Cubans CONTEST : Win Boxes of Partagas and H.Upmann !

Partagas Contest

We've been talking a lot about Cuban cigars lately. With the ban on Cuban cigars being lifted in the US, many aficionados might change their consumption habits.

Today we've got a special contest for you. Tobias from VIPCigars, a Cuban cigars retailer based in Switzerland, is offering the following prizes:

H. Upmann Half Corona

Sounds good? Please use the widget below to enter the contest. You'll need to answer a couple of quick questions and you're in :) And if you share the contest with your friends, you'll get extra entries!

VIP Cigars Cuban Cigars Giveaway

PS Contest open worldwide, you have to be of legal age to smoke in your country. The winners will be chosen randomly and announced in two weeks, on the 1st of December.

237 Comments on “Cubans CONTEST : Win Boxes of Partagas and H.Upmann !”

  1. Tim McCabe says:

    Thanks for the chance. Good luck everyone.

  2. You are doing fine work. Thank you for this opportunity!

  3. Interested to try more Cubans. I’ve been to Mexico a couple of times and purchased there, but mostly brands just known to tourists.

  4. lena adams says:

    great contest! the cigars are a must try! good luck to everyone!cigar inspector you are the best!

  5. Josh Mitchell says:

    very cool

  6. Ping for points

  7. My favorite cigar and I’m running low!

  8. Great contest, thanks! Upmann Half Coronas continue to impress me as one of the best Habanos offerings at a very affordable price point.

  9. Matt Uliasz says:

    Get the availability of Cubans here to the states ASAP!!!!

  10. Haven’t smoked a D4 for quite awhile. Would love a box!

  11. Zane Gamble says:

    Thank you guys!

  12. Great cigars! Good luck everyone!

  13. MMMMM cigars!

  14. Stupidscript says:

    Fantastic smokes from a great company!

  15. Thank guys!!!

  16. Edward Lewandowski says:

    I am very much looking forward to smoking more Cuban cigars. Thanks for the wonderful contest.

  17. Can’t wait to win

  18. Thanks you as always. Hope I win :)

  19. Marco Lebron says:

    Oh! Just in time for Christmas! Good luck people!

  20. Thanks for the contest!

  21. This would be a great Christmas present for me!

  22. I have not yet had a Cuban cigar. This would be a great way to start.

  23. I would love these for the holidays

  24. Unbelievable prizes. Thanks for the chance.

  25. Great contest and the prizes are awesome! I lookfwd to sharing the winnings with my friends :-)
    Stay smokey

  26. Steven Epstein says:

    awesome giveaway . dad just passed and always enjoyed fine cigars.

  27. Very much looking forward to visiting Cuba, but will happily wait until American corporations ruin it by making it clean and safe and comfortable.

  28. Thanks for putting up the contest and good luck to everyone!

  29. Cigar Inspector is a fantastic site to find out the latest news and find great deals on all types of cigars! Keep up the great work!!

  30. Thanks for the contest. Good luck!

  31. Great cigar information site and great giveaways as well!

  32. Excellent!

  33. Heather brannan says:

    Great brand! Can’t wait to sample them.

  34. Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. Would love to win, I love getting cigars in the mail….

  36. my fav. cigars,,,, please let me win!

  37. Thank guys!!!

  38. Thank you!

  39. I can taste them already!!

  40. Lance Besore says:

    Love D4

  41. Awesome Contest! Good Luck Every One!

  42. Mike Biggs says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity. Keep up the great work!

  43. That Partagas is good enough to smuggle in even if the ban hadn’t been lifted …

  44. Thank You for a great contest with great prizes!

  45. Ibrahim Marmoush says:

    Thanks for the great job guys


  47. Michael C Davis says:

    Thanks for a great contest!

  48. James Glenn says:

    Amazing prize. Thank you.

  49. Robert Ritchie says:

    Thank you for this generous sweepstakes opportunity, VIPCigars!

  50. I hope I win, lol.

  51. Wondering what most BOTLs feel about the quality of Cubans vs the Nicas and DRs that have gotten so much better each year. Was it just the “forbidden fruit” thing, or something more?

