Cigars of Habanos

Cigars of Habanos
Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Hong Kong
Online Since : 2003
Rating : 292 ( : 338, : 46)
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Description (from the website) : Our parent company established itself in Hong Kong in 1946 and we have been supplying the world with the best in Cuban cigars for over 15 years.

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  1. Experience:

    I give a big thumbs up to Cigars of Habanos (“COH”). COH has a great selection of cigars that are always in stock and, moreover, consistently the best prices on the Internet. Many of the other online retailers from time to time match COH prices with discrete specials on particular cigars. But COH offers 15% on all orders above US$300, which almost always makes COH cheaper than the others on every marca and vitola. Customer service has been excellent as well. COH usually ships within 2-3 days of my order and the package arrives within 4-6 days. Ravi seems like a nice guy who is helpful and easy to deal with. One note, although COH is in Hong Kong, they ship out of a warehouse in Switzerland. I was a bit confused when I received my first order in a Swiss Post package.

  2. Experience: Neutral

    siglo VI bought two boxes , tasted horrible, I believe they were fakes in my humble opinion. Absolutely horrible smell.

  3. spirit_of_will says:


    My first order from CoH arrived this morning. I made a small first order just to be on the same side and check them out – 12 cab of Trinni Reyes. Total of 8 days from ordering to delivery all the way from HK – transit time was actually only 3 days so cigars arrived nice and fresh, not at all dried out. I’m as convinved as one can be that they are genuine, seals broken but barcode & holgram etc all present and checked out fine on HabanosSA website.
    Prices are very good, just need to decide what to order next…?

  4. shallots says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I just ordered a box. Looks like a good retailer. It would be nice to have more reviews here. I’ll post when I get them. Anybody else?

  5. Experience:

    Used to use them all the time, especially with some of their “mega” sales. When they stop these specials, I found other sites with better pricing. They were always top notch, no issues.

  6. Montecristo Lover says:


    These cigars are definitely fake. I requested the box be unopened but in fact they clearly had been opened as the corner seal was open and had a second seal put on which also was open. The Cuban seal on the corner was an older seal as it was smaller than a normal one and had a second seal underneath. The top seal was unopened but the bottom seal had been cut at some point. I would bet that they took an authentic box and put fake cigars inside and tried to reseal it assuming I would never know any better. Further more the box was in poor condition upon arrival and had a stamp from 09 on the bottom. Overall it wreaks of counterfeit. Just more proof that you shouldn’t buy Cubans online.

  7. Experience:

    Ordered 4 boxes in total, always top notch sticks and speedy delivery. Tracking and emails keep you well informed. Ravi is a first class retailer of REAL cubans

  8. Experience:

    Had two fairly large orders delivered by CoH. Both times good service and very good prices. My only complaint was that my last order had a few badly damaged sticks – 3 out of 120 – overall I would recommend. I’m not an ‘expert’ but I don’t believe I’ve received any fakes.

  9. Stevieboy says:


    I’ve bought from Ravi dozens of times and only once had a problem which he rectified immediately (cracked cigars due to transit).
    @ MontecristoLover above: the practise of double-sealing a box is quite common. The new seal is smaller and has a bar-code on it and is is often placed over the larger, older seal. Sometimes the factory will double-check a box for quality and place a 2nd seal over the first. The code on 2nd seal will begin with XX to denote a 2nd check.
    CoH are a first-rate retailer and I stand by them 100%

  10. Experience:

    I discovered a love of cigars when I visited Cuba on my honeymoon. Sadly with UK prices it’s not really a habit I can justify to myself, let alone to my wife. And then after a fair amount of research I discovered CoH and I’ve never looked back – I can only say that they’ve been fantastic. I’ve now made several orders of various types of cigars. The prices are excellent (about 1/3 that of the UK) and the orders always arrive within about 3 days. The order tracking is extremely useful and all cigars have arrived in good condition (definitely no fakes). Thanks to CoH I’m able to maintain a well stocked humidor and enjoy a cigar whenever I feel like it, whilst also avoiding grief from my wife for spending exorbitant amounts of money.

  11. leanderdsilva says:


    Just placed my second order with Ravi. First order was placed a week back. Excellent service and communication from Ravi. Looking forward to about four packages. I’ll let you’ll know how it goes once I receive the cigars.

    Update (Jun 10 2011) Just received my first order. Excellent quality and extra fast shipping! Simply superb!

    Update (Jun 22 2011) Still haven’t received the boxes from my last order because of the imbeciles at Canada Post. Thank you Canada Post!
    Placed another order for 3 more boxes yesterday. As usual great communication from Ravi. Will update once I receive the cigars.

    Update (Jul 15 2011) Excellent service from Ravi! Reveived all the pending boxes. Just placed orders for 4 more big boxes!

    Update (Aug 10 2011) Bought over 25 boxes from COH in 3 months. Ravi has paid attention to every little detail of every order of mine. He even asked me if he should ship or refund my money when he did not have a particular box code I wanted. Always good quality cigars from COH. Excellent communication from Ravi.

  12. CHUCKSMUSIC says:


    On my second order from coh. so far so [email protected] should know that all cuban cigar boxes have box dtds the older the better in most cases unless a bad yr.Also they open the box to ck it. Be sure to ask Ravi to send you the box dtd and codes for all the cigars so that you can pick your boxes.

    Update (Jun 15 2011) Just got my second box from COH. Took only a wk from shipping dtd. Got some ’08 trinidad coloniales
    sticks are in great condition. My first box was partagas sd #4, great taste and great prices on both boxes.

  13. gcastrovil says:


    Just recieved a box Diplimaticos #2. Cigars look and smell as they should, good construction. Fast delivery, fair price. I never ordered Diplimaticos before. The band is not raised and plain. Warenty seal is a bit liter color green than I am used to seeing and the UPC code was cut off. The cirgars seem to be authentic though. Anyone know why the codes are cut from the warenty seals?

    Update (Jun 29 2011) I just recieved box of Vegas Robinas. Look and smell authentic. The band seem correct. I am not sure why the code on the bottom of the Warrenty Seal is removed so I can check for authenticity at the Habanos web site. On the other hand from my experience, they are the real deal.

    Update (Jul 15 2011) Just recieved a box of Cohiba especiales Coronas. Authentic Cubans alright. Fast delivery. fair price.

  14. neuticles says:


    Ive been a regular customer for about 2 years. Have gotten two boxes which were very questionable insofar as authentic. Both times Ravi refunded or credited my account. I believe most of the time they are autentic but they slip in fakes from time to time.

    Update (Aug 3 2011) As stated with another post above Ive been buyng from COH for several years and am generally happy. Today, hoever, I got a box of Partagas Lucitanias- march/o7 and the habano logo on the back is inked on and not branded on. After the box rests Ill try one and if they arent the real deal will follow up.

    Update (Apr 30 2012) followup to aug/3 2011 review. My Partagas Lucitanias are ambrosia. needed some time to rest. Wonderful cigars. I have since ordered many times from Ravi. I have been very happy with super fast delivery and for the most part quality. In the few cases I got a bad box he refunded the purchase but not without some squabbling. Overall prices and fast delivery is why I keep going back.

  15. Panoulis says:


    I received a few days ago my first order from CoH (3 boxes received in 3 separate shipments). I used to order from another website (which currently appears at the top of the league for cubans), but had to abandon them as they recently faced consistent problems with delivering in my country.
    All cigars received by CoH were in very good condition, with proper packaging and authentic seals which I checked at the Habanos website.
    Delivery took a bit longer than I am used to (10-12 calendar days from putting my order) but I consider it reasonable since the cigars are sent to Europe all the way from Hong-Kong.
    Overall, one of my best online experiences, will have no doubt to order again from this website.

  16. Experience:

    I have been using COH for over 5 years and they are still one of the three vendors I use regularly. I have had mostly positive experiences and continue to recommend them. Pricing and selection is above average. Prices have gone up lately, they are no longer the cheapest. I keep checking in regularly in case they offer any new specials. Shipping has usually been decent. I have one bad box over the years, but all of the others have met or exceeded expectations. Recommended.

  17. nelsontcpSG says:


    I’m from singapore. I received my order of partagas serial D4, 10 box about 2 wks ago. Box code/date, APR/Mar 11.

    Warranty seal with hologamy and bar code intact. Did a verification check on the bar code and found to be valid and authentic.

    Cigars are uniform in colour/length/sizes.

  18. abdul rahim abdul rahim says:


    been a regular with cigars of habanos for cause to complain.excellent site for your cubans.would definitely recommend this site to others

  19. Experience:

    10 days from order to delivery. Authentic monte #2’s. Recommended. Thanks Ravi!

  20. tinknocker924 says:


    ordered RASCC which look amazing…had one ROTT and tasted like its been sitting in my humi for a couple years absolutly perfect..

  21. Experience:

    Bought a box of 10 RYJ Short Churchills. Ordered on the 19th. They shipped on the 20th. and I recieved them in the Stars and Stripes on the 26th. Packaging was ok. 8 out of 10 cigars had some splits or cracks in the wrapper but are probably smoke-able. I did ask they be inspected before shipping so I am going to assume this happend in transit. I sent a follow up email with the vendor explaining what I recieved and stated that I would keep them and intended to smoke them but I would hope to recieve better in future purchases. I did not ask for a refund or replacement and I assume he would replace them if I wanted to return them but it was my choice to keep them. I have not recieved a response to my email. I did smoke one ROTT and it was definately a cuban RYJ short churchill. I gave a positive because over all I got a great price on an authentic product and recieved it in great time. Had I wanted to do a return Im sure it wouldnt have been a problem.

