Cuban Cigars 2 U

Cuban Cigars 2 U
Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Switzerland
Online Since : 1996
Rating : 39 ( : 41, : 2)
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Description (taken from the website) : We have been in the Cuban Cigar business in Europe since 1996, and in the industry for over 30 years.

43 Comments on “Cuban Cigars 2 U”

  1. Experience:

    I made my first order 1 box of montecristo 2 on Sept 26 and package shipped out on Sept 27. 2 weeks ago, I received my cigar, everything looks fine, sealed box and the taste is good.

    Will place an order again.

    One more thing, their customer service is excellent, fast respond to my enquiry.

  2. Experience:

    I never was disappointed at any time and your company and staff are by far the best. Your products are always here on time and absolutely always fresh I thank you for the great work.

  3. Experience:

    I have used this vendor with complete success. Communication, shipping, quality of product, all excellent.

  4. Experience:

    My experience over about a dozen purchases has been fine. I get what I buy and it’s shipped in a few days. Products are excellent.

  5. Experience:

    Since using CC2U I do not purchase cigars anywhere esle. The service is great, any questions are immediately adressed and delivery is ponctual. So far ive been using them for two years and have not received any order that was not to my licking.

  6. Experience:

    Everything is great. One fantastic plus is all the information the site has. It is an encyclopedia for cigar lovers. Oh, the cigars are always right on.

  7. Experience:

    i missed a weekly special and sent an email. within one day i received a phone call and was able to make my purchase on the phone. what a great company!!

  8. Experience:

    Great service and pricing. Cigars always arrive on a timely basis in great condition. I highly recommend cubancigars2u.

  9. Experience:

    I’d like to take a minute to tell you about the wonderful experiences that I’ve had with These are people you can’t help but like (love). Not only do they have a vast selection of fresh high-quality Cuban cigars, but they also work with you as if you are part of their family. You should never fear about losing in order in the mail course before you know it a replacement order a wind up at your door. I’ve been dealing with them for many many many years and this is only happened to me once. These wonderful people meter right in under 10 days. Which I have found to be extremely unusual in the business for something to happen that quickly.

    Now let’s talk cigars, they have from the extremely high-end, which just make your mouth water with joy and you know, say with excitement when they are smoked. But even there, and economy cigars have all the terrific flavor, and the fact that you would expect from a high-end cigar. In closing, I just like to thank you for reading my review.

  10. Experience:

    I have been doing business with CC2U for years. The ordering process could not be easier. Their merchandise is always top quality and as advertised. They keep you updated on the status of your order from order date to delivery. I highly recommend CC2U for anyone wanting top quality cigars at very good prices

  11. Experience:

    The cigars I received are dark and taste great.[Montecristo Grand Edmundo E.L. 2010] I received them in 6 days from when shipped. I have since purchased again.

  12. William Leon says:


    Just received my 4th purchase and as always fast delivery, great cigars and good prices. Montecristo #2, Upman, Cohiba and Bolivars so far. no reason to buy any where else. Very satisfied.

  13. Samuelsohn says:


    For years I have experienced superb customer care, great prices, top quality cigars and fast delivery guaranteed.

  14. D. Shipper says:


    These guys are the real deal! Our cigar club has been buying from CC2U for over 5 yrs- genuine product- prompt delivery- excellent condition every time. We bought their Behikes- just fantastic!
    D. Shipper

  15. Experience:

    Superb quality cigars- outstanding customer care- guaranteed delivery- what more could you ask for. Lifetime customer.

  16. Experience:

    Having ordered from CC2U and some others for many years I could sincerely say they are the best overall. Top customer care and communication- top quality and prices and timely delivery with tracking! WHK

  17. Experience:

    Great source of the best mass produced cigars. Speedy delivery with no hassle. Recommend this compay highly.

  18. Experience:

    Customer service was very responsive to my concerns. I would like to report that I am satisfied with the product I have and given the productive dialog between CC2U and myself ,I would have no hesitation placing another order. Thank you for your patience and willingness to go the extra mile in addressing my concerns CC2U!

  19. stever lenheime says:


    15 years of ordering from them and no problem. Customs caught one box but they replaced it within a week. E-mail is excellent in response so I’m happy. Do get let down when they are sold out of my favorite, MC 2.

  20. Experience:

    Good website. Good customer service and love the product. I get my cigars in a timely manner. I highly recommend this company and product

  21. Hoyo de Monte says:


    I found a brand I could not find anywhere else, price was ok,
    Quality and service were very nice, I will continue ordering from them and would recommend this website to anybody.

  22. tonybe123 says:


    Wow, CC2U never fails to provide a spectacular product and spectacular shipping! I just received my Punch Double Coronas on Thursday the 7th from the Post Office. CC2U uses excellent and secure packaging standards for all of their shipments, and I always love how the package looks like it was a gift from my sister in Hong Kong. Keep up the high standards and keep provide great products. I am a Life Time customer of CC2U! Thanks for all you do there.

  23. Experience:

    First order was 13 different singles. The best packing out of any other company I purchased from. Arrived in perfect shape in a timely manor. I will let them set for a couple weeks before trying them. I will order again soon. Cheers!

