanlous were too much to ignore however and I made the switch. Had good results the first 2 orders, but seems like since Thanksgiving the company has been having some major problems. Ordered boxes on 2 separate occasions and has been over a month. Emails not returned except for the “terror incidents” issue, will get back to you later. After a month in limbo I don’t want the cigars anymore. I shouldn’t have to try to restore them because I’m certain they’re dried up to all hell. Anybody else have good experiences with another firm, but at better prices than the competitor?

    Update (Dec 20, 2010): Another piece of advice. I hope cubanlous honors their claim for satisfaction and returns my money. I will let you know. Even though you use a firm a few times I would check up periodically to see if it’s gone south. Look at the general consensus before Oct 2010 and after on this forum and you’ll see the difference.

    Update (Dec 29, 2010): Received email stating full refund of both orders which never arrived from mid Nov payment. Thank you Cubanlou’s.
    Live in NY so didn’t have to worry about Chicago customs and never received anything from customs stating confiscated?
    Time to wait it out a few months and check on the reviews in the future.

  34. Drray3001 says:


    I have been ordering from CubanLou’s for 5+ years. I have ordered a lot of cigars and although there were some supply issues at first, I have only positive comments about Kevin et al. When problems have arisen, he has always taken care of things in te end.

    I do know for a fact they he and other cigar distributors have had HUGE problems recently with confications by customs. The increased scrutiny of overseas packages resulting from those asshole terrorists (recall the ink cartridges?) led to xraying all packages and US customs have confiscated hundreds of thousands of cigars as a result. (google this if you have any doubts) Cl’s has been trying to deal with with the massive losses and figuring out how to replace the cigars. Needless to say they have been swamped with emails. Some of my emails have been unaswered so I just resend them until I get an answer. Keep the faith and let’s hope things get straightened for us and CL’s. I have dealing with mail order Habanos for 20+ years and they have been the best I have dealt with ver those years and there have been many.

  35. Experience:

    Best supplier ever – hope they survive the recent losses due to increased scrutiny due to changes in air cargo regulations.

  36. Experience: Neutral

    Won’t provide details, but my recent experience with them is that they absolutely stand by their delivery guarantee. IMHO, one of the more reliable vendors.

  37. Experience: Neutral

    Over the years I’ve probably purchased many boxes of Cuban cigars from various vendors. So far, Cuban Lou’s was the only bad experience that I’ve had. I ordered a box that was never delivered during a time many folks lost their deliveries. I emailed Kevin and asked that he re-ship. Kevin finally responded to my email several weeks later. He asked if I would like a re-shipment. I responded to his email but then he never followed up again. It’s now three months later and I have not received either a re-shipment or a refund. Worse, I last emailed Kevin two weeks ago and he has not responded. I don’t know how folks can be so positive about this vendor. I also lost a box with another vendor and that box was replaced two months ago. They are clearly not the best I have dealt with.

    Update (Oct 31 2011) Although I had a prior bad experience with CL’s I decided to give them another try during a recent sale. I have to say that I am quite impressed with CL’s performance in this last order. The cigars were received within eight days of when I entered my order. Pretty impressive.

  38. Experience: Neutral

    Took a couple emails, but they made good on their guarantee for me. I’ll continue to do business with them.

  39. Experience:

    What’s up with this vendor … No cigars… Won’t return emails on body answers the phone … I think this place has ripped me off

  40. Experience:

    I have ordered literally Thousands of Dollars of product from them and they always delivery. Thank you Kevin

  41. Experience:

    Don’t expect service from Lukas, when there is a problem. I was the highest bidder on one of their auctions and some how a lower bid won. When I wrote Lukas all he was willing to do was apologize and blame it on a computer glitch.

  42. Experience: Neutral

    *My only heartbreak about Cubanlou’s is that they no longer accept Mastercard payment for their product. Had tried to make an order & for one of their auctions and wasn’t able to make my purchase! Very sad, ‘cuz I LOVE Cubanlou’s!

  43. Experience:

    Got a box of Montecristo 2s in the mail today. It’s obvious the box was reused. Broken seals, fake old seals over new, serial numbered seals?
    I crack it and see some two tone cigars, some with spots on them. I contacted them today, we’ll see what they say….

    Pictures: pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4, pic5

    Update (Jun 25 2011) long story short- I contacted my credit card company and disputed the charge. I’m no cuban expert, but the seals seemed strange to me, and I couldn’t get an answer about this. Look at the pics and judge for yourself.

  44. Experience:

    Very good cigars. Lost two shipments but was refunded in both cases. I have used these guys dozens of times of a two year period. Prices are unbeatable. Delivery can be slow but hey, it is worth the wait. Must be patient on refunds. Lukas and Kevin stand behind their product. PERIOD!

  45. Experience:

    I only smoke Habanos. I have purchased over 50 boxes of Cubans in the last 5 years, and have smoked almost 80% of all Habano brands.
    I have also spend over $1,600 on fake “Cuban” cigars, and can spot a counterfeit easily.
    Since I began ordering from Lou’s about 2 years ago, every box I have ordered has been authentic – which is all that need be said about a Cuban cigar. Also, boxes arrive quickly, perfectly humidified, and in great shape.
    Cigar Dave : )

  46. neuticles says:

    Experience: Neutral

    the problem with Cuban Lou’s is they sell only recent releases- green cubans. if you buy a box plan on waiting 3 or so years to be able to smoke them.

  47. Experience:

    Cigars arrived today in excellent condition. Packing was first rate, and the vacuum sealed bag was a big plus! This was my first order, and I am very pleased with it. Immediately after sending this message, I will be ordering another box. Thank you for the great service!

  48. Experience:

    One of CL’s happy USA customers! Am so impressed with their clean and simple approach–no taxes, no shipping!! Just sampled a Bolivar belicoso that arrived last week and simply delicious. Have several sources of Cubans but CL’s are top of the shelf. Kudos…keep it up gang!!

  49. Experience:

    Thank you CL for good quality products at reasonable price. Good quality cuban cigars are hard to come by here in Asia but thanks to CL, I am enjoying great cigars daily. Keep up the good work CL!

  50. michaelhstang says:


    I have ordered Cuban cigars from several different websites and have had nothing but a positive experience using Cuban Lou’s. Lukas has been very responsive & attentive to my questions. I am very impressed with how the website is set up and is updated with your order’s status/ tracking via Swiss post. Overall very good experience & great specials!!

  51. smokin steve says:


    Always what I ordered, always sent and received. Cigars are what they say they are. I’ve had zero problems. Thanks, Smokin Steve

  52. smokin' ken says:


    My order was Partagas Serie D, and it arrived in less than a week. If I order from Pa. to La. it takes longer sometimes. As is my routine, I smoked one right off the truck, and it is def a great Cuban cigar! Box code was Feb. 11, but was still an excellent smoke! Cuban Lou has my business forever!
    Ken G

  53. Experience:

    Great cigars and great service! Kevin seems to really care! I would recommend this site to my friends!

  54. Experience:

    I have ordered several boxes of cigars from Cuban Lou’s and I have nothing but positives to say about their products, customer service and delivery. I recently had a small issue with one of the products I ordered (manufacturer issue). Lukas provided quick resolution to the problem, which was much appreciated. I will certainly continue to send my business their way.


  55. Experience:

    I have placed several orders with only one issue that was quickly resolved to my satisfaction. Overall, an A+ rating to this vendor.

  56. Experience:

    I’ve ordered a number of times and have never had a problem with Cuban Lou’s. This time, I put in an order and then realized (later that weekend) that I had ordered the wrong thing. I emailed Cuban Lou’s to see if they could change it. Lukas did so gladly, since there was still time. As usual, my order arrived exactly as specified and on schedule. Lukas also answered some questions for me about storage. I can’t help but believe that Lukas will help you with any problem (although I’ve never had one). I’m very pleased with Cuban Lou’s

  57. Experience:

    I’ve been using Cuban Lou for almost 5 years now. Always been happy with the service, quality and selection. I’ve recommended them to a number of friends they’ve all let me know that they are equally satisfied. Definitely an A+.

  58. alexandraltd says:


    I’ve been ordering and receiving Montecristo No.2s, Cohiba Robistos and Siglo VI for over five years.

    CubanLous oredring and delivery process is very good, their delivery is always timely and the quality is excellent.

    I’d recommend CubanLous to anybody who enjoys Cuban cigars and wants the guarantee of quality and delivery.

    A very good supplier!

  59. Experience: Neutral

    Cuban Lou’s only has recent releases- meaning they are normally green cigars which need several years to age- thus their reasonable pricing. I’ve found if you call (they dont answer and wont takes messages) or email regarding and order you wont get a reply.

  60. Experience: Neutral

    Great service. Fabulous product. Never any disappointments

  61. Experience:

    cuban lou’s continues to deliver, time after time. the communication is great, the service is outstanding and the product leaves no doubt. i’ve bought from these guys for years and have not had a single negative experience. take it from an old botl….you can buy with certainty.

  62. stratman601 says:


    I am a long time cigar smoker of many years and deal with quite a few different vendors of both cuban and non-cuban cigars, online as well as in the shops, all over the world. Cubanlous gives great service, fair pricing, a good product, and personalized service on every purchase with a genuine interest in customer satisfaction. I have recommended them many times to others over the years and do not hesitate to endorse their excellent service. Sometimes there are issues with orders shipped to various places around the globe. So what else is new. I have always found that Lukas goes the extra mile to ensure satisfaction. I give them a AAA rating. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  63. Jonathan A. Weiss says:


    Cubanlous is the best cigar seller with whom I have ever dealt. The cigars always arrive fresh and seem to be from the best of the Cuban exports. The variety is outstanding. The sales are real bargains. Kevin is friendly, courteous, and helpful. I recomend this site to all my friends who seek good cigars.

  64. Experience:

    Sometimes a bit slow with shipping, but in general I am satisfied with both service and product. Will shop again in the future.

  65. Experience:

    I have been ordering from CubanLou’s for a couple of years now. The cigars are always fresh, arrive timely and in perfect shape. Customer service is absolutely stellar. Kevin and Lukas should give classes in customer satisfaction. From price, to product to customer service, CubanLou’s is top shelf!

  66. Experience:

    I purchased 4 boxes from CL’s this year. So far the cigars are in good condition and taste great. Their pricing is reasonable. They have arrived in a timely fashion. I have no reason not to recommend them as a supplier.

  67. Experience:

    Recently ordered a box of San Cristabol Murrallas- asked Lukas for a TEB/07 box. He quickly responded and said he thought all they had left of this discontinued cigars were 2010 releases. When my order quicly arrived it was a 2007/TEB box code received in perfect condition. Thank you Lukas and CUBAN LOUS for your care and attention to my request.

  68. Experience:

    The price maybe not always the best you can find but in most cases the selection is good and they explain if you don’t know about cigars.

  69. Experience:

    Great service from Bolivar LEs just arrived, and perfect. vaccuum sealed, 6 days from shipping to arrival. Keep it up!

  70. Experience:

    I ordered a box of Montechristo No 2 and unfortunately they have never arrived. I waited a long time as Australian Customs are very slow. Australian customs have never contacted about this box of cigars.

    I informed Lukas and he immediately responded and is going to send me a box of 10 montechristo No2 as no trace can be found of my initial order.

    I have purchased 4 boxes of cigars previously and received them all in great order and everything was done very professionly.

    I recommend Cuban Lou’s for being honest and trying to do the right thing by their customers.

  71. Experience:

    i’ve been buying cigars from cuban lou’s since they opened. if you want quality, authentic cuban cigars with the best prices and service in the world you need to get them from cuban lou’s. i have purchased over 80 boxes of cigars from kevin and lukas over the years and have never had a problem. if you are used to smoking fake cigars then you might question them. if you know what a real cuban is supposed to taste like you will never buy anywhere else.

  72. Experience:

    I really like my experience with Coubaln Lous. I got some cigars for my dad and the service was great and cigars came really fast. All in all, I will probably go there for cigars again, their prices are great too!

  73. Experience:

    Over the last 10 years I have bought hundreds of boxes of Cuban cigars from numerous Swiss web sites. Cuban Lou’s always has the best prices. I have a humidor with over 1000 cuban cigars most of the time and think I know the various flavors of Cuban. I have the best Padrons, OpuX Fuente’s and other hghly regarded non-Cubans. They are interesting but taste completely different. I am confident that every one of the thousands of Cuban I have received from Cuban Lou’s are authentic. Every issue or question I have had has been handled in a way that has given me more confidence in dealing with Cuban Lou’s. Good Holiday smokes to all.

  74. Experience:

    Love Cuban Lou’s,think im addicted to ordering from them. Their service is unreal,they always get back to you through emailing so quick and their deliveries are always on time and sometimes they arrive early. I never had any problems with them what so ever. All my orders came perfectly packaged and fresh, ready to be smoked. I ordered from other sites, and I only had problems. Im so glad and happy I found Cuban Lou’s. Their cigars are authentic and never had to worry about them being fake,like other sites. I found a great home, thanks Lukas. Can’t wait to put my next order in. Oh ya there prices are great! Wish I would have found them alot sooner. Happy Holidays!

  75. Experience:

    i have purchased from Cuban-Lou’s 3 times so far and have yet to experience any of the negative things i have read. prices are fair, quality is good and shipping has been exactly as theynsay on their site. i will continue to get my stogies from here.

  76. Experience:

    I have ordered 3 times from Cuban Lou’s. My second order arrived and had a defect. I contacted CL’s back and returned the second batch for evaluation. Instant credit back to my account plus received credit back for my postage. Awesome!!

    Prices are pretty good (there are some cheaper), but there is never postage added to my orders and they arrive within the quoted time period.

    Lukas responds back to inquiries on a timely basis and has kept me happy. I placed my 4th order for another box of RnJ’s yesterday. Can’t wait!

  77. Experience:

    Got my order timely, as promised, great packaging and authentic product. They made me a loyal buyer and believer for life.

  78. Experience:

    Just got my most recent order … box of monty no2s and a box of JuanLopez no1s :)
    almost hugged the mailman when they arrived as my stash got a bit depleted over Xmas … opened up the boxes and all the sticks are in great condition … resting comfortably in my humidor now with that amazing cuban aroma we’ve all come to love.
    Will definitely be back with more orders as CLs have always shipped my cigars in a timely and hassle free manner.

  79. Smokin Samurai says:


    Excellent customer service!! I was able to change my order several days after I had placed it, and they honored a referal that was over a year old, but never credited to my account. The cigars I received were in excellent shape. I WILL order from them again!!