  22. Experience:

    Super maximum bullish with this store. Fast shipping my first batch of order came in very well. Not overly packed easily pass through the custom like they don’t give a damn. I can smell it even before opening the package, the box has everything intact, beautiful cigars everything looks right where it should be. You can tell when it isn’t right, u know what I mean. Freaking awesome, I tried 2 shops before hand and was going to keep trying til I find the reliable one, now I will just stop at COH, will keep ordering

    Update (Oct 14 2011) AGAIN, now i put in a heavy order, bam bam bam, it’s coming in just nicely. However, i just recieved a box of 10 Bol Gold Medal, 2 sticks got damaged but just put in an email, i’m sure that Ravi is cool to fix me up with something, i’m very relax, having good faith in this store that’s for sure.

    Update #2 (Oct 17 2011) resolved now, easy with 2 emails.

  23. Experience:

    Recvieved a box of BHK 56’s, no question on authenticity. I have 6 boxes enroute, this is the cheapest I’ve found Cubans and the bigger the order the better the savings…I was about to buy an extra box because my order was so heavily discounted…

  24. Experience:

    Another satisfied customer! fast delivery and cigars (BHK 52) were in excellent condition upon arrival. Will order again for sure.

    Update (Nov 19 2011) Just received my second order from COH and I am sold on their product and service they are now one of, if not my prefered provider of cigars!

  25. darkman787 says:


    I did a lot of research before buying Cubans online. I ordered my first box from COH and was impressed by the quick responses to my emails. The cigars arrived in perfect condition. The labels arrived a few days later. Happy with my purchase.The cigars appear to be the real deal. I will be ordering again from COH. Thanks Ravi for your great service and the free gift!

  26. Experience:

    Ordered some Magicos for a friend in the UK. the pricing was extremely competitive. Cigars got there in good shape, unmolested and in very good time! And no mishaps with customs excise either.

  27. Experience:

    Dealt with these people for years and they sell no fakes. Perfect cigars every time. Whoever thinks they may be fake knows nothing about cigars. They wouldnt be in business a week. Do not hesitate dealing with these people.

  28. Experience:

    I have dealings with COH for a few years. To be honest I thought some Brands were fake at first But changed my mind as time went by.
    Shipping is very fast, order usually takes one week to deliver which is fast when you live on the last Island in Western Europe.
    Ravi is fantastic to deal with and the Christmas pressie each year adds to the quality of the people at COH, Rock on Guys

  29. Experience:

    Outstanding service and great cigars. Prompt shipping. Very discreet. Box codes available on request. Very fast ems shipping. Cant recommend enough. Ravi, you rock :)

  30. Experience:

    I ordered a few times from them and great service. Good cigars and fast shipping! Ravi is one of the two dealers I use.

  31. aficionado says:


    beware. this is my experience : i ordered three times.

    for the first order, i got good cigars (not excellent).

    for the second order, i got very good cigars but some problems in construction.

    for the third, i got very bad cigars with the worst draw. in all cases, the wrapper was very fragile and all my cigars broke during smoking.

    i don’t know if my cigars were fake as the taste was not too bad but they were of less quality for sure. so i lost my confidence on them.

    so beware before placing several order with this supplier.

  32. Experience:

    I have smoked lots of Cubans in my life to know what they taste like.
    Real Cuban Cigars taste great even young and very rarely have I seen them having serious issues in taste and construction as the cigars I received from this vendor.
    I rate my cigars by taste and quality and true premium Cuban Laquitos are great cigars with never any issues as these……I have smoked a truck load of them to know the difference.
    I placed two orders with this vendor and I received one of them and the other is broken up in transit in two packages instead of one out of which one is lost and the other is stuck in NY somewhere for too long now.
    The ones I received(two boxes) are the most interesting combo of mostly fakes and real ones in the same box!
    One stick in particular had plum on it while the others suppose to be of young age as of the date on the box.
    Varnished 898s being bad non varnished types and Monte Laquito No 1s mostly plugged and real,and also fakes with some real ones in the same box!
    How interesting!
    Even more so most have either a taste issue that real habanos of that brand never do and the construction issues being plugged that real Laquitos No 1s do not and definitely not with that kind of variation in the same box.
    Cuban cigars are always much better than this.
    Ravi claims he opens his boxes to check for quality and he claims on his mails with me that he has seen habanos that feel loose and are completely plugged so he has no way to know about the draw……I told him I can tell plugged ones by feel and verify it every time I light one up if they are so.
    He is also ironic about me being some kind of an expert that knows very little about cigars when I claimed what his cigars are like.
    If only his cigars where as good as his talk ….it would have been worth buying a lot from him.
    All wondering about what they smoke better get some experience about what they should taste like so no one can make claims that are not true or fool you.
    For all concerned Habanos distributors care less about having their codes on boxes in the hands of aficionados in the US enjoying their cigars and it happens all the time….. and there is no registry to prove if Ravi sold them to you or not,so if you want to believe his reasons why he peels bar codes on your boxes you will fall victim to the bad cigars you will get that do not taste as the real Cuban cigars of the specific premium brand.
    He claims the distributors do not want to be known for having their cigars en masse (quote on quote) coming to the US in case they want to participate in this market when the embargo gets lifted off!!!!
    What individual along would ever compose en masse issue for a habanos distributor that this vendor poses that he protects by peeling of bar codes and even further customs cares less if they take your cigars in regards to which distributor they originated from.
    All these boxes are marked cigars on the outside of the package and they come through….do you ever wonder….
    I am done spending my time dealing with this kind of stuff trying to buy some cigars.
    If you have enough trust with anyone to buy Cuban cigars from the US,you should have a mutual trust that they ship you original products as made intact from the manufacturer and if they tell you they do not do this they will sell you cigars that have never been in Cuba even on vacation ….as someone wrote somewhere on the net….I think they are selling stuff also….
    Beware ,trust your taste buds and smoke some real Habanos so you know what they taste like before you order garbage on the net.
    Premium real Cubans are truly the best cigars in the world and they taste awesome.
    I am done ever buying on line from the US and stay with the trusted sources I have when I am back in Europe….their cigars always tasted awesome with that ever so familiar taste all the time.

  33. Cyber-Speculator says:


    Been using this seller for about 6 months in which time I’ve made several orders. NEVER had a problem as far as authenticity goes. Orders are shipped and arrive pretty quick too

  34. bpan6038 says:


    Ordered with the for the first time after reading many reviews. These guys are AWESOME.

    Not only are their prices fantastic, their sticks are completely legit.

    They also send their cigars marked very discreetly so that the tax man has a very difficult time getting you. No customs to worry for me.

    Will definitely order from them again.

    Don’t bother with the other Hong Kong site called Finest Cuban Cigars. Their stock is questionable.

  35. chriscarp says:


    Ordered from them a lot in 2009 and 2010. Only one issue where I was unhappy with greenish wrappers. Ravi told me to place a note on my orders and he would make sure I did not get light wrappers. Never had a problem after that. Starting ordering from a competitor in 2010 and 2011 to save a few bucks per box. They changed owners and became incredibly nasty when I had an issue with an order. I’ve gone back to COH. Ravi will address any concerns and cigars always arrive in good condition (overhumidified but that is good since they are traveling overseas)and are shipped quickly (within 48 hours usually). Overall very positive experiences.

  36. Experience:

    Ordered Partagas Serie P No.2 AT- box date Oct ’11 and Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios- box date Oct ’11 and received them in 11 days. I even requested that my order by vacuum sealed which they did free of charge! Tracking worked all the way state side and no problems with getting them into my state side humidor. Only problem I could even comment about would be a little green spot on the outer Cohiba box that was cardboard. The inner box was what counts and that was intact and beautiful. Needless to say I ditched that outer box in the garbage. Ravi answered my emails promptly and I was impressed with how fast I received my smokes. The Serie P No. 2 are amazingly delicious. I’ve been duped before but I can definitely say these are the real deal. I have no idea why anyone would have any problems at all with them. I do plan to age them- if I can keep my hands off from them!!! I plan to use them as my go to Habanos source from now on.

  37. chriscarp says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I am not sure why Mario P has such a grudge against COH but anyone who tells you they can tell a plugged cigar by feel every time is completely full of crap so I discount the entire email. Also, ALL online retailers peel stickers from at least some of their boxes. A perfect example is regional releases. On-line retailers often sell regional releases outside the regional market. They get them from authorized dealers who are not supposed to be selling them outside the regional market. Mario’s comments that “real” Laguitos don’t come plugged, what a joke. They guys at Cigar Afficionado (the “real” experts) will be the first to tell yo that Cuban quality control is not what it should be (of course not, it is a communist socialist country, there is no private sector profit mentality and they are always behind in production so they crank out as many as possible regardless of quality).

