Amazon $21 Gift Certificate Giveaway


As I stated in my best cigar books post, proceeds from sale of books would be given back to one lucky reader in the form of a gift certificate. Here is another one. It is a gift card for $21 that can be redeemed on (doesn't work on or .fr).

Just leave a comment on this post to be entered in the draw. The winner will be announced in one week, next Saturday.

53 Comments on “Amazon $21 Gift Certificate Giveaway”

  1. Woohoo! I love me a giveaway. Thanks for all the work you put into this site. Love the reviews.

  2. Thanks for the great content on the site as well as for the contest.

  3. Yuuuup

  4. Love me some Amazon!

  5. Thanks for the contest and for the reviews!

  6. Thanks for the great reviews and info!

  7. Great job on the site. Way to get the people involved. I love getting those emails. Thanks.

  8. Nice contest, Inspector! Sign me up!

  9. Keep up the great work – thanks for the contest!

  10. Thanks again for the contest opportunity! Nice site, enjoy the reviews.

  11. Thanks for the contest but I never win anything.

  12. I’m looking to restock on butane. My lighters have been dead for about a year. Haha. Moving to Southern CA where all the “smoke” shops have little to do with cigars makes getting the usual supplies a little annoying.

  13. Sweet!

  14. Thanks once again!

  15. Twenty-One!! One of my favorite Las Vegas numbers. Thanks for the give-away.

  16. DetroitSquirreL says:

    Great thing your doing…I buy all my families stuff on Amazon. This would help the family :)

  17. mrmeaniee says:


  18. Swede214 says:

    Thanks, always read the ”Inspector”, great job!

  19. tedomatic says:

    I enjoy the information I get from With all the cigars to choose from, I always read your reviews to give myself a starting point.

  20. These are always great. Thanks for the reviews and the giveaways.

  21. Amazing! I love your cigar reviews! I wonder if you would do a little article on humidors?

  22. Aww yeah! Sign me up!
    And as always, thanks to you and all the contributing reviewers for making this a great site.

  23. lavidahavana says:

    Sign me up!
    I always check out this site!

  24. In it to win it!

  25. Mykelogan says:

    Great site!! And giveaways are always fun!

  26. Thanks for the giveaway and the great site!

  27. WyattJones says:

    Contest !!!!

  28. Always enjoy coming here for the reviews and other info. Thanks for another generous giveaway.

  29. Great idea as always!!!

  30. Ooops, i may have posted twice….

  31. Sounds Great !!!!

  32. Love the reviews. They are really helpful. Thank for all your hard work.

  33. smoke770 says:


  34. Thank you inspector!

  35. Matt Romero says:

    Great site. I’m looking forward to the results!

  36. foozer69 says:


  37. Good reviews and a good contest.

  38. Great reviews and a contest to boot.

  39. irratebass says:

    Thanks for the contest, will use thos to buy me a mophie!

  40. Keith1911 says:

    Thanks for the contest! Congrats.

  41. Sounds Great!

  42. kbezerianos says:

    Good luck to me,
    good cigars to everybody ;-)
    Thank you.

  43. Appreciate the opportunity and all the great reviews

  44. Wonderful! Thanks!

  45. thank you for all the infos, reviews and contests!

  46. Thanks for the contest. Your site keeps getting better and better. Reviews, contests, cartoons, info, links. What more can I say but “thanks!”

  47. TJ in CT says:

    Thanks for another contest! Good luck to all!

  48. mathieurlp says:

    Great contest! Good luck guys!

  49. franzenk says:

    i would love to win it. good luck to all

  50. In it to win it.

  51. Cigars and Amazon, my two great joys in life.

  52. Love the reviews!

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