Who won a hookah?

Sirius HookahAbout one week ago, we ran a contest for the best smoking-related haiku. We received a lot of great entries and it was really hard to choose the winner as there are true masterpieces; their authors might encounter some serious success in Japan. I must have spent at least one hour reading your contributions and finally decided to reward sm0kinjoe. His haiku is the very essence of hookah. He wins a nice beginner's kit from BuyHookah.com, courtesy of Nima. Thank you so much for participating and do not be disappointed if you didn't win this time, we are regularly running sweet contests! Have a great Sunday!

Here is the winner's entry:

Prepare the hookah
with the flavors of Summer.
One wishes no end.

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4 Comments on “Who won a hookah?”

  1. sm0kinjoe says:

    Thanks a lot, it was quite the pleasant surprise when I checked my email this morning :) Can’t thank you enough.

  2. Congrats smOkinjoe!
    Thank you Cigar Inspector:
    A winner was found!

  3. Congrats. We at http://www.buyhookah.com want to say thanks to all who participated.

  4. Hey Paul — c’mon, PLEASE tell my you guys laughed at the “Don’t taze me bro” one!

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