    One last comment, Mario P thinks that in Europe he gets “awesome” Cubans. Again, nonsense. All the Distributors get the same quality, they don’t get to pick their boxes. I like COH but more importantly, I hate it when people who fashion themselves “experts” ramble on and trash a solid company when they don’t know what they are talking about.

  38. Experience:

    Ravi is excellent. Have ordered a couple times, takes a week flat to arrive, in excellent condition, and the real deal. Very responsive to emails, very timely, and great prices. For a newbie, carries a good stock of 10 boxes that allow one to try some things without a major commitment of coin or humidor space. I don’t know why you’d go elsewhere!

  39. Andrejs_m3 says:


    Great company.
    Fast delivery. Excellent customer support.

  40. Experience: Neutral

    This is an answer to Chriscarp..
    Yes I can tell a lot about the draw of a cigar by touching and I never got CCs in a single box that half were totally plugged and others real loose as well as……
    Do you know anything about blends?Can you identify your favorite cc by smoking it if it was handed to you with no bands on?
    If you get to smoke enough real cubans in your life you will know what they are.
    Now if you are happy with what you smoke keep on doing so but do not attack me.
    I like ccs because they have the most complex medium to full body taste and are the best cigars in the world for my taste buds.
    As far as Europe goes there are shops there that will pick boxes for me by looking and feeling and I never got anything but perfect cigars from them.
    I have never seen green Cubans either.
    Smoke what you like and advertise your opinions with out criticizing me.
    For your knowledge quality control of premium cuban cigars never have a problem like this and you know very little if any about cuban cigars if you make comments like that.
    Do you know if there is cuban tobacco rolled away from Cuba?
    Did you get a bar code on your cigars to check with Habanos sa on line?
    Do you know how the bar codes work?
    Do you believe vendors that tell you the bar code has info about distributors.
    Do you know what the bar code does and why Habanos created it.
    If you did you would have known what real cubans are.
    Until then do not talk about me.

  41. Edmundo Cohiba O'Reilly says:


    Have ordered several times now from Ravi, including a few older, out of productions. Excellent everytime. Excellent prices, communication and packaging. You can just tell Ravi is a gentleman. While the recession has me buying less these days, a good portion of my sales will go his way. Thanks again

  42. David A says:


    Just picked up a box of Trinni Reyes and Boli PC’s. It took COH a week to ship, and Ravi sent me an email apologizing that they were really backed up. Customer service was great and the package did arrive safely.

    Update #1 (Oct 2 2012) Just received my 2nd order from COH. Cigars came in great condition, packaged very well. Was 11 days from me placing the order to having them in my hand, service is excellent. Would buy again, and recommend to my friends.


    Update #2 (Oct 22 2012) Just received my 2nd order from COH. Cigars came in great condition, packaged very well. Was 11 days from me placing the order to having them in my hand, service is excellent. Would buy again, and recommend to my friends.

  43. Experience:

    Have ordered from Ravi many times and have never had an issue. Ravi always does his best to fill any request I have as far as box code.

  44. Larry C says:


    Purchased a 10 box of Montecristo #2’s and a box of Partagas serie P #2 Tubos. All came in a week, authentic and perfect. Stamped aug 2011. Just ordered more Montecristo#2’s.

    Recommended by my friend to use Ravi.

    Update #1 (Jul 15 2012) Last month ordered a box of Partagas Serie D No. 4′s…8 days to me, just received my box of Bolivar Royal Corona’s…9 days …both perfect, authentic, tastes great and aging….100% perfect and authentic, with absolutely no issues with any of the sticks…..Thanks again Ravi, don’t know how you do it, nor do I care…just thanks for allowing me keep enjoying!

    Update #2 (Aug 23 2012) Got my RASS shipped in 8 days. All perfect sticks…Thanks again Ravi…Excellent service.

    Update #3 (Dec 22 2012) Took advantage of the specials after Thanksgiving and got my 2 boxes of Hoyo Epicure #2’s in 7 days….boxes stamped May 12, young, and ready for my humi…smoked some ROTT and very nice young….Thanks again..

    Update #4 (Jun 13 2013) I ordered 3 boxes of Petit Edmundos during the specials the last week of June. All came within 8 days of my order….perfect condition as always, not one crack on any of the sticks…..Thanks Again Ravi!!!

  45. Capt Haddock says:


    I’ve been a customer of COH for the past two years and have been unequivocally satisfied with their cigars, service, and prices. I’ve been smoking cc’s since the 70’s and I KNOW a Cuban when I smoke one (even unbanded). I’ve never had reason to suspect that COH sells anything but REAL Habanos

  46. Experience:

    Bought a large number of boxes from Ravi over several years and have found the service to be perfect.

  47. Experience:

    I have been ordering from COH for several years. Ravi is a true cigar professional. Just received a box of RASS and El Ray de Mundo. Great cigars! I’m letting the develop in my humidor. Thanks COH.

  48. Experience:

    Ordered my first box from COH on April 9th and received them on the west coast on the 18th. Packaging was good and included a humipak. The cigars look and taste good and have been consistent.

    I just ordered another box that should be arriving any day. Best prices I have found.

    Update #1 (Jun 20 2012) My second order just arrived. Ordered on 6-9 and received on 6-20 on the west coast. No problems with quality and they smell wonderful. I was a bit surprised to see a description hand written on the declarations label that said “25 cigars”. I am surprised that was not a red flag for customs.

    Update #2 (Jul 12 2012) Another successful order. 8 days total from when I ordered until I received them. I have noticed that some orders sit in NY customs longer than others. Everything was fine with the cigars and they were shipped with a humidipak as usual.

  49. Experience:

    I have ordered many boxes over the last few months havent had a problem i usually get them with in 7 business days, “cuban cigars arent great young”

  50. Experience:

    I have ordered several boxes from these guys and they always ship fast, have some of the best prices. Ravi answers emails and your concerns in a very timely manner.

  51. Experience:

    I’ve had many purchases from COH and never had a problem. Top notch service to Canada.

  52. Experience:

    Been buying from COH since 2010. Great prices & great service!

  53. Experience:

    I have ordered dozens of boxes from COH and they have all been outstanding. Ravi is a class act that knows what great customer service is all about. Do not hesitate to buy from COH!

  54. Experience: Neutral

    I recently received my first order from COH; Montecristo No 2 box of 10. The box and cigars were in very good condition on arrival. Wanting to verify authenticity, I put the seal and box to the test and they seemed to pass; verified the micro printing, Hologram and UV image under black light. The diagonally placed label on the top right hand corner also looks legit. Finally, the bottom of the box has the required “burned in” printing, not ink. My concerns are as follows: the box had obviously been opened, (I knew to expect this); however, the seal was NOT properly placed…it was folded over between the “Cote d’ arms” and the missing bar code. Authentic cigars have the warranty seal folded IN THE MIDDLE of the “Cote d’ arms”. The bar code, which allows for verification was also missing, (Ravi gave the same explanation about protecting distributors). Finally, I’ve smoked three sticks and have found them to be OK, not great in flavor and burn quality. Always possible that I have a legit box and seal, but with fakes inside?? I might order again, but I do have some concerns…..any input would be greatly appreciated.

  55. Experience: Neutral


    I have bought 2 separate boxes of Montecristo #2 (10 boxes) over the past year and mine were described as yours in regards to the labels. Mine are authentic and I suggest trying them again after they settled in your humidor for a couple of months. Some Montes are “just OK” as remember, they need to settle after transit. I always smoke one from each box as soon as i get them, and when I do that and they don’t settle from transit, and there is always a different taste, burn is off (too humid).

    I inspected all of mine and from both boxes, they are all the same, with no inconsistencies from each box (as well as the other boxes from other makers)..each stick is even, wrappers are similar.

    The 2nd box of M#2’s I recieved from Ravi were actually and older box.

  56. Experience: Neutral


    thank you for your comment. I’ll take your advice and let them settle in my humidor for some time before I try another one. Just like you, it seems that most COH customers are satisfied with their purchases. However, I’m still curious about the warranty seal placement; I’ve read that Cuban cigar makers are extremely anal about this. Does anyone have information about this?

  57. Experience: Neutral


    My understanding is that factories have gotten sloppy with those standards (label placement) and in some cases construction due to high demands. I am far from an expert but read what many experts have been saying.

  58. Experience: Neutral


    I get it Ravi taking taking off the bar codes, it’s his source.

    Here is one the M#2 boxes I have, does yours look like this?

  59. Experience: Neutral


    Of all the boxes I’ve received, they are all in the same locations, they are not perfectly placed, but verifying the box factory codes, they are legit. Of the research I have done, many companies in Cuba have quality control, I also have read the same. The bands on each stick are what I would scrutinize more, as those are all even in color and placement.

    Just based on the construction of the cigars and smell, flavor upon smoked, they are definately Habanos.

  60. Experience: Neutral

    my box looks exactly like yours, inside and out. I was impressed by cigar appearance and smell; however, the first three I smoked didn’t quite meet my expectations…..both burn and taste. I’ll definitely let the rest settle down and report back after I smoke another stick. My only concern about the seal was it’s placement; it passed all the other tests, as did the box. I’m just being extra careful, as I have been a victim of fake Cubans in the past. I really appreciate your input!

