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It's been quite a long time, but we're up with another easy contest for you cigar aficionados. First of all, a few words about Duque Cigars who generously offered to sponsor the contest and provide the lucky winner with some free cigars. The company was founded by Thomas Hunter after he decided to live his dream and open a cigar shop. Duque is located in Melbourne Beach and its website opened its virtual doors just a few months ago. We highly recommend you to have a look.

Now back to the contest. We tried to make it as easy as possible and in order to enter all you have to do is submit a cigar tip (share your experience, give us some advice...) here in the comments. That's it! In 3 weeks (on the 22nd of August) we will select the best tip (subscribe to our RSS feed to stay updated) and the author will get this cigar selection:

  • Oliva Serie G Cameroon Churchill
  • Rocky Patel Nording Robusto
  • Graycliff G2 Torpedo
  • Java Latte Wafe
  • Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Robusto Corojo

Feel free to submit as many tips as you want, this will increase your chances of success. Of course, you must be over 18 to enter. Good luck!

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51 Comments on “Submit a cigar tip and win free cigars”

  1. All my friends keep offering my full bodied cigars, but I don’t like full bodied cigars what should I do?

    Limit your smoke intake, your cut will effect your cigar body. Use a hole punch on a full bodied smoke and it wont smoke as potent.

  2. Take it slow. A lot of people smoke way to fast and lose all the flavor trying to catch a buzz.

  3. Cigars by themselves are a very fine treat. Why not enhance the experience with a nice beverage? Explore. Everyone’s tastes are different. Find the best pairing for you.

  4. Don’t smoke cigars based on their cost or name, smoke what you enjoy.

  5. I believe that the first thing before starting smoking a cigar is to know how to take care of them in order to achieve the best possible condition.
    If you don’t have a humidifier(and believe it, there are many who don’t) u can use a wooden small container with lid .Place in a little piece of sponge with Distilled or deionized water(it’s really cheap and can be found in the store next door) on a plate so it doesn’t touch our precious cigars .Store it in a cupboard away of the sun rays and check it on a regular basis.
    NEVER IN THE FRIDGE :cigars will take the smell of the near by items. Imagine a Partagas SD 4 with a blue cheese-cranberry flavor…

  6. Thanks for your tips, keep them coming :)

  7. Actually the never in the fridge is a bad statement.. If you have tobacco beetles the best way to neutralize them is to place your cigars in the freezer for a couple of days and then slowly bring them back by slowly raising the humidity and temperature.

  8. Ever have a cigar develop a bitter taste towards the end but you just didn’t want to put it down yet?

    The bitter tastes that develops can be somewhat alleviated by purging you cigar as you smoke it. When you smoke your cigar most of the essential oils that provide so much of the flavor will burn up while a small amount builds up in the filler leaf creating bitter flavors.
    To purge your cigar start by knocking off any ash, put the cigar in your mouth like you are going to puff and instead blow gently back through the cigar. If your cigar is still lit, continue to blow gently through the cigar, rotating it slowly, until you can see a bright orange ring of fire around the the base of the entire coal on the cigar.
    Next time try purging your cigar so you can enjoy it to the nub!

  9. Have you ever bought a box of cigars because the description sounded so good you started drooling on the spot? When you received those cigars were they less than described? Maybe even unsmokable to you? Don’t fret. Most retailers have a return policy that will allow you to return the goods. If you are going to make a sizable purchase online, make sure you check the company’s return policy. You may get lucky and find a place who offers a full refund (minus shipping). Call any customer service number provided. They will usually help any way they can.

  10. Be sure when picking out your smokes for the day that you smoke them in order of mildest to fullest in order for your palate to get the most out of each one. The last thing you want to do is smoke a full bodied cigar right before a mild one, this is because the stronger cigar is going to do more wear and tear on you palate and you won’t be able to enjoy the subtle nuances of the mild smoke afterwards.

  11. Don’t give up on a cigar after one bad experience. Many factors contribute to the flavors you get in a smoke. The time of day, what you’ve had to eat that day… I like to give a cigar at least 2 go rounds before writing it off. Also…If you are a new smoker, don’t be afraid to try a stogie you didn’t like initially, a month or so later… your tastes will change, and that one cigar that was too strong and peppery may hit the spot later!

  12. Emjaysmash says:

    Be sure to make sure your humidor is at a relative humidity between 65%-70% and that you evenly toast and light your cigar. Bad burnlines, re-lights, and crumbly ash are often caused by the cigar smoker him/herself. Only after making sure your cigar is not too wet/too dry and is lit correctly can you evaluate the construction.

  13. Emjaysmash says:

    Only use butane or wooden matches to light your cigar, as other gases/paper matches will leave an acrid taste in your mouth.

  14. Don’t be afraid to throw a bad (plugged, wrapper splits, etc.)cigar away. Too many people continue to smoke a cigar they aren’t enjoying, just because they paid so much for it! You’re going to get a bad one now and then no matter who’s name is on it or how much you paid for it.

