Core Zero (CZ) Indie (Review & Giveaway!)

Core Zero Indie

Origin : NicaraguaCore Zero Cigars
Format : Toro
Size : 6 x 52
Wrapper : Sumatra
Filler : Nicaraguan & Honduran
Binder : Honduran
Price : $5 each

First of all, I would like to thank Bryan Butler from Core Zero Cigars for sending me a sampler.

Bryan and Nick were involved in a local metal band called Core Zero and decided that they needed to create their own cigars. After meeting Matt Booth of Room 101 and Jonathan Drew of Drew Estates, the idea took shape and CZ Cigars was launched. You can find more information about the company on their website.

At the moment, two blends are available : Indie and Metal. Indie is the milder one, wrapped in a Sumatra leaf from Indonesia. Metal is more powerful with a Habano Maduro wrapper from Nicaragua. The one being reviewed today is the Core Zero Indie.

Thanks to Bryan, we've got a 5-pack of these to give away to one lucky reader! In order to enter the draw, read the review and leave a comment at the end of the post. That's it! We'll announce the winner in one week.
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Appearance : ★★★½☆
The colorado wrapper looks really nice, it's quite smooth to the touch and has minimal veining. The Indie looks well rolled. The only thing I don't like in this cigar is its main band; the colors as well as the skull & bones are not my cup of tea.

Core Zero Indie

Construction : ★★★★☆
As I said, the Indie looks well rolled and, indeed, there are no soft spots or other construction imperfections. All of my samples smoked really good, with a consistent ash, nice draw and regular burn. The smoke output is very good as well. The only problem is that the wrapper is quite fragile, so you need to pay special attention while cutting the cigar and/or removing the bands. It does crack easily.

Flavor : ★★★★☆ (3.75)
The pre-light draw is quite spicy and there is indeed a lot of spice when I light the cigar. It settles down quickly though and the main flavor appears that will be present throughout the cigar: wood (cedar). All tobacco used in Core Zero is pre-aged for 3 years, and it shows because mature tobacco notes are definitely there. Additional flavors include hazelnut and burnt coffee. The cigar is mild to medium and never gets out of this range. The flavors are quite consistent from start to finish, no spectacular evolution here but it doesn't get boring either.

Value : ★★★★½
A 5-pack retails for $25. Five dollars for this kind of cigar is a good value, IMO. The Core Zero Indie is a good cigar to enjoy with friends, giving away a couple.

Overall Rating : ★★★½☆
Overall, the Indie is a pleasant cigar that provides balanced flavors and quality construction without breaking the bank. I would like to thank Bryan again for sending me a sampler of these!

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79 Comments on “Core Zero (CZ) Indie (Review & Giveaway!)”

  1. I will keep my eye open for these.

  2. Sounds interesting!I’d like to try one!

  3. Indonesian tobacco? Sounds interesting.

  4. If they have em at my local B&Ms I’d pick one up fosho! I’ll keep my eyes open.

  5. Good job on the review. Like you, not much for skulls on my stick but the profile is intriguing and in my wheel house. Would love a win.

  6. Much better scores than I would have expected for a newbie company. Especially one priced so low. Great review.

  7. Sounds like a great $5 cigar.

  8. Looks and sounds like a great cigar; definitely want to try it! Just getting into cigars, it sounds like a great one to expand my knowledge. Hoping to win the giveaway!

  9. Metal band? Interesting. Are they planning on distributing or direct sales only?

  10. Gary Edward Patterson says:

    Music and cigars, has there ever really been a better companionship? I think not!

  11. Good, solid review. Sounds like a decent “first thing in the morning” smoke. I’ll look for it.

  12. sounds good would be a nice cheap stick!

  13. Dave Davidson says:

    Sounds great! Can’t wait to try! Keep up the awesome work love this website!

  14. This does sound like a cigar I’d like to try. Looking forward to it.

  15. great!! i’d like to try one of these.

  16. This looks fantastic. I have been hunting another sub $10 stick to try out for my day to day smoke so this may end up being a perfect fit! Perfect to bring out a bunch for friends to try a good stick without breaking the bank hopefully!

  17. Metal Rules.


  18. Brian Bolton says:

    Nice review…will we be able to get these up in Canada? The price is excellent…it allows you to try different cigars without the guilt of spending to much.

  19. This cigar sounds interesting and well worth a try. Personally I love the maduro wrappers. Cheers.

  20. Sounds like a decent cigar, might pair well with a single malt, low peat, scotch whiskey.

  21. Sounds like a great value stick!

  22. This might just work for me, sounds like the kind of cigar that I would like. Thanks for the contest.

  23. Would like to try

  24. If it’s got a Sumatran wrapper, I should like it!

  25. I wish these guys the best of luck. If the review is any indication, they should do well.

  26. Sounds good and right in my price range! I look forward to trying these. Thanks for the review!

  27. moombaboats12 says:

    Sounds great!

  28. Cigarsmokin13 says:

    Ive tried one of these before and they are pretty good. Looking forward to adding more to my humi.

