Cigar Inspector’s Second Birthday Contest

Cigar Inspector's Second Birthday Contest

One week ago, turned 2 years old. During these 2 years, we have published over 230 Cuban and non-Cuban cigar reviews and received over 250.000 visitors with more than 1 million page views. I thought it would be a nice idea to celebrate this with a contest. is a division of, our long-time friend and partner. They accepted to provide a few lighters for our readers. 5 lucky aficionados will win the following lighters: Lotus Jazz, Lotus Vader, Flamethrower Double Flame, Coil Triple Flame and General Triple Flame.

In this contest, you will earn entries in a big draw which will take place on the 12th of August. In order to earn tickets, you will have to complete some actions, some of them being mandatory and others optional. Here they are:

Subscribe to CigarInspector's RSS feed

2 entries - mandatory
Click here to subscribe to our RSS feed either by RSS or by e-mail. If you are already subscribed, you do not need to complete this step.

Subscribe to newsletter

2 entries - mandatory
Click here to subscribe to newsletter - as a bonus, you will be able to download an eBook called "The Beginner's Guide to Cigar Smoking". If you are already subscribed, you do not need to complete this step.

Become a fan on Facebook

1 entry - optional
Click here to become a fan of our Facebook page. If you are already a fan, you do not need to complete this step.
Update: feel free to join page while you're at it!

Promote the contest on Twitter

1 entry - optional
Follow @CigarInspector and @BuyLighters and tweet the following:
Win 5 cigar lighters in @CigarInspector 's birthday contest sponsored by @BuyLighters! Please RT!

Submit a guest "Cheap Smoke" review

3 entries - optional
Example of a good "Cheap Smoke" review: El Cobre by Oliva
E-mail your "Cheap Smoke" (1-2 paragraphs) review to birthday at cigarinspector dot com along with a photograph and you will get 3 entries if it's accepted.

Submit a full cigar review

5 entries - optional
Example of a full cigar review: Arturo Fuente Opus X
E-mail your review (introduction, appearance, construction, flavor, value, overall) to birthday at cigarinspector dot com along with a few photographs and you will get 5 entries if it's accepted.

Say "happy birthday"!

1 entry - optional
Just comment on this post with your birthday wishes and you will get 1 entry. Thank you!

We will do the draw on the 12th of August.

Make sure you visit and bookmark for all your cigar lighter needs. They're a great company to deal with!

NB You must be of legal smoking age in order to enter this contest.

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63 Comments on “Cigar Inspector’s Second Birthday Contest”

  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I’ll be thinking of you when I next light up.

  3. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the reviews which help pass time at work!

  4. Happy B-day!

  5. Labman (Charlie) says:

    Happy Birthday Cigar Inspector…and thanks for the contest Denis. :)

  6. sboyajian says:

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday! May your lighter always be full, your guillotine always sharp, and your cigars always satisfying.

  8. Happy Birthday to Cigar Inspector! Here’s to many more. ;-)

  9. Bradley Nix says:

    Happy Birthday, I have enjoyed your site for a few months and enjoy reading the reviews. I’m not ready to make my own but I may give it a try soon. For now, take care and best wishes!

  10. Happy birthday!
    Happy Happy Joy Joy

  11. Happy freakin birthday! I am happy that such a site exists and I am hoping for many more birthdays for this wonderful site.

  12. I guess this will encourage me to get a twitter account. Other than that I just need to write up some reviews and I will have everything done. Woohoo. I need a new lighter. My nibo burst a hose and my cheapie is MIA.

  13. rpgdonkey says:

    Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy Birthday!!!!

  15. Happy Birthday!

  16. Happy Birthday Cigar Inspector!

  17. ztopcat13 says:

    Hello Cigar Inspector,

    Happy Birthday!

  18. Happy B-day!

  19. Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the great info.!

  20. Happy Birthday!

  21. happy birthday!!

  22. Happy Birthday! I will light up a Siglo II for you tomorrow.

  23. Happy bday CI! And congrats to Denis on a job well done!

  24. HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY! 2 years is just the beginning!

  25. Keith1911 says:

    Happy birthday! Thanks for all of the reviews!

  26. Happy Birthday! Here’s to many more birthdays to CI!

  27. Happy Birthday and I hope you have many more blog
    birthdays! Cindi

  28. I subscribed to Newsletter!
    Again, many thanks…..Cindi

  29. Also, I became a fan of Cigar Inspector on Facebook and requested to be a fan of Thanks, Cindi

  30. I now follow both sites on Twitter!
    “Tweet!” Thanks a bunch, Cindi

  31. Happy birthday!!

  32. Happy birthday!
    We just turned 7 so we know about all the hard work (and passion) that’s behind such a venture. Keep up!

  33. happy birthday!!!

  34. happy b-day

  35. Happy Birthday!

  36. dollarbill666 says:

    Happy Birthday!

  37. Happy birthday I’ve been looking for a reason to smoke a padron 1926

  38. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to YOU~

  39. “happy birthday”!Wishing you many more for the years to come….

  40. Your email “birthday at cigarinspector dot com” and are not working. Is there something wrong with your site. Please send email to me so I can enter.


  41. @tobacmon

    I’ve sent you an e-mail.

    If you encounter problems with the “birthday at cigarinspector dot com” address, let me know via the contact form.

  42. Happy Birthday! How do you sign up for the contest?

  43. Highfather says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Started my own business in November of 2008 and celebrated with an H.Upmann based on your review.

  44. Happy Birthday!

  45. hightower24 says:

    Happy birthday

  46. Thanks for the great site! Here’s to another two years!

  47. Happy Birthday!!!!

  48. Happy B’day!

  49. RegularGuyReview says:

    Happy Birthday guys on 2 years, we follow you guys on a regular basis and hope one day to have the success and following that you enjoy. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  50. Done Denis–thanks for the help–I really enjoy your reviews–keep it up!

  51. JoseFloresJr says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  52. Happy birthday! I love your site!

  53. Se7en_Vandalay says:

    Happy Birthday!

  54. Happy Birthday. Glad I found you

  55. Alexandre says:

    Happy birthday and thanks for being there. The Inspector’s reviews are a major resource for guidance in the cigar jungle! :-)

  56. Happy B’day. Keep it going!

  57. Happy birthday

  58. This site and been a great help to me as a new cigar smoker. Lets all smoke one for the B-Day.

  59. Happy Birthday!!!!

  60. Nickdrista says:

    Happy Birthday!

  61. Happy Birthday!

  62. Hey, sorry I missed it. But Happy Birthday anyway!

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