Cohiba Genios

Cohiba Genios

Origin : Cuba
Format : Robusto/ToroCohiba
Size : 140 x 20.64 mm
Ring : 52
Weight : N/A
Price : over 20€/piece

I definitely decided to make you jealous reviewing these delicious Cohiba Genios, which belong to the new Maduro 5 series. By the way, the review of the Secretos is coming up as well :)

Appearance : Rating: ★★★★★
The Cohiba Genios is aesthetically pleasant, that’s for sure. Beautiful silky wrapper and the stylish band that is becoming one of my personal favorites.

Construction : Rating: ★★★★★
Flawless construction, everything looks extremely neat. Good pre-draw, with essentially woody scents.

Flavor : Rating: ★★★★½
Good start with rich woody and foliage flavors, quite profound and developed. The second third is very dynamic and vigorous, with strong spicy notes. You feel that this is a very balanced cigar. In the last third, the same flavors are present, but I can’t say that the Cohiba Genios is monotonous or boring – it’s far from that! Last minutes of smoking are soothing, leaving you completely satisfied.

Value : Rating: ★★★★☆
This is the most expensive one in my local cigar shop, but I feel quite comfortable about it. That’s the real value of the stogie.

Overall Rating : Overall Rating: ★★★★½
The new Cohiba definitely passes the preliminary examination. Beautiful, balanced and elegant, the Genios will find its fans. Count me in.

8 Comments on “Cohiba Genios”

  1. I wasn’t exactly impressed. No doubt this is a good cigar, but it’s not extraordinary.

  2. I disagree… this cigar offers fantatic complexity and is very similar to the Siglo VI.. perhaps a little sweeter! What a cigar!

  3. jblanc197 says:

    I bought a box of the Genios last year, and haven’t smoked one yet. I usually let cigars age one to two years before smoking and they all improve, but it suddenly occurred to me that I never buy maduros and therefore don’t know much about them. Will these improve with age, or is it a mistake to let them sit? If they are comparable to Siglo VI, (as David said)I am in for a great smoke

  4. If you’ve got a box, I think that you definitely have to smoke one right now, just to see how they fare. If you don’t enjoy them (which I doubt), let them rest 6 months and try again. I’m pretty sure that one day they’ll be delicious.

  5. “rich woody and foliage flavors” Ha! Never seen “foliage” flavor before. That said, sounds interesting.

  6. I finally got around to plunging in and smoking a Genio. I have to say that I fall somewhere in between the previous comments in my assessment. Not extraordinary but certainly a superb smoke nonetheless. Beautiful wrapper, no problems with the draw, no soft spots. The cigar burned even and not too hot. Flavors began a bit harsh but settled in to a wonderful blend of woodsy fresh with sweet caramel and chocolate, a complex blend for sure. I accompanied my cigar with a glass of old port. I’ll try the next one with something more neutral such as single malt scotch to see how the flavor profile changes. It is definitely a change of pace from the mundane, a new flavor to my collection. I was pleasantly surprised that the usual maduro taste was not the overwhelming characteristic of this smoke. I would not put it in the Siglo VI category just yet. Doesn’t belong in the pantheon of other unforgettable cigars such as the 2000 Montecristo Robustos (my favorite smoke of all time) the 2006 Cohiba Piramides or the 2003 Hoyo Piramides ELs which remain at the top of the list.

  7. phathungarian says:

    I think the review is very good. It is a special occasion stogie for sure. I really like this smoke, unfortunately it is very expensive. Still, once in a while, why not…

  8. phathungarian says:

    p.s. If I had a box of these, I wouldn’t be able to stay out of it, LOL!

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