Cohiba Robusto

Cohiba Robusto

Origin : Cuba
Format : RobustoCohiba
Size : 124 x 19.84 mm (4.8 x 50)
Ring Gauge : 50
Wrapper : Cuba
Filler : Cuba
Binder : Cuba
Weight : 11.66 g
Box Code : LPA MAY 08
Hecho Totalmente a Mano (Hand-Made)
Price : $15.59USD (single), $44.58USD (3-pack), $379.64USD (25-box)
Note : The Cohiba Robusto prices are reflective of the full retail price of this cigar from my ISOM source.

This great review comes courtesy of David Chen – and we hope to see more in future! Enjoy.

I will not bore you with the history of the Cohiba marca as it is already so well known. In addition, a lot has already been written about this particular vitola from Cohiba which is among one of its most popular. It is viewed by many as one of the best Robustos in the world, and has gone a long way towards popularizing this format. I recently purchased a box, and upon their arrival I noticed they were already over a year old. After about a month’s time, to allow them to settle in my humidor, I opened the SLB to sample this Cuban gem. Here are my thoughts…

Appearance : Rating: ★★★★½
The Cohiba Robusto (a.k.a. CoRo) tends to always be a very good looking cigar, as it should be given that this marca is considered to be one of best, if not the best in Cuban cigars. Generally, I was pleased with its appearance, but there were two exceptions. While the CoRo’s wrapper was of a beautiful natural shade which I would liken to my morning latte, there was a somewhat greenish splotch (reminiscent of quite a few Montecristo No. 4s that I have smoked) at the foot of the cigar. I hate seeing this in a cigar at this price point. I mean the least they could have done was turned the splotch to the back. There was some slight veining, but other than that, the wrapper appeared smooth and slightly oily. The other detractor in terms of appearance was the slight hole in the cap. If I were to really pick at this cigar, I might also complain about the band not being fully glued together in back, but hey, I actually like that as it makes the band easier to remove.

Cohiba Robusto

Construction : Rating: ★★★★★
My experience in terms of construction when it comes to the CoRo is for the most part exceptional. This cigar was no exception. It was rolled well (not overly packed, but not loose), and the draw was perfect. The triple cap was nicely applied despite the hole (albeit tiny) in the cap. It felt good in my hand, nice and round (I dislike box pressing) and had a good weight to it. The wrapper felt almost velvety to the touch. From the foot you could see that the bunching was good, though nothing to write home about. Just a personal observation, but I tend to find the bunching on Dominican, Nicaraguan and Honduran cigars to have a better appearance. Finally, the ash on this Cohiba Robusto was black to dark gray and was extremely flaky. In other words, it did not hold well. It tended to break off on its own about every inch or so. The burn was slightly off, but did not need any touch ups. I did however, need to relight this cigar twice, but I attribute that to me getting to involved in the conversation at hand during my smoke.

Flavor : Rating: ★★★★☆
From the pre-light draw, the classic Cohiba flavors tantalize your palate right away. That grassy flavor is very pronounced, and sets you up for exactly what you would expect from this cigar. In the first-third the cigar started with a medium profile right away with the taste of sweet grass, some tobacco and leather. In a word… awesome. The second-third offered the same grassy aroma, but the sweetness disappeared to be replaced with a hint of black pepper. I personally like the pepper and expect it in a CoRo. In the final-third, the cigar was picking up to a medium-full in terms of body. The grassy aroma went away, but the pepper remained along with the flavor of tobacco. At this point it was not evolving as I expected it to. The cigar also began to get a bit harsh and the bitterness was steadily developing. As I was no longer enjoying the cigar I let it go out with an inch remaining. I would have to say that the most enjoyable portion of this cigar was the first-third.

Value : Rating: ★★★★☆
What can I say? Is it an expensive cigar? Yes. Is it worth the price of admission? Well, there are some who would say “No,” but I on the other hand would answer with a resounding “Yes.” While I am a fan of the Cohiba marca…no one I know would call me a Cohiba whore. I would have rated the CoRo higher in value if the cigars were not so young. So, if they were what I would consider to be a good smoke now, not just smokeable, the CoRo would have received a better rating in this category.

Overall Rating : Rating: ★★★★☆
As I mentioned before… this was a classic Cohiba Robusto, but was a bit young. My personal opinion is that this cigar should be laid down to rest for another 12 months. In that time it will make a much better smoke. There is no denying that the first two-thirds of this cigar were great, but the youthfulness of this cigar got the best of it in the end. I fully expect this to evolve into a phenomenal cigar and would certainly make it a staple in my humidor, as should you.