  80. Experience:

    I just placed an order with for a box of Romeo y Julieta No.1 Tubos and a box of Montecristo No.2’s – Had an issue with my CC but a quick call straightened that out. I placed the order today and I will write a full review with a detailed comparisons to the cigars I already have in the humidor. Stay tuned!

    Update (Jan 31 2012) This is a follow up to my previous email. I placed my order on 1/17/2012 and received my items on 1/30/2012 is excellent condition. The serial number was removed off of the boxes which I expected to protect the distributor(s), but the boxes were sealed as I requested, and are authentic and match up perfectly with what I had already in my humidor. Yes they are “green 7-2011″ but the R&J was so smooth and wonderful. I will write a more detailed review and pass it along to CL’s and CI’s websites. Great Job Cuban-Lou’s I apprecaite it

    Update #2 (Jul 20 2013) What can I say that I haven’t already said in the past. Top notch service and top notch cigars. Got a new one this time, 3 boxes of small R+J Sport Largo’s, same great R+J taste smaller package. Great for these hot ass days we have been having were relaxing on the back porch for an hour+ is just not going to happen…maybe the guys can send me some cold air from the alps ;-) thanks again guys.

  81. Experience:

    I have placed several orders with Cuban Lou’s over the years. and have always been satisfied. My latest order was right after Christmas. The order seemed to be taking too long (no fault of Lou’s) and the staff at Lou’s went out of their way twice to check on it to keep my fears at bay. That type of service will keep me going back to them.

  82. Experience:

    Arrived in great shape!

  83. Experience:

    My first purchase from Cubanlous. Good communication from Lukas. New warehouse and Christmas holidays was still less delay than some others. Cigars arrived in excellent condition. I will certainly order from Lukas again in the near future.

  84. Experience:

    Four orders (and one gift from a friend) over the last year have all arrived as promised and in perfect condition. I have and will continue to recommend highly.

  85. Experience:

    Lukas is very responsive and I always enjoy the well priced sticks in excellent condition!

  86. Experience:

    Bought here once, all was good. Will buy again.

  87. Experience:

    Highly recommended. Very reliable customer’s service. Great cigars at reasonable prices.
    Never been disappointment with my orders

  88. Dave Karpin says:


    I have been enjoying the cigars from Cuban Lous for several years now. Their selection is great, the pricing is better than other cigar shops online, and they deliver quickly.
    Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  89. Experience:

    I have purchased cigars from CubanLous for several years, and have been very pleased. They are a reliable vendor — the cigars always arrive about when I expect them, and they are always fresh and in good shape. Customer service at CubanLous is also excellent — Lukas is very flexible and willing to help if, for example, I want to change an order. I think CubanLous is an extraordinarily high quality vendor of the world’s finest cigars.

  90. Experience:

    great selection, reasonable prices, and reliable shipping. What more can you ask of a supplier of ANY kind of merchandise ?

  91. Experience:

    Latest batch of belicosos are great, quick shipment, nice smoke!

  92. Experience: Neutral

    Great service and cigars

  93. Experience:

    100% Satisfied! What I’ve purchased from Cuban Lou’s has been well received by friends as well as myself as authentic, (the real deal).
    One box out of all several orders were a little harder than usual. I contacted Lukas and he compensated me respectfully. I appreciated he’s attention and quick response.
    I’ll always be a customer.

  94. Experience:

    Cuban Lou’s is the best ! Shipments are always on time and should they get lost. Cuban Lou’s will replace. It happen one time for me and there was no problem with getting a replacement shipment. I have found when it comes to service, price, quality…..Cuban Lou’s is #1 in my book.

  95. Experience:

    I have been ordering from Cuban Lou’s for years. My experience has always been positive. Fresh, vacuum-packed, quality Cuban cigars arriving within 7-10 days of order. I’m a customer for life!

  96. Experience:

    Lucas is a straight forward and honest guy. I have sent many people to his web site.

  97. Experience:

    Great selection, great service. I’ve compared the smokes I get from Lou’s with smokes I got abroad and I found them exactly the same. They arrive quickly and vaccum packed in great condition. If there’s a problem (e.g. lost package) there is great service to back up the product.

  98. Experience: Neutral

    great selection of cubas finest. well priced, great customer service and have always delivered on their promises. i recommend them to all my cigar smoking freinds

  99. SF customer says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I have ordered two or three times. No problems and cigars arrived quickly and efficiently. I worked as a mailmen and know problems occur. Kevin/ Lucas good and hard working- I am not good with computer

  100. Experience:

    Ordered here a couple of times, love the service. Any faulty cigars are replaced… very professional!

  101. Experience:

    One of the few that still offers a shipping guarantee after the Chicago massacre. Genuine cigars of high quality (never any moldy sticks) and if there is an issue, they take care of it.

  102. jim jacobs says:


    I have been dealing with Cuban Lous for about three years now. I travel quite a bit and they always seem to find me and my cigars are always sent to the new address. The cigars are fresh and smokable on arrival. I have never had any problems and their prices are incredible. I highly recommend this site, and use them on a very regular basis. I am a loyal customer

  103. Experience: Neutral

    been buying from CL for years. Always good service, quick delivery, and quality products. will continue to use.

  104. Experience:

    Bought tree time at CL. Always first class Cuban cigars, always quick delivery, always very professional. Best shop online! Eugenio

  105. Experience:

    I am very satisfied. This was the online shop I started with at the recommendation of an associate. Great cigars, great prices and great service.

  106. Experience:

    The people at CubanLous are very friendly and the products from CubanLous are top notch. I enjoy buying from your business. Vernon

  107. Experience:

    They are great-I always get my cigars in 1-2 weeks. My very first order was “lost”, but they replaced it promptly. Excellent company to deal with.

  108. Peter D.Ortiz says:


    Would definately use them again, and will. The cigars are always
    shipped and recieved promptly. Are sent vacum packed and
    fresh.Other sellers could learn valuable customer service
    techniques. Thanks Lucas ps. Will be ordering very
    shortly. Had small issue with my laptop,but is now fixed.
    Once again Thanks Lucas

  109. Experience:

    I have used Cuban Lou’s four times in the last 8 months from Australia and each time the order was processed promptly, the parcel went through Customs very quickly and arrived in great condition within 1-3 weeks of order. The quality of the cigars is excellent.

  110. Experience:

    Great selections and great service! Products always arrive in premium condition and as advertised. Recommend highly!

  111. Experience:

    I had reservations of ordering Cuban Cigars via online especially with all the counterfeits and limited availability of Cuban Cigars. So I started small, $200 miminum order for free shipping. (10)Monticresto #2, and (25)R&J Short Churchills. Both tasted great, althought the R&J burned uneven, Cuban Lou made adjustment. Second order proved as good, (25) Monticresto #2 & (25)Partagas Serie D4. Both wonderful.
    I figure, the price of cigars is hitting, $10 a stick for a decent non Cuban. If Cuban Lou is selling knock offs, they’re selling damn good cuban knock offs with free shipping. No brainer here….

  112. Experience:

    I had been getting my cigars from either Europe or Australia until Cuban Lous was recommended to me by a Cigar Shop owner I know. I gave them a try and was pleasantly surprised to get competitive prices, fast shipping, and well packaged product. Communication is excellent as well. I’ve been ordering from Cuban Lous now for about 3 years and never had a bad experience.

  113. paulchiapparone says:


    I am extremely please with the quality, price and service provided. The service is world class

  114. Experience:

    I’ve dealt with these guys for years. Any difficulties have been fixed as soon as reasonably possible. Cigars are always a cut above. I wouldn’t care if they came from mars, they are very consistent. I order enough cigars to know. Wouldn’t buy anywhere else.

  115. Experience:

    Great cigars, prices, and customer service!!!

  116. Experience:

    I have been purchasing cigars for several years from Cuban Lou’s and these guys always come through. The cigars are sealed and fresh. I have read several negative reports and wonder why I don’t seem to have any issues. Only others! Great job guys………….

  117. Experience:

    I have been a loyal customer of Cuban Lou’s for several years and each order I have more then satisfied. All shipment have been easy to track, they keep you well informed on the status of each shipment, ie order approved to date of shipment. Keep up the outstanding work!

  118. Experience:

    the best cigar store and service, never a problem, and great specials

  119. Experience:

    Cuban Lou’s is an excellent source for your cigar needs. The service is excellent, and the quality is unsurpassed.

  120. Experience: Neutral

    to be honest all review sounds FAKE to me!!!!!

  121. Experience:

    First time purchase from Cuban Lou’s, and everything came together great. Prompt turnaround and nice bundling show a bit of class that comes with Cubans. Will return, and look forward to other selections.

  122. Experience: Neutral

    According to the contact I have at Cuban Lou’s, they manually asked a few of their customers to provide testimonials here, resulting in a number of reviews within the last days. I’ve been checking their authenticity and so far everything looks good.

  123. Experience: Neutral

    Ok inspector now is clear!!!

  124. Experience:

    Have been dealing with these guys for years and have never had a bad experience. Even during the bid bust in Chicago they reimbursed me promptly. Never received a fake here and pretty good time line on delivery.

  125. Experience: Neutral

    I have been a customer of CubanLous for a long time. They have prompt service, good customer service and have pack their product well. If there has been any issues they have been quick to resolve the matter.

  126. Experience: Neutral

    Great sevice. Free shipping. Cuban cigars in perfect condition. Nuff said

  127. Experience:

    My primary shop! Competitive prices and authenticity never questioned. Have always had positive results. Packaging is terrific. Once I had a couple of damaged sticks which were promptly replaced. I have told many friends! Thx Kevin!

  128. mark melheim says:


    I’ve been a customer at Cuban Lous for better than a year, The product is always well taken care. The shipping and customer service to my part of the world are measureable better than any other dealer out there. Packing and care is very well done upon receipt.

    The deals and specials are my favorites, Taking part in the sales are fantastic opportunties to really get some good deals.

  129. BartSavage says:


    Great cigars – all in good shape. Quick 10-14 day turnaround to US. Specials are too good to pass up. They even give bonus points for discounts on the next order.

  130. Experience:

    Have purchased several times from these guys, going back to when Kevin was the main man. He was in Canada, but they shipped from Switzerland. Once, I ordered a box of Punch Churchills to the tune of about $300 and got a box of water logged cigars that Kevin explained were “too close to the humidor” but did nothing to rectify the problem. I ended up selling the box of cigars for $50 and took the loss. Did not make me happy, to say the least.

  131. PaulAntsell says:


    Several years I’ve been ordering from those guys.
    Always the best experience! Orders ships and arrives fast, nicely packed.
    Will buy again and again!

  132. Experience:

    I switched to Cuban Lou’s as a result of terrible service. This site puts sevice above all else great product, great service.

  133. India Whiskey Charlie says:


    I have been buying from Cuban Lou’s for a couple years and have had nothing but a good experience. The quality of the cigars is excellent, the prices are great and the service is just about perfect. What else would someone want? Highly recommended by yours truly… :)

  134. theharleyman says:


    I am a first time buyer at Cuban Lous. I have never been treated so well with any Cigar shop the way Cuban Lous has taken care of me. I was very happy with my order, the Bolivar Royal Caronas were the real deal (I checked the seal and it was legitimate)and were packaged up well. The order from begining to delivery took only two weeks. I live in Oregon USA. Communication between Lukas and myself was almost immediate he was very cordial. I recommend Cuban Lous highly.

  135. Experience:

    My overall experience has been very positive working with Cuban Lous over the past 7 years. They send out great product. They also stand by their delivery which is key. A great cigar company to work with. Ordering up some cigars right now.

  136. TIMMAYYY says:


    1st time customer here.. I ordered a box of monty #2’s. I received them in yankee world and they seem authentic in the original box. Cigars look really good. I got a fake Monty#2 in jamaica and compared the bands with Cuban lous and you can tell why these are authentic versus the Jamaican counterfeit. I sent Cuban lous an email about shipping status and Lukas responded quickly. I will order more in the future. Thanks guys!

  137. Michael Tasca says:


    I always receive the cigars in great shape. The shipping time is not long. I will continue to order more. The cigars are real . Mike

  138. Experience:

    I have order from Cuban Lou’s for the past year and have always been pleased with their selection, service and pricing. They have risen above all my other suppliers by their consistent good service. Lukas takes personal interest whenever I have a question, I’m a happy customer.

  139. Experience:

    Cuban Lou’s is great! I have ordered from them several times and the cigars always come quickly and in great condition. The selection is wonderful and the pricing is much better than some of the other online cigar company’s out there. I have nothing but great things to say about Cuban Lou’s!

  140. Cigarlady says:


    I would highly recommend Cuban Lous to anyone interested in buying ciagars! I attempted to purhcase cigars for my husband, for our 5 yr. anniversary. Unfortunately, the cigars did not arrive. We’re not sure what happened to them, but Cuban Lous always responded to my emails and assisted me w/ tracking the package. Cuban Lous refunded me and redeemed my points to my account. They were so helpful and friendly. Excellent customer service!!!! I will buy cigars from them again!

  141. davisybw says:


    A prompt delivery with detailed, patient introduction on her Logistic system. I like her secure packing which well protects the cigars therein. Thanks

  142. Experience:

    Have bought several boxes from CL’s and have had great service and great CC’s everytime. Will be using them for a long time. Thanks

  143. Experience:

    I’ve been a customer for years and have always received good service from Cuban Lou’s. It seems that all the complaints here are from 2010 and none before or since. I can’t speak to these 2010 claims but I certainly had no problems and if others did, it seems to have been corrected now. I ordered a few times from another vendor due to price,. One shipment never arrived, and the vendor gave me a credit. Before I could use the credit, that vendor folded shop and disappeared, leaving me out $500. From then on, I’ve stuck with Cuban Lou’s for their reliability.

  144. Experience:

    These folks are excellent. Cigars are fresh! Fairly priced, arrive on time and with super communication throughout the buying process. Give them a try. You will not be disappointed.

  145. Experience:

    Truly excellent in every way. Big selection low prices, frequent deals and most important of all, top quality customer service!

  146. Experience:

    I am very pleased with my transactions. great communication.

  147. Experience:

    Hey Cuban Lou’s,
    My order just showed up today. From the time
    ordered them it took 13 days to make the trip. 8 of the days was due to our postal service. Still that’s not to bad of a time line. Back to the order they arrived in excellent shape. The packaging was well done. I really appreciate the time and effort spent to get them here in such a timely manner. They sure taste sweet. You can expect more orders in the near future from me.

    Thanks again

  148. Experience:

    I’ve been always very satisfied, they have the best prices, every package has been delivered and the merchandise was very delicious quality. If you are cigar addict I highly recommend the “Cuban-lous” :-).