  52. I love all Cuban cigars especially Partagas and Ramons. Good luck everyone!

  53. Dope!!!

  54. Thanks for the contest! Love the idea of driving traffic deeper into your site by having to enter the postal code! I am going to use that idea for future contests.

  55. BlackSox1919 says:

    Thanks for running this contest

  56. Thanks for putting on this great competition, I hope you will do many more!

  57. Raymond L Williams Jr says:

    Win Win

  58. Nice! Thanks for the shot.

  59. good luck everyone. Thanks for the chance!

  60. John Belanger says:

    Great idea !

  61. Great contest!

  62. You guys and your awesome contests! Keep up the amazing work (on the contests and reviews)!

  63. Anthony Feschyn says:

    CCs for everyone.

  64. Good work, keep spreading the news about my favorite vice, and thanks for the chance to win some free cigars!!

  65. Jose Garcia says:

    Partagas D4 a favourite haven’t tried others would love to

  66. Entered!

  67. Bill Murry says:

    Finally, the US wakes up after a 50+yr sleep. The Series D6 is a totally awesome short smoke.

  68. Alan Crnich says:

    Hope to win…great prizes. Thanks for the opportunity!

  69. Enjoy the informative articles !

  70. Entered and ready to win!

  71. Wyatt Jones says:

    Cuban !!!

  72. Thanks for the contest, will check out this vendor!

  73. This is quite the giveaway!

  74. Great innitiative! :)

  75. steve haber says:

    perfect gift for …myself :-)

  76. I need these!

  77. Excellent format for introducing “new” products…well done

  78. Always enjoy the reviews…would love to enjoy these sticks as well!

  79. Looking forward to Cuban selling online legally in US.

  80. I’d love to be able to share these if smokes with friends who put their lives on the line everyday

  81. Another great competition!

  82. courtney brickman says:

    good reviews

  83. courtney brickman says:

    love cubans

  84. How sweet a win would be. Thanks for the opportunity, good luck everyone!

  85. Great Comp. Those half coronas are outstanding!

  86. will enter contests for cigars

  87. Cigar Inspector keeps getting it done right with the best advice and cigar selection!

  88. Pierre Douyon says:

    Looking forward to trying a Partagas Serie D No. 4!!

  89. This is awesome

  90. Good luck!

  91. These would make a great belated birthday gift. Or a very early Xmas gift. Good luck everyone.

  92. Gary Harris says:

    Thanks for this opportunity to win! Great site.

  93. Thanks for doing this.

  94. Partagas and H. Upmann, two of my favorites. Would be a nice win! Thanks for the contest!

  95. These would be a great gift for my birthday. Thanks for the chance.

  96. Thanks for the contest! Big fan of the site.

  97. Great contest! Good luck to all and to all a good night!

  98. Jonathan W says:

    Hope everyone has good success!

  99. Wow! Great contest guys! Thanks for the opportunity!

  100. Ilpo Sinkkonen says:

    Best of luck to all!

  101. mike mccain says:

    only have tried a few cubans, like to try more

  102. Partagas and H. Upmann are two of my favorites. Would be a nice win! Thanks for the contest!

  103. what an incredible prize! Thank you for the chance.

  104. Love theses! Other than a Cohiba Robusto, this is one of my favorite Cubans. I’d absolutely love win this!

  105. Love the site and the giveaways are an added bonus. Keep up the good work!!

  106. Yet another cool contest. Thanks, guys!

  107. good luck to everyone! enjoy a good smoke today!

  108. Good luck to all. More luck for me!!!!

  109. Sweet contest. Thanks guys.

  110. This will be an excellent consolation for not winning the Powerball. Bona Fortuna!

  111. Thanks for the contest and enjoy your informative reviews.

  112. Jim Sorrell says:

    Yay CCs! Good luck everyone!

  113. Marshall Tapley says:

    I am really jazzed up to try some REAL Cuban cigars! Wish us all luck!

  114. Love it!

  115. Way coolio contest. Can I now order Cubans from this site legally??!!

  116. Anthony Ortega says:

    never had a cuban but excited to have a chance to win free cubans cigarsnthx u guys

  117. Good chance I’ll be toking on more Cuban stogies. Waiting to see what happens to their prices, that will determine what I do.

