Cohiba Siglo IV

Cohiba Siglo IV

Origin : Cuba
Format : Corona GordaCohiba
Size : 143 x 18.26 mm
Ring : 46
Weight : 11.41 g
Price : 12€/piece
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Smoked a few of these during the weekend. Cohiba Siglo IV is a cigar you must treat with respect, make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy it - if you are in a hurry, you won't get much out of it (I learned this from my own mistake and nearly spoiled one).

Appearance : ★★★★★
I guess everybody will agree with me - the stick looks great. Flawless chocolate wrapper, neat, shiny band - these guys know how to make a good-looking cigar.

Cohiba Siglo IV 
Construction : ★★★★½
The construction is another trump card of this cigar. Perfect draw all the way, regular burn and fair amounts of smoke.

Cohiba Siglo IV

Flavor : ★★★★☆
Upon lighting, woody and grassy aromas steadily set in, these will be present during the hour that I usually need to smoke a Cohiba Siglo IV (again, make sure you're not in a hurry!). Unfortunately, the flavor is too monotonous to let me call this cigar extraordinary, it's just a high-quality habano that you can always count on.

Value : ★★★★☆
More expensive than other corona gordas, true. At the same time, you can be sure that you are getting a stick that is perfectly constructed.

Overall Rating : ★★★★½
Cohiba Siglo IV is a high-quality cigar that just lacks a little amplitude. If I were to select the best corona gorda, I'd rather go for a H. Upmann Magnum 46.

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7 Comments on “Cohiba Siglo IV”

  1. this is a great cigar. great size. always top notch construction and burn. my favorite of the Cohibas

  2. I bought a sampler, 3 of each in the Siglo range from Cohiba, and bar the VI… This tops the list!

  3. Cohibas are always a good choice. Med-full strength, enough complexity, and excellent construction (I think the most important feature is the reliable construction). A cab. of Siglo IV ’08 arrived a couple of weeks ago, maybe I’ll have one towards Christmas. I wonder how these ’08s compare to the aged Magnum 46s I like?

  4. phathungarian says:

    I just bought a box of these in Cuba, haven’t had one yet. I have a case of Magnum 46 (cabinet) on the go as well as some Magnum 50 in tubes, I was hoping this Cohiba will offer more than either magnum, especially since it’s way more expensive.

  5. I smoke about 10 of these and 4 of them burned only from the inside, sometimes had tight draws, and I couldn’t count the numerous times I had to relit them…

  6. I have made it a tradition for my team to have a Cohiba smoking session after each successful mission to mark the event, and everytime it has been a delight. I am new to smoking cigars, but now I am getting really hooked. The trick is taking time to enjoy it. The Siglo IV my favourite by farm

  7. This cigar smells great. I do not smoke in my house, but sparked one up before heading to the patio during a dinner party. A non cigar smoking friend commented,”hey that cigar smells amazing”.
    I agree! The Sig 4 has great flavor too. I had a five pack. I had some burn issues with 3 of the sticks that was frustrating, but still a fine cigar.

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