  149. Experience:

    As Cuban Lous advertises…they provide the best of the best Cuban cigars and always provide world class service. Been using them for about 3 years now and have always been satisfied. I enjoy reading the ratings by others in helping with selections for an occassional different smoke but I ultimately work my way back to Partagas Series P #2’s. Let them sit for a month or so in my humidor and they are awesome! Thanks Lucas.

  150. Experience:

    After years of buying cigars at CL, I have found them to be consistently good in value and customer service. Their occasional specials are hard to beat!

  151. Experience:

    cuban lous is the real deal! I know what a genuine habano is and cuban lous delivers! excellent product and service!

  152. Experience:

    Cuban Lou’s has been helpful, reliable, courteous,and reasonable in pricing for the Cuban cigars I have ordered for myself and to share with my friends. I would urge anyone interested in trying Cuban cigars to place an order with them.

  153. Experience:

    I have been using Cuban Lou’s for a number of years and have been amazed by the quick service to the USA. Keep up the good work.

  154. Experience:

    I have ordered 3-4 times now and every time product has been correct, arrived within reason and smoked great.

  155. Experience:

    Reasonable prices. The longest I waited was two weeks, and I think that was very reasonable. I would shop Cuban Lou’s again. I have recommended them to several friends already.

  156. Archibald says:


    I have ordered several times now and every time product has been correct, arrived within reason and smoked great.

  157. Experience:

    Placed my first order with Cuban Lou’s recently. Order was shipped within a few days after placing the order. Received 6 days after it was shipped. Fresh cigars, sealed box. Will be placing another order with Cuban Lou’s.

  158. Experience: Neutral

    I am so glad that Cuban Lou’s matches their great quality products with their great quality service. I trust and enjoy everything about Cuban Lou’s and I recommend them all the time. Thanks again Cuban Lou’s..

  159. Experience:

    forgot to put experience as Positively excellent.. will always go back to Cuban Lou’s…

  160. Experience:

    Cigars were beautiful, priced well and arrived in great shape. Cuban Lou’s is very reliable as I’ve used them for several years now.

  161. Experience:

    I ordered two boxes there was a delay in transit – Cuban Lou’s promptly reshipped and cigars arrived were perfect – Trinidad & Monte Cristo – Have already ordered three more boxes – Great Product & Great Service very happy here

  162. Experience:

    I previously wrote about Cuban Lou’s in an earlier review about there great service and now would like to recant that statement. My last order took over a week to send out and my most recent order is still waqiting to go as of 4-26-12 order date. I emailed them to request that they send ASAP as I was presenting this as a retirement gift and would be traveling the second week of May. Their reply was they would look into it’s status but with the weekend now gone and May 1st the next day it didn’t look good. Needless to say nothing happened and as of today (May 1) it looks like I will have to purchase something else for the retiree. Although the cigars received are generally good if you need these fast don’t waste your time as you will be disappointed.

  163. Gregory W. says:


    I have been very pleased with Cuban Lou’s products and customer service. Great selection, great prices and most of all great cigars shipped quickly to your door.

    Gregory W.

  164. Rustknf says:


    I cannot say anything negative about cuban lous. i have been ordering from them for a few years now, the cigars arrive quickly and are all amazing, and they have excellent customer service. I highly recommend this site for cuban cigars, you cannot go wrong.

  165. George,m says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Great service,great products,i do strongly recommend cuban lous.

  166. Experience:

    I order in this site since more 3 years. Every time, I received my shipment in excellent condition and fastly. The price is correct.The service is excellent and good reacts anytime.
    I will stay customer and recommend it..

  167. Rolf M. says:


    I am extremely pleased with the quality, price and service provided. Communication is always excellent. Quick delivery to Australia. Their service is truly world class. I recommend Cuban Lou’s to all BOTL.

  168. Experience:

    Cuban Lou’s customer service (Lukas) is superb!
    The products are excellent and Hjalmer is very satisfied with them. We will definitely order again. Delivery is very satsifactory as well.

  169. goalie110 says:


    First time customer with Cuban Lou’s, and with shipping into U.S., was very skeptical. But what the hell, went for it. Lukas is the man! He pretty much held my hand the whole way and my cigars arrived without incident. Tasty!Definite return customer!

  170. Experience:

    I have placed several orders with these guys and have nothing but good things to say!! Great cigars, great prices, GREAT customer service!! Keep it up guys!!

  171. goalie110 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    May have spoken too soon. Anybody else recently order and receive Monty’s #2? Very loosely wrapped, squishy, uneven burning, difficult to stay lit, etc. Are we being scammed??

  172. Bopper76 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    No sometimes the Monty #2 have bad construction issues, read the review done on the website here. I know i hate when that happens. I had a box once where 3 out of the 10 had those same problems.

  173. Experience: Neutral

    I was skeptical to write a negative review because I have yet to actually place an order and didn’t want to diminish the seller’s record. 3 weeks ago I emailed cubanlou’s, after getting NO response in a week I sent another email, this time, to a different department listed on their message submission page. Again, waited a week and no email. I asked a few simple questions about my order such as, “would serial codes be left untouched?” I also asked a few other questions regarding shipping for my peace of mind. I live in Chicago and have never ordered cubans online so I’m having a hard time bringing myself to do it.

  174. Experience: Neutral


    No idea why they haven’t responded; I’ve always received replies within 24 hours or so. Personally, I’ve been very pleased with them, and their product.

  175. Experience: Neutral

    I also emailed them with a question on available box/date codes for a certain item. They were at first unresponsize, but I did get a response after I resent the question several days later. Maybe things are a little busy?

  176. Experience:

    Great range, impressive prices and pleasant professional service. i’ve been using them for a while from different countries including Australia and Korea and have to say i’m very happy

  177. Experience:

    Just placed and received my first order. Being in the states I was a little skeptical but at the end of the rainbow was my pot of gold, a yummy box of Fonsecas that are almost gone as me and my friends are celebrating our new Cuban cigar connection every night! I will be re-ordering soon. Thank you for great service to Lukas and Cuban Lous! I highly recommend.

  178. Tropical Doc says:


    I have been dealing with Cuban Lou’s for about 4 years. They have always been very prompt and the cigars in perfect condition. They are a pleasure to deal with and I am very satisfied.

  179. Experience:

    Received my 3 boxes of Monte #4’s in perfect condition and my concerns were unfounded. Thanks for the great transaction and speedy delivery

  180. conefish1 says:


    Great communication, prompt shipping and careful packaging. I’ve shopped the “Big 3” Swiss shops, and CubanLous is top drawer.

  181. dubleuhb says:


    Good prices and they get here fast ! I would recommend to anyone.

  182. Experience:

    Product and pricing excellent; very good communication with respect to shipment. Would order again.

  183. Experience: Neutral

    Anyone know what’s up with these guys? Placed an order 7/23 and have sent 2 emails and 1 phone call with no response. They were happy to charge my CC but I have no update on my order status.

  184. Experience: Neutral

    That’s more than a little disconcerting to have to wait 13 days for A) shipping confirmation B) any contact whatsoever. I have called a handful of times today and it goes straight to an answering machine/voice mail every time. I sent a second email as well. For all of the good customer service reviews I read here, it isn’t readily apparent.

  185. Experience: Neutral

    I have ordered off these guys numerous times and sometimes they take 5-6 days to process which has happened to me a couple of times. It has always worked out though.

  186. goalie110 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I know. I was a first time customer just recently and had the same issues. But, the cigars did show up, nicely packaged and appeared to be the real deal. However, they were green, and after a month, I still have most of my Monty #2’s in my humidor getting smokeable. You’ll get your turds.

  187. Experience:

    I just heard from them via email – apparently it takes them some time to hear from the Swiss Post to get tracking numbers. Once that happens, they update the order status. I really think new customers would feel more comfortable knowing that this is the case. If the site is going to state that they ship next day, your credit card is charged, and then you have a dead order status for days it makes buyers nervous, as it did me.

    Still, I am glad that they contacted me and updated me with this information.

    Update (Aug 17 2012) I must now upgrade my review to positive as I’ve received my initial order from Cuban Lou’s a few weeks back. I’ve been holding off posting because I’ve been waiting for them to correct an error with my original order. I am happy to say that the correction came through today in the mail. Thanks Lukas! Sorry for being on edge at first – you guys are true to your word and take care of your customers.

  188. Experience:

    Tried my usual 10ct box with a recommended vendor. I don’t usually care to comment as I order here n there but CubanLou’s made everything simple. Havana lovers like me look for simple easy TRUSTWORTHY places and I know I now have a steady home. Sticks arrived packaged like a sleeping infant and smelled like heaven upon arrival.

    To clarify the above me posters complaints the email reply gives tracking numbers for your relevant area. It says swisspost but the numbers cLou’s emails you are tracking for your local mail server. Now that is service if you are intelligent enough to comprehend it.

  189. Experience:

    I have order 2 times now from and am very happy with the speed of shipment and the cigars I have purchased. I will be order more in the future.

  190. Experience:

    Fantastic website!! I received my cigars fresh and quick!!! Interaction with the company was pleasant and responsive. I will be using them for many years to come for my cigars purchases.

  191. Experience:

    Have ordered several times, never had a problem. They always are running great deals to try. My #1 cuban suppiler.

  192. Experience:

    Tried CL’s for the first time and I have to say I do not think I have taken a
    faster delivery. I ordered a Box of R&J’s Short Churchills. Delivered in 6 working days. Cigars were in very good shape though I found 2-3 w/
    small cracks. I don’t think I can blame CL’s for bottom row flakes. Seem to be a factory issue. My poker boys and I lit up seven within 3 hours after arrival and all smoked like a dream. If CL’s service is always this consistent then they are definately someone I want to continue to deal with on a regular basis.

  193. Experience:

    Middle of September ordered a box , when oct came around I was wondering what’s taking so long, so logged into my account and it said that the order was cancelled, but I didn’t cancell anything, then checked my credit card statement, I was charged for the cigars, I emailed the company 3 times, still no response from them.

  194. Experience:

    My first order with CubanLous was for a box of Montecristo #4s. Ordered them on Saturday night and they arrived Thursday 12 days later. That was to the San Francisco Bay area. Really not a bad delivery time. Cigars were packed well including being in a sealed plastic wrapper. Seal on box had been cut. Cigars were in fine shape, no splits in wrappers. Checked as well as I could to verify that they were true Cubans. Seem to be authentic.(Not that I am that knowledgable) Into the humidor for a while to age. Very happy so far.

  195. Experience:

    Cuban Lou’s has been a very good experience for me. I have ordered from them several times with multiple Cuban cigar orders each time. They are priced good (not the lowest, but not the highest) and have outstanding customer service. Kevin and Lukas are very responsive when you have any kind of question. I really like the notification emails they send letting me know the status of my orders. And, the best part is that they send your cigars to you in vacuum packed bags in the original sealed and unopened boxes. Cuban Lou’s will continue to get my business!

  196. Experience:

    Easily the best cigar company on the web. I’ve never had a dud and have always been impressed by the service, the quality and, above all, the fantastic prices. They cost a third of the shop prices here in the UK. Bravo Lukas!

  197. Experience:

    I’ve been using Cuban Lou’s for a few years now. They were not my first online cigar dealers, but since I found them I’ve pretty much stayed with them. Their prices are lower than most of the others, and the occasional multi-box special offers are well worth waiting for. A couple of times over the past couple of years there was a delay in delivering my order, but when I complained I was contacted by Lukas, who apologized and explained politely and clearly the reason for the delay. I don’t believe I’ve ever had any dud cigars from them. All in all I would definitely recommend Cuban Lou’s to anyone buying Cuban cigars online.

  198. Experience:

    After years of surly service by a competitor, Cuban Lou’s was a refreshing change. Good prices, speedy shipping, good packaging, good product.

  199. Experience:

    I’ve always gotten boxes that were opened and re sealed two three time (my first hint) that things weren’t I’ve unrapped several of there cigars,and found .lot of stems in the center of each cigar.real Cubans don’t have beware.Cuban Lou’s is selling fakes.

  200. Experience:

    Just a follow up on my November 9 post. Even though they haven’t been in the humidor very long I just had to smoke a couple of those cigars. Some people have posted that these are not true Cuban cigars. I don’t know if this is true. All I know is that these cigars I got smoked very evenly were very smooth and tasted excellent. Although I’m still rather a newbie these were one of the best cigars I’ve ever smoked. If they are not true Cuban cigars whoever is making these is doing one hell of a job. Still very satisfied.

  201. India Whiskey Charlie says:


    I don’t understand all the negative comments. I have bought dozens of boxes from Lou’s and none was fake (yes, I do know the difference). Also, I don’t remember if any of my boxes were opened pre-shipping. Another company did that for a reason, but I doubt Lou’s does it. All in all, I have no complaints. Good prices and top notch quality and service.

  202. tdtrumbull says:


    I have used Lou’s site for quite some time and I have always had a pleasant experience, so much so that I have recommended itto my cigar smoking friends and they have given me positive feed back.

  203. Experience:

    To write they sell fakes is an Utopia !
    Being more expensive than some other internet offers is a quality token .
    I smoke cigars since 1970 I buy to Lou and to some others providers: Lou is 5 stars.

  204. Experience:

    Got my order delivered in a week. Perfect condition, with even a small humidification device in the package to preserve humidity during transit. Impressed about service…

  205. williamtay says:


    This was my first time ordering from cubanlou’s. I was waiting for the order to arrive and when I had emailed them to check, they were prompt to respond and could accurately give me the status of where my order was at. When I thought that the cigars were alittle “mouldy” they were kind enough to provide a clear explanation of what it could be – turns out to be cigar boom…. and even offered to fix it if the conditions of the cigars were not good – ie. mouldy.

    All in all, I was very satisfied with this experience and will definitely continue to support them.

  206. Experience:

    Great product, competitive prices, excellent customer service. I highly recommend Cuban Lou’s.

  207. Experience:

    Lukas and Cuban Lou’s Cigars continue to impress me with great service, fair pricing and a wiliness to provide an authentic product. I am a fan!

  208. Experience:

    Had two boxes re-appropriated by the “Cigar Patrol” in Chicago. Cuban Lou’s worked with me and made it right. Lukas went above and beyond.