  15. My humidor has 2 layers in it, and I make sure I keep the more “in need” cigars on the lower level where they are kept closer to the humidification solution. Plus since my humidor has a glass top, the light can diminish the humidity ever so slightly.

  16. To keep the cigar cooler from the start, try toasting the foot until the cigar is lit but don’t puff on it while lighting. It prevents heat from the flame traveling through the cigar and keeps the cigar from getting too hot from the start.

  17. Smokeonthewater says:

    There are already many great tips posted. The best I can come up with is smoke with a friend!

  18. Don’t you hate it when you spend big bucks for a cigar only to find that it’s draw is so hard that it is nearly un-smokable? Here is a trick I stumbled across that works even for cigars that have already been lit. Pop the cigar in the microwave for a few seconds. About 5 seconds for a petite corona, 10 seconds for a Churchill or Robusto. The cigar will be hot when it comes out, but it loosens up the draw. You must smoke it right away otherwise it will dry out!

  19. Find what you like, and smoke them! It doesn’t matter what the magazine reviews, cigar blogs, or your friends think about the cigar. You need to find what you enjoy, and relish the experience.

  20. Carl Riley says:

    A easy way to cut a cigar head evenly,
    is to lay the cutter on something flat (table?)with the cutter laying flat, place the cigar head in the cutters hole with the cigar upright and even on all sides. Cut the cigar head, not only should it be even and square, but it will be about a 16th of an inch, just right, enjoy

  21. Carl Riley says:

    In the beginning some smokers have a case of “belly ache” with full body smokes, actually some of the best cigars are known for this. There is nothing wrong, just your bodys reaction to a rich cigar. One way to stop this (belive it or not) is to eat a small package of sugar just pour it in and eat. Some people carry some in their pockets just in case. I also have the habit of drinking a cola during smoking, I find it helps.
    Experiment with different drinks, to go along with you fav. smokes, you will be surprized the difference the same cigar has with different drinks.
    A really good rum and cola is my drink, know go and find yours.

  22. G. Potter, Jr. says:

    I find that when I drink coffee in the morning and using splenda or sugar, It keeps the stomach relaxed and I never have a case of the “grumbellies” while smoking a cigar. If you do not drink coffee or tea sweet perhaps drink a small glass of sugar water (easier to digest) and eat an unsalted cracker to neutralize the sweet flavor and this will alleviate the issue.

  23. Carl Riley says:

    Most people have been told to never use a lighter that uses lighter fluid, but you should also not use a candle, the wax and oils of the candle will affect you cigar.

  24. Carl Riley says:

    A tip I like to give new smokers, is to not be in such a hurry. You should
    (according to size) puff about once a minute on average. Also when you tap your ash, if the filler (center of cigar) is pointed and sticks out past
    the wrapper quite a bit try slowing down. Most people smoke too fast, slow down and enjoy thats half the fun.

  25. before buying a cigar make sure to look up some good reviews at the inspector

  26. Add a small cup of your favorite liquor to your humidor so that the flavors give the cigars just a little twist.

  27. Keep up a good relationship with your local cigar vendor so he/she can give good advice.

    Write down the flavors you experience while smoking a suggested cigar and give this as feedback to the vendor for further recommendations.

  28. If you enjoy a fine adult beverage on occasion, it’s really hard to go wrong with a good bourbon. Scotch, cognac, port, wine, beer, and coffee all can be paired with a cigar with a great deal of success–if you know what you’re doing. I have found, though, that a good bourbon (Russell’s Reserve, Maker’s Mark, Michter’s) will naturally complement almost any cigar you choose.

  29. mountchuck says:

    Some cigars smoke better with age, even the much adored Fuente Opus X. Since you can only acquire them in small batches, but want to mark them with the time you put them in the humidor, do what I do. Take the ribbon that comes in a lot of cigar boxes, write the date on it, and wrap the ribbon around your small batch of cigars and put them to rest for a while. No problem remembering when you bought them!

  30. mountchuck says:

    If you are a new smoker, avoid the temptation of mega-deals on the web, and visit your local cigar store, and put yourself in the hands of the tobacconist there. They are an invaluable resource, and can put you well on your way to enjoying cigars to the fullest.

  31. TheRedMonkey says:

    The key to knowing what you will like in a cigar is to smoke as many different cigars as you can. If you like CAO then try a Gurkah as well. Talk to the staff at your local tobacco shop and find out what they like. Expand your palette and keep out of the smoking rut, try brands you have never seen. Variety is the spice of life!

  32. mountchuck says:

    If you find yourself having a hard time remembering the cigars you really like, save the cigar bands of the ones you really like, and keep them in your wallet. If they are large enough, you can write on the back of them, which comes in handy if you like, say, the maduro version of the cigar more than the natural and the band doesn’t distinguish between the two. Next time you visit your tobacconist, pull it out and you’ll have an instant reminder. And if they don’t have it, they will be able to pick out something similar or maybe even something you’ll like more.