  61. Experience:

    ALEX888 I bought a 10 pack Mont 2 from CoH they were very pale in colour, box pressed and not at all like the cigar I purchased and smoked here in Oz. I smoked one straight away and it was horrible, very acidic, loose drawl and no real flavour, will try again soon. I questioned CoH on their authenticity and was told to talk to pacific cigar company who supplies CoH and am awaiting a response so not overly impressed with service. I didn’t get them in the box at my request but was told by an Oz supplier if the ring label on the cigar is embossed and not printed then they are real.

  62. Experience: Neutral

    JC, thanks for your input and let me know what you come up with. I’m letting the remainder settle down in my humidor for a while and will try another one soon. I’ll examine the ring label as well. Dave, thank you as well; It does seem like most reviews on CoH are positive; I may place another order, ( different kind), and will report back with my findings.

  63. Experience:

    Ordered 3 boxes. They arrived quickly and in good condition. I’ve ordered from 4 suppliers so far and most of them, unless you want to pay a bit more, ship young boxes like March and May 2012. That’s the way it is. I think that JC and others just need to let them settle. I personally don’t smoke Monte 2’s unless they’ve sat for about 2-3 years. CoH so far has shipped good cigars in great condition other than being young.

  64. Experience:

    @Alex, Larry, JC, I am from Australia, so the same region with hongkong. I always request seal box and barcode intact. Checked with HSA and verified original all boxes i ordered. If you within region of pacific cigar distribution, request like me and you in peace. Honestly, the only way to tell legit is to check the barcodes, I smoke a lot CC but hardly tell from brand to brand. E.g. Robust cohiba and partagas robust, they all Cuban but huge price gap. Most fake Cuban made from Cuba and Cuban tobacco and most likely people working within HSA, or they used to work. Try FoH forum and find out about sources. Peace

  65. burghblast says:

    Experience: Neutral

    @JC and Alex: I recently received a box of Monte No. 2s from another vendor with the exact same problems at JC’s — the wrappers were unusually pale and the sticks were not perfectly round, with a slightly box-pressed feel to them. They did not smell at all like previous Montes I’ve smoked either. However, I chalked everything up to the fact that the sticks were incredibly young — my box had a June 2012 date code. Everything else appeared legit: the box, seals, date code, bands, everything, and I have had consistently positive experiences with the vendor in the past. The fact that a different vendor is shipping Monte No. 2s with the same weird problems as mine is reassuring (unless Cigars of Habanos and the other vendor, both of which I trust, are shipping fakes from the same source).

    Follow up: I should have clarified, I still have not smoked the Monte No. 2s I received because they are so young. I’m going to give them at least another month or two in my humi before lighting one up.

  66. Experience: Neutral

    Decided to give CoH a try based on reviews. Ravi was very responsive to my questions and I received my box of Bolivar Belicoso Finos after just one week. No hassles with customs (Canada). But the corner seal isn’t quite right. It appears to be too short in that it doesn’t wrap over the top and right edges of the box. Plus there are three extra corner seals slapped to the side of the box. Everything else looks perfect, from the box itself to the cigars to the bands. But I am disturbed by the discrepancy with the corner seal. I took pics to show what I’m talking about.

    Follow up. This is how corner seals are supposed to look:

  67. Experience:

    @Semtex, if you notice the placement on the box you state is the correct placement of the corner label and look at the other picture youll notice that the label is not shorter but not place close enough to the corner this happens from time to time due to some factorys using machines to put labels on the boxes now, i’ve purchased over 300 boxes from COH, and Ravi is someone i trust

  68. Experience:

    @Thaddeus: Thanks for pointing this out. I had not noticed before! I emailed the pics to Ravi and he said that he ‘has seen this from time to time’, which is somewhat vague, lol. As I said, everything else looks perfect, especially the cigars themselves. I just placed an order for a box of Cohiba Robustos with Ravi, actually. :)

  69. Cuban Pete 2012 says:


    Did my first order with COH a ten box of RyJ Wide Churchill’s received in the UK in seven days , the cigar box was still sealed as I requested in their comments section, the cigars were very well packed and upon opening the box they looked in excellent condition albeit very young July 12 with free traceable postage I am highly satisfied with my purchase and cannot wait to order again in the New year and just to mention that I checked the seal bar code on the Habanos SA website and they were verified as authentic

  70. DelawareCigarman says:


    Ravi runs a great store. HIs service is excellent. The product is reliable. He is always responsive with any necessary troubleshooting. A pleasure to do business with COH. I have bought dozens of boxes from him over the past years and the reliability and quality are always there.

  71. Experience:

    Just purchased my first box from Ravi a couple weeks back. Received my package within 10 days of my order, opened it up and out came the sweet and savory smell of aged tobacco. The presentation was nice, all the wrappers were uniform in color (not too light not to dark). Had one the next day and it was delicious, nice hints of ground coffee, spice, and sweetness. It would be a good idea to age these though for another year. Definitely a quality product and seller. Thanks Ravi!

  72. Experience:

    My first purchase from Ravi was in the middle of December. I wasn’t expecting the order to show up for 1-2 weeks, especially during the height of the holiday mail craze. So you can imagine my surprise when it appeared just 5 days later! Everything was vacuum sealed and in excellent condition. I shot him a thank you email which he promptly responded to so I imagine his customer service is up there should you run into any problems.

    Other sites might beat their prices on a handful of offerings, but overall CoH has some of the lowest everyday prices.

  73. Experience:

    Well, my experience with this company has been brilliant. I was of course skeptical at first as anybody is.

    The main points to note are:

    – Fast Shipping
    – Cheap Prices (nice of them to include the shipping price into the cost of the product)
    – Got through customs without a hitch!

    The cigars I bought were a little young, but I presume that’s because they didn’t have the box I requested on the comments section of ordering, so they will need a little ageing.

    However, the packaging / shrinkwrap was excellent, these are legitimate cigars as checked by a first time buyer online using the box-code.

    Wonderful product, what more can I say? Screw the other companies, this is the one you want to buy from.

  74. Experience:

    I’ve been ordering from Ravi for years and never once had a bad box or a box of fakes. I think Paranoia strikes deep to those who claim fakes from a great CC vendor. Ravi has never sent me a fake nor will he ever and nor will he or has sent fakes to anyone else. Best vendor PERIOD

  75. Experience:

    Placed my first order with COH based upon the recommendation of several friends I Herf with on a regular basis. I am extremely happy with the entire process and Ravi’s customer service is second to none. Looking forward to my next order.

  76. obviousadams says:


    I placed my first order with them a couple of weeks ago and all arrived just fine in about a week. Can’t say I have any complaints and their prices are very good.

  77. Experience:

    Ordered many times from Ravi at CoH to Australia, Usually no problems with customs, will mark the boxes in Chinese or as the name of the cigars, not actually writing tobacco or cigars on the box.

    Vacuum sealed with Barcodes and Government Seal still intact.

  78. Experience:

    I have ordered many many times from COH and they are always great with service and quality. The shipping time is half that of other vendors that I use.

    Thanks Ravi!

  79. burghblast says:


    I’ve ordered from CoH several times now with no problems. Great prices, great product, great packaging and reliable shipping. Highly recommended.

  80. Experience:

    Ordered from this vendor a few times, never had a problem. Quality cigars and fast shipping.

  81. Experience: Neutral

    i ordered 25 box of Montecristo – No.2 Feb. 20th and still waiting. Can’t even track them, been in New York since Feb. 24, and that’s as far as tracking goes??????? Not happy.

  82. Experience: Neutral

    Don’t worry I had a box from COH sit in Newyork recently for 3 weeks. I ordered them on Feb. 11 and did not receive them until Mar. 5. They will arrive, they always do.

  83. Midwestcclvr says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I also just had my cigars arrive after 3 weeks of being in NYC but when they finally made it to my humidor! I will wait until it is warmer before I can smoke a cigar and give my full impression. Previous orders have been suburb. I have had no issues tracking my packages I have received from them. Here’s a hint for all stateside:

  84. nishdog007 says:


    I’ve ordered from Ravi a number of times in the past. Each and every order has been excellent! Great product…great service…and great shipping!!

    More over, he GUARANTEES DELIVERY!! No idea why the a few of the above posts are complaining about not getting their shipments yet.

    @Ivan — the fact that you know your cigars have been sitting in NY means that you ARE ABLE to track them!!

    Ravi is one of the best vendors out there!

  85. Experience: Neutral

    so y have they been in NY since Feb. 24th, and they still are this morn, march 13th?
    original shipped date 2/22/13

  86. midwestcclvr says:

    Experience: Neutral

    COH has nothing to do with your CC’s being held up in NYC. At times the USPS does do their “job” and other times they do their “job” slowly. I have noticed a much longer wait as compared to other vendors however the wait is much worth it

  87. mattle74 says:


    I wanted to test out this vendor so I placed a small order for a 10 count box of Montecristo #4’s. I ordered late in the evening on March 12th, the order shipped promptly on the 13th and I received them today the 18th. I’ve had domestic packages take longer than that! The product looks great, the seals look authentic and the cigars look & smell wonderful. Date on the box is May 2012 which I am happy with as well. I will definitely be ordering from them again in the future as I think their stock, prices and service are outstanding.

