Montecristo Open – another marketing trick?

Montecristo Open

Update: here are our review of the Montecristo Open Regata and the Montecristo Open Master.

Montecristo Open is the big release of 2009, if we don't take into account Regional and Limited Editions. The idea behind the new line is to offer a blend that would seduce new, young smokers who don't have the time/skill to enjoy a classic Cuban double corona. Can we talk about a Montecristo 'Light'? Four vitolas are available - Master (classic robusto), Junior (petit panatela), Regata (petit torpedo - 46 x 135 mm) and Eagle (grand robusto). Although Habanos claims that the new line is more powerful than the classic one (the name clearly suggests otherwise), it seems like they are rather medium-bodied. The new blend already received decent grades from the cigar press like Cigar Aficionado. I will try to get some Regatas (this size looks particularly interesting) for review.

Have you tried the new Montecristo Open? What is your opinion?

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3 Comments on “Montecristo Open – another marketing trick?”

  1. Soundwave says:

    The marketing is annoying like the band. Otherwise – the one I had (eagle) was quite good & I’ll enjoy smoking it again.

  2. This cigar looks like it should come free with a bottle of cologne….yet Habanos discontinues classics every year

  3. I recently tried the Eagle and Master from the Montecristo Open line. I must say I was very dissapointed! The taste is transparent, non-complex and kind of lacks substance in the heart notes, so to speak. They did not have much traditional Havanna taste and I can’t see any great aging potential. They reminded me of lower quality tobacco, like in Guantanemera.

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