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Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : FL, USA
Online Since : 2003
Rating : 17 ( : 18, : 1)
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Description : Corona Cigar Company, based in Florida, offers non-Cuban cigars and accessories from their website. They also actively support The Cigar Rights of America organization.

24 Comments on “Corona Cigar Company”

  1. The General says:


    Whenever I travel I always search out local cigar stores. I happened to find myself in Orlando and was told I had to see Corona Cigar Co. I was directed to the Downtown store (they have 3 in the Orlando area I’m told) and when I entered the store the first word out of my mouth was “Wow.” It is the biggest cigar store I have ever been in. The selection is amazing. It’s like a Cigar Supermarket.

    The staff was really friendly and knowledgable, they gave me some great suggestions for new stuff to try. I had an excellent cigar conversation with one of the staff, it was like talking cigars with a friend, not a salesman, and I really appreciate that.

    Corona also has a large bar area. I settled in with a cigar and the friendly and very attractive bar tender made me an excellent mojito. It was a tremendous evening.

    Corona gets top marks in my book. One of my best cigar experiences to date.

  2. Experience:

    I have been to cigar stores all over the world but none can compare to Corona Cigar.

    Their Sand Lake Road store in Dr. Phillips has boxes of cigars stacked floor to ceiling! It is about the size of a small supermarket.

    Their selection is incredible with all the hard to get stuff from Padron, Fuente and Ashton. They had every cigar you could think of plus a bunch of exclusive stuff made for them. (Try the Boris 11)

    I also ran into Avo at Corona Cigar. He was sitting outside smoking a cigar. How cool! He told me that the Corona Cigar store in Heathrow has an Avo Lounge with his piano inside.

    I went to their downtown store a few times. Same amount of cigars but they have a full liquor bar there. Their whiskey list was insane with single malt Scotches and pre-embargo Cuban rum. They had a killer selection of pre-embargo cigars as well.

    Whenever I am in Orlando, this is THE place to go.

  3. phoenixfrost_13 says:


    This is the largest cigar store I have ever seen, and with the biggest selection by far!! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It is a great place to just walk around trying knew things and enjoying old favorites!! If you are a cigar fan and you have not been there yet, I suggest you start making vacation plans!!

  4. Experience:

    Wow! Corona Cigar Co should change their name to Cigar Heaven. Aisles and aisles of cigars and a port & wine list that was out of this world. The Boris chocolate port I had went beautifully with Padron 1926 I smoked. I highly recommend stopping by next time you’re forced by family to go to Disney World.

  5. Experience:

    Whenever I am in need of a gift for that “hard-to-shop-for-man” I head straight over to Corona Cigar Co. I know that I can count on the friendly and knowledgable staff to steer me in the right direction. I am always treated with respect and patience with my limited knowledge. The Sand Lake store is beautiful and fully loaded…but the Downtown Orlando store is over the top! It has all of the WOW factor one could imagine! The store side has more selection and variety that there is no way you could leave empty handed. The bar is a visual work of art. Having more knowledge in the mojito department, I was not disappointed! The wait staff as well as the sales staff were very friendly and helpful. The downtown location has a wonderful outdoor seating area to enjoy a cigar and mojito and people watch.
    Corona Cigar Co. is a must see for all levels of cigar lovers!

  6. Cubsfan67 says:


    Was in town on business and staying on I Drive. I happened to find an ad in the Hotel guide for “Cigar Heaven” I called and found out they were close by and open till 2am. I hopped in a cab and arrived in minutes. Gentelmen, when I entered the Corona Cigar Company near I drive I can tell you I thought I was in Heaven!. This place is stocked 10 feet high!

    I was greeted and given the nickel tour. I never seen so many choices. I was guided into a special edition Graycliff. I was even more shocked when they offered to cut and light my cigar. It was a nice evening outside (rained earlier). I pulled up a chair and was waited on by the attractive bar maidens. I was already in heaven so I felt a 20yr port would make the evening complete.

    While enjoying my Graycliff I struck up some great conversations we some of the “Corona Regulars”. A Lawyer and several everyday joes were talking cigars and more.

