Cuba Libre Epicure

Cuba Libre Epicure

Origin : Honduras
Format : Toro
Size : 6.0″ x 50
Wrapper : Corojo
Filler : Honduras
Binder : Honduras
Price : $4 each
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The Cuba Libre is blended by Nestor Plasencia. I am not very familiar with his blends. I am not sure but this might be my first experience with one of his cigars. I had a hard time finding any details on this cigar and its blend. What I was able to find was inconsistent and vague. I was able to discern that this is a Honduran made cigar and it may be a Honduran Puro, but like I said I couldn’t find much detail on the blend so I am not sure of that.

The Epicure has a severe box press. The wrapper is leathery and rough looking and has a rumpled look near the head. I can see a couple small stems in the filler at the head and foot. The draw is good and a little on the loose side. It produces lots of thick white smoke and has a basic tobacco aroma, nondescript. The best I can describe it is that it smells like a cigar. I know, that sounds kind of silly but it’s accurate. The flavors are a bit plain as well. It has a basic core of leather and earth complimented by a toasty tobacco. It was all a bit muddled and one dimensional. It has decent strength and body. The finish is OK but can be a bit bitter at times, and the burn is a bit problematic going askew several times. At about $4 a stick it is a decent value smoke. The flavors are pleasant enough and with an attractive price point I would say this is a good cigar for out on the golf course or when working in the yard.

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  1. I just tried one of these for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised. I found the Cuba Libre to quite flavorful at a bargain price.

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