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Cuban Cigars Best
Sells : Cuban Cigars
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Description (from the website) : We deliver the cigars with a mesmerizing aroma that compels you to stick to the Cuban cigars. In the year 2012, the company born.

One Comment on “Cuban Cigars Best”

  1. Experience:

    Fellow Cigar Aficionados, STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHOP.

    I am a big fan of the Trinidad Robusto T. I have half a dozen boxes stored in my humidor at home and is constantly looking for more. Since it stop production several years ago, they are becoming harder and harder to find.

    I knew this site looked dicey, but I thought I will order a box and see if I get lucky. At US$239.0 for a box of 12 ….yea…it sounded almost too good to be true.

    I got the box and I have to say its a pretty darn good fake. The box, and the Habanos notices inside all look authentic. Even the bands were pretty high quality fakes. What gave it away was the official cuban government “dollar bill” seal on the side and the cigar construction. Just by looking at the flimsy pigtails and the wrapper, I knew I’ve been had. Cut open one of the sticks to check and lit another to be sure. Yup, I definitely been had.

    Funny thing is, they actually wrote me an email and asked how the order was. I wrote back and told them the cigars are fakes and I intend to challenge the billing. They wrote me back with a boilerplate BS about the quality of their cigars and their return policy. Another funny thing, they never charged my credit card for the original purchase after the email exchange. No further emails from them or any explanation regarding my allegations.

    Long story short, please stay away from these guys!

    I have always used LCDH Knokke, Cigarone and Ravi at COH. After the incident, I asked Frederic at LCDH Knokke to scout out boxes of the Robusto Ts for me, he managed to get me 10 boxes at reasonable price…should have went to my trusty vendors in the first place.

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