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Today, we're featuring another giveaway from our friends at, who just redesigned their site and moved it to It is a resource site for everything hookah, including a blog and forums.

Win a hookah from

The prize is a hookah with everything one needs to use it (tobacco, coal...). If there are less than 10 entries, it will be the hookah pictured on the left, and we get more than 10, the one on the right will be given away. In order to enter, just leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the website. That's it, good luck!

Update: the winner will be announced in one week.

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149 Comments on “Win a hookah from”

  1. Great informative site you got there!

  2. Deployed to Iraq 4 times and never brought a Hookah back. Always regretted that. I like the site. If I win the Hookah or ever end up getting one I’ll definetly visit the sight more often

  3. Good site

  4. Pretty cool site.

  5. A nice website with original info, not copy-pasted, like usually.

  6. That is very cool! It peaked my interest.

  7. Fantastic website with outstanding information.

  8. I like the new look site!

  9. Ooh, me, me… Pick me! :-)

  10. Fun website, I haven’t used a hookah since I was in Turkey during my Navy days in the 70’s. Might be fun to try again, the hookah I brought home was broken. Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. ChristianL2012 says:

    Great Looking site, Looking forward to learing and choppin it up with other Hookah users.

  12. Nice website! I like the reviews.

  13. The new site looks good.

  14. well shoot I just learned to stop using a can as a wind cover, I’ll for sure be going back to that site!

  15. I now know where to go for Hookahs and accessories. Good luck to everyone one here.

  16. Nice website!!!! Easy to navigate.

  17. very nice site congrats.

  18. Muy bonito lugar que vende Narguilas y a buenos precios, gracias por la informacion

  19. I loved the “Polishing Hookahs: Tips and Safety” article. It has helped me keep my KM nice and shiny for a while.

  20. The website is awesome and very informative!

  21. I like the simplicity, as well as the great tips like the one about storing shisha!

  22. Liking the updated website, much easier to navigate and as helpful as ever.

  23. Wow! The site is extremely informative, can’t wait till it becomes larger.

  24. Alexander Martinez says:

    I’ve enjoyed a hookah in the past but I’ve never owned or reviewed one on my blog. The new website is very well thought out & it’s mobile version very easy to navigate. This is a great resource for the new & seasoned hookah aficionado alike.

  25. Oh wow. I learned something new. Great site, I’ll have to pass it along.

  26. new site looks great!

  27. orangesmile93 says:

    love it

  28. Nice site! Very clean and easy to navigate

  29. Looks good! Thanks for the contest.

  30. Found my new favorite Hookah site!

  31. Really well laid out. I like the “Categories” and “Top 10 Articles” sections on the right side. Also, the photos really get your attention next to the posts.

  32. easy to use layout, and it doesn’t look half bad.

  33. I love the reviews! Makes going through shisha flavors and quality much easier, especially with those oddly named flavors! (like Ace of Spades. How would I know what an Ace of Spades tastes like?)

  34. The site design looks very good and modern. I’ll definitely visit that site before I make future purchases (especially of shisha).

  35. Clean layout, very appealing and functional. Enjoying it!

  36. nitrofan111 says:

    the web site looks fantastic AAA+++

  37. nitrofan112 says:

    I love the new site, doesnt seem like a gimic

  38. I love ordering from you guys, great deals.

  39. been wanting to replace my old one that broke

  40. Love the new website, so much easier to navigate.

  41. Nice, informative site. Love the unbiased reviews and the neat logo up top.

  42. chattlerkay says:

    Very cool site! :)

  43. Nice site!

  44. I am actually a frequent user on’s forums, good tight knit group of hookah smokers, glad to be a part of it.

  45. Awesome giveaway! I hardly enter these, but this is a legit prize!

  46. Good site! Hope it does well!

  47. Looks good guys.

  48. provides a clean, organized website for finding hookah tips and guides. I’ve read several of their articles and gained some valuable information from them. Looking forward to see what else the site will bring in the future!

  49. Website looks rad, definitely directing my friends there if they need more info.

    My birthday is on the 17th, a new hookah would be rad!

  50. Nice redesign. I’m looking for a new Hookah and the reviews section is excellent. I really like to clean design.

  51. Very good site design. Love the tips and tricks section

  52. Justin Garcia says:

    Pretty nice, Easy to navigate and i think it has a lot of potential.

  53. Looks really clean, i like it.

  54. Cool stie easy on the eyes!

  55. Very easy and simple to navigate, I found myself getting pretty wrapped up in the tobacco review section, hoping to see more eventually! :D

  56. Harddaysnight1990 says:

    If I win the hookah, I’ll definitely be visiting for all of my shisha and coals!

  57. anthrbrickinthewall says:

    Looks great! I actually spent a chunk of time going through the shisha reviews.