  209. Experience:

    Lukas and Cuban Lou’s replaced 2 boxes of cigars that “went missing” during shipment. One e-mail to Lukas and the situation was resolved. replacement boxes arrives in 6 days. Now I can enjoy lighting more than just candles tonight! Oustanding customer service. Thanks

  210. Partagas4Me says:


    I have placed more than a couple pricey multi-box orders with Cuban Lou’s over the last couple months and have been more than pleased with each. The age on each box has been better than I’ve found with any other provider, with my last box of Partagas arriving COVERED in plume. With some products better pricing can be found elsewhere and I’ve made the mistake of ordering elsewhere just to save a few bucks only to return to CL’s more convinced than ever. Bottom line is they are the best I’ve ordered from. Shipping is fast with tracking provided, and I’ll continue to give them my business exclusively! I’ve seen some people complain about double labeling on boxes and from my research into this it seems Habanos S.A. changed their label format in 2011 to a label with more security features. They retroactively “relabeled” many boxes before sent off for regional distribution, so this is not fraudulent or “reused” boxes as an earlier comment insinuated. Anyhow, that’s my .02 :)

  211. Experience:

    My dealing with your company has been nothing but extremely satisfactory. My correspondence with Luke has made each of my concerns very, very smooth. I am truely impressed with the quality of the products purchased and the manner in which they were shipped. I hope my position as a client continues with the same service that I have become accostumed too.

  212. Experience:

    I recently placed my first order with Cuban lous and took advantage of a 3 box special. I ordered 6 boxes total. Shipping was extremely fast and the cigars were all in great shape except for a few from two boxes. I took pictures and emailed cubanlous. Within 24 hours Ive received a credit on my account for the damaged sticks. I stated I was happy with the order and didnt want to waste the time, or money to ship them back. They quickly responded with the credit to make sure I was 100% happy. I will do more business in the near future!

  213. Experience:

    I’ve ordered from Lou’s a few times with great results, but the last order i made never arrived. I emailed Lou’s and they offered a refund, store credit, or reshipment. I think if anyone is on the fence about ordering from this company, this should help you. They could’ve told me there was nothing they could do. I know they shipped the cigars but they took responsibility for the problem…which i’m very grateful for. This is the site that gave me the confidence to make my first purchase and hopefully my review will help someone new. I’d like to add the cigars i’ve received have been the best smokes i’ve had. Even the lower priced smokes have been far and away better than anything that was previously in my humidor. Great company!

  214. Experience:

    Received my cigars very quickly & in excellent condition as always. Always well priced; generally current stock. If I don’t need age on something, a great source.

  215. Experience:

    Lukas and crew run a good site. My first order came in without any problems. Last order was lost somewhere and had to be reshipped. I received the reshipment within 6 days. Very good communication in between shipments. Better yet… I received some outstanding cigars. Thank you Lukas!

  216. Experience:

    High marks all around. Excellent, reasonably priced products that are packed, shipped and tracked with skill, care, and reasonable speed. A real pleasure to do business with, unlike some of the competition.

  217. Experience:

    Today I received the reshipment from Lou’s after my 2-box order was “lost”. Still very surprised they would be willing to do this as i feel i’m taking the risk by ordering. But i guess this way i can keep ordering and at least know they will reship “One Time” per order. As far as authentic, every box I’ve gotten from them has had date and factory codes that check out and boxes are sealed. Also, if you cant tell the real thing from fake by smoking the cigars, then maybe just buy them on the street where they’re cheaper…
    Lou’s is a little slow on order processing – takes 3-4 days to process the order and then ship. Usually after shipment, its another 6-7 days. So expect 10-14 days for receipt of your items.

  218. Experience:

    still great service,cigars & fast shipping.I have had No issues at all with C-Lou’s my cigars arrived in perfect condition.Thank You Kevin & Lukas!

  219. Experience:

    I just recieved an order from Cuban Lou’s, my third, and I am very happy with the service and product….this order made it to my door in 9 days from the date I placed the order! The cigars were excellent, and most importantly real.
    Earlier this year I purchased a box of Partagas Serie P No. 2, and when they arrived, several of the heads were cracked/damaged. I contacted Lukas and he provided an immediate credit for my next purchase, we came to this resolution mutually.
    I couldn’t be happier with Cuban Lou’s product and service, and the prices are very competitive as well!
    Buy with confidence!

  220. Experience:

    Living outside Switzerland in a country still with its archaic boycott of Cuba – I was finding a reliable dealer difficult and daunting as some purchases would be satisfactory then followed by disappointing product.

    Until I was referred to Luke at Cuban Lou’s by my brother-in-law. This is first rate service from selection, price to delivery. I had a slow delivery once because of our postal service and Luke walked me through it by assuring me that he would either refund or redeliver at my wish. Luckily, the cigars turned up a day or two later.

    Great service, great guys and great Cubanos!

  221. Experience:

    I just received my first order from Cuban Lous. I am very happy with the service. They responded to my questions in a timely manner and I received my order in about 10 days (not bad for holiday season). I will order more cigars from Cuban Lous. Thank you for the good experience.

  222. Experience:

    Bought cigars here but had to return them. I requested all seals and stickers stay intact but the serial number was scratched off. Takes them several days just to ship out.

  223. Experience:

    I was extremely pleased with my order from Cuban Lou’s and will use them again.

  224. Good Time Charlie says:


    When my order finally arrived, it was the wrong order. I had to ship it back and pay for the return postage. Not fair and I will never order from cuban lou’s again.

  225. Experience:

    My most recent purchase from Lou’s was held up in NY during shipment. Lou’s sent a 2nd shipment (at no charge to me) to fulfill the order in a timely fashion. I have been buying cigars from Lou’s for the last few years. Very Good Cigars and fair prices and most importantly with great service.

  226. Experience:

    Could not be happier as a new customer. Bought two boxes in November which were received promptly and good quality. Made another two box order in December but somehow never arrived. Contacted them and was immediately replaced—true customer service at its best.

  227. Experience:

    I have been a customer of Lou’s for nearly 10 years and have had nothing but great experiences dealing with Kevin and Lukas. If I ever had a issue they were very quick to respond to and make sure it was corrected promptly. They have good quality cigars that have filled my Humidors for years only wish I had more space !

  228. drockspang1 says:


    I ordered a 10 count box of PSD4 back in Dec ’12. I waited to write a review because I wanted to give the cigars a chance to settle. The date code on the box is Oct 12. After a couple months in my humidor, I can say with absolute certainty that the cigars that I recv’d were FAKE. No doubt in my mind. I have to date smoked, or tried to smoke, 4 of these things, and have yet to even get half way thru one. They are VERY acidic & harsh! Now I know that cubans need some age, and that “green” smokes can be a little on the harsh side, But these dogrockets taste like pure s**t! I am no cuban connoisseur by any means, but I do know what real cuban tobacco tastes like. Anyone reading this who has actually amoked some real cubans knows waht I’m talking about. Cubans just have a very distinct taste. You know almost immediately after lighting up. The PSD4’s I bought from Cuban Lous are not only NOT from Cuba, they’ve never been on this side of the atlantic until unfortunately reaching my doorstep! One more thing: I was so pissed about these, I actually cut one open, after I tried smoking it. Now if you do your homework, you’ll find out that cubans are to be filled with very supple tobacco, full, from head to foot. Not “scrap” or “piece” tobacco. I thought I’d share what the inside of this thing looked like…

  229. Experience:

    I’ve ordered quite a few cigars from lous now and can guarantee they are not fake. I think the Partagas D4 is no where close to what it used to be. Read reviews around the internet and you will see its not only D4’s from lous. I just received a box of 10 RnJ Wide Churchills from lou’s and they are so good i wouldnt even care if they were fake! (theyre def not) Again, i think the partagas d4 is not what it used to be. PLease consider this before you ding lou’s for selling them to you.

  230. drockspang1 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    ‘DB2’, if the PSD4’s coming out of cuba are bad, and I confirm that… I’ll be the 1st to come back on here and apologize and set the recoed straight. But, I should also tell you that I recv’d 2 PSD4’s in a ‘trade’ with a BOTL, with a date code of MAR ’12, that were light years ahead of the ones I recv’d from Lous. Again, as a small business owner myself, I really do hesitate before giving a negative mark. In my opinion, whether Lous was privy or not, the box that I recv’d from them were not real cubans. I didn’t say they were ripping me off. I didn’t tell anyone not to buy from them. I just shared my experience with them. I have ordered cigars online from another vendor, and haven’t had any problems. And ‘DB2’ to your point: I just this morning ordered a 10 count box of PSD4 from my already trusted vendor, if they’re of like quality as the ones from Lous, I’ll come on here and say so. If they are actually good: I’ll give you my contact info, and I’ll send you 1 of each, and let you decide. Thanks!

  231. Experience:

    I have one PSD4 left from a sampler from Lou’s and they def were not my favorite smokes. The first one was fantastic. The next 3 were average at best. This prompted me to research and I read quite a few negatives about quality since the D4 had gotten so popular. drock, i would gladly take the taste test! I have a small assortment, maybe something you’d like to try as well.

  232. vancity_cigar says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Hi everyone,

    I need a solid reliable CC vendor and came across cuban lous. Has anyone ever had experience with their shipping/quality control specifically to Vancouver BC or Canada in general? Any feedback would be welcome or direction to another vendor. These tobacco taxes are killing me!!!

  233. ex-thespian says:


    Order didn’t come thru the first time, but after I wrote to them, Lukas took care of it and the box came thru very quickly. Excellent cigars and great customer service!

  234. Experience: Neutral

    I’m a bit learly now after placing my order. Originally tried to use a visa card and it was declined due to some technicality with the site for verification purposes and then ended up using an Amex and was routed to klikandpay which seemed fine enough. I then get a call the next day from my visa card checking for fraud which is strange cause the transaction shouldn’t have gone through as it was declined by the website and my visa company later confirmed that it didn’t go through. I wanted to speak with someone at couban lou’s as i received an email from them with a toll free US number, (866) 518-2442 to be exact, which was some number to some automated message completely unrelated to cuban lou’s. I was hoping to speak with the representative, whose name is Kevin, according to that email. But was unable to and now i sit and wait wondering if this is all legit? I will repost with more information after giving it a few days for things to develop. Has anyone had similar experience?

  235. Experience:

    drockspang1 – would you care to share the info of the other retailer? I was very skeptical about ordering CC online due to the large amount of fakes being sold online and after reading many reviews I’ve decided to give Lou’s a try and ordered a box of 10 Partagas SD4. The transaction went smooth and the box arrived in approximately 10 business days. I checked the box, cigars, bands, etc and there’s nothing that leads me to think that they’re fake. I haven’t tried them yet because as DB2 pointed out, the standard for quality control or aging time for these popular cigars have lowered due to demand so I’m planning on letting them rest for at least 6 months before I try them. I have mixed them up with 3 other SD4 that I bought locally from a trusted supplier and I can’t tell them apart.

  236. Romeo Golf says:


    I have been getting excellent service from CL for over eight years and do know Cuban Cigars like the back of my hand. Always fresh, quality boxes and I have a large walk in stocked from these fine retailers and do live in the states. You will not get better smokes anywhere on the net! Those of you who complain about taste should read about ageing CCs and not be so impatient. Read Min Ron Nee’s book on Havana Cigars and the length of time it takes for certain cigars to reach their maturity. As for Kevin being a stand up guy he sent me a box of H Upmann’s for the birth of my daughter! Do your research before speaking poorly about fakes and other problems. Kevin and Lukas are outstanding gentlemen.
    Airborne All The Way!

  237. Experience:

    I want to add to Romeo Golf comment on April 7th. I ordered a box recently and the box didn’t reach me here in the states. Lukas offered to refund my money without me asking. He asked me to give it another week and let him know if I don’t receive the package. I sent him an email and my money was back in my account within a few days. I received several boxes in the past and I am happy with their service.

    Thanks again Lukas….

  238. Experience:

    @Vancity_cigars. I have been ordering from Cigar Lou’s for years and have never had an issue with quality or delivery. USPS delivers them straight to my door in Arizona. I got addicted to Cubans over the ten straight years that I spent in AF Blue over in Germany. The owner of the German Cigar Bar we frequent actually told me about Cigar Lou’s when he knew I was heading back stateside. He knew I would need that fix. Not sure if you have a specific Cuban cigar in mind, but this is a sample of my favorites. Monte P2, Hoyo Epicure #2, Partagas D4, & Cohiba #6

  239. Experience:

    I wish I had similar experiences as ViperK. I ordered a case of Partagas Lusitanias from Cuban lou’s and not only did it take OVER a month to receive them but I’ve found the cigars to be suspect at best. The labels did not peel off very well to see the code printed on them, it’s as if they used some different adhesive then usual, as I’m accustomed to their labels peeling off very neatly and the wrappers were very dry and already cracking upon arrival. I let the C’s sit in my humidor for over a month and still the First cigar I smoked, the wrapper unbound right in the dead center of the cigar after lighting.

  240. Experience: Neutral

    Sweep13, I assume you mean a box, not a case. If they were cracking when you received them, why didn’t you contact them for an exchange or refund; they would have worked with you. You may want to smoke more than one in the event the rest are okay. Bottom line, if they arrive in bad shape, but you place them in your humidor for a month and never contact the vendor, don’t see how you can blame the vendor. IMHO

  241. harleylen says:


    My experience with Cuban Lou’s (about 8 years now) is that they are extremely honorable people. I’ve had a box grabbed by you know who and a letter sent…They replaced it. Just recently I had a $434US order come up missing and after an appropriate amount of time, they replaced it.
    I have corresponded with Kevin and Lukas, both are gentlemen and they do what they say they’ll do. Cigars are always good, never damaged or cracked as one gentleman wrote and I normally receive them in 5 to 8 days.
    What else can I say? Oh, as far as price, they will match prices on the internet.

  242. Experience:

    Hello All, I know there has been talk in the past about the authenticity of Cuban Cigars purchase from Cuban Lous. Well let me assure the “Nay Sayers” that they are as Real as the ones you would buy off the street in Havana, Cuba. A couple of us Army Civilians are working here temporally in Seoul S. Korea. One of my colleagues (ET) is renting a House in Itaewon and his neighbor is one of the major Distributors for Habanos S.A. for S. Korea. ET is a Big fan of the Cohiba Siglo #6. He told his neighbor his prices were too high (52,000 Korean Won/$45 USD per stick) for a #6. He told him we pay less than $30 a stick, and he said “No Way, they must be Fake”. Well my order for 15 Cohiba #6 Tubos came in Friday and when ET presented the unopened package to his neighbor this past weekend, I’m told he certified they were Real Cubans just by the boxes along. Of course the Real test was to smoke one, which they did with some 18yr Yamazaki Whisky and sadly they forgot to call and invite me. I always knew they were Real Cuban from the many boxes I smoke while in Germany for 10 years. Kudos to Kevin and Lukas for selling then at Great prices. ViperK

  243. obviousadams says:


    I have dealt with them twice now and both times I have been very pleased. Becoming one of my go to dealers.