  118. irratebass says:

    Fantastic prize! Thanks for the contest

  119. Jason Schepers says:

    Thanks, CI! I’ll burn one in your name if I win ;)

  120. Informative website. I am looking forward to the pleasure of tasting more Cuban tobaccos.

  121. Paul Welborn says:

    Very informative site I really enjoy articles keep up the good work

  122. This would be very nice for the holidays. I’d believe when I see it.

  123. awesome!

  124. Nice contest!

  125. The Mountaineer says:

    Thanks for the contest!

  126. Daddy’s feelin lucky!

  127. Joe Mazloom says:

    Some of my favorite smokes!

  128. Very generous contest. Many thanks.

  129. . Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :)

  130. Woot they look good!!!

  131. Lurker_to_Poster says:

    Seems like this doesn’t meet the criterion of “bring them back from Cuba yourself,” but what the hell, if you can get them to me, I’ll smoke them!

    Thanks for running this contest.

  132. Thanks for the contest!

  133. Thanks a lot for the opportunity. PSD4 is a good smoke!

  134. Bob Langmaid says:

    Great cigars!! Good luck everyone!!

  135. Alistair Jardine says:

    I hope you ship to South Africa, cigars are hard to come by

  136. Great cigars. Entered the giveaway

  137. Donald Santos says:

    Wow great contest would make a wonderful Christmas for me if I could win

  138. I’m in! Good luck everyone.

  139. Really nice contest this time

  140. Konstantin says:

    Great idea with prizes

  141. Stefan H Singer says:

    Awesome competition. Good luck everyone!

  142. Thanks for the contest! I˜m feeling lucky today!

  143. waw! i never won something online, it would be a unique opportunity!

  144. Love D$’s, been a few years since having one, when I win it better be a good harvest

  145. Thanks!

  146. So cool.

  147. Ayman Bustanji says:

    Smooth Operator
    Smooth inspector

  148. Ayman Bustanji says:

    Generous inspector

  149. Thank you for the opportunity to win these fine cigars.

  150. Eric Peterman says:

    Viva!…El Salvador!!!

  151. Paul Tyler says:

    Used to only smoke Cubans and now rarely do with so much good stuff out there from other countries…would be interested to see how these compare to what I’ve been smoking lately.

  152. Great opportunity! Thanks!

  153. Another great contest. Thanks Denis!

  154. Your information is helpful and your offer is appreciated.

  155. Michael Villani says:


  156. These look awesome! Thanks guys.

  157. Looks like a good haul again from cigarinspector contest, now to just win of these.

  158. Daniel McDowell says:

    Smoke on!

  159. MooseDrool says:

    Wow! This is exciting. Thanks for another great contest!

  160. I find your site to be a welcome beacon to search for above and beyond many sites offered to the worldwide cigar aficionados and commend you for your gathering of excellent, useful content. For you to offer contests such as this in my opinion, is just adding more frosting to the cake. Thank you Cigar Inspector!

  161. Excellent contest. Great stick.

  162. Nice Contest! Thank you!

  163. Rajiv Kale says:

    Great website. Always a pleasure to read your reviews.

  164. Love these contests!

  165. Stephen Camadeco says:

    Buying Cuban has always been simple with this seller

  166. Twice is nice, great contest. Thanks for the opportunity.

  167. Presley Reed says:


  168. David Williamson says:

    I love these Cubans and I really hope that I win.

  169. David Williamson says:

    I love these Cubans and I hope that I win.

  170. Does VIP Cigars have a review on this site? I’d be interested to read up on them.

  171. Awesome give Way

  172. thanks!

  173. Thanks for doing this!

  174. Thanks for the contest, as always.

  175. raymond klouda says:


  176. I would suggest covering some reviews on cigars & spirits / fortified wines / dark chocolates pairing. Would be awesome!

  177. Thanks for the contest! For someone living in northern Europe, those Upmann´s are great winter smokes.

  178. Ryan McCoy says:

    This is awesome. Thanks for the chance to win some premium Cubans.