  33. mountchuck says:

    Most inexperienced smokers confuse thickness of the cigar with power and strength and harshness. However, the thicker ring gauge can help you get a smoother, easier smoke. Smaller ring gauge cigars concentrate the heat, and produce more carbon which leads to harshness and the feeling that your tongue is coated in fiberglass the next morning. The larger ring gauge smoke spread out the heat, and don’t burn so hot. Don’t be afraid to reach for that robusto instead of your usual corona.

  34. mountchuck says:

    The ash of the cigar can tell you as much about it as the appearance before it is lit. Is the ash a nice white? Better nutrients in the soil. Does the ash stay tight, with small thin lines rather than large, flaky pieces? Then the roller did a good job, and rolled the cigar nice and tight. Does your ash “cone” at the end? You might be smoking too fast. Is it concave at the end? The cigar might have been underfilled.

  35. mountchuck says:

    Use all of your senses when smoking a cigar, not just smell and taste. Before you light it, use your eyes to inspect the wrapper. Is the color uniform? Are there large seams or veins in it? Is the cap evenly applied? Next, use your hands to feel up and down the cigar? Is it smooth and oily or dry and leathery? Gently squeeze up and down the cigar. Are there any hard spots or soft spots?
    Hold the cigar next to your ear, and gently squeeze. Does it crackle a little bit? It might a little dry.

    Doing these extra little things let you know if there might be construction problems with the cigar, or if you need to let it get some more humidity in it. Don’t just leave it up to your taste buds and nose.

  36. cubfan1908 says:

    Never be afraid to try something different. Smoking something once won’t kill you and, who knows, you may find something you like!

  37. If you are a first time cigar smoker don’t just start with a mild cigar. Try one of each-mild, medium and strong. This will let YOU determine what you can handle, and enjoy. Be adverterous. You may never know what you are missing.

  38. mountchuck says:

    Many sites recommend wiping down your humidor with distilled water as part of the seasoning process. It is best to avoid doing this. It is very easy to put too much water into the wood, and warping it, thus weakening the seal and thus the integrity and performance of the humidor over the long term. Your humidor may get seasoned faster this way, but at the expense of more upkeep required in the future.

  39. mountchuck says:

    Only use distilled water in your humidification device (no mater what it is). Using tap water or spring water can lead to mold and other unwanted things in your humidifier.

  40. mountchuck says:

    When selecting a cutter weight is important. If you carry a cutter in your pocket all of the time like I do, too much weight can be burdensome. But on the same note, a little bit of extra weight is nice to ensure a smooth, clean cut. Try to get a balance between weight and portability.

  41. mountchuck says:

    When ordering cigars vial mail order or the internet, you’ll be very tempted to smoke one as soon as it’s off the truck. Try and avoid that temptation! They have been in less than ideal (to put it lightly) conditions during their travel, and won’t smoke as well as they could. Put them in your humidor, and let them return to optimal conditions before enjoying. How long depends on low long they were in transit, and their condition when they arrive.

  42. take your time. dont over puff the cigar to enjoy the flavors.

  43. Only put the unlit end in your mouth.

  44. I understand that smoking anything can make one’s breath offensive. However, I are there any secrets out there than can help prevent this. Brushing, mouthwashing, gum, mints nothing seems to truly help. I love smoking cigars and pipes and my girl doesn’t mind it except for the awful mouth stench afterwards.

  45. Try not to use a V-Cut, oldschool, but way too much tobacco ends up in the mouth unlit.

    also, when toasting the foot, ensure you have about 1mm of burn around the ring and then give it a good couple of puffs. This will do the best to ensure even burn!

  46. Try storing cigars not in a humidor, but instead in a humidified rosewood bodied guitar. I did this and had excellent results. Just a trace of the rose wood comes through.

  47. Cigars are like a fine wine. Put them in your humidor and let them age. I age mine a year or more before I smoke them especially bargain bundle cigars. I mix them with other cigars and let the aromas marry. Enjoy! Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf.

  48. “Always” try and introduce the pleasures of smoking cigars to others. A good cigar makes one forget about the troubles of the world, even if just for a moment.

  49. Getting an uneven burn?

    Try rotating your cigar while smoking

  50. introduce the pleasures of cigar smoking to your spouse,

  51. I find, as others have commented, that some folks smoke too fast, which results in a hot draw, and often “tracking” (an uneven burn.) I do two things if I happen to find myself puffing too quickly:
    1.)Wet the part of the stick where it is “tracking”, this will usually halt it.
    2.)Without letting the cigar go out totally (a relit stick usually suffers in taste) puff very gently while rotating the stick, and the burn usually evens out, and the hotness levels off.

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