“Share your cheap smoke!” contest

Share you cheap smoke!

Everybody loves good cheap cigars, especially in today’s economy. However, a big part of these under $5 sticks are not even good for yard work – bland flavors, awful construction, an aftertaste that doesn’t leave you until the next day, you name it. On the other hand, great cheap smokes do exist, all you need is some advice from other aficionados who discovered them by trial & error. And, if you happen to know of some budget cigars that provide great bang for the buck, it’s time to share the knowledge – and get rewarded!

Share your cheap smoke!

Here at CigarInspector.com we have a category called cheap smokes. Within this part of the site we feature cheap cigars that do not really deserve a full review but still are very enjoyable. A few examples are Romeo y Julieta Mille Fleurs, El Cobre by Oliva and Corona Nicaraguan Selection. Today, we are asking you to contribute and get a chance to win some cigars. Just submit a “cheap smoke” type review and, if you win the contest, we’ll buy a box of cigars you reviewed and ship it to your door. We’ve also got two mystery 5-pack samplers to be given away… Sounds good? Read on for details.

  • In order to enter the contest, you have to send a review of your favorite under $5 cigar by e-mail to [email protected] Your e-mail should contain at least one picture and 1-3 paragraphs of text.
  • The review has to be written specifically for this contest, i.e. not published elsewhere before.
  • Reviews respecting these rules will be featured on CigarInspector.com under their author’s nickname.
  • Now, the sweet part – we (authors team) will select our favorite review among the submissions and its author will receive a box of cigars that he/she reviewed, as long as it can be purchased online and shipped to him/her. It means that the contest is not limited to the US.

More prizes!

A box of cigars is good, but this only makes one winner… So we decided to offer some more prizes in exchange for social promotion. So, if you are a Twitter and/or Facebook user, you can:

  1. Follow @CigarInspector on Twitter and tweet this.
  2. Like the Cigar Inspector Facebook page, like this post (the button is just below) and leave a comment on this post saying that you completed this step.

These actions are independent, each one will enter you into a draw for a mystery 5-pack sampler (we really didn’t decide yet – the contents of the sampler will be chosen according to the winner’s preferences!), one for Twitter and one for Facebook. And, of course, if you can promote this contest using other ways, like your blog, e-mail or cigar forums we will be really thankful.

The contest will run for 10 days after we receive the 10th submission. An additional blog post will be published at that point. Good luck!

UPDATE (July 30 2011) We are happy to report that we’ve already received 10 excellent submissions, which means that the contest will end in 10 days from now. You still have some time to enter the contest, feel free to check the original post for details!

Here is the list of reviews that have been published so far:

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  1. Thanks for the excellent contest! (as usual)
    Good luck everyone.

  2. Looks good. I’ll see if I can submit a mini review…

  3. I am already a fan on Facebook ( so I have completed that step). I will try and think of something I could review. Thanks for the contest!

  4. Here comes a like. Thanks for running this.

  5. Already a fan on FB, so will dig through the humidor to find a yard gar to review. Thanks again for another contest!

  6. Great idea. Looking forward to discovering some excellent cheapos!

  7. thunderdoom says:

    Tweeted and Facebooked!

  8. Done, thanks

  9. Very cool website guys! Look forward to the reviews.

  10. wyattjones says:

    Love these contest. Hope I win one.

  11. Both steps done!

  12. i have followed your orders, and Liked your page.

  13. jimbobber says:

    I liked it here, I liked it there, I liked it everywhere!

  14. Just did the step!! Looking forward to some new cheap smoke ideas!

  15. Tweeted and liked. You guys are awesome!

  16. tpetzold says:

    ALready like you on facebook.

  17. jesseboston81 says:

    Completed the Facebook step, the Twitter step, and sent in a review!

  18. You are liked :-)

  19. I liked cigar inspector on facebook.

  20. Christian says:

    wow…excellent contest…it’s a pity that I read about it so late,anyway, I wish you all good luck and let the best win =)

  21. The Wes-Man says:

    I like cigar inspector on facebook

  22. great site, hope to win

  23. PapaLad says:

    I’ve followed the steps for Facebook (LIKE) and Twitter (RT) for the ‘Cheap Smokes’ contest!

  24. Thanks for the contest. Very cool seeing my review here. Looking forward to reading more reviews.

  25. Not sure if the contest is still going. I re-tweeted the info on it from @mobarbq; will see if I can find my camera this weekend.
    Thanks for the contest!

  26. @MoBarbq Yes, the contest is still running! Your submission will be more than welcome :)

  27. Maltaman says:

    You have a great website which I continually use here in Malta.

    Have just submitted my first review of CHEAP cigars.

    I might win, you never know, do you

  28. Thanks Denis!! Thanks for the contest too!!

  29. Thanks, Denis! I appreciate it.

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