  88. Experience: Neutral

    Ivan, why would you blame COH for your cigars being held up in customs? You are giving them an unsatisfactory rating when the delay has nothing to do with COH. You stated that you can not track your package but then say you can see they are held up in NY. That means you can track them, they just haven’t moved. In fact you said you ordered on the 20th and they were in NY on the 24th. That’s pretty good time in my book for an international package. If you aren’t smart enough to figure these things out, you shouldn’t be rating your transactions.

  89. chitown joe says:


    well i placed my first order with COH, placed the order on mar 14, it shipped out mar 15, received the order on mar 22, everything looked great boxes, seals and cigars all in good condition, cigars smelled like my other isom’s, tied of each to compare the taste an they came true, they need to rest a bit more but the just of the smoke was there

    Update #1 (May 2 2013) well since my last posting, i placed 2 additional orders, 1st of the second orders came in but not before ravi stated that shipping dates emailed to me where not correct they actually shipped 4 days later then the emailed info,this only came up because i questioned why they are shipping with no tracking on this order, made me start to wonder.

    2nd or 3rd order, half of the order came with in 5 days, the other half we are on 18 days we here in the states still have usps operating on saturdays so that counts, according to ravi it does not , if he used usps priority as he stated he would have to have a tracking no# usps confirmed that anyone shipping to the u.s. using usps priority will have to have a tracking no#, ravi states no tracking, o.k. so now i have no proof that the items shipped just him saying it did, i was starting to like them great smokes shipping was great up until this last half order, will update after the shipping time has passed
    not happy with them.

    Update #2 (Sep 2 2013) ordered on the 23rd aug. got them 2 sept. with a holiday 6 bus. days at my door, awesome cigars

  90. Danny d. says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Placed order on march 4, shipped march 5, still no cigars march 25, Have ordered from Ravi before with no problems.he says he guarantees delivery, will update my review April 5

  91. Experience:

    I ordered 3 boxes from COH less than a week ago, 2 have been delivered and one is currently held up in customs.

    The box of Siglo 2 AT’s had all the seals cut, but there is no doubt they are genuine. The box of Flor de Las Antilles is genuine and all the seals are still intact.

    Great prices and great service!

  92. Experience:

    I ordered a box of cigars from COH(Ravi) this past Jan. and they arrived in great shape. The real deal! Also I see a lot of comments about packages not arriving to there final destination. It’s not Ravi or any of the other vendors fault. There has been a big uptick in packages not leaving ISC NY.

  93. Shawn W. says:


    Ravi is one of the best!! I have always recieved in about a week time. They always send wrapper colors or codes I request. Two Thumbs up!!

    Update #1 (Nov 28 2013) So far this year I have purchased and received 2 epi 2 cabs, 1 punch tubos, 3 rass dress boxes, 1 shorts, 1 monte2, 1 d4 in 10 box. All have been great cigars with codes and wrapper colors as requested. Add to that all recived in a week or so in perfect condition. I have a box of edmundos on the way now and will update. Not much else to say except that I always end up buying here. Great cs, fast, great products, prices, codes, and colors.

    Update #2 (Dec 3 2013) Update: Edmundos here today. Beautiful box of cigars! Colorado wrappers as requested. Arrived in 6 days. The smell is devine. Like I said I always end up buying here and thid is why. Happy smoking friends!

    Update #3 (Mar 8 2014) I have used COH almost exclusively for the past 4 years. Not only have I always recieved great cigars with wrapper colors as requested. I have ordered dozens of boxes requesting specific codes also and they send it every time. If they don’t have the code any more, they contact me asking what I would like to do. I can request another or just cancel with no issues. Now that is customer service at its best with great cigars a week later. Last 2 orders 1 cab JL#2 And 2 boxes Partagas E #2 and exactly what I requested as far as codes/colors. Thanks, Ravi! Praise deserved where its due.

  94. Experience:

    This is one of the great vendors out there, I have had order form him for a long time as well as my friends and never had a problem except once where they stole my shipment in customs…

  95. Experience:

    Place first order into Australia. 4 boxes. I think they must have been shipped separately (my wife collected them at the post office for me so I’m not sure). Great condition and brilliant cigars but they didn’t make it past customs and had to pay the import duties. Even with all this additional expense they still ended up nearly 1/2 the price of the local retailers. I think the poor retailers of cigars in Australia must be on their last legs with the ridiculous rules over here. (Plain packaging – ie ALL CIGAR LABELS MUST BE REMOVED on every type of cigar and boxes and replaced with a govt approved shitty looking olive green plain label..or nothing..and put in a plastic bag with anti cigar messages all over it – PLUS the retailers are not even allowed to display any of their stock and one I went into recently couldn’t even show me the cigar I asked for and then he had to go out back, get the cigar and put it in the plain plastic pack before he brought it back to me with a $35 bill for one damn cigar!…what crap…stupid Govt…almost prohibition over here really) So it’s no lie when I say that I’m so relieved to have an excellent supplier like COH to rely on.

    Update (Apr 13 2014) I have only ordered from Ravi a few times but I know his cigars are genuine Cuban. Why? Was it because they looked, felt, smelt and tasted Cuban? Yes. But that’s only confirmation of a trust that you need to have with a Cuban cigar vendor. A trust that is only earnt through supplying genuine products with great service. I mostly get my Cubans cigars from FOH and although Rob will most likely give me grief over this I’ll repost his comments regarding Ravi. There really is no higher praise than receiving it from your peers.

    “Reading, hearing and seeing all the great reports from friends at the Habanos Festival makes me reminisce of some 20 years in the industry. I couldn’t really give a rat’s arse about the pomp and ceremony. The Habanos Festival is about catching up with old friends and meeting new. It is much the same with the industry itself, you wouldn’t spend too much time with many and yet there are others that you would give your right arm for.

    Ravi at is one, Rob Fox at is another. If you want accessories then Mark Neff at is a gem. Popping into Singapore, share a bottle of Whisky with the gorgeous Wishnu Bintang at Cigar Connoisseur Divan, River Road Singapore.

    I have referred literally hundreds of people to these friends. Each has a genuine love for the passion that is cigars and all the elements of friendship it encompasses.” (FOH e-newsletter,10th March 2014)

    Couldn’t say it better myself.


  96. mathieurlp says:


    just received my box of RASS, very happy & very fast shipping. thank you ravi

  97. Experience:

    Thanks for reshipping the products out again after the first shipment was stuck at the NY customs. Legit and reliable. Another satisfied customer.

  98. obviousadams says:

    Experience: Neutral

    COH is great and he is one of 2 or 3 go to’s for me. People complaining about shipping have to realize shipping difficulties are part of the game- they are not the fault of the dealer. Your stuff is 100% guaranteed so relax, be patient and realize it happens sometimes. This is not Amazon Prime, but if it could be COH would probably be on top of it.

  99. chitown joe says:

    Experience: Neutral

    if you call that complaining your mistaken,i making a statement that tracking would solve alot of the shipping questions and issues for both sides,
    yes it’s guaranteed at what time frame? 30 days or even 60 days? after shipping date, you know why they do that? its harder to contest it with your bank after 30 days, also they only guarantee the first shipment, the second shipment if thats gets seized,your out the money and the cigars, as you say it happens sometimes right? and if your not a regular with plenty of large orders they will refund you automaticlly and never sell to you again on the first missing order,so i’m going off my experience with them it went from great to crap in less then 2 months and over 2k in purchases.

  100. obviousadams says:


    Oops, supposed to be a positive above, so I’m fixing that with this.

    Anyway @Chitown Joe. My review wasn’t exaclty directed at you though I have a few things to consider on your follow up.

    Apparently tracking makes lost shipments more likely.

    Secondly, there is another option outside of reshipment. You might want to take that option.

    Third, they say 10-22 days because that’s how long it can take. I have received t-shirts from overseas that have taken 3 weeks to arrive. They fully guaranteeing your shipment so I see no reason why they shouldn’t-
    a. set expectations
    b. Make sure they are certain the package is lost before issuing a refund/ reshipment.

    Lastly, I think the Saturdays is kind of petty. Perhaps they should understand that mail is delivered Saturdays but, honestly is it really going to kill you to wait another week before filing a claim? It might not be ideal, but it seems like the easiest solution if that is what they are claiming.

    4. I cancelled orders with all of my chosen vendors and they still take my orders, respond to my emails and treat me very well so I don’t know what”never sell to you again” means.

  101. Experience:

    COH has a great selection, good prices, and very user friendly website. I’ve purchased numerous boxes from Ravi over the years. He has provided excellent communication, high quality stock and always backed up his promises even when shipments went missing in action. Replacement packages arrived quickly as promised. The cigars are authentic and packaged well for shipping. You can’t go wrong with a reputable brand from Ravi who excels at customer service. Highly recommend.