  29. I got some of these at the Rocky Mountain Cigar Fest. Not bad sticks.

  30. Always like to try and support new Cigar makers.
    Rock ON…

  31. This new cigar review sounds very good. I hope to try some. TK’s for the contest.

  32. Justin Roach says:

    The indie sounds interesting with the Sumatra wrapper. I’d love to try it.

  33. HardlyClerkin says:

    I like the price, seems like a good cigar for the price.

  34. Smokin Chris says:

    I have not smoked an Indie cigar. Listened to several Indie Rock Bands, prefer Metal… I believe I will have to smoke a few with a nice scotch. After reading about this new Cigar, I just want to leave work, go home and smoke, drink, relax and repeat! Have a nice weekend Ladies and Gents!

  35. Hello!! I am pleased with the review, as always!! it seems the cigar is in my hands and being smoked by me…
    About the contest…well, today is friday 13th and I wish to be my lucky day
    Miguel from Portugal

  36. Thanks for the contest, Inspector – much appreciated. I’ve heard a few things about these cigars in the past few weeks and I’m eager to try them.

  37. Always looking forward to trying something new. Thanks for the review.

  38. Russell Toner says:

    Unlike a previous comment, I do like a skull on my stick.

  39. Nice looking ash on this stick. Looking forward to sampling one….

  40. harrysaalmink says:

    Interesting cigar: worth trying for me.If you don’t like the band, just take it off. It’s definitely less important than the quality of the cigar itself. And this sounds promising!

  41. Sounds like one I would like to try.

  42. Metal band making a cigar? That always sounds great. Seeing this wrapper and ash compared to all the tastes you described is mouth-watering. As a metal bass player, I have to smoke it and have it! Tell me at least where to buy it! This metal-maduro blend is a must be in a metalhead’s humidor.
    What’s more important, I’m waiting for Behemoth’s cigar – This would be epic for sure!
    The story behind the cigar is at least a 1/3 of a taste – that’s my personal opinion.

  43. Can’t wait to try these!

  44. Sounds excellent value – I envy the choice of NCs the Yanks get – and the reasonable tax rates!

  45. Michael Jones says:

    Count me in!

  46. I will wait and try one of the Metal sticks that’s more of my speed.

  47. Definetly sounds like a cigar I would like to try. I do tend to agree with you about the band but bottom line, it’s about the smoke not the band.

  48. Sounds like an interesting cigar, worth trying.

  49. Interesting. I like a good, quality smoke at a daily smoker price. Thanks!

  50. Where I smoke most of my sticks, the sunlight filters through the trees giving a perfect look to the “smoke angels” as I call them. A perfect smoke will produce those milky clouds that swirl around and dance in the sunbeams. Poetic? A bit, but who can deny the pleasure of watching your smoke as it dances around!

  51. Sounds like a pretty good smoke to me. I was hoping for a little more bang towards the end though. Thanks for the review, i enjoy trying new cigars.

  52. Has anyone tried E.p. Carrillo inch? Don’t mean to intrude on the metal gods because i really love hearing good success stories when it comes to any start up business!! Good luck guys!

  53. Interesting review Denis. Will keep my eyes open for the Metal series.

  54. Sounds good. I’ll be happy to give my opinion on that fiver! :D

  55. From métal musical to cigar creators… This must be an interesting blend for sure! Will try to get the local cigar shop to get some in stock so we can try them out. Can’t wait…

  56. Finally a cigar to match my taste in music. Would love to try these while listening to some metal. Slayer maybe.

  57. Nice review and looks like something I’ll have to try. Thanks

  58. Sounds like a good “bang for the buck”. Definitely would like to try these.

  59. I would love to try one of them!

  60. A good looking cigar indeed. Pretty awesome to take a gamble and start your own cigar line. I wish to do the same someday.

  61. Larry McCart says:

    I like the skull and bones! Pick me, I would love to try them!

  62. Sounds great!

  63. Read review subscribed I would love to win.

  64. Mountain Valley Victoria Australia says:

    In the dreams of living mid plumes of velvet blue
    Sublimely reminded
    Of Quality and Value too
    At last the perfect mate for time beneath the stars to while away the solitude and dream of moonlit bars
    A whiskey, beer or burbon or even cognac glides down into the deeps
    A CZ by my side….

  65. This sounds like my kinda cigar. I love a good mild-medium bodied smoke!

  66. Sounds like a cigar I would like to try!

  67. Free is always good.

  68. Sounds good. You refer to the wrapper as colorado. It doesn’t look colorado in the photos.

  69. Metal sounds like my style!

  70. Looks like a quality cigarat a good pprice! I’ll bite!

  71. Sounds like a stick worth trying although I think I’d be a fan of the Metal over the Indie.

  72. Sounds very interesting and something I would definitely love to try.

    Great review as always.

  73. Sounds interesting and worth a try cause of the price range..! Great review as always CI..! I wish I could get these where I stay but in time. It looks nice. Smoke on keepers of the flame.

  74. You had me at Room 101.

  75. Am I Late?

  76. Sounds like another non-cuban thats gonna need a trip over the pond to sample!

  77. Just might have to give one of these a try.

  78. Thank for review. And the contest.

  79. Sounds like a great cigar, I’ll have to try one sometime!!

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