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  1. marcin
    August 29, 2012

    This is the cigar I started with. IMHO Cohiba Robusto gains a lot with storage. When smoked fresh can be almost awful. But give it a year and it will reward you with unparalleled taste. Maybe that is why some people love it and some hate?


  2. NewfStog
    September 27, 2013

    I smoked one a few weeks ago on the back 9 while golfing. I think this Cohiba vitola is overrated. No doubt it is a great smoke, but in my opinion the king of the Cuban Robusto is Partagas Serie D No. 4. And for the steep price of the Cohiba Robusto, there are better cigars out there. And I have never seen this cigar at $10 as you stated, although I did buy one on a Cuban resort for 16CUC.


  3. DrFever
    September 27, 2013

    I agree on the Partagas D 4, also one of my favorite Cuban Robustos and yes, I paid 260 Cuban pesos at LCDH in Veradero in early 2012, not on a resort where they can cost more.

    There has been a recent across the board price hike and the new LCDH pricing for these is 13.60 each or 340 for a cabinet of 25.
    Thanks for commenting.


  4. Worldtraveller
    December 9, 2014

    Last one I had of these was October 2014. Bought from Hotel. So a little pricey. However, Walk in Humidor in Bar (which I thought was a great idea) had onbviously done its Job well. Flawless smoke from beginning to end. Well presented too with Cigar Cutter and Cohiba Matches. Treat myself two nights in a row !


  5. Joãozinho30
    January 4, 2015

    Very good cigar, here in Portugal they are very expensive, but IMHO they worth it. But my favourite Robusto sre the Bolivar Royal Corona and Ryj Exibition 4 (the ones from 04 are smoking exceptionly well.


  6. Peso puffer
    September 13, 2015

    The only Cohiba that doesn’t disappointment. I would be fine if they trimmed the whole marca down to this one cigar, just like they have done with QdO.


  7. Yiorgos
    September 25, 2015
    My review of the Cohiba Robusto

    Last weekend I was lucky enough to find myself in Brussels with my better half. As in every trip, my better half knew that we had to spend a few hours smoking or shopping for cigars. Being new to the city, I asked the concierge of my hotel where was the best place to enjoy a cigar – if any. The answer was short; “The Conrad, in Louise Avenue”.

    A short walk after and we were in the hotel bar. A large cigar cabinet was in the corner. Not a great selection of Cuban cigars, but nearly the entire range of Dominican Davidoffs! Browsing through, my eyes were quickly set on a beautiful bundle of Cohiba Robustos. After choosing one and then ordering a Glenfiddich and a cup of tea for my wife, I was escorted to the smoking area. A separate area in the bar, with leather armchairs and couches, with a proper ceiling, proper -closed- windows and proper extraction fans…a smoking room! Bloody cigar ban…

    The lounge girl brought my Cohiba in a saucer, with a box of matches, a scissors cutter and some cedar strips. “Would you like me to light it for you sir?” she asked. “No, thank you.” I replied… I prefer to start the ritual myself!

    The cigar itself looked beautiful. Shiny, oily, tan coloured wrapper, smooth feel and slightly veiny, spongy from top to bottom. Strong aromas of nuts and spicies are present on the foot. Pre-light draw is great and leaves a spicy flavour on your lips.

    I took out one of the cedar strips and lit it. The cigar burns slightly uneven at the start, which evened out quickly. The draw is perfect, with the cigar delivering plenty of smoke. Medium body with smooth creamy flavours and a touch of spice are teasing and tickling your palate.

    Smoking through the second third, the cigar gets more complex. The taste is smooth and consistent. It becomes more spicy, also delivering woody and earthy flavours. The draw is as consistent as in the first third and the cigar burns evenly.

    On the last third, the cigar becomes stronger and the flavours become more intense. Still creamy and spicy, the cigar reveals the full extent of its complexity. Earth, wood, leather were a few that I could identify. The flavours mix in pretty well and you feel like smoking the cigar until the very end!

    Overall, this has to be one of the best robustos in the market, if not THE one. Its creamy, mellow flavours in conjuction with its spiciness, gives your palate an unforgettable experience. It is so well balanced and so consistent that you will feel sorry to let it rest on the ashtray when its gone. You just want more!

    The only drawback is the price tag that can be quite heavy, typical of the brand. The Conrad has roughly 50% markup on the marked price for the cigars sold in their lounge (€26 for the Cohiba Robusto). However, a good Cohiba Robusto in a good setting is every cigar smoker’s manna!


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