  102. iowacclover says:


    Ordered a few times in the past and with tracking my shipments always seemed to take forever. This time I took advantage of a few specials despite my hesitation of no more tracking. My first order was split into two shipments- box of Lusitanias and 10 of Maduro 5 Genios shipped Friday April 26 and arrived Tuesday April 30!! Second part, Cohiba Robusto 25 SLB, shipped Monday April 29 and arrived Wednesday May8! Much faster than any previous shipments from this or other vendors.
    Cigars themselves are legit. No doubt on 2 boxes as I was able to check their authenticity on the Habanos website! 3rd box I have no concerns despite not being able to check.
    I have another shipment enroute- I will update when they arrive. Another 10 of Genios and 2 SLB 10 of Siglo VI

    Update (May 13 2013) Update from my first post:
    Second order arrived in perfect condition- I was able to verify the Siglo VI as authentic, unable to verify the Genios but I have no doubt that they are. I failed to mention how much better I like the new packaging- very secure and safe. This time I had placed my order 4/27, a Saturday, shipped on 5/3, a Friday, and received 5/13 a Monday. Not too shabby considering the weeks it used to take to get through the apple. I highly recommend this vendor as THE go to vendor. No question of fake-vs-real, shipments are received quickly, emails are replied to quickly with great professionalism, prices are quite great (ESPECIALLY THE SPECIALS), and I have yet to have any issues. Ravi even sent a Cohiba Pen as X-mas. I will update again once I give the sticks some time in my humi. I may even be tempted to order again- IF I can manage my boxes to find room for more!

  103. Experience:

    I’ve been buying from Ravi for as long as I’ve been smoking CCs. He is a class act and stands behind his product and service 100%. He has an excellent reputation with industry insiders, and with knowledgeable consumers, who have been down this path more than once (and then some). Try what he has to offer, and if you are not satisfied, I’m betting Ravi will take care of you. I, for one, continue to give him the bulk of my yearly CC budget.

  104. chitown joe says:


    my replacement order took 5 days, thats how long it will take for my orders to arrive even from other vendors 5 days tops besides a weekend, everything checked out ciagrs look great, no#’s checked out, but i will be ordering from another vendor for the mean time, give ravi a break and maybe come back later on for some restocks

  105. Epicure says:


    I would highly recomend cigars of habanos. I paid on Friday and had the cigars by Monday! Exceptional. Makes you wonder what the hell royal mail sometimes play at.

    The cigars sailed through customs as well which is always a bonus ;-)

  106. Experience:

    Just received a box of PL Encantos with correct box code and date. Cigars are beautiful, and received in 10 days.

    I will keep doing business with COH

  107. Experience:

    Ravi’s customer service took exceptional care of myself and a friend who needed some clarifying comments about our order. A great experience!

  108. Experience:

    Have received 4 orders from Ravi at this point. All cigars came fast and were protected very well with no damage to the orders. Have been smoking CC for over 20 years and these are the real deal. I would have to agree with the gentleman in previous correspondence about removing the serial number as I just don’t understand there reasoning especially since LCDH’s all over the world leave them intact. I would like to get some further “sluething” knowledge from “Iowaman” on how he was able to reconstruct the crime scene? How about it Iowaman?

  109. Iowacclover says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I did not have to reconstruct anything. Serial numbers are there in plain sight- you just need to look very closely and knowledge of the newest labels. The new hologram labels have been changed slightly and these newest labels allowed me to verify my cigars. I am speaking cryptically because I don’t want to lose my ability to verify my cigars- this is only good on the brand spanking new hologram labels. Older ones and it’s always suspect to me.
    Cheers to summer heat, grilled meats, and CC’s!

  110. howard0710haw29 says:


    I don’t usually write review. But this time I wanna say something. Received my 1st order from COH, arrived in 10 days to the US. Genuine stuff approved by stamp code. You pay the order online, Ravi send you Cubans, it just that simple!

  111. Experience:

    I have been purchasing 4 different brands from COH over the last 18 months. Every experience has been positive. Everything shipped to me has arrived within 10 working days or sooner. I highly recommend Ravi and COH to all my friends. None of which have been disappointed. Sometimes they run a special sale that will save you additional money.

  112. Experience: Neutral

    I ordered my first small order from cigars of habanos last week 7/11/13 to be exact. I recieved my 10 box of petit edmundos today 7/18/13. Shipping was quite fast and the box code checked out on habanos sa website. Problem is the cigars themselves are dry and 6/10 are cracked so badly they are unsmokeable. The humidipack that was sent with the cigars was tapped to the outside of the box and not placed in a ziplock bag rendering it useless. The cigars look authentic but if they check the boxes being that my seals were broken i assume they did, then why were the badly damaged cigars not detected and the box switched for a non damaged box. Waiting on a response from COH now. Other than the damage the service was good. I will post an update on the resolution.

  113. Upnorthsmoker says:


    So for I’ve ordered 2 times with COH and they’ve been EXCELLENT in all regards. I’m just concerned with my current order that’s in transit because of the change in shipping policy to Canada. Have any of you fellow Canadians had problems with customs lately?

    Thanks in advance!

  114. Experience:

    First time ordered. Nine days delivery from my date of ordering to my doorstep. Excellent service and cigars looked great. Even though I know that I should wait a few days before lighting up , I couldnt wait. Smoked one of the the Regatas and Epi 2s. Both tasted great. Will certainly order again.

  115. joegalvanized says:


    Ravi is the man! I get authentic Cubans shipped from Switzerland faster than ordering Dominicans locally. Additionally CoH is competitively priced, communication is great, and the cigars are in great shape! Top notch – thanks, Ravi!

  116. Lambretta says:


    i placed 2 orders in their shop before 45 days. I received nothing so far. they don’t reply to the messages I have sent them. I ve sent them 3 messages. This is the worst shop ever. They charged 300usd and they don’t reply. AVOID!!!

  117. Edmundo Cohiba O'Reilly says:


    Fastest from HK, 1 week flat. Ravi is the man for service, price and fair play

  118. Hamakiman says:


    Got a box of Bolivar Belicosos Finos last week. Only waited 7 days for my order. Great cigars, everything checks out. Highly recommended.

    Update (Aug 30 2013) Just got another box, this time some Montecristo A’s. Swiftly arrived at my doorstep in about 8 days. The previous post by Tom Cohiba Papa is too bad. I hope its not true. However I have thoroughly inspected EACH cigar from both boxes and the construction is uniformly flawless throughout. In addition, I have smoke three BBF so far and all are phenomenal.

  119. Tom Cohiba Papa says:



    I started buying off COH about 6 months ago, I generally smoke Cohiba Genios Maduro 5 (about 2 per day). The boxes etc are all legit. What Ravi does is remove roughly half the original cigars and replace them with fake cigars. So you get some really good cigars and some absolute crap. I have stopped buying from COH, he doesn’t respond to my emails anymore either after uncovering this, it’s easy to tell the fake ones by the construction, feel and ultimately draw and taste.

  120. chitown joe says:

    Experience: Neutral

    well the prob i see with tom, he’s smoking 2 per day, and cigars he’s getting are young, less then a yr a take it, so they are basicly ROTT,so of course flavors will differ most cohiba need to age a bit for flavors to develop and balance out, so unless hes sitting on over 700 cigars which would be a yrs supply, and hes letting them age, hes smoking very fresh cigars, which is not the idea,you want some nice rested cigars with some age to get the best flavors,buttodays cuban cigar is more popular then ever so its hard for cuban rollers to age cigars like they used, supply and demand, Ravi’s a good guy, cigars are great,

  121. Experience:

    Just received ( 09/03/13 ) two boxes of JLP Cazadores and PL Panetelas. Shipping only took 7 days to reach CA. Both boxes were rapped very neatly together and contained a boveda humidication pack. Cigars were inspected to be at the right moisture and in perfect condition.

  122. Tom Cohiba Papa says:

    Experience: Neutral

    chitown joe – Cohiba Genios are already aged 5 years and boxes stamped 2011, so they are 7 years old technically, I let them settle in my refrigerated humidor that has over 1000 cigars. It’s not an ageing issue.

    You don’t get bad sticks in boxes of habanos, especially atleast half the box. It’s not an isolated incident, just sharing my experience

  123. Experience:

    I made a first time order with CoH and am awaiting their arrival (will update). Prior to that I sent Ravi about 15 emails with the most annoying questions that even I would become irritated with. He took the time to answer all my questions explicitly and promptly. Thus far, I would without a doubt, highly recommend this vendor!

  124. Experience:

    Ravi was great to deal with….3 orders to Canada all received within 2 weeks, had to pay customs for 2 of 3 but that is not within their control
    Well packaged and great cigars

  125. fingerbuster69 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Tom Cohiba Papa- The Genios wrappers are aged 5 years, not the binder and filler ( Had you known the product, that you smoke 2 a day of, you should have known the binder and filler were both aged for only three years. I hate when people come on here name and shame and act like they know the game.

  126. Experience: Neutral

    Ordered two different boxes and got them in 7 days. Every single one was a fake and a bad fake. Smelled terrible, horrible construction, bitter taste. I know these cigars very, very well and boy were they bad! Well, shame on me and Ravi was not cooperative to resolve what-so-ever! I decided to save some money. Cheap prices and free shipping. You get what you pay for! Stay away!

    UPDATE! No sooner than within hrs of my posting here, I was offered a refund with proof of shipping. I am out shipping fees but that is OK with me. A lot of folks like this place and I know someone who does purchase here with no issues. But my first experience was not good and if they were on the ball for a return or refund immediately then I’d have given them props for customer service. But I am glad they resolved.