    The Corona Cigar Company is THE PLACE to visit. They have 3 stores in Central Florida. I was told several basketball players have been visiting the Downtown location. Next time I visit Florida I will plan more time at Corona.

    Thanks Guys!

  7. whiskyman says:


    the downtown Orlando location of Corona cigar has an extremely large selection of Cigars from all Cigar producing regions. the staff is extremely helpful when you are selecting a Cigar for your needs. the staff is also very willing to walk you thru the cigar making process as well as describe each brand of cigar that they represent.

    this location also has a full service bar. they have very popular selections in all liquor catagories as well as some very rare selections:
    courvoisier L’Esprit, Glenlivet 1964, King George by J Walker Scotch and pre prohibition selections.

    the full service bar helps complete your cigar shopping experience.

  8. Experience:

    As an Orlando resident and dedicated cigar smoker I’ve found that Corona Cigar Company is head and shoulders above the rest. All three stores are very well stocked with cigars for everyone from the novice to the most discerning aficionados. The courteous and experienced Staff can find you whatever your palate desires, mild, medium or, strong. Need a torch or cutter? Check out the full line of accesories … humidors too. Their extensive line of imported beers and fine wines to include Port will help compliment that great smoke. The Downtown store has a full liquor bar serving premium single malt Scotch and other top shelf liquors. For those folks out of town, the Online Store can fill the bill for you, order day or night. Visit the website and ask for the smokes of your dreams.

  9. traveler says:


    I have been ordering from for over 10 years now. Not only is the award winning website easy to navigate it has prices that are just fantasic. As a resident of the left coast there is a significant cost savings when purchasing all of my cigars from Corona Fast, Fresh Cigars and Friendly cutomer service. If you happen to be in Orlando as I was recently for a convention and vacation DO NOT miss the opportunity to vists one or all three of the Corona Cigar Company’s super stores. All three a packed with great cigar deals and cigar loving enthusiasts. I think that I am going to fire up a Corona Gold Series now!

  10. CigarExpert says:


    These guys have it going on! I have been around the globe and there is no better cigar operation anywhere.

    I like going into cigar shops and finding rare cigars and this is my kind of shop. Every time I go in I seem to find some kind of treat. Last time I bought a box of their Avo lounge cigars. (The guy behind the register said Avo hangs out there a lot.)

    The Sand Lake rd store has a homey feeling while their downtown store is a little more upscale. I met Charles Barkley there during the NBA playoffs.

    Over all, excellent place. I have ordered cigars online from them as well and got great service. Ask for Kristy because she is fantastic.

  11. Experience: Neutral

    I’ve ordered once from their catalog, but from the above comments I’m going to have to make a special trip to Miami to go to the source!!!

  12. Experience: Neutral

    We were in Orlando for a Convention. My buddies wanted to go to the diamond crown cigar lounge downtown Orlando. I had heard how great Corona Cigar was, but caved in to go with them. The diamond crown cigar lounge was awesome. The best part is that it is actually located inside Corona Cigar. This place was paradise in a humidor. We were served a couple of glasses of Macallan 18 to go with our Diamond Crown cigars by a classy friendly cocktail server. We got to smoke inside, but the decor makes you feel like you are outside. I bought a couple of my fav boxes, which were shipped home. Great place

  13. Experience: Neutral

    Nice to see consistent, positive reviews. Thanks to Corona for providing giveaway prizes! I look forward to visiting your physical location, maybe this snow season!

  14. Experience:

    Corona Cigar company is a very professionally managed and excellent cigar source. I’ve ordered from them thru the years, and have always been very satisfied.

  15. Experience:

    Funny – reading some of the above experiences using words lke “great” and “awesome”, and yet they rate Corona Cigar as “neutral”. I bet they didn’t rate at all, and thats the default.

    As for me, I’ve ordered from Corona a handful of times, and have received cigars from them from others for my birthday and Christmas – all were fine. I’ll definitely have to keep them in mind for a visit next time I’m in FL too!

