Amazon $12 Gift Certificate Giveaway


As I stated in my best cigar books post, proceeds from sale of books would be given back to one lucky reader in the form of a gift certificate. Here is another one. It is a gift card for $12 that can be redeemed on (doesn't work on or .fr).

Just leave a comment on this post to be entered in the draw. The winner will be announced on Sunday.

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40 Comments on “Amazon $12 Gift Certificate Giveaway”

  1. Cool

  2. Sorry and .fr. Good luck everyone.

  3. Very Cool. Thank you

  4. Cool contest.

  5. Help a “brother of the leaf” out.

  6. Alex Martinez says:

    Very generous contest. Too bad Amazon doesn’t have cigars! Lol

  7. SuperKrishna says:

    Great simple contest

  8. Cool contest!

  9. Gift card? I’m in.

  10. kafreeman says:

    Great contest!

  11. Larry Goldstein says:

    I love amazon’s selection of mp3s and other musical options. The books are a very good buy as well. I especially enjoy their audio books.

  12. sm0kinjoe says:


  13. I’m in! Thanks for the contest!

  14. This is a pretty neat and easy contest.

  15. I’m in, and thanks for a new contest!

  16. Bring it on!

  17. Why not?

  18. Great idea to give the proceeds away to readers! Thanks for the opportunity.

  19. Thanks for being so generous and fun…

  20. basquiat67 says:

    Could really use this for back-to-school supplies; or … to go towards that humidor I’ve been saving up to get!

  21. Larry Goldstein says:

    Amazon prices are the best!

  22. Thanks m8… again :-)

  23. awesome , great reviews

  24. Thank you for the opportunity, CigarInspector.

  25. Thanks for the contest. Very nice of you to do so.

  26. Thanks for entering me!

  27. spidrwire says:

    Thanks for the offer!!

  28. Bradley H says:

    Very kind, thanks!

  29. Awesome

  30. Great site,& any tool or book that can give us knowledge, info, things we did’nt know, especially about one of nature’s greatest pleasures, & the PLEASURE POLICE’S warning, I welcome the book on CIGARS!!!

  31. Thanks! Love the site!

  32. wyattjones says:

    Need $12.

  33. Very cool.

  34. comment

  35. good stuff

  36. rick_adams says:

    Great idea, thank you.

  37. Thanks for the contest!

  38. I’m in

  39. USMedicPA says:

    That would be a smoking win……….thanks

  40. Awesome!

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