  127. Experience:

    Received my box of 25 Cohiba Siglo IV. Super fast delivery from Hong Kong to China (order confirmed on the tenth delivered on the thirteenth). The sticks are beautiful! I smoked one ROTT b/c I could not wait. There was no mold and the construction and draw were amazing. Further, there were no lighting problems, lit up once and lasted a beautiful 70 minutes. The sticks are so uniform I do not expect foul play, HA verified as legit, and I even dissected one to ensure it was hand rolled, indeed it was.
    Thanks to Ravi and CoH!
    Cant wait to put in my next order!

  128. phill McKrackin says:


    I have ordered 5 times this year from COH.1 order was stopped at customs. Per Ravi’s policy, you wait 30 days and let them know. I did and they were reshipped, no charge. Every box I get I authenticate by going on You punch in the box code and it tells you if they are real or not. COH has the best prices and policies that I can find from a place to get me my Cubans into the States. However, after getting my letter from U.S. Customs, I didn’t know if I’ll order again.

  129. Iowacclover says:


    I ordered Cohiba Esplendidos, Hoyo Epi Especial, and Hoyo Epi #2 when on special- all checked out authentic! Problem was one 15 pack of Epi #2 were crushed :-( Ravi was great to work with, emailed pics, sent out the damaged ones and he gave me a credit. VERY AWESOME!!!! Now I’m awaiting my next order- one of interest is Behike 56- more to come and as usual very satisfied customer.

  130. Experience: Neutral

    Just placed a nice sized order, Cuaba salamones, Partages’ 898s, SD4s, Lusitanias, Hoyo LE short Pir., Monte #2s, and Bolivar cgs. Will keep you posted.

  131. bigpete85 says:


    I received the salamones, montes and bolivars, all were in good condition and checked out on HA as authentic. I asked them to ship my order separately and they complied. Thumbs up!

  132. nightdiver says:


    Just bought two (expensive) boxes from these guys. VERY impressed! Authentic and in original boxes. Thank you Ravi, I will be ordering more.

  133. Geoff Whittier says:


    I purchased a box of Vegas Robaina Famosos & Partagas Corona’s, seals broken on both boxes & bar codes removed, terrible taste & draw so one must question the authenticity.

  134. Experience: Neutral

    I’ve been buying from Trevor for years. His Habanos have been fairly consistent however once again they are not an authorized distributor of Habanos SA. Cigarsofhabanos is a after market distributor or “Gray Market” cuban cigars. As a result the cigars may on occasion not be up to par. Unlike other vendors on the internet Trevor will stand behind his product and if there is a problem he will make good. No probems with customer service. Although my last order he told me he will no longer guarantee taste or flavour of any cigars. I don’t blame him..

  135. Experience:

    I have been using COH as one of my online suppliers for several years now. Ravi is a gentleman and very responsive to any communications I have sent regarding my orders -although I cant get any free samples out of him yet, but do get a nice thoughtful little gift every year at xmas.
    I have been ordering less from COH last year or so due to the fact that every box I order from them now gets stopped at customs which is very costly. I am having the same problem with another of my favourite suppliers who ship using Swiss Post service. I have tried using different name and address but still customs keep stopping my cigars – would be delighted if Ravi and others could find a way around this. I use another supplier who also ships from Hong Kong and so far these don’t get stopped by customs – they are recorded, signed for delivery but not tracking and are delivered by the regular postman not Parcelforce – interesting!!
    Currently waiting for my most recent order monte especials no2 to clear customs – they have been sitting there for few days now – so that is going to be another £100.00+ at this rate will have to cut down on my smoking, going to be difficult after smoking over a box a week for 30 years – any suggestions welcome…

  136. Experience:

    Well my little rant yesterday about customs charges must have been considered by someone as although they had been sitting in customs for a few days they arrived today with nothing extra to pay…
    On another matter I still find it surprising how many people on forums complain about broken seals – must be mainly USA customers who are not used to buying Havanas that have been checked over by the importers/distributers – living in UK I am familiar with Hunters & Frankaus policy to open and inspect each box they import that is destined for sale in the UK – makes good sense considering the cost in the shops over here to protect customers from anything getting through that does not meet standards required.

  137. Experience:

    First time ordering from Cigars of Habanos, only ordered 1 box. Stopped by customs & duty payable of $150 bucks. Disappointed.

  138. iowacclover says:


    I ordered a box of Behike 56- what an amazing presentation- and quite authentic. Also had ordered some Party E2- no question about authenticity. Even with a removed bar code the new labels have many places to check for the serial number. I don’t understand the negeative comments- especially for something out of their control ie being nabbed by customs/ duty fees. As for “grey market” then why do they continue to send me cigars that check out on the Habanos SA website? Also when I request “seals intact” I generally get seals intact… minus the bar code. I will continue to purchase from Cigarsofhabanos and actually prefer this site to any other.

  139. M3maverick says:


    I’ve used COH now on 5 different occasions with many more to come. Ravi has most anything I’d ever want constantly in stock and he is always quick to email back on any questions I have. Using the site is super easy and checkout is simple. Email communications for orders and shipping are always quick and my orders show up nicely sealed and packed without fail on the 7th day!

    Trust me, I was hesitant at first but I’m a raving fan now. I researched many sites but upon reading the reviews for COH, I went with them and have no reason to look any further. I’ve referred all my friends to COH, Ravi is the best.

  140. Experience:

    Simply one of the Best!! Authentic, lifetime customer! Another delivery of some fantastic looking cigars! Thanks Ravi.

  141. Experience:

    Just placed a nice first order. Cohiba Piramides and Hoyo Especial. Will keep you posted.

    Update: Received the two boxes I ordered. They were absolutely authentic in all respects, smell, appearance and feel. In fact I could not fault them in any way whatsoever. Thanks Ravi, you will be hearing from me again very soon.

  142. Experience:

    Just a recommendation and response to negative reviews. I’ve ordered dozens of times with no issues at all and I’m more than certain if there were issues Ravi (the legend) would rectify any and all of them. Yes, some boxes come with original seal broken and a second seal over them which is not an uncommon practice at all. The quality is what counts and these are legit as it gets and quality is always outstanding. Always fresh and NEVER dry, great care is taken when shipped because Ravi cares about his reputation and the quality of the product and if you suspect a box is a fake just tell Ravi and you’ll see a man move heaven and earth to make it right but my guess is he’s never had to deal with that, only the accusations of people who have no idea what they are doing. Sorry if that sounds harsh but its the truth. Buy with great confidence!

  143. Chromefrog says:


    I’ve made a couple of orders now from COH. A box of Partagas serie d and lusitanias. I was also leary of an online company but had heard good stories from smoking buddies. Both boxes arrived quick and the product was outstanding. I’ve checked the labels, the box codes and most important the product. All were great. I will say not all cuban cigars are good, so if you ordered some cheaper cigars just to say you had “cubans” then thats what you got. Do your research!!!

  144. Experience:

    I have purchased at least 10 different boxes of cigars from COH and am very impressed with the service that Ravi provides. I am also amazed at the speed of the shipping and the very legitimate Cuban Cigars you are able to get online. With all honesty, as a fellow BOTL, COH is strongly recommended.

  145. Experience:

    I have placed an order with ravi and sent a followup email requesting that the boxes be sealed. I was surprised at his quick, and lengthy response.

    So far so good, I will update when I recieve my shipment.

  146. Experience:

    Just received box of ramon allones specially selected, been buying from Ravi couple of years great!!

  147. Experience:

    My buddy Bill told me about Cigars of Habanos (COH) and how Mr. Ravi took care of him. I just received 5 boxes of superb cigars, among them were some Behekes and some Cohiba Piramides, all were perfect, and besides the best prices of all my online stores, he also has the fastest shipping. Thank you Ravi, and thank you Bill!!

  148. Experience:

    I have been purchasing online for about 10 years now. It has been a hit or miss proposition until now. The first few orders with Ravi here at COH were a test to see if the cigars were legitimate. After I received the orders, I was actually surprised… The order processing and communication were fast, the shipping was really fast, but the thing that pushed me into the big orders was the quality. I don’t know how Ravi does it, but every box I get from COH is perfect, the look, smell and taste all are amazing. As a fellow lover of the Cuban leaf, I (without hesitation) recommend Ravi and his company.

  149. Experience:

    I have ordered 18 boxes of cigars from Cigars of Habanos and finally decided it was time to do a review. What I love about this company (besides the lowest prices I have found online) is the quality of the cigars. They obviously are well maintained and the shipping is so fast they do not have time to dry out. The service is also stellar, and I have to give Ravi (the person in charge) credit for that. The other thing I am amazed about is that I ALWAYS receive the cigars, this is the only online company that I have used that I can say that. Just incredible.

  150. Experience:

    I ordered one box of Cuaba Salomones from COH and it was in good condition so I ordered 3 more boxes from them: 1)Trinidad Robusto Extra; 2)Romeo Y Julieta – Wide Churchills; and 3)Cohiba – Behike BHK 52.

    The Trinidad arrived and the cigars were clearly fakes. The construction and quality were laughable. The bands have glue marks and fingerprints on them, and many have edges that looked like they were removed. Even the aroma of the cigars was wrong – never mind the taste.

    The boxes looked genuine but I do agree with the above poster that the boxes get opened and the genuine cigars are replaced with fake ones.

    Will update on the other 2 boxes when I receive them – hugely disappointed with CoH.