  16. Willie J Baker "Mr. Bill" says:


    Corona Cigar Company and Lounges, I visited all three’ are OFF THE HOOK. It is well worth your time to visit and shop. I Don’t ( did’nt)even smoke cigars but I came out with 3 boxes just too have them on my desk to give to my friends. The stores and personnel are just wonderful. If you go to Orlando and do not go to CORONA CIGAR CO, you have missed one of the biggest attraction in in Orlando. I repeat, its off the hook!!
    Mr. Bill

  17. Experience:

    Very excellent order and transaction experience. I ordered the exclusive “Para Japon” cigars in a convenient 5 pack. Wasn’t able to conveniently acquire this at other sites like this. Got here lickety-split. One VERY satisfied customer here! AAAA++++ seller ;)

  18. Experience:

    great bunch of guys. good selection and well kept cigars. ordered a box of don pepin, box from jul 2006. smoked one with a week of arrival and loved it, well maintained cigar indeed.

  19. Voluntaryist says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Agree with the above on the store, great selection, staff, and whiskey. I always make a stop there when I am in Orlando. The only issue with Corona I have is ordering online from them. I live within a short shipping route, Atlanta, and put an order in on a Tuesday. This should be a two day shipment so I figure I would have my cigars by Friday if they went out the next day from UPS.But the order wasn’t filled until Thursday and I won’t have them until Monday. I think six days is ridiculous for someplace so close. Granted I am having them delivered to my work so no Saturday delivery, but you would think the order would go out the next day. Well it went out right before close of business two days later. If you order from them, pay attention to the day you order. Its probably best to put the order in on a Friday so maybe it will ship by Monday.

  20. Free will says:


    I was vacationing and celebrating my wedding anniversary in Orlando. I stumbled upon the downtown store after having dinner outside of downtown and got excited like a kid seeing Mickey Mouse at Disney. I didn’t stop but noted I’d be back. Well the next night some friends of ours invited us back to the downtown area for dinner and while dinning my friend mentioned cigars and I shared about seeing the store and that was all we both needed to escape to grab a evening smoke. This place is great! Love my cigar store in Texas but it’s nothing like his Orlando store. Certainly the best cigar experience ever!

  21. Experience:

    Took advantage of their black Friday/ Cyber monday special and got a box of the new Dunhill Heritage Robusto for just $54 w/ free shipping. Ordered Monday at 1am PST, and received my order Friday around 11am.

    Service and shipping was great. My first order but probably won’t be my last. Keeping my eye on them now for future specials.

  22. duane wilkins says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Ordered 5 padron 7000’s. Shipping was fast and packed well. At least 1 of the cigars was so dry it was useless. Hoping time in the humidor will save the rest.

  23. Derrick says:


    I have to admit, I had high hopes for this company when I saw free shipping for orders over $50. I promptly order (4) Padron 1926s shipped directly to me in the Middle east thorough an APO. I order from CI all the time, and never would have thought a big company like Corona would have any problems.

    1st Problem: The order was delayed 10 days because, in their words, “It got ‘hung up’ in the system.”

    After awaiting 2 days for a reply, they admitted fault and said that they were now shipping the order, which also went up in price from $13/stick to $13.40. I didn’t bother haggling because I was already tired of waiting 10 days.

    2nd Problem: Today, 20 days since I originally placed the order, I find out that they were sent to a zip code that I never heard of – opposite from what they have in my account records. Their “customer service” girl, Kim, told me that it was my job to track down USPS & UPS and let them know that the order was lost and redirected to a phantom zip code.

    The problem is that I’m in the military, deployed in the Middle East, working 80-90 hours, six days a week. I usually order cigars from CI and I’m smoking them by week’s end. CORONA CIGAR CO. basically took my money for an order that they “claim” they sent out, then never followed up on.

    If this is how this company does business typically, I have to say that it’s one of the reasons the country is being slowly flushed down the toilet. Apathy corrodes from within.

  24. Derrick says:


    I got through to the owner and he was unaware of the situation with the post office. He immediately righted the wrong and took care of the customer.

    I understand that things will go wrong, especially when so many hands are involved (UPS, USPS, etc). What’s of great relief to me was that Corona Cigar Co. did the right thing.

    It turns out that the USPS in fact does have a policy where the receiver must initiate the claim. While this was a hard pill to swallow, Corona Cigar stepped up and fixed the error once the owner found out what was wrong.

    I retract my first review.

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