  244. Experience:

    Just recieved my fist order form them today got 15 hoyo’s epicure no.2 the box had serial #on it that I ran through habanos website and came back authentic. Actually smoking one as im typing and it ttastes great def the real deal. Gonna let the others age a bit but couldnt resist trying one! Only negative I ca.n say is it took 2 1/2 weeks to get here but after I emailed lukas for an update he got back to me the next day with details. I live in florida so I cant complain about that shipping time too much will der. Order from them again

  245. harleylen says:


    I just wanted to comment on Cuban Lou’s customer service. I’ve been buying from them for several years (7-8). I’ve had orders taken by Customs, lost, damaged and they ALWAYS replace or refund my money. 3 months ago a $450 order never showed up and after a sufficient waiting period, they re-shipped the order for free. Their guarantee is 100% right on! I always email to either Lukas or Kevin and they are both gentlemen, even when I’ve been a little hostile.

  246. Smoke Ring says:


    Placed an order for a 2 box special of RASS. After about 4 or 5 days for processing the order was dispatched on a Tuesday. Received a box on my doorstep the next Monday. Upon opening it was well packed with foam yielding 2 unopened boxes of RASS both with the same box code. MUR NOV12. Beautiful cigars in both boxes and in perfect humidified condition. These folks deliver great GENUINE cigars in a timely manner and I am very pleased. Great prices when you take advantage of their multi-box deals.

  247. Experience: Neutral

    I’ve been ordering from Kev for about 2 years. This place gets all my business for a reason, they’re reliable, and have always taken care of me. The product makes me happy, and a happy customer is a return customer. And I always return because Kevin is the best I’ve dealt with.

  248. robsaxe says:


    Just got a small order from Lou’s..Monte #2’s. They were backlogged when I ordered and took a week to ship. No trouble for me. Customer service was acceptable and packing was exemplary.

    Update: I smoked one of my Monte #2′s and it was amazing…one of the best I’ve smoked in a long time. Will be ordering more..outstanding quality from Lou’s.
    While smoking it I stepped on it by accident..I was playing golf. This sucked but a portion of the wrapper came off and I was able to see the long filler underneath..I was very happy to see this. My box had been opened and the upc had been removed. Long filler is one way to tell if it’s a cuban smoke. Long filler it was. Thanks Lukas!

  249. Experience: Neutral

    Must have been just bad luck for me as I tried to order some por larranaga montecarlos on July 2nd. A full week and no response and I had to email directly. Lukas told me they were out of stock and failed to notify me of that. I then had to switch my order and chose to get the Cuban sancho Panza belicosos and pay the difference. Another full week passed and he asks again for my credit card number. He said sorry for the delays and said that they’ve been having issues wih their email servers. When the order finally shipped it only took about 6 days which I was happy about. Box was in perfect shape

  250. Iowacclover says:


    Took advantage of their great bundle sale- ordered 2 boxes, Party D4 and Bolivar Belicoso Fino. Ordered 7/21, did not ship until 7/31 due to many orders. Not too happy about that but received them in perfect condition 8/13. To my surprise bar codes were intact and were verified authentic. Very happy and would consider another order if processing would be faster. Overall I am very happy to receive authentic sticks albeit very young- April ’13 Party’s and March ’13 BBF’s

  251. Greg Snyder says:


    Greg Snyder

  252. Experience:

    I just got another order of Monte #2 from Lou’s. I closely inspected the box and everything seems right. One confusing thing..the “Habanos” seal in the upper right corner of the box was broken but the green stamp with the holographic image and the barcode were not broken. (barcode was there and verified with Habanos S.A. website) I’m not sure if that means anything or not. The box code was from 2012 and the bands matched what Montecristo was using during that time. The cigars look great, smell great and everything seems in order.

  253. Experience:

    I finally pulled the trigger on one of their flash sales. I was lucky to have gotten one of outrageous 4 box deals. The order arrived in timely fashion very WELL vacuum packed. The boxes had the barcodes removed. The Monte tubo did have the secondary code and checked out fine on website. The otbers passed the blacklight test OK. I can’t wait for the next sales.

  254. Experience:

    Made a small order ($168) to try them out. The charge went through (sent them a screen shot of my CC statement) but the order was not acknowledged. I have been emailing Lukas back and forth, but they still have not determined that I have ordered. I will change this rating if they can see my charge and complete this order…

    Update: I am changing my review to positive. Seems there was a glitch in the ordering process, they found my charge, and they will be shipping the cigars. More reviews to follow…

    Update #2: I just received my order, even though it took a while, it was in the original box, sealed, and with the proper serial number, totally authentic. While Lukas had worked with me through emails, and it took much longer to receive than it should have, I am impressed with the sealed packaging, and authentic cigars. Thumbs UP…

  255. chris12381 says:


    I’ve been buying cigars online for over 10 years, have used over a dozen vendors and routinely use two to three vendors. Several friends recommended I try Cuban Lous because of “great customer service” and “prompt shipping”. Well the only thing prompt so far about Cuban Lous was how quickly they charged my credit card and the customer service has been absolutely non-existent. Order was placed 2 weeks ago for which I received an e-mail confirmation and my credit card is charged. Two weeks later, their websites says both “in process” and “cancelled”. Four e-mails, multiple voice mails and not even a courtesy response.

    Not impressed, Lou.

  256. Smoke Ring says:


    Placed an order for a box of Upmann petit coronas. After about four days of my order in process, it was shipped on a Monday. Package arrived five days later that Saturday afternoon. Very nice box of pc’s vacuum packed with the barcode intact and box sealed. UPE May13 boxcode. The cigars look and smell like heaven! Another happy transaction. Cheers Lukas!

  257. Experience:

    Ordered a box of RASCC and about 9 days total for processing and shipping I recieved the box vacuum sealed in great condition. The box itself was sealed and after smoking one cigar I can say with 100% certainty that these are legit. I’ve ordered from other sites before and have many trusted sources but this was my first time with CL and came highly recommended. My faith was rewarded so I’ll see what happens when I order next time. Based on my first order I can recommend CL’s for now.

  258. Experience:

    Ordered a 10 ct box of RyJ Short Churchills. Purchase process was uneventful. Ordered on the 6th, shipped on the 11th, received on the west coast on the 19th. Email confirmations of order and shipment. Box was air sealed in a plastic bag. Habanos hologram label was unbroken and on the box. Clearly authentic. Now just have to let them age before smoking. Thanks Lou!

  259. Experience:

    Got a box of montecristo no 4 they are the real deal. Checked the code number and checked out great vendor.

  260. Experience:

    Absolutely disgrace! Awful, disgusting customer service! I knew that he doesn’t send cigars in my country despite of declared worldwide shipping. Some time ago I received a newsletter, entered the site and found my country in countries list. Not all countries listed there but mine appeared. After that I wrote him numerous messages using all possible ways. Wrote on email, through Contact Us form, on Facebook… I wanted to clear is anything changed in his shipping policy. I never got any word in response. I decided to make an order. After placing it my card was immediately charged. Few days after he wrote me that cannot ship cigars. One week after he made me ridiculous offer to send the box without delivery guarantee. By the way, until now my country IS in shipping countries list! During this correspondence he begun accurately to answer on my emails. Until now (almost 3 weeks) didn’t get money back. Maybe it is some kind of cheating (together with cigar trading): to use peoples’ money some time for nothing. I cannot find another explanation, why no answer before order and answers after. Didn’t get any word of explanation or sorry from Lukas too. Be careful and do not order there without beforehand agreement.

    Update (Dec 21 2013) I already wrote that previously my country WAS NOT ON LIST and I unsubscribed from newsletter service. Some time ago I begun to receive emails again and found Armenia in shipping countries list. Of course I wanted to get any confirmation but stumbled on iron silence. You have good experience with this vendor I’m glad for you, So I’m sharing mine and as I see I’m not the lonely man with such complaints.
    By the way I constantly receive cigars from different corners including Switzerland without any problem..

    Country – Armenia
    Box – SCdlH Fuerza
    Order – 501940
    Date – Dec 03, 2013

  261. Smoke Ring says:


    Gurgen, not sure what country you are located in, but if you thought this vendor would not ship to your location WHY in the world would you place an order?? I have ordered many times from this vendor, and have NEVER had any problems with shipping, authenticity of cigars or anything else. This is a top notch vendor who has been around long enough to prove they are legit businessmen. I am sure many others will agree with me.

  262. Ellen Lynch says:


    Cuban Lou’s provides a great service. The first order didn’t arrive and I contacted Cuban Lou’s. They honored the order and resent. We’re now enjoying some excellent cigars. I recommend this service without reservation.

  263. Experience:

    I have ordered now several times (10 times I think) and one time there was a delay in one box. I emailed and the next day I received a response from Lukas that said it should be delivered within the following week…the following Monday there it was. Every delivery has been perfect. For those complaining all I can say is be reasonable, they aren’t Amazon and its coming from Switzerland. Always authentic, always delivered on time, never a problem. Thank you Cuban Lou’s!!! -TB

  264. Donald Allen says:


    Ordered a box of cohiba robustos. Shipping was fast and cigars look great. Will order again!

  265. Experience:

    Have ordered multiple times from C.L. and each time came off flawlessly. The boxes arrived in perfect condition as were the cigars. I have ordered single boxes, even their 2 box deals with no hassle. They always delivered the real deal.

  266. Experience:

    Just received my first order from Cuban Lou’s – Cohiba Genios (10) and Partagas Serie D No. 4 (10). The good – the shipment arrived about 10 days after the order was confirmed, the Habanos codes on the boxes checked out, and I smoked one of the Partagas right out of the box and it was high quality and enjoyable though they need time in the humi.

    The not quite as good – two questions sent by email went unanswered, the left edge of the white Habanos sticker had come loose from the Partagas box and the right edge of it had been cut making it appear as if the box had been opened at one point. The stickers on the Cohiba box also appeared as if they had either been opened or at least someone attempted to open them. Some of the cigar labels came off easily as well.

    All in all, the good outweights the not quite as good, and I’m willing to give Cuban Lou’s the benefit of the doubt, so I rate the overall experience as positive. This is my fourth online seller to buy from, and I will absolutely consider buying again from Cuban Lou’s, but I will ask several questions about the issues I referenced before agreeing to make a purchase.

  267. Experience:

    Latest order arrived in 10 days. Mint fully sealed boxes. All codes and seals correct and verified. I have had one shipment grabbed so I was on pins about this one,but came thru. Lou’s is my go to vendor again.

  268. Experience:

    I have done significant business with Kevin and Lucas. With well some 3 dozen orders, 20% take 60 days or more. They refund the money then charge me back when they arrive. When I expressed my frustration with Lukas he said I have bad luck. Using other providers listed, I get better prices and better service. No question on CubanLou quality. My best advice? Good Luck.

  269. Experience: Neutral

    I also have had a tough time getting a reply to my emails. I sent them an inquiry through their website and followed up with an email. Still no response.

  270. Experience:

    I had been dealing with CubanLous (CL) for several years now. (They surely could not stay in business on my orders) The cigars have been acceptable and shipping times reasonable. All has been good until this past Christmas 2013 were I ordered a 2 box combo promo. Paid as usual. Shortly after I noticed my credit card bill for this order was twice what I thought. I contacted CL for help. Usually they respond asap, however I ended up messaging them several times over a week time frame, until I got a response. CB stated my order was shipped and not to worry, something can be worked out. Shipment of 1-2 box combo arrived, instead or the two paid for. Again, multiple messages and longer than normal time to respond. CB eventually responded that only half the order shipped, as customary with larger orders. Why didn’t they tell me that in the first place, instead of leading me on for thirty plus days about entire order being shipped? In Feb, they hosted another promo, so I did some more shopping. I found I could not enter my CL account. Multiple messages for help and multiple temporary passwords with no luck. Finally, 10 days later my message was answered and my account unlocked and a discount code awarded to reflect lost promo price due to response time. Order placed and paid for. Several weeks, another promo at CB, I go online to place another order. I see my prior order had been cancelled, without notice and no refund.
    Again, multiple message attempts, over a week of waiting, again. Kevin responds he will look into it “asap”. 4 days later, my credit card messages me a refund from Klickpay for CB transaction. This morning Kevin finally messages that my order was cancelled because of chargeback issues. WTF.?
    I loved doing business when Lucas was handling the messages. I use to get message responses in a timely manner with respect and concern. Now I wait and wait, send multiple messages have my order cancelled with no timely response. I think they no longer want my business.

  271. Experience:

    I’ve just started using Cuban Lou’s for my cigars. I’ve made 3 purchases since January and I must admit I was a little worried due to the 1st shipment taking 13 days from ship date to arrive. The 2nd shipment took 8 days from ship date and my last order just shipped on 3/9 and arrived today! I live in Northern California. All of my cigars have arrived in excellent condition.

  272. theharleyman says:


    I have been with CL for 3 1/2 years with no problems. If I have a question they are quick to respond. I have never had a fake Cuban from them, and they are always fresh with the right seals.

  273. Smoke Ring says:


    Placed another order with this vendor for a box of Montecristo #4’s. Received the box in the mailbox after 10 days of waiting and another beautiful box of Habanos, fully sealed with barcode intact and 2 years of box age on these. They look like chocolate sticks. CL has become my go to vendor for reasonable prices and authentic sealed boxes.

  274. Experience:

    Purchased a box of Montecrisco #3 from Cuban Lou. Took one day to prepare for shipping and 9 days to arrive in North America. All Habano labels were affixed and in the proper locations on the box. The Habanos Personal Barcode information to verify the product was checked and was correct. Year on the box was 2013. 24 of the cigars have gone in the humidor and one to be smoked. Thanks to Cuban Lou – recommend.

  275. sportster says:


    Another smooth transaction. Barcodes intact and verified.

  276. Experience:

    Ordered 2 10 stick boxes just to test them out. Communication could have been a touch better because it took a few days to hear that the MC Petite #2 was out of stock. Once Lukas and I touched base we swapped multiple emails within 60 minutes and I picked out a replacement. Ended up with 1 box Partagas Series P No.2 and a box of Partagás Serie D No.4. The cigars arrived within a week well humidified. I checked out the box codes on the Habanos site and they’re genuine. They could use a little more aging but are nice sticks.

    Just ordered a box of 25 MC #2’s. Fingers crossed but my first experience was an A+.

  277. Donald Allen says:


    Just got my 2nd order from Cuban Lous. Showed up within a week! Verified barcode on Habanos website. Great looking Partagas no 4s…very happy customer!

  278. Experience:

    So far my experience has been very poor. Ordered a box as a test, two weeks after my order it was still “pending” so I sent a message asking what had happened. First, the item was out of stock but now back in. A week later and an another message and the response was that for some reason they could not accept VISA payment so I would have to resubmit through PayPal. Well, the first payment hadn’t cleared so I was willing to try again. Another week passes and another message with the response of “We will check into it and get back to you.” That was last week and I haven’t received a response so I sent another message. A full month to even process an order is unacceptable.

