“The Cigar Maker” by Mark McGinty – review & giveaway

The Cigar Maker by Marc McGinty

About one month ago I received an e-mail from Mark Carlos McGinty who asked me to check out his book called “The Cigar Maker”. Sure, I said, and very soon it hit my mailbox. One week later, as I devoured the last pages, I was glad I had accepted the offer.

This book is not exactly about cigars. It won’t teach you how to light, cut or store cigars. There are plenty of cigar books out there who do that. However, the cigars are very present throughout the book, it definitely deserves to have this word in its title.

Instead, “The Cigar Maker” is about one industry, two countries and several families at a crossroads of two centuries. The book realistically describes the living conditions of poor native Cubans under Spanish occupation, of rich Spaniards, of cigar makers in Ybor City, of factory owners… Mark, a descendant of Cuban cigar makers, clearly did thorough research prior to writing it; the story is not only based on historical facts but also tales he heard from his family and this turns “The Cigar Maker” into a very charming read. That’s probably what I like the most about this book – it carries you to Tampa and allows you to watch these people live their lives, full of adventures and struggles. I don’t want to give away the storyline, but rest assured that there’s a lot of action, I was having a hard time putting it down past midnight.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. While writing this review, I realized that it was quite a difficult exercise, after years of cigar reviews. I hope you enjoyed it – and many thanks to Mark for giving me an opportunity to tell you about “The Cigar Maker”. Here is the link to the Amazon page where you can purchase the book and read some more thorough reviews. You can also check the official website.

Obviously, you didn’t miss the word “giveaway” from the title of this post (you are quite used to it now, aren’t you?). Just leave a comment on this post and you’ll be entered in the draw – we’ve got 2 copies of “The Cigar Maker” to give away, courtesy of the author. This contest is open internationally. Good luck – we’ll announce the winners in one week!