  58. Good price’s compared to where I live.

  59. Never seen this site before but going to start using it now probably. Been looking for a nice hookah information site.

  60. I like the level of information presented most people say it sucks or it’s great. The layout is simple and easy for the eye to navigate and all the links are easy to access. There’s a simple color scheme so you aren’t overwhelmed. Overall great site great usability!

  61. splattttttt says:

    Being born Sicilian, the hookah was a common fixture around the home during my youth.
    Since moving to the states was a new beginning; and many traditions having fallen by the wayside,enjoying shisha was one of them.
    Once again though… The hookah craze has made its way into the main stream again. And I being a lover of the leaf what has encompassed practically my whole life, I of course decided I might as well and start the process over; so after discussing it over with my closet smoker wife, the two of us decided to purchase a traditional multi stem hookah. One thing my family and guests enjoy during many of our many outdoor summer activities.
    Shisha is just another great way to enhance the fine pleasures of smoking tobacco. And certainly a great way to make a social event that much more memorable. Almost as much fun as when me and my buddy A. J. Fernandez get together lol

  62. Great site! Very clear, informative. I know almost nothing about hookahs but now I know I can use fruit in place of a bowl.

  63. Woolymonster says:

    I like the new site! Fresh look and informational articles!

  64. The site is rather interesting, I’ll most certainly be coming back to visit more.

  65. Doug Bryant says:

    I really like the new website. It is well laid out and easy to read automatically formatting for my smartphone. The reviews and descriptions were well written and extremely informative.

  66. I dig it! It’s really organized and easy to navigate!

  67. Love the website.

  68. Absolutely love the site. Easy to navigate, great design, and has helpful articles and reviews that will more than likely guide my future purchases.

  69. CaptainDickPuncher says:

    enjoying the new website for sure. And I hope I win that damn fine looking hookah

  70. Matt Do Dat says:

    The new site looks great and I love the giveaway keep it up guys!

  71. Amaaaaazing,hoooooooookah, smoke, smoke, smoke.

  72. I’d like to win this!

  73. Layout was a little odd at first, but a surprising amount of good information.

  74. Stumbled on this site a few days ago, really like it, great info and clean layout.

  75. FertileOctopus says:

    This is a really awesome website. I’m glad to see more hookah communities popping up on the website. It will be nice to have somewhere else to gather online and to have another set of forums to share with fellow hookah smokers.

  76. Sites pretty dope, lets see about that hookah!

  77. seems legit

  78. I am new to this and it was very interesting learning all about hookah. Very useful!

  79. Site looks awesome! I’m always looking for new hookah sites to follow and this has been officially added to my bookmarks!

  80. It looks pretty solid, I really like the categories off to the side like that.

  81. I came to enter myself in the giveaway but will return for the original and thoughtful content displayed on your site!

  82. ReeferGladness says:

    Wow I really like the forums and the review threads!

  83. Great website, even though it’s a bit “cold”, but I loved the article about bizarre flavours!

  84. Taylor Mitchell says:

    Looks good but could use some work.

  85. its a well designed site, but it feels too “template-ly” almost blog-ish. The whole “welcome to hookah” banner is just too much. You should keep it simple and let the articles be the feature-case. Right now i have to scroll a bit down to read the entire preview of the article. Also the “catagories” on the side gives it the bloggish feel too. Other than that, I like the cleanness and content. Nice job ^_^

  86. russianblood says:

    The site looks great, better than anything I can do. Also I would love the hookah; please pick me! If you do I will run naked through my street, well maybe.

  87. Very good site works well on moble as well. 9/10 will view again. Only thing I would change is maybe photos in the background for moble to see very plain view.

  88. The website seems very well made. Links are easily accessible and the colors do not clash and make the site hard to distinguish. Easy navigation and I like that there are multiple reviews for the possible buyer to determine the best cigar for themselves. All in all this is one of the nicer websites that I have seen that does what it is designed to do. Good job.

  89. I like the change, friendly user interface!

  90. Really nice and informative! The blue hookah looks nice too!

  91. Great site! Loving the front page feed of tips and info.

  92. Cote Wallskog says:

    Visited the site and looked around. It was very iPhone friendly which is a plus for me being as its my main source of Internet connection due to my laptop being broken. It was very easy for me to navigate, pictures are set at a comfortable size. Overall pleased! I will look forward to shopping around on it and buying some things when I get paid!
    Happy smoking fella’s!

  93. Fantastic website! Will definitely be planning on using it more from now on.

  94. Excellent website! Very informative, and the topics are all very nicely organized along the side. Definitely liking the logo and and simple layout of everything, which makes it very easy to find anything I might want to look up in the future. Definitely will be using this website more often!