  279. Experience: Neutral

    UPDATE: Just for clarity sake, I chose “neutral” because this is an addition to an above rating. Cuban Lou’s cancelled my order over 10 days ago and STILL have not refunded my purchase price and have now stopped replying to my emails. I have NEVER been so poorly treated when buying cigars.

  280. Experience:

    Placed order on 7/25 – arrived on 8/4. Purchased box of Paratagas No. 4 – SLB. Arrive vacuum packed via Switzerland. Perfect condition; labels checked out and Habanos site verified the codes. Smoked my first one and while young, was beautiful and a great value. No reason not to buy from CubanLou again. Hoping they get into Samplers.

  281. Experience:

    Ordered a box of MC No4. Arrived in a few days in perfect conditions. Very happy from the service. I will buy again for sure.

  282. Experience:

    After first shipment got lost in transit, and some emails with Lukas, he upgraded my order for one box for my iconvience at no charge. Received that shipment in 7 days in perfect condition. Shipping mishaps can not be avoided, especially overseas. My only complaint is the lack of communication regarding my original order. With that aside, I will be ordering from Cuban Lou’s in the future.

  283. Experience:

    I have been buying CC online for greater than 10 yrs and have bought from the Canaries/Australia and several Switzerland vendors. Cuban Lous have always been a fast and reliable source. Recently several other vendors from Switzerland have lost my confidence in their product (either VERY “grey market” or worse) judging by label inconsistencies. Cuban Lou’s ship a great product and their inclusion of bar codes put me at ease. I have bought from others where not only the bar codes have been removed (I understand the argument for removal) but even the mico-printing is altered. You have to keep checking the website because their stock goes quick. If I can find a brand/vitola that I want, CL is my first choice.

  284. Experience:

    Solid operation. Good prices, good service – boxes are top quality – delivery was also just fine. Will purchase again. Thanks Lukas!

  285. Experience:

    Great range of cuban and non-cuban quality cigars. I’ve purchased from Cuban Lou’s a few times now, and they’ve proven to be quick on delivery and great at keeping in touch with their customers.

  286. art mc glenon, esq. says:


    completely satisfied with lukas and cuban lou’s cigars. each time i order cuban cigars they reach me within the week of ordering.
    any questions i have had have been expertly handles by lukas.


  287. Experience:

    Just did my second order with Lous and I have to report an excellent transaction. BTO OCT 13 CoRos that look beautiful. 4 business days shipping. I must also note that my first order with Lous had a bit of a hiccup, but Lukas quickly made things right and went over and above in fixing the issue. Placing my third order as I type!

  288. Experience:

    I just received my first order with Cuban Lous. Not only did my cigars arrive in less than 10 days, the service was amazing. This company is a pleasure to deal with and I will continue to give them my business.

  289. Experience:

    Have been using Cuban Lou’s for awhile now. Always excellent service. Orders arrive promptly and in excellent condition. They are quick to respond to questions. Lukas and Cuban Lou’s are my #1 choice for fine tobacco.

  290. Experience:

    I smoke Cuban cigars,, says something about me…

    I buy from Cuban Lou’s,, says something about them…

    Best overall value in product, selection and shipping with exceptional customer service…

  291. Greg Salerno says:


    I have been ordering from Cuban Lou’s for years . Their service is impeccable and their prices are consistently the lowest I’ve seen. Twice (out of many orders) my cigars were intercepted or lost and both times Lukas re-sent my order at no charge to me! Simply cannot beat them!

  292. Experience:

    Cuban Lou’s is my favorite source for Cuban smokes. I purchase regularly from their site. Customer service has been great when the rare problem arises (I am very particular on condition when received). Lukas is the man!

  293. Experience:

    Lost count how many boxes I’ve purchased over the years. Every experience has been excellent.

    Service is second to none. Lukas is the best – incredibly responsive and helpful.

    I’ve recommended numerous friends to Cuban Lou’s and they are all very satisfied.

  294. Ralph Musicant says:


    I’ve been buying from them for about 10 years, including their previous entity, Their selection and service are unparalleled.

  295. Experience:

    All Good. No issues, delivered as promised.

  296. Experience:

    I have ordered from them for the past 6 or 7 years, they were recommended by a friend in the cigar business. Never disappointed. Always fresh and moist. Timely delivery. I have never had an issue.

  297. Experience:

    Fast, reliable shipping. Great customer service. I’ve never been disappointed with an order.

  298. Experience:

    Cuban Lou’s delivers again, and again,and again. have been with them for six years, and once per year my Cohiba’s, Montecristos, and other fine cubans make it thru customs in the US and arrive at my door,

  299. Experience:

    got my mc#2 in sept smoked one right away the rest in the humi excellent cigar and service will order again

  300. Experience:

    Never disappointed. Always perfectly packaged. Shipped quiclkly. Luke is on of the good guys

  301. Experience:

    Cuban Lou’s is fantastic. I have ordered many time without issue. This last order did not arrive and they shipped it again without question. Thanks Cuban Lou’s!

  302. Experience:

    Best selection and prices on “the real thing” on the internet. Over the past few years I have ordered almost 100 boxes from them. Only 2 were lost and they replaced them immediately with hassles, no problems. I’m now officially spoiled by their service! Thanks Lukas! And when is the next auction?

  303. Experience:

    Excellent experience, reactivity, service.

    If a problem appears, very kickly solved.

    Do not change a hair.


  304. Carl Newman says:


    I’ve found Cuban Lou’s to be completely trustworthy and reliable. They are promptly responsive to inquiries, and the cigars are always in top condition. I’m drawn to their website frequently. Free shipping is a compelling feature for someone living in Hawaii.

  305. Experience:

    I cannot say enough good things about Cuban Lou’s. Lukas always responds to questions and is very concerned that orders reach you. I have been dealing with CL for some years on a regular basis and have always found the cigars to be absolutely genuine, in fine condition, and shipped in shrink wrap to preserve freshness. Prices are also very fair.

  306. Experience:

    Not only are these cigars authentic, they come from a respected and distinguished company. This is my first purchase and I will continue to buy from Cuban Lou’s because of the outstanding service. I had a few questions and they responded very promptly.
    Lukas makes it happen!

  307. Experience:

    These guys are great. Cigars were reasonably priced and guaranteed authentic via Habanos. Total time from order to in my hand was 2 weeks. Impressive figuring that Christmas and New Years fell in that timeframe. No issues with US delivery.

  308. Experience:

    Cuban Lou’s is a great supplier of fine cigars. I have smoked cubans from a variety of sources and there are certain cigars that I can just look at and tell you that they are fake. I am absolutely certain that the cigars I get from Cuban Lou’s are authentic. I have gotten fake cigars from other supplies (I could tell right away) but not from Cuban Lou’s. Prices are good, shipping is great, communications are great. My only problem with them is that they run out of my favorite cigars too quickly :-).

  309. Experience:

    Cuban Lou’s is hands down the best place to shop for cigars online. Not only do they have an absolutely amazing selection of cubans and non-cubans the staff is hands down the best group I have ever dealt with. The cigars arrive fresh in sealed unopened boxes and are ready to be smoked almost immediately. When reaching out to the staff they are quick to respond and make sure that everything is taken care of and everything is to your liking. I would strongly recommend ordering from, I can promise that you won’t regret it.. Keep up the great work Cuban Lou’s.

  310. Experience:

    One of my shipments was missing a box of cigars. I send an email inquiring about the status. I immediately got a response and even got a follow up a week later. Attention to detail separates winners from losers.

  311. Experience:

    I only have good things to say about Cuban Lou’s. I have ordered perhaps 1000 cigars from Cuban Lou’s over the past 3 years and the cigars (Partagas Lusitania’s) have always been first rate. The shipping and ordering info is always timely and while sometimes it takes 3 weeks for delivery most times i receive the shipment in around 10 days. In my case Lukas always backs up word. Once I didn’t get one of the boxes and it was instantly taken care of. So far I cannot reccomend them highly enough. Never had an issue,

  312. Experience:

    Great Experience-Great Cigars-Great Service-Have Recommended to My Friends-Will continue to Buy from Site-Lukas is the Man!!–As long as it’s working well don’t change a thing.

  313. Experience:

    Ordered 4 boxes three arrived 1 was lost notified Cuban Lous, they agreed it was lost.They sent me another box no hassles. Appreciate the great service!!!!

  314. Experience:

    Have ordered several boxes of high-end cigars from Cuban Lou’s now and had great experiences with the ordering process, the site and the customer service. Strongly recommend.

  315. Experience:

    I have been purchasing cuban cigars from cuban Lou’s for about 6 months and the srevive and cigars have been impeccable. The customer service from Lukas has been fantastic! I have recommended my friends and father in law to this website.

  316. Tony Cheong says:


    Great customer service, excellent cigar condition upon a speedy arrival.

  317. Minas Zartarian says:


    I have been getting my Cuban cigars from Cuban Lou’s now for the past year or more, and I have been very pleased each and every time with the quality of the cigars. Great value for the buck. Thank you Lukas.

  318. Experience:

    Hello All; I have ordered and received about 15 orders from Cuban Lou’s Cigars to date. Always a pleasure to do buisness with them and there website is very easy to navigate. I have had no problems and have gotten a wonderful selection of world class Cuban cigars. All 5 Stars for me. There’s always problems when shipping internationally and they handle it all very well. Good show from the USA!!!!!

  319. Experience:

    Cuban Lou’s is definitely the place to shop for quality cigars. Competitive pricing along with free international shipping are hard to beat. Great selection and the customer service from an international vendor is exceptional. Have ordered over a dozen boxes in the last year and usually receive them in about 2 weeks. Highly recommend Cuban Lou’s!

  320. Experience:

    I have ordered lots of cigars from Cigar Lou’s , they offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service and only recently I experienced some damage cigars on arrival (damage during shipment for the first time) , I informed them about this and a Lukas quickly sent me a box as replacement. I highly recommend Cigar Lou’s to all my cigar friends.

  321. Experience:

    Recently placed my first order with Cuban Lou’s and half of the order arrived in the expected time frame. I waited four/five days to see if other half would arrive, which it did not. First thought I was screwed.
    I contacted Cuban Lou’s via email and was immediately contacted by Lukas. Within a 24 hour period he identified the problem and reshipped the missing portion of the order which was received in minimum time. He also discounted the order for my trouble.
    I have placed subsequent orders with no problems encountered. I highly recommend Cuban Lou’s and to date their customer service has been top notch.

  322. hyendaudio says:


    Always the best service and the best prices around. These guys are the BEST!

  323. Experience:

    Working with CubanLous’s has always been very easy. Good selection of my favorite cigars, website and online checkout is straightforward. Shipments have always arrived without problem.

    Whenever I have a question, I receive a prompt response. They will remain my “go to” shop for fine cigars.

  324. Experience:

    First and foremost. Cuban lous has the best quality control ive ever seen. Ive never recieved a dry or damaged cigar. The shipping and customer service is top not. ONE TIME. My order was lost in the mail. No questions asked they re shipped the same day. For quality. Value. And unbeatable customer service these guys get a rating of 11 on a scale from one to ten! oh and btw. They do not remove the bands or take ur cigars out of the box for shipping. You will recieve a fresh untouched box everytime.

  325. Experience:

    Dealing with Cuban Lous has always been a great experience. The cigars always come well protected, ready to smoke and that’s why I keep going back to them. They take the smoking experience up a notch. The only thing better would be to walk in and make the purchase myself.

  326. Experience:

    Have been doing some charity work in Havana for 17 years. Why bother to bring back tobacco when Cuban Lou’s is available with similar prices-excellent customer service and free shipping. The selection is as good as anywhere else as well. Nothing but positives thus far. Guys at the cigar club are always asking what I brought from Cuba last time. I respond – no need to with Cuba Lou’s.

  327. Experience:

    Hi Aficionado’s

    I must express my unwavering support for Cuban Lous, 90% of my personal cigars are ordered through them and are always in perfect condition. I do have recently had an experience of not receiving an order, and with out hesitation, Cuban Lous replaced them. This type of customer service creates consumers for life!! I give Cuban Lous my HIGHEST recommendation.

  328. Experience:

    Great customer service as usual and quick responses to email. Price of cigars is great and delivery is quick and reliable.

  329. Experience:

    Rapid delivery (6 days). Arrived in tip top condition. Partagas PSP 2’s and PE’s. Looking forward to firing them up. Great experience from Lukas.

    Update (May 5 2015) These are the go to guys for Cubans. Just received another box of Lusitanias’. Excellent condition as usual and rapid arrival time.

  330. Dominic Parillo says:


    Been dealing with these people for a couple of years. Never had a problem and anytime I had a question they got back to me in an incredible short amount of time.
    Great people over there

  331. Experience:

    Place my last week. I received half of order. I sent an email Lucas replied half order sent so in a couple of day I recieved my complete order. Lucas is aces in my book. I’ll recommend his shop to all my cigar buddy’s.

  332. Experience:

    Initially had problems with getting the website to accept Visa payment, but due to Lukas’ amazing customer service, it was all sorted effortlessly. Prices are astonishing and mean I will no longer have to wait to travel abroad to pick boxes up at the Duty Free. I took delivery of my Monetcristo Opens and H. Upmann Majestics within two weeks and I’m thoroughly enjoying them. Cuban Lous is a winner.

  333. Experience:

    Received my recent order from Cuban Lou’s. The order was accurate, arrived promptly, and was securely packed. I’m letting them rest for a bit, but have no reason to doubt their authenticity.

    Ordered several times before and had the same positive experience with each order.

  334. Experience:

    I have used Cuban Lous on multiple occasions. Service has been excellent every time. There have been a couple of boxes lost in the mail, but they were replaced immediately. I would recommend this site highly.

  335. Experience:

    This site never disappoints!!! Have ordered from them many times over the years and never had 1 bad experience. Cigars are priced great, always come in perfect condition and in very reasonable time. In a world where counterfeits are more and more common I wouldn’t trust any other site for my Cuban cigar needs. thank you to Lukas and the entire team for many enjoyable smokes!

  336. Experience:

    3Rd time I have ordered from Cuban Lous and everything has gone great each time.

  337. Experience:

    Great company. Fast shipping and always available to answer questions.

  338. Experience:

    Cuban Lou’s, you guys are the best. Great cigars, perfectly stored, on time delivery and good prices. I am a customer for life.

