La Casa del Tabaco Bruges

La Casa del Tabaco

Today, we're celebrating the opening of the La Casa del Tabaco in Bruges, Belgium. A new concept imagined by our friends Dominique and Frédéric (creators and managers of the well-known La Casa del Habano Knokke), La Casa del Tabaco, sells both Cuban and non-Cuban cigars in the heart of the beautiful Bruges, also known as the Venice of the North.

The online shop combines Cuban offerings from the LCDH and non-Cuban cigars sold by La Casa del Tabaco. There's also a wide choice of spirits (rum, whisky...) and cigar accessories. By the way, each order placed in October will include one free La Casa del Tabaco cigar, which is a surprising blend of Cuban and Nicaraguan fillers (50/50).

To celebrate this new venture, La Casa del Tabaco and Cigar Inspector are giving away five 5-pack samplers of the house blend to our lucky readers! Answer a couple of easy questions using the widget below and you're in - and don't forget to share the contest with your friends using your unique link to increase your chances to win.

The winners will be announced in one week, next Thursday.

Update: this contest is over. Congrats to the winners!

PS Contest open worldwide, you must be of legal age to smoke in your country of residence.

105 Comments on “La Casa del Tabaco Bruges”

  1. Thanks for another contest! Good luck everyone.

  2. Hurrah for expansion, keep up the good work!

  3. Great competition – good luck with new store concept

  4. I’d love to try that La Casa del Tabaco blend.

  5. Really been waiting for the opportunity to smoke a blend with both Cuban and Nica tobacco.

  6. Congratulation on your new store!

  7. Mark VanSledright says:

    What a beautiful store and the cigars look amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to smoke them!

  8. Awesome contest!!!! Thanks!!!!

  9. Super interested in the blend description!

  10. This should get fixed where the next person to comment doesn’t see the previous person’s email, and can comment as that person. Right Miguel?

  11. Chris Dougherty says:

    thank you for the chance

  12. I’d love to try a cigar with both Cuban and Nicaraguan fillers. Sounds unique.

  13. Cool idea. Thanks for the contest.

  14. Bob Langmaid says:

    You’re doing great, Keep it up!!!

  15. Love the idea of combining the two countries in one cigar. Would love to try it!

  16. I love it when another new cigar shop opens up. Will you be able to ship to Canada?

  17. I wish I could smoke cigars here in the office. Thanks for the contest!

  18. I’m excited to see a NiCuban blend.

  19. Awesome!

  20. Dominique, Frederic, Emma and the bunch are top notch folks! Good luck with the new store and looking forward to trying their namesake cigars.

  21. Congtrats …always up for a new cigar

  22. Good luck with the new shop and thanks for the contest!

  23. Thanks for the contest!

  24. how did they get the raw tobaccos for the blends?

  25. Great contest

  26. Yes please. Thanks for the opportunity

  27. Sounds like a tasty one. Thanks for the contest.

  28. Thanks for the contest!

  29. Would like to win this cigar and add to my collection

  30. Always enjoy a good contest

  31. pick me …pleeeeease!

  32. Appreciate the great service on my last purchase of Siglo’s!

    Question, did Cohiba ever package Esplendidos in a cardboard box for export or local distribution? I thought they only shipped in Cedar slide boxes.


  33. It is extremely pleasing to see that the contest is open worldwide!

  34. Ralph Oalmann says:

    Appreciate the opportunity to try these great looking smokes.

  35. Excellent opportunity to enjoy a mighty fine Stick!!!

  36. Another awesome contest. Keep up the good work!

  37. Ralph Oalmann says:

    Cant wait to try these smokes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. I hope I win!

  39. Smokin' Joe says:

    Excited to try this new collaboration!

  40. Thank you for another great opportunity, very grateful.

  41. Good luck and best wishes for a successful venture.

  42. Congratulations on your new store, and thanks for the contest!

  43. Congratulations. I enjoy good news such as a new store opening. To me it means employment and a chance to try something new. Although I am far away from the site of the new store, through pictures I feel the jubilation and freshness of new retail blood. Once again, best of luck.

  44. Gonna win this one. I hope.

  45. Thanks for the contest!

  46. Dennis Huddy says:

    Great contest, great cigars.

  47. Congrats on the new opening, and thanks for the contest.

  48. Awesome contest as always. Keep them coming!

  49. Kenneth Thompson says:

    Love to WIN, thank you!