  179. Oh, would these be sweet!

  180. Love all the great articles

  181. I love free shit!

  182. Thank you!

  183. Perietta Migranté says:

    there’s an insatiable appetite for Cuban cigars in the US. I think the demand will be more than the supply. thanks very much for the contest. good luck to all participants!

  184. Danke!


    Thank you guys. Nice job.

  186. This would be the most incredible win of my life. *crosses fingers, toes, arms, legs, testicles….ouch bad idea…uncrosses testicles*

  187. ARISTEIDIS says:

    Thank you guys! Nice job!

  188. Thanks guys good luck

  189. Good Luck!

  190. Mucksiegooma says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a Cuban. I would welcome the opportunity to give one a try. Great job on the blog!

  191. Bring on the Cubans!

  192. Your reviews are followed all around the world! Kudos!

  193. Wow!!!!! Two of my favourite cigars!

  194. Jeffrey Miller says:

    I’m loving the P #4 D Series .. I can always use more

  195. Dustin Langmaid says:

    Would love to smoke these with my dad!

  196. Michael Andolini says:

    Would like to get 1 of these … though as always I have my doubts I am even among the contenders (registered, yes, yet no mailing confi on the participation ever / might as well be as though there are NOT any confis to any1, no idea?!?).

    Nevertheless-THX for the chance (or *chance*?).

  197. Oh man! It would be so sweet to win the No. 4. Thanks guys!

  198. Love the reviews, always useful when making purchases.

  199. James Hale says:

    Loving current production Havanas. I just had a pretty young PSD4 and it was great. Thanks for the contest!

  200. I want those Upmanns!!!!!!

  201. I was looking for the list of cigar rollers in Cuba and came across the contest, glad to enter :)
    I’ll be in Cuba in 2 weeks, looking forward to it, thanks Matteo for the precious advice.

  202. I like the Special Deals section on your website!

  203. The more the merrier, great contest, thanks.

  204. Fingers crossed!

  205. Here’s to dreaming

  206. Good deal!

  207. glad to see Us citizens can now participate in these contests.

  208. No widget is showing. Seems to be broken.

  209. Never Mind I figured it out. Great Prizes.

  210. With the ban lifted, I’ll definitely be looking at CigarInspector more often for some ISOMS!

  211. With the ban lifted will be looking to try some Cuban cigars
    Thanks for allowing me to enter

  212. Andy Klueber says:

    Not going to win.

  213. zombidingo says:

    I have always enjoyed Cuban cigars and also traveling to Cuba. Now I am concerned the Americans are going to bugger it all up as they usually do to things outside their own country

  214. Edwin Camacho says:

    Very cool. Good luck everyone.

  215. Thanks for the contest…my experiences with your online store have all been positive.

  216. Neil McDonald says:

    Great competition!

  217. William Williams says:

    Awesome cigars. Trump said he was going to rescind the deal so Cuban cigars and travel will be illegal once again, right?

  218. Joshua Trillow says:

    Good luck everyone, Cuban Cigars are amazing … An Englishman

  219. Fantastic site, great contest! Smokes up!

  220. Can I enter more than once?

  221. Jason Gross says:

    Thank you so much for another great contest

  222. Thank you for the opportunity!

  223. Liking the way this is going!

  224. Thomas Uhl says:


  225. Scott Wilcoxson says:

    Never smoked a Cuban cigar before. Hope to get some. Thanks!

  226. Andrew McMullin says:

    Great contest! Hope to see more of these in the future.

  227. Of the Cubans,my two favorites!

  228. Janet Garnett says:

    I do hope that Commandante` Fidel’s passing will not change the new detent` we have between our countries now!

  229. Rick Strawn says:

    Looking forward to being able to add more Cubans to my rotation!

  230. Chris Brose says:

    That’s a sweet prize! Thanks for the chance!

  231. Thanks for the chance! I am waiting to expand my collection!

  232. Nearly out of D4s so this competition is timely. Bought a box of P2s in Cuba this year. Also a great smoke but you need over an hour.

  233. Serie D, My favorite cigar! VIP, My favorite site!

  234. Thanks for the contest!

  235. have only smoked 1 cuban cigar, would love to try more!

  236. One more chance, good luck to all.

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