  339. Quill R. says:


    I greatly enjoy my select favorites of DR and Nicaragua brands from my local shop, but every once in a while I like to try a Cuban species. When I want a trustworthy source for legitimate, good quality Cubans, I deal only with Cuban Lous. Over the last 6 years, I’ve placed about 8 orders and with every order, the easy financial transaction, the delivery timing and the quality of the product received has been exceptional.

  340. Experience:

    Great sevice, I’ve been ordering from them for a few years now. All inquires answered within 24 hours.

  341. Experience:

    Great place to buy premium cigars. Boxes came sealed and in great shape. Best place to buy great cigars on the net.

  342. Experience:

    Received my order as expected, on time and in great condition. Partagas Serie D #4 great smoke right out of the box. Will be purchasing more from Cuban Lous soon. Thanks guys

  343. Experience:

    Always exceptional customer service. Cigars are excellent; normally delivered in 10-12 days. Cigars are sealed and fresh when they arrive.

  344. Experience:

    Awesome customer service, very reasonable priced with very reliable product. This is the ONLY place I go to and trust. These guys have been earning my business for the past 4 years and are my go to guys. All inquiries responded to, all product shipped on time! I wish other companies were this good.

  345. Experience:

    Just got a fresh shipment from Cuban Lou’s. They arrived very quickly, safely and ready to be enjoyed. Always a pleasure to do business with these guys. Thanks Lou’s!

  346. Experience:

    10/10 I love Cuban Lous, they deliver consistent quality and wonderful prices in my opinion. I have purchased about ten times I believe now and will continue to do so. They have some of the best cigars in the world in my opinion. Thank you guys, keep the cigars coming. Chris

  347. Experience:

    I have been ordering cigars form Cuban Lou’s for years. They have outstanding customer service headed by Lukas. All of my orders have arrived in excellent condition, vacuum sealed, and carefully packed for shipment. They even replaced one shipment that was lost during hurricane Sandy without any additional charge. Superb company and I only hope they continue to be my exclusive supplier of great Cuban cigars for years to come.

  348. Mac Fritz says:


    I have been buying cigars from Cuban Lou’s since 2010. They have been a very dependable source, and the ciigars are always fresh.

  349. Experience:

    excellent company – very prompt and reliable service – good cigars every time – I have been buying from them for maybe 3 years now and have recommended them to several friends too

  350. Experience:

    Outstanding quality and service. I’ve been ordering about 1 box a month for just over 1 year. My cigars usually show up in 4 or 5 days (Northern California) and are in great condition. I highly recommend Cubsn Lou’s.

  351. Experience:

    I’ve been ordering cigars from Cuban Lou for a few years now. It’s been a very positive experience so far. I ordering and received some Cohibas a few weeks ago. They are excellent!! I plan on ordering more in the near future. Steve O

  352. Scott Ogden says:


    Cuban Lou’s is the only place I go for Cuban cigars. Great selection, great prices. And they stand behind their product. Once I got a box of cigars with bad wrappers and they replaced it promptly. And just a few weeks ago a package didn’t arrive at all and without hesitation they sent me a new one.
    Two thumbs up for these guys.

  353. Experience:

    Lukas has been awesome! Very timely response to my needs. The cigars are fresh and come timely from so far away. I highly recommend Cuban Lou’s to my friends, and you!

  354. Experience:

    I’ve ordered several times through Cubanlous, their service was always great. This last order never arrived, and Cubanlous made it right in a very timely manner. After contacting Lukas he sent out a replacement which arrived fast and in fine shape.

  355. Experience:

    I have ordered multiple times from Lou, and all have arrived on time and in perfect condition. No complaints so far and prices are reasonable. Will continue to shop Lou.

  356. Dan Haigler says:


    I have been purchasing cigars from Cuban Lou’s for over five years and have always had a very positive experience. Excellent service and a great selection of Cuban cigars. I highly recommend Lukas and the staff.

  357. Experience:

    I had a friend tell me about Cuban Lou’s and I am a happy camper. I always figured that real cubans were out of my price range. Boy was I wrong. I received my smokes quickly and now I understand what all of the cuban hype is about…I honestly believe that I had never had a real cuban cigar until now. Thank you Cuban Lou’s.

  358. Alexandre G. de Paris says:


    I am a customer of CubanLou for years and I can only congratulate myself. Serious home with Cuban cigars as I like. what else?

  359. Jim Morris says:


    One of my shooting buddies told me about Lou’s, so I took the plunge and placed my first order. This was my first overseas order, so I was a bit apprehensive. To my surprise and delight, the experience was completely positive. Ordering was a breeze, and the shipment was in my hands in less than ten days. The sticks were in primo condition. I will be placing regular orders with these fine folks.

  360. John Talisman says:


    I ordered a box of Romeo and Juliet petite coronas for a special price of $129 USD. The cigars arrived within 10 days and were just what I was hoping for. A truly fine cigar, quickly delivered for a good price. Cuban Lou’s will get more of my business in the future. jingle john

  361. Brice from London says:


    I have been customer since couple of years.
    I ordered my cohiba siglo IV last week and could not wait to enjoy one cigar.
    Delivery was super quick and cigar were top.
    a real pleasure!

  362. Experience:

    Have been ordering from Cuban Lou’s for over 5 years and have only positive experiences. I have ordered a variety of cigars, both manufacturers and type. They always come within 7-10 days, fresh and exactly what I ordered. Prices are very good, even on their non-Cuban inventory. I did have a box pulled by Customs, so Cuban Lou’s sent me a replacement at no cost. Highly recommend them!

  363. Experience:

    Overall great service, clear communication about delivery and great product. Received box in perfect condition, sealed, and with bar code untouched. will definitely use them again. SOON!

  364. Experience:

    I’ve been buying from Cuban Lou’s for a few years now. The prices are rock solid and the ship time is great considering it is international. I had an issue with an old order and they rectified it quickly and professionally. I have recommended this site to at least 5 smoking friends and would welcome anyone to join the Cuban Lou family. They turn over a lot of product which is very telling to me…they make many cigar lovers happy!

  365. Neal "GeauxSaints"Carrier says:


    After experiencing various Cuban cigars while working in Aruba for a few months 8 years ago, I was hooked. Once I smoked the last of the Monti 2’s that I was able to bring back to the states with me, in the wife’s suitcase, I suffered through a few years of not being able to smoke some of the best cigars in the world. When I could not take it anymore I went ahead and threw caution to the wind and purchased a box of Monti #2’s from Cigar Lou’s. Receiving the new box of Monti’s put a big smile on face knowing that I would once again be able to experience the pleasures of smoking some good Cubans on special occasions over the next couple of years. Well those couple of years have passed so I went back to Cuban Lou’s, as my ace in the hole, and purchased a box of Cohiba Lanceros as well as 10 H-Upman Magnum 50s. Prices were reasonable and shipping was quicker than I expected. The cigars were flawless. Thanks to Cuban Lou’s I continue to have a new smile on my face. I am no longer waiting for special occasions anymore and will be burning a Cuban every week or so. When my supply begins to run low, Cuban Lou’s is there to supply me with the finest quality cigars created in Cuba. Thank You Cuban Lou’s.

  366. John Lumetta says:


    For the past 3 years my experience buying puros from Cuban Lou’s has been outstanding. The cigars invariably arrive quickly, as promised, and are always fresh. They actually vacuum seal each box to ensure freshness of the delivered product. Most importantly, Cuban Lou’s prices are simply the lowest anywhere in the world. I can’t imagine why anyone would buy their Havanas anywhere but from Cuban Lou’s. Sincerely, John L.

  367. Experience:

    Cuban Lou’s has been my go to resource for obtaining the best cigars in the world. The selection is great, shipping is prompt and they are great with follow ups.

  368. Experience:

    I’ve ordered 3 or 4 times in the past year from these guys and have never been disappointed. First of all, their website is very organized and kept up to date! I hate seeing stuff I want to buy and then realizing it’s not in stock. Second, their prices are very competitive. Third, their stuff ships in the original boxes still sealed with cellophane wrap, so you know you’re not getting ripped off. In some cases, they take the extra step of including humibags to keep everything fresh. I will definitely continue using these guys. Nothing negative to say about them!

  369. Experience:

    Totally a well deserved positive review. First time experiencing Lou’s – can’t say I have any complaints about my order! They had a fantastic selection and for my initial order – I deliberately selected a couple of boxes that I know precisely what I’m getting. Order arrived in 9 days, and in mint condition. If you read the reviews you’ll know the boxes are vacuumed sealed so they are preserved well for the trip. All good. Also the customer service follow-up has been outstanding and I.honestly can’t wait for my next order.

  370. Experience:

    I have ordered 5+ boxes and all have arrived in great condition and I have never been disappointed with the cigars I have received. My most recent shipment came within 10 days of ordering. Very fast!!

  371. Irishbaker says:


    Cuban Lou’s is the best! I have been purchasing from Cuban Lou’s for a long time and this time around I bought my favorite Cuban cigars, Partagas Series D #4, for my daughters wedding this summer and like clockwork, the cigars arrived on time and in great condition. I also give credit where credit is due…Lukas in Customer Service is the best!

    Thank you Cuban Lou’s!

  372. Experience:

    I learned about Cuban Lou’s a couple of months ago while we were vacationing in the Dominican Republic.A guy from Canada said he had been ordering for years and was very satisfied so when we got home I placed an order.It was processed in a couple of days and took about a week to arrive.And YES,they are real. I ‘ve since ordered again and am very pleased and will continue to order.Thanks CL’s

  373. Christopher says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I just recieved a box of HU corona JR’s with a date code of DIC 07! Is this luck or this smoke that un popular?

  374. Experience:

    Have been dealing with cubanlous as my exclusive source for fine Habana cigars for over 3 years. Absolutely flawless delivery and service of perfect sticks. Usually beats his estimated delivery time by 3-5 days. The only hiccup I ever had with a confiscated delivery was professionally addressed with a purchase credit. Never an issue after that.

    Highly recommend as your source for the finest Habanas at a fair price. Enjoy.

  375. Experience:

    For years I have been ordering from Cuban Lous, the cigars are real, always in excellent shape, fast shipping, great prices could not ask for anything more. If there is any question, a quick email to Lukas and it is answered promptly, professionally and accurately. I have been ordering Cuban Cigars for 20 years, no one is better than Cuban Lous!

  376. Experience:

    I have dealt with Cuban Lou’s for over seven years and have nothing but positive things to say about their service. The cigars are competitively priced and are always of the highest quality. Their delivery is prompt, and any questions that I have had have always been answered quickly and courteously. I highly recommend Cuban Lou’s.

  377. Experience:

    CubanLous are rock. Perfect cigars, exceptional delivery service, honest staff. Nnothing to complain, only positive feelings. You probably can’t find a better supplier.

  378. Experience:

    Just received my third order from Cuban Lou’s. Again a excellent experience. Excellent cigars, reasonable price and quick shipping. My latest order was exactly what I wanted and arrived in sealed bag. The Romeo y Julieta Churchills A/T (25) are in excellent condition and the date codes are in order. I am always on the hunt for better cigars to fill the humidor with and Cuban Lou’s makes it happen. I keep on eye out for the specials. Thanks again Cuban Lou’s.

  379. Nicolas Assouad says:


    My first experience with Cuban Lous was very pleasant. Based on prior purchases the cigars were as expected.. Surprised with fast shipping and great communication. Will pass the word around for this outstanding experience.

  380. Stewart says:


    Cuban Lou’s, my go to place. Great selection and cabinets of 50 available. Lukas is very helpful and responsive.

  381. Experience:

    Have order 5 boxes from cubanlou and have been very pleased. I did have one box that did not get delivered, Lukas was great, reshaped aND the replacement box arrived without
    issue. Thecustomer service is impeccable. Order with confidence!

  382. Anthony Gorgi says:


    Great Cigars and excellent customer service. I learned about this site through a colleague, and I am really glad they told me about them. They have a great selection and its great when you can buy a box of cigars for cigars that you know and love, but good that they have the 3-5 packs for cigars that you want to try. I will definitely be a returning customer!!!

  383. Unc Dave says:


    Once I found Cuban Lou’s web-site, I threw out all of the other sites. For years I have been ordering from Cuban Lous, the cigars are real, always in excellent shape, fast shipping, great prices could not ask for anything more. I will ONLY order from Cuban Lou’s going forward, WHY order from anybody else?????????

  384. Experience:

    I ordered two boxes of cigars from Cuban Lou’s. I quickly received the typical “order processing” type e-mail, but nothing else for a week. I checked the order status on the web page and it hadn’t been updated from “in processing” to “shipped” so I used the contact link on their site to get an update. So far the transaction had been neutral at best, it picked up from there. Cuban Lou’s updated the order status within a few hours and sent me a note indicating the cigars were on their way. A few days later I received one of the boxes I ordered, but nothing more. Again I reached out to cuban Lou’s to get an update and they responded quickly to let me know the second box had shipped from a different warehouse and should arrive in a few days and to let them know when it arrived. While the shipping was a little slow and the site not updating very quickly the customer service was very good – and in the end, that’s what counts.

  385. Experience:

    Had a problem with original order not arriving. Order was resent and arrived in perfect condition. Quick response to resolve problem. I have ordered from them many times in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

  386. Experience:

    Ive been ordering form for a couple of years now. Happy to say that I have had a great experience each time. Always fresh and pretty fast. Also, customer service answers all my questions straight away. I would recommend these guys to any cigar lover looking for quality, pricing and most importantly, consistency! Keep it up guys! Thank you!

  387. Jeff Hauser says:


    I have been a return customer of Cuban Lou’s for YEARS. They are fast. Courteous. EXCELLENT cigars. and I have NEVER had anything but great experiences whenever I purchase through them. Would and HAVE recommend them to friends and family. THUMBS UP.

  388. Brandon says:


    The only place I will purchase cigars online is at Cubanlous. The site is easy to navigate. The staff is responsive and friendly. The cigars are QUALITY. The selection is endless. The shipping is fast. I have used them over the years and have never had any sort of fluctuation with my experience. It has always been top notch, in every facet one would expect.

  389. Brandon says:


    Just received my 3rd or 4th order from Cuban Lou’s and things arrived quickly as always. Just what I was looking for and all were vacuum sealed and carefully packaged. I’ll be putting another order together soon.

  390. Experience:

    First time to share experience but have been ordering from Cuban Lou’s years off/on. I’ve stocked and cigars arrival quality has been good. With Cuban cigars it generally takes time to know what you really have but that’s to do with manufacturer not vendor.

  391. Don Kanis says:


    These guys are wonderful. Great products, great price and fast shipping. Been buying from them for years and never let down.

  392. Scott Raybin says:


    I have been buying cigars from Cuban Lou’s for over 6 years now. Every time the cigars have been exactly what I ordered and with free shipping it has become the only place that I will buy authentic Cuban cigars.