  50. Thanks for the chance

  51. Scott Wilcoxson says:

    Good Luck with your new business!

  52. Robert Laird says:

    Contest is a good idea to introduce the new blend. Hope I’ll be able to sample some soon…!!!

  53. Mucksiegooma says:

    I will gladly take a chance to win some fine smokes!

  54. Like I needed another reason for a trip to Belgium!

  55. La Casa del Tabaco needs to go to La Casa de Edwin. Good luck everyone.

  56. Thanks for the chance to try these smokes

  57. Robert Ritchie says:

    Thank you for the La Casa del Tabaco Cigars product information and the sweepstakes promotion.

  58. Thanks for the contest! I’m very curious to see how a Cuban/Nicaraguan blend performs.

  59. Hope the new store does great and thanks for the chance to win.

  60. Love the reviews, not to mention the cigars! :)
    Best of luck with the new shop.

  61. Thanks for the opportunity to try one of these cigars!

  62. Congratulations on the new store.

  63. Thanks for another great contest!

  64. DarthHumidor says:

    Thanks for the contest!

  65. Thanks for this.

  66. Thanks for another sweet one

  67. Thank you!

  68. Love the contests, thanks.

  69. Thanks again.

  70. Should be interesting. Thanks for the contest!

  71. Wyatt Jones says:

    oh yeah!!!

  72. Thanks for the opportunity!

  73. Interesting blend. Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. Joseph M. Meyer says:

    What a great contest. Brugges is a beautiful city with beautiful people.

  75. Thanks for another great give away. Interesting blend. You may have started something BIG.

  76. Nick Robusto says:

    You guys rock for having another giveaway!

  77. Bennett Katz says:

    Another fabulous contest. And, a unique house blend I’d love to try!

  78. Excellent idea to combine Cuban tobacco with Nica leaf. I can’t wait to try it! Good luck with your new shop!!

  79. Looks wonderful!


    Thanks for the contest, I am always looking for a chance to try something new.

  81. Keep the contests coming, I’m feeling lucky!

  82. Marilyn Renae says:

    Thanks for the contest! My fingers are crossed that I’ll win. It’ll be my awesome boyfriend’s Christmas gift!!

  83. Thanks for another contest!

  84. Nice looking store. Thanks.

  85. Maybe this will be the contest I get to win?? Awesome stuff guys, thanks for the opportunity!!

  86. Excellent choice!

  87. Kelli Greenfield says:

    Great contest!

  88. thanks for the contest

  89. Thank you!

  90. dave gingerich says:

    Great contest and someday I will visit Belgium, you can count on it.

  91. Amazing contest and all the best with the new business venture!! That 50/50 blend sounds sublime…can’t wait to try!

  92. Anyone see the move “In Bruges”? Great flick. Thanks for a chance to win some smokes!

  93. Thanks for the contest!

  94. Lorri Langmaid says:

    What a beautiful cigar!!

  95. Dragos Cazac says:

    Hope to win this :D and hope you ship to Romania…

  96. Lorenzo Dieryckx says:

    Just 20 min. from home X-D

  97. Chris Brose says:

    Great sampler guys!

  98. yeaaah free cigars!

  99. Joe Mazloom says:

    A wonderful contest! Looking forward to trying these new smokes!

  100. Lance Besore says:

    Awesome, please review these

  101. James Peterson says:

    Good luck with your new venture Dominique and Frederic. I’d love to try a 5 pack of your new cigars.

  102. Matt wilkinson says:

    Will have to make this a pit stop next time I’m in Brugge! Shame I didn’t know about when I was there earlier this month otherwise I would’ve been straight in there!

  103. El Humo De Los Dioses says:

    I have had the opportunity to enjoy one of these smokes. It’s not a secret that Frederic’ and crew at LCDH have a superior “nose” for quality tobacco, and this issue fits in seamlessly with their product offering. The flavor of a Cuban delivered in a mild aromatic package of a Nicaraguan makes this blend a nice addition to any humidor and a truly enjoyable ready-to-consume cigar as-is. Whomever wins this contest is in for a treat. :O)

  104. Love the store and selections already. Now with the new additions it will be more difficult to pick new favorites to try. Good luck in your expansion!

  105. Perietta Migranté says:

    congratulations on your opening! thanks very much for the opportunity to win! wishing you success!

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