  95. Been smoking pipe for 39+ years, cigars regularly for a couple and now I am looking into the Hookah.

  96. BladeIcewood says:

    I like the website! For me the most important thing is that it looks clean and easy to read. On top of that it has some pretty good articles that you normally wouldn’t see on another website! 9/10 definitely will continue to check out!

  97. Very unique website :)!

  98. The site looks great! Very informative. I can already tell I will be spending a lot of time there!

  99. one word. smooth! :D

  100. the website looks awesome, clean, functional lay out, and it’s awesome to have all of these reviews in one place. This will definitely be a go to resource for my future hookah endeavors

  101. Another resource that is going to end up me spending more money.

  102. I thought this website was a lot cooler and more informative than I expected. I bookmarked it because I love all the articles and reviews on it!

  103. Looks like a website I would go to often. Very clean and nice layout easy to use!

  104. vierasniper says:

    Nice and informative! i like it.

  105. Not bad, looks modern

  106. Site looks great. Nice job!

  107. love the look. Very easy to navigate!

  108. Best Hookah site Ive ever visited!!!

  109. Cole Briggs says:

    Great website! Better navigation, easier to get around.

  110. Hey great website! It’s easy to navigate through and great looking! Also the ads are not annoying and take away from the site :)

  111. Zero Rapture says:

    The site looks really good, I like to smoke hookah but I don’t own one yet, but I smoke at my buds apartment every now and then and I would love to own one if i had the chance to get one.

  112. WickedHotLobstah says:

    nice. some good info on that website.

  113. Not a bad site. Love me some hookah. booyakasalsa!!!

  114. Good luck!

  115. neverhitboxes says:

    Nice clean site design. I like it!

  116. Great site! Thanks for the contest!

  117. Cool site. Clean and crisp. Smoking dude logo is pretty rad, but I especially like the “” logo. Just cause I’m nit-picky, I like navbars better on the left hand side, but as long as it does what it’s supposed to, who am I to say right or left? Awesome job overall.

  118. Fantastic site! I think I will be purchasing some cigars!

  119. Been interested in and curious about Hookah for a while. Looks like I know where to go!

  120. I like the simplistic forum and review layouts.

  121. Kirk Lawless says:

    I really enjoy doing business with CI and have, on occasion smoked a hookah… Great fun and smooth smoke!

  122. DestructoSpin says:

    Nice website! It’s great to see a place with reviews and tips and tricks. Sometimes it gets tedious going through forum after forum looking for information.

  123. I like the looks of your website and will spend some time here looking around. Not only for hookah related items but I’m a big cigar smoker as well.

  124. This looks awesome :)

  125. Good stuff and great site! Hope I win but if I don’t at least I have found a great cigar site I can get in to!

  126. Very nice and easy to navigate! :D

  127. my name isn't jenny says:

    I really like the layout and think that the articles are quite informative.

  128. Functional website.
    I like the color scheme and the blog-esque type layout!

  129. Site looks pretty nifty. Keep up the good work!

  130. Been many years since I’ve smoked a hookah. Very nice.

  131. The site looks amazing. I love this blog, I have been searching for a great cigar blog for a while now and have tired a lot and I have to say this one is the best. Please keep up the hard work because it shows. A reader for life now.

  132. John Ryan Antill says:

    Nice site easier to find by typing in the name. Front page crowded like a blog

  133. Damn good site. It’s like the many cigar review sites online, provides you the reader a great review of what is out their for smokers like us so that we can look for the best and not settle for something second rate.

  134. Great site!

  135. Very nice redesign from the old site, I like the way the reviews are presented as well as the “categories” section to read only what I’m interested in.

  136. Nice site. Very informative for beginners.

  137. Really cool website! I will definitely be using it in the future.

  138. Website looks really good. The layout is really clean. Great for beginners.

  139. Really comprehensive site, very well designed and the information is easily accessible.

  140. Nice information on hookah use

  141. Nice! It would be awesome to have a new hookah! Mine broke! :c

  142. Nice site.
    On another note: titties.
    On that same note: that site is titties.

  143. The site looks very informative and looks really nice. The articles on there look well-written and helpful. A lot of interesting material on there.

  144. sick ass hookahs! I love super helpful and informative, great community.

  145. very informative!

  146. Jessica fields says:

    Really love the tips and tricks section! Great for someone new to the world of hookah. Very organized.

  147. The sight is dope. I love the fact that you have a mobile version for my phone.

  148. Justin Bertelsen says:

    This is the most helpful website about hookah EVER!!! It has so man good reviews and helpful tips that you don’t need to look anywhere else for advice on hookah and the parts of it! Thank you for the website!

  149. Never had my own hookah! Would be cool to have one! I really enjoy your site!

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