  393. Experience:

    I have ordered 2 Boxes. Placed order within 2 days were shipped. Cigars came in a seal bag. Cigars box had original labels , cigars were nice and fresh. As soon as I got them I opened and some one. Fantastic taste, smell. I would recommend. Response to email.

  394. Experience:

    Just ordered my first boxes of Cubans — and blown away by Cuban Lou’s extraordinary service: fast and smooth, with thoughtful followup. Boxes were all properly sealed, etc. — best of all, delivering very fresh Monty’s that are simply delicious. I am their new best friend!

  395. Experience:

    I don’t order Cuban’s often because I feel much of the cigar industry has nearly caught up in terms of quality. However Cuban Lou’s is by far the best site yet. Ease of ordering, quick delivery, and reasonable pricing all add up to the best experience.

  396. Experience:

    Excellent prompt service at a great price!
    I had a shipment that never arrived. When I notified them, they didn’t flinch at resending the order.
    This is the only place I use for my Cuban cigars

  397. Experience:

    This was the first time I have ordered and it was truly a great experience. Received my order in great condition and fast. I will definitely be a returning customer.

  398. Experience:

    I have been purchasing cigars from Cuban Lou’s for a couple years now and have always had a very positive experience. Excellent service and a great selection of Cuban cigars. Fast delivery 7-10 day average. I highly recommend Lukas and the staff.

  399. Experience:

    These guys delivery exactly what you ordered on a very timely basis. Never use anyone else.

  400. Experience:

    Just received my first order from Cuban Lou’s a 10 count box of Romeo y Julieta short churchills . The cigars arrived in perfect shape and very well packaged. Lukas answered every email extremely fast.
    Thumbs up to Cuban Lou’s and to future orders!!!!

  401. Gerald M says:


    Great selection, delivery and customer service! I love that my box came vacuum sealed! Will definitely do business with Cuban Lou’s again and I highly recommend!

  402. Experience:

    Have been ordering from Cuban Lou’s for years. Never one problem, and cigars get to me exceptionally fast.

  403. Experience:

    Great great service. Confirmed to be authentic cuban Cigars. I have bought about ten boxes from them and they have all shipped quick, vacuum packed and undamaged.

    Additionally, one box didnt arrive on time. After about 1.5 weeks they determined it was lost in the mail and not only sent another box for no additional charge, they upgraded me to a new favorite. I will spend 100% of my cuban cigar money on Cubanlou’s and you should too.

    I have also authenticated the cigars with local cigar shops and they confirmed authenticity and their solid reputation

  404. Experience:

    Competitive pricing, extremely fast service! I had a couple of questions in which the merchant replied back almost immediately, very impressed! Cigars arrived in excellent condition, great packaging, my new go to place for all my cuban cigars.

  405. Udtcharlie says:


    Just received my very first order from Cuban Lou’s and will be using them exclusively in the future. Much easier than other sites. The R&J churchhills arrived a week after the order was placed. A beautiful box of cigars. I’m very pleased

  406. Experience: Neutral

    I ordered two boxes– first time I ordered from this site. One box Hoya petite arrived good shape intact and cigars seem good quality. Second box of Juan Lopez arrived in box that was obviously recycled. Stamp torn, all sealing tabs were cut. Cigars appear to be authentic– but they smoke very, very harsh. Highly suspect. Very questionable if I’ll order from this site in future

  407. Wendell weaver says:


    The Service was first class. And the prices are the best, I travel the world and I haven’t found product or prices that compare to Cuban Lou’s. Cuban Lou’s sets the standard for others to follow.

  408. Experience:

    Cuban Lou is the real deal. You order your cigars Cuban Lou does the work. Regardless of what happens from shipping to delivery. Cuban Lou stands behind its product.

  409. Wendell weaver says:


    Cuban Lou’s beats all the competition with competitive prices and first-class service. The standard has been set !

  410. Experience:

    1st order from this site. Great prices and service. Fast delivery to North America. Cigars arrived in perfect condition and I had great follow-up emails. Will definitely be ordering again from them.

  411. Alexandre de Paris says:


    Cubanlous is a very good provider that I use since many years.
    I really recommend this site very good and serious supplier

  412. Experience:

    ordered cigars, after waiting 3 weeks with no delivery contact Lou’s via email, response was “Your cigars are still in transit; however the delivery is taking longer than usual. We would like to send you a duplicate of your order so you don’t have to wait any longer and start enjoying the smokes” after several emails I decide to cancel order, issue is CubanLou’s never contacted me concerning shipment knowing there was an issue, still waiting for refund

  413. James Karastamatis says:


    Always a pleasure dealing with Cuban Lou’s.

    Prompt shipping.
    Amazing selection.
    The absolute best prices.

    And, honestly the best customer service, always quick to respond to inquires, very attentive to the customer experience, which is a little rare in the online world.

  414. Experience:

    Such a treat to not only enjoy excellent cigars but to deal with a company that provides excellent service. I have recommended this site to all my cigar loving friends.

  415. Experience:

    Cuban Lou’s has been a quality, reliable provider of Cuban cigars for me, over several years. Furthermore, I had one shipment confiscated by Immigration and my money was promptly refunded.

  416. Experience: Neutral

    I have ordered from Cuban Lous a few times and have always been happy with the quality of the product and the service. I placed my last order and after a few weeks the product had not been delivered. I contacted customer service and they shipped me another delivery which I received right away. I am in the service business and always appreciate when I receive high quality service. I will continue to buy products from them on a regular basis.

  417. Justin Veloz says:


    I live in California and got 2 boxes in less than a week. Smoked straight out the box and the smokes were perfect!!! Cuban Lous delivers again!!!

  418. Bob Farah says:


    I’ve used Cuban Lou’s for over 5 years,great selection,good prices deleviry usually within 10 days of confirmation of your order.Highly recommended.

  419. Experience:

    Absolutely fantastic. Beside the fact the selection of cigars is as good as it gets, the service & follow through is top notch. There is no reason to buy from another vendor

  420. louis Iovino says:


    I have been ordering from Lou’s for several years and they always arrive in a timely manor and always very fresh.
    5 star service

  421. Experience:

    I have been purchasing cigars from Cuban Lou’s for several years and have always been impressed with the quality of the cigars and service from their company. Cigars are delivered timely and properly packaged. I feel comfortable recommending Cuban Lou’s to my friends.

  422. Michael P. says:


    I was a little skeptical of ordering Habanos online especially since these prices are so much lower then I was paying in Canada. I was pleasantly surprised when my genuine Habanos arrived in about 10 days and they were in beautiful condition. The original box was inside of a discrete plain envelope with a gel humidity pack to keep them fresh. The box inside has the Habano, S.A. warranty seal that can be checked vs the website:
    Thanks CubanLou’s, you have a new loyal customer.

  423. Experience:

    Just got back into the Cuban game and returned to my only Cuban supplier, CubanLou’s. Super fast service and great communication. Highly recommended and trust me you won’t disappointed. Keep up the great job guys! Thanks Chris G.

  424. Experience:

    I wanted to provide an update to my comment posted August 8, 2015 @01:49. Shortly after the arrival of my order I received an email asking for comment on my experience. I provided comment and my sense that one box of my cigars seemed to smoke harsh. Lukas responded almost immediately to my comments and was very eager to work with me to ensure that I was satisfied customer. He offered to exchange the box for a cigar of equal or slightly higher value to ensure my satisfaction. Ultimately I decided to age the box that I ordered in my humidor to see if that allowed the cigars to mellow a little bit. I smoked one two nights ago and can tell that even a couple of weeks has made a difference. Lukas willingness to exchange these cigars speaks volumes to his dedication to customer satisfaction. I am now convinced that these cigars need time in a humidor (this is my opinion- Lukas did not give me this explanation). I foresee ordering from Lou Cigars in the future– I have asked Lukas for recommendation and he in turn provided solid suggestion. I look forward to working with Lukas in future and procuring more cigars for my smoking pleasure.

  425. Experience:

    Another great box: H Upmann Sir Winston’s. Perfect condition shipped with a mini Boveda pack. Arrived in 6 days.

  426. Experience: Neutral

    Excellent quality cigars. Delivery is prompt and cigars are packed and sealed well. I’d say best prices on the net!

  427. Experience:

    I have been ordering from Cuban Lou’s for about a year now once they merged with Absolute Cuban Cigars. Prices are the best around and the customer service is superb! I recently had an order lost in shipment and Lukas shipped a replacement order immediately! With the exception of the one order all have arrived in a week. Highly recommended!

  428. Experience:

    Incredible experience. Great site, immediate notification of shipping and tracking. When the box arrived, perfectly shrink wrapped and when opened, contents still at perfect humidification. They literally provide a perfect service and with great pricing. You can’t do better. Cuban Lou’s is the only place to go if you want 100% quality and service. I give it my highest rating as a consumer.

  429. Experience:

    Had ordered 3 boxes one box made it but the second shipment of 2 boxes didn’t. I contacted Lukes and he
    sent a another shipment for replacement after waiting 2 weeks nothing again. I emailed Lukes again about the order
    and he said it looked like they got taken at customs. He offer to resend them again with a different address but not having another address I just asked for a refund and after two weeks it showed up on my credit card statement. This is positive review because they responded and made good on the guaranty. I will try them again when I get another mailing address.


  430. Experience:

    Can’t say enough about their great service for overseas shipments – will use them for all my cuban cigar needs

  431. Experience:

    As usual, placed a recent order and both boxes arrived in a timely manner and in perfect condition! Thanks Cuban Lou’s for great customer service, competitive pricing and outstanding product selection.

  432. Experience:

    This is second time I have ordered from this website. I ordered two boxes- they arrived vacuumed packed, fresh and intact. It took less than ten days from time ordered to delivery to my door…amazing. The site is very user friendly, easy and straight forward. This is my source for fine cigars

  433. Experience:

    I have said this before on this site, Cuban Lou’s consistently comes through with on-time delivery of a great product. This shipment included a few extra smokes from Lukas because I messed up the discount when ordering. It is that type of customer service that keeps me coming back!

  434. Steve Camadeco says:


    This is my second transaction with Lukas. Excellent service, great pricing and quick shipping. Order arrived witrhin 5 business days of payment remittance. What else can one ask for? Highly recommended

  435. Experience:

    Cuban Lou’s has good pricing, fast service and excellent customer service.

    A welcome bonus; – many of the boxes received from Cuban Lou’s have some age.

    Having bought Habanos online for about 15 years now, I would recommend Cuban Lou’s without reservation.

  436. Experience:

    I’ve ordered many times from Cuban Lous over the last several years. Nothing but positive experiences. Product has always been well protected and sealed. Delivery has been timely.

    I did have a shipment go missing early last Summer. Communication with Lukas went well and my box was replaced quickly at no charge. I recommend this retailer to friends often.

  437. Experience:

    I’ve used CL’s since about 2009. The cigars are authentic, at least the ones I ordered (Cuaba, Hoyo, Partagas, Quintero, HUpmann, Montecristo). I compare them to cigars I’ve bought in duty free zones around the world (I used to travel a lot for my job). I don’t know where they get the cigars because they are not a Habanos S.A. dealer, but they come from Switzerland. I had one incident with CL’s where my two boxes did not come in December of 2013 (warning: if you are in US, expect Customs and the Postal Service to be on high alert for incoming cigar packages, and yes they will grab them). Mine must’ve been seized because they never showed. CL’s made it right and shipped two more boxes, no charge to me. THAT is customer service. Note: if you do order at the holidays, expect delays. Normally, CL’s is fast. I am in New Mexico, takes about 10 days unless it is December.

  438. Experience:

    I’ve ordered from Cuban Lou’s 4 times this year and have been very satisfied with the timely shipping, quality of product and of course their prices are very competitive. One of my orders was lost in transit and they promptly replaced it with expedited shipping. I’ve recommended them to a few friends and I’ve only heard positive feedback.

  439. Mike Finnigan says:


    I’ve been buying from Cuban Lou’s for a few years. Authentic sticks, fair pricing, good service. I would recommend them to anyone.

  440. Experience:

    Great service, great communication, great commitment, and great cigars, highly recommended!

  441. Experience:

    Fantastic service. Quick, reliable, and great follow-up. The service is only surpassed by the quality of the cigars. Huge selection of top-notch cigars and all have arrived in perfect shape. I highly recommend Cuban Lou’s.

  442. Experience:

    Great place for the cigar lover. I’ve used them for years. Always quick responses, and most important, the genuine goods. If there ever is an issue, I’ve found Lukas more than accommodating in resolving the issue. Use with confidence

  443. Experience:

    Been ordering from this site for almost 10 years. Great response, quality product, reliable shipping. Smokes have always arrived vacuum sealed and in good condition. Highly recommend!

  444. Experience:

    I have to say, I have ordered from Cuban Lou’s several times (at least 10 times), and every time I receive my cigars on a timely basis, and the cigars are in exceptional shape. It is a true joy to deal with a company that delivers what they promise!!

  445. Doug Buchanan says:


    I have been buying my cigars from Cubanlous for many years. Their service and prices are the best I have found. Kevin,Lukas,and the rest of the crew have treated me great. I would recommend that you spend your cigar money with these folks.

  446. David Wren says:


    Excellent service, even better product! I got my real Cuban cigars very quickly (considering I am in the U.S. and being shipped from Switzerland). What’s even better is that a person from the company personally emailed me at about the 8 day mark (shipping is estimated at 10 days) to ask if I had them yet. Yes, a real person. Not a computer automated email. The cigars actually showed up that day. I highly recommend using Cuban Lou’s to any cigar lover.

  447. Experience:

    Cuban Lou’s rocks , always sending the best cigars in perfect shape. I order monthly and have never been disappointed and the price is the best out there, I’m a customer for life
    Thanks Cuban Lou’s

  448. Tim van de Leur says:


    First order went excellent, delivered quickly and in great sealed condition. Have been to Cuba many times and these prices are great. Will continue to keep humidor in perfect, ready position.

  449. Gary Kerstetter says:


    been ordering on line for about 10 years. Recently switched to Cuban Lou’s after my original source could no longer process payments via credit card. This was my second order from them. Service was excellent, got what I ordered withing a week, no problems. Happy to recommend them.

  450. Experience: Neutral

    I ordered a week ago and they don’t responds to emails. They claimed that order has been shipped but they don’t provide tracking number.

  451. Experience: Neutral

    Cigars just came in. Authentic and the box was verified via Habanos. Overall good quality with some cigars having color discoloration (water spots) and one has a loose wrapper. I don’t think I will order from CL again because of their customer service.