  24. Experience:

    I had ordered 15 sticks for the first time back in August and I had received the cigars in excellent condition. Shipping was very timely got them in a week. The packaging was incredible. You can tell they really care about making sure you receive the items safe and sound. I just ordered another 15 cigars and what I like is the fact that they give you the opportunity to purchase individual sticks to try different brands without forcing you to purchase full boxes. Will order from cc2u again.
    So far pleased. Thanks cc2u

  25. Experience:

    I ordered a box of Partagas Series E No. 2, and they arrived about one week after I placed the order. The box was as advertised: Complete with customs seal, unopened and in perfect condition. Oh, and of course, they are 100% authentic. I just placed my 2nd order with CubanCigars2U, and I’ve recommended them to several friends. You’re in good hands with these guys!!

  26. Experience:

    I ordered a box with them and was very pleased. Their shipping was fast and their communication was great. I will definately be ordering from them again!

  27. Experience:

    I have now placed three orders with CubanCigars2U, and I cannot adequately express how pleased I am. The people there obviously care about their customers. Any questions are promptly addressed; and believe it or not, each of my orders arrived in one week’s time!! I love these guys and will be ordering more sticks for a long time to come…

  28. Experience:

    Ordered a box of Montecristo Petit Edmundo from CubanCigars2U and very pleased with their services. Definitely will order from them again in the future.

  29. Experience:

    I have now placed more orders than I can remember with CubanCigars2U, and have bought many boxes in the process. I arrived at the site by the recommendation of friend who buys exclusively from them in quantities that defy reason. Between the two of us, we have combed every corner of each box, looking at box codes, holograms, and the minutia of every packaging detail. For at least one out of every cigar per box, I have even dissected the remaining nub post smoke, and i can say, having done all of this, that these are unequivocally 100% authentic, which is a tremendously reassuring fact in this crazy market of counterfeits. The cigars arrive packed precisely as described and in perfect condition. They have also worked with me to obtain boxes that they didn’t have in stock, and have done so with lightning fast turn around. I possess absolutely no qualms about placing my next order (which will be both soon, and one of many more to come). I highly recommend this site. Product is great, prices are great, service is great, plus they let you throw on individuals to try before you commit to a box.

  30. Experience:

    I just received my order in the mail. Thank you very much for the care in packaging and for the expedient shipping of my order.
    I can now enjoy my Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Holiday with style and the flavor of Cuba.

    Grazie mille,
    E Ringraziamento Felice, Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo. a tu e’ tuo famiglia!



  31. Experience:

    I just received my first order from cc2u and man am I ever impressed. The main reason why I picked them is because they give us the opportunity to order singles. I ordered 15 cigars who arrived in a very timely fashion with a very comprehensive packaging for Canadian customers. I paid the order with Western Union which I find being a great option that others don’t offer. Considering the amount of NC’s I ordered from the US, I can assure anyone that ordering from cc2u was a much hess hassle free experience. I’ll definitely order again

  32. Experience:

    Excellent product, great communication, incredible packaging and discreet delivery! A winner!

  33. Experience:

    Placed my first order with cigars2u and received cigars one week after dispatch. The cigars arrived securely packaged and in excellent condition. I look forward to trying one of the cigars soon and will definitely be ordering from them again.

  34. Experience:

    Just got my order the other day. Took a while to get my order but I ordered them during the holidays so I’m not surprised. Their prices are awesome and their selection is unmatched. Their customer service was awesome and were very responsive. I’ll definitely order from these guys again.

  35. Experience:

    saw this cuban store on your web site, thought I would give it a try. Most impressed by quick communication and responsiveness of team! Great products, delivered to your home with original packaging, no separate bands, no “transportation issues”. Despite being delivered over xmas/new years, got them within 14 days!!
    Would highly recommend this store for your cubans!!!

  36. George Eades says:


    No problem on first “test “order. Arrived quickly, very well packed and without damage. Put in second order straight away. Significant saving on prices on locally bought cigars.

  37. Experience:

    bought a box of punch double coronas, taste like dominican….
    these folks and both sell fakes.

    i know because i bought a box of HDM Dc’s from finest, and punch DC’s from cubancigars2u, and lol surprise, they both taste the freaking same.. and smell exactly the same.

    bought a box from another vendor, and wow, pics of the box, looked completely different.

  38. Experience:

    I ordered a box of Cohiba Robusto on July 9, 2015. On July 14 I was informed that there was a malfunction in their system and they needed the last four digits of my credit card. I provided this information the same day. After sending five messages regarding this order I have not received a response to any of my messages. They should have had the courtesy of responding. I took my business elsewhere and would not try to order from them again. Very unreliable!

  39. Experience:

    A little ago, I placed my first order with CC2U – 2 sticks of each of 8 various brands. Delivery time was very much similar to any other merchant – so, no complaints here. The packaging was good, cigars arrived in excellent condition. Cannot say anything yet about authenticity but on their face the cigars look very much as genuine Cuban cigars. I will share my view on the quality as I will be smoking them.

  40. Experience:

    Ordered from them five times over the past year. I like being able to track my order from Geneva to my doorstep. Expect about 2 1/2-3 weeks for delivery to the east coast. They do have a little problem with keeping some smokes in stock on a regular basis.

  41. Experience:

    CC2U is the best source of real Cuban cigars. The cigars are fresh, well packaged and “the real deal”. Mickey knows his business and delivers it right to the customer. Highly recommend them to all.

  42. Experience:

    I can’t believe how fresh the cigars are when they show up 2 weeks after the order date ready to smoke. I have ordered 3 times now and it’s been all good, packaged perfect. I will most definitely order from them again. Very happy with their service!!

  43. Experience:

    Awesome cigars, super fast shipping. I have used Cuban Cigars 2 U many times and love them. Thank you!

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