Cohiba Siglo I

Cohiba Siglo I

Origin : Cuba
Format : Petit Corona (Perla)Cohiba
Size : 102 x 17 mm (4 x 42)
Ring : 42
Weight : 5.91 g
Price : ~$9 each

My latest foray into the Siglo line is the Siglo I. An expensive little guy, but these have a great reputation. So, I was looking forward to the experience.

Appearance : Rating: ★★★★☆
This Cohiba had an oily Colorado shade wrapper, which was nicely applied. It appeared to be well made.

Construction : Rating: ★★★★☆
During the 1st half the draw was a little tight for my liking, but it opened up nicely once I past the midpoint. This cigar had a fairly straight burn. The head seemed loosely packed, but this wasn’t the case with the rest of the cigar.

Flavor : Rating: ★★★★★
This cigar started out creamy, but had a lingering bitterness behind it. It was surprisingly peppery as well. The 2nd half saw some nice changes in flavor with the bitterness fading away and espresso taking the place of the pepper. It tasted like a latte by the time I reached the end. Outstandingly complex.

Value : Rating: ★★★☆☆
This is a little cigar, but being a Cohiba, it is quite expensive considering the size. However, it was really good. So if you can afford it and enjoy half coronas, I’d say it’s a definite box buy.

Overall Rating : Rating: ★★★★½
I was hoping this cigar would be good, but I didn’t think it would be this good. It had an epic story to tell and squeezed it all into 40 minutes. I am partial to cream and espresso flavors, so this cigar suited me well. It should age gracefully.

8 Comments on “Cohiba Siglo I”

  1. What a wonderful little cigar! The one that I just smoked had all the ability of a Monte No5 and a bit more complexity. Minor burn issue but if you turn it then self correcting. Never had to re light in 30mins. Price may be a hinderance but well worth it methinks. Will buy more of these for sure. Cigar was rested in my humidor for 2 months after purchase.

  2. phathungarian says:

    Excellent review as always. Thanks. Agreed in every aspect.

  3. Hdownunder says:

    excellent review Jason the weather was drawingin here on Tamborine mountain and so I turned to the Siglo 1 as I thought that 30 minutes or so would see the rain arrive and I never cease to be amazed by this small cigar. The 1st third as you say is peppery and even a touch of mustard seed to it strength and as a malt whisky man I tried to match it with a dram of Glenfarclas 15yo but frankly the 1st third needs a talisker 10yo and the 2nd third the Glenfarglas and when the lovely creamy coffee finish arrives perhaps a Dalwinnie 15yo which is of course the reverse order if conducting a malt tasting. The ash held almost to the band and billows of white smoke accompanied my all too brief encounter!

  4. I always keep a 5 pack of them in my humidor. A nice peppery treat for when time is short!

  5. casaclaude says:

    yep like you say these are great cigars have bought some in cuba last nov and wow for a small cigar……..

  6. Recently enjoyed a couple of these from a small pack, put in a humidor for a week or so, after receipt. A good solid 25 minute smoke, with good flavours that develop. Pricey – yes, but a great petit corona. Goes well with some British bitter (beer)! :)

  7. I am not the most fanatic cohiba friend,but when it comes to siglo I and robusto,I just can’t say no !!!!!
    Lovely cigar, probably the best in its size.I always keep a few in the humidor,just in case :-)

  8. phathungarian says:

    Respectfully, i would slightly disagree with the construction and the appearance parts of the review. I have always thought all Siglos were very nicely made. I never had a concern about the draw. For me, siglo I and II are two of the greatest smokes on the market, although due to the price I don’t buy them much. There is something about these little guys that is just ….. well, awesome and makes me want more. When I want to treat myself, its always a Siglo.

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