Cheap Smoke: Cu-Avana Maduro

Cu-Avana Maduro

Origin : Dominican Republic
Format : Robusto
Size : 5 x 50
Price : ~$2.00
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This is a guest review from Matthew who just started a cigar blog called Smoking & Talking. It's definitely worth checking out!

Cu-Avana is Manuel Quesada’s ugly duckling; coming from the man responsible for such brands as Romeo y Julieta and Casa Blanca, the $2 a stick Cu-Avana just might be the best valued and most under-rated cigar on the market. I’ve had several of the Natural and the Maduro and these sticks are consistently smooth with zero burn issues and solid construction. The construction on this maduro was close to many $5+ cigars and the draw was exceptional. This is not a cheap version or an alternative of anything—genuine quality in my opinion. The lacking component is complexity and flavor variety. Though the maduro stayed smooth and sweet throughout, there were no real flavor that jumped out at you. Though a bit of spice was detected in the pre-light draw it did not appear in the smoking. Perhaps one of the mildest smokes you’ll ever have, the Maduro would perfectly accompany your morning coffee or tea.

Thumbs Up!

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5 Comments on “Cheap Smoke: Cu-Avana Maduro”

  1. Thanks for the post!

  2. Liked your post and if the flavor is not there then what’s left ?

  3. Glad to see this post: I had been avoiding Cu-Avana simply for its perceived, um… “trying to hard”-ness. Now maybe I’ll give it a try!

  4. Good review. Got a 5-pack of these recently and just smoked my first the other day on a brief hike. PERFECT for such an occasion. Mild and consistent with just enough flavor to complement a relaxed activity–I agree that it would be great with morning coffee or maybe an evening walk.

  5. John Werner says:

    The thing here is value and mildness. Not a particularly interesting stick, the Cu-Avana Maduro, is almost always under $3.50 a stick no matter the profile thus represents a bundle price even though they come in boxes. If it errs in any way it would be in the fact it is very light in body to the point of being somewhat bland.

    The Cu-Avana maduro is a somewhat rough looking very dark brown maduro wrapped cigar. Though a bit rustic it seems to be impeccably constructed exhibiting a slightly firm density and excellent even burn characteristics. The ash is a mottled light grey and holds well. The pre-light smell is fairly innocuous and the lightweight flavor is telegraphed by this. I would not be ashamed to offer this stick to a neophyte, but would not do so to a more seasoned smoker. It is light to the point that many of us would prefer something with more flavor, even as a morning cigar. I would not seek this stick out myself, but I think it is so extremely mild that if that is what one seeks it may fit the bill. There are no rough edges like so many “bargain” smokes end up delivering and, as such, it is more refined.

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