  151. Experience: Neutral

    Re: vwc228:
    I have talked with several of my friends who have purchased from Ravi for years, and we all agree that your comments were not fair… We have purchased cigars directly from Cuba and from LCDH’s that have had glue marks on the band as well as fingerprints and even missing labels… This does not mean they are fakes, it means that they do not check these boxes like they did before. I have purchased over 18 boxes from COH and never had a fake cigar… Some of my friends have purchased much more. I have had some that needed time in the humidor, but I as well as my friends who shop here believe 100% in Ravi and COH. And we also believe that when someone works as hard as Ravi does on building a legitimate business, HE deserves the benefit of the doubt…

  152. nightdiverbill says:


    Just received 5 more boxes of the most beautiful cigars: Behikes, and some LE’s and RE’s. Great prices, great service. What more can you ask for? Again, COH has my highest recommendation possible for quality products and fast delivery. I also agree with CigSid above…

  153. Experience:

    I have been buying Cuban cigars online for 12 years. I have finally found a site that I can trust, that has great cigars, great prices and fast shipping (the last order was placed a week ago, and I received my order today) the only thing that prevails above all these things is the customer service. The gentleman that is in charge (his friends call him Ravi) will answer your questions (no matter how dumb they are) in a quick thoughtful way, even on the weekends. I believe he works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (or it seems like it) I cannot emphasize enough how much I trust this man and his cigars… The only thing I can’t comprehend is why he is not number one on this site.

  154. Experience:

    Received the other 2 boxes: Behke 52 and R&J, and they were in great condition – very happy with them.

    Ravi was more than willing to quickly rectify the problem with the box of Trinidad by offering me a full refund and even sent a nice gift.

    I’ve placed an order for more cigars from them due to their excellent customer service and responsiveness.

  155. BehikeBobby says:


    Wow, what a company!! I ordered 4 boxes of Behikes and received them in 1 week! I was a little nervous ordering online, since this was my first time, but after talking to Ravi through emails and reading all of these reviews here at this great site, I fired away. Now I am the happy owner of the most awesome cigars in the world, and at the best prices I found (yes, I checked all the top sites here) Ravi suggested that I let them “settle” for a while in my humidor, but I couldn’t wait. My friends and I all agree these are the best Behikes we have ever had. Thank you Cigar Inspector and thank you Cigars of Habanos!!

  156. Experience:

    Just received 5 more boxes of awesome cigars. I can’t believe how fast they got here, a couple of the boxes were only shipped a few days ago. Incredible… Ravi, thanks for your hard work and dedication, you are amazing.

  157. Experience:

    1st time customer. Received my stash of Partagas D4 (batch AOL feb 13) yesterday. Tried one and its 100% original. Over the years I smoked alot of D4 and I am pleased with the condition. Spongy but firm.
    best prices in the the internet, great service.
    highly recommended.

  158. Experience:

    Just received my third order from Cigars of Habanos. A box of Cohiba 1966 Ed. Limitada 2011. Absolutely perfect condition, fantastic aroma of genuine Cohiba. The best. Thanks Ravi.

  159. Experience:

    After over 30 orders, and never even a hiccup, I can truly say that Ravi is a miracle worker. You would think that at least 1 or 2 orders would have been “snagged”. I love this company, I love the quality of Cigars, and I love the amazing customer service! I will continue to order from here, and I will continue to tell the people I care about to order from here. This is the highest recommendation I can possibly give…

  160. Experience: Neutral

    Wanted to place order, Ravi says that referral is necessary for first order… Not convenient. Interested in this shop: good range of boxes and competitive prices. Unfortunately, have no access.

  161. Experience:

    Been ordering from Ravi for over 4 years now. Tons of orders placed and I’ve always had an excellent experience with him. TOP NOTCH.

  162. Experience:

    Placed an order for a 10-count box of Monte PE’s and received them in a week. I like the fact that shipping is included in the price, and my e-mails were answered quickly. Several of my acquaintances also order from CoH frequently and speak highly of them. I have another order from them on the way, and I’ll definitely order from them again.

  163. Experience:

    Only on my 4th order from Ravi, but so far his service has been the best I’ve ever encountered. When I asked recently about the age of some of his stock he emailed me an Excel file with all the dates and box codes!

    I really can’t understand the complaints from people whose shipments were dutied or confiscated – Ravi didn’t impose a trade embargo on Cuba or introduce high tobacco taxes. If you have problems with that you should lobby your own government, not impugn the reputation of an honest businessman. Frankly, I would buy a used car from Ravi, without taking a mechanic along.

    Update #1 (Jan 28 2014) Once more, excellent service from CoH. I just received a box of Montecristo #4s that I bought in his Chinese New Year promotion for $126. At that price, I assumed the cigars would be straight off the boat from Cuba, but was delighted to receive a May 2011 box, ready to smoke as soon as the cigars have rested.

    Update #2 (May 4 2014) Just received the very last box of Rocky Patel Decade Torpedoes in Ravi’s warehouse, for the princely sum of $131. COH are dropping the brand, as apparently people would prefer to pay $200 a box plus USPS international shipping rates. Please flood him with RP enquiries to make him change his mind!

  164. Experience:

    I have ordered a few boxes from COH over the past year and all orders were filled quickly and arrived no problem. My last order did not arrive. I waited about 7 weeks and contacted them. Ravi answered back the next day and reshipped the order which I received in less than a week. Great customer service!

  165. Experience:

    I have ordered from Ravi at COH for several years now. I have always been pleased with the products and the service. I have absolutely no doubts as to authenticity of the sticks. Of all the places I have ever ordered from, this is the one I go back to and trust.

  166. Scotty_Boy says:


    Ravi rocks! Noone should hesitate to place an order w/ COH…quality products and service. Communication is spot on… Merch is 100% authentic

  167. Experience:

    I just got my box of Arturo Fuente’s today and thumbs up to COH especially Ravi.
    I was just wondering how are they making a profit when postage alone costs so much?

  168. Experience:

    I’ve placed two orders with COH and both transactions were as smooth as can be. The cigars were shipped promptly and arrived in perfect condition. All cigars checked out as 100% authentic and taste fantastic. I will continue to order from COH without reservation. Thanks Ravi!

  169. Experience:

    They purposely sent me a single cigar all the way from HK.
    If it wasnt for complications at Customs i would have has ALL my orders from them.
    Customs, you suck!

  170. Experience:

    Ravi was recommended by a competitor I have used and reviewed positively on this board (CZAR). COH communication is perfect, packaging nice with a Boveda, the cigars pristine. RASS smoked nice ROTT. Prices were unbeatable during a special sale and a free stick was offered as well. COH shipped from Swiss in record time. I also love the guys Down Under. I will use both vendors as needed.

  171. Experience:

    I’ve ordered three times from Ravi. First package was received 7 working days after the order was processed! Second was 8! I was ordering from a Swiss website and they are just way too overpriced. I will not order from anyone besides cigarsofhabanos. 100% real Cubans. Third order was ordered this past week and I expect it anyday. Thanks again Ravi.

  172. Experience:

    Had some concerns initially, but Ravi was quick to address them, and professionally. I smoked the cigars and they are great! Top notch service. Bought 3 times and more to come.

  173. Experience:

    Great Vendor!

    1. Best prices
    2. Quick communication
    3. Great products

    Adresses an issue conserning opened seals and bubbelwrapper inside boxes….here is their respons:

    We have placed the bubble wrap in the box to protect the cigars. As a general rule we open all our boxes prior to shipping as a last stop quality check. Most of our clients insist that we do this and it also allows us the opportunity to put some extra padding in the box to protect the cigars where we deem it necessary. If you would prefer to receive sealed boxes then please put “SEALED BOXES” in the comments section when you place your order so that we know you do not want your box opened.

  174. Experience:

    My first order with them and everything was first class! Great prices and FAST SERVICE. Seven days total from order to reciept. The HDm epicure especials were sealed as requested and checked out fine. The vintage upmann magnum 46’s were opened as expected as the date code is on inside. The JUL 05 are fabulous! I couldn’t resist fireing one up today,the REAL DEAL. I just wish the specials were on longer or I had more. Money in the budget.

  175. A-ficionado says:


    Placed a small test order as I’ve read a lot of positive comments about the vendor. Cigars arrived in less than two weeks (in sealed boxes as requested), packed with impressive care, and overall everything went smoothly. Nothing negative to say about COH.

  176. hoyo~oneshot says:


    Placed order on 28 Feb 2014 received March 10 Quality stuff

    A+ Thankyou

  177. Don Alejandro says:


    Placed order on Mar 5 and cigars arrived on Mar 11 (within 5 business days). Prices are among the best when applying an additional 15% sales promo for orders >500USD. Excellent, sealed packaging. Smoked a couple of cigars (Partagas Presidentes, Bolivar Coronas Gigantes) and quality is top.

    Already looking at my next orders …

  178. Oscar Muniz says:


    I placed 25 box order Romeo y Julieta Short Churchhills March 13 they arrived March 20 very fast shipping and in perfect condition. I always buy my cigars at Casa Del Habano when im out of the States. I was a little worry to place order online my first time. The cigars are 100% original I will for now on order my cigars COH excellent service. Thanks COH !!!

    Oscar Muniz,

  179. sportster says:


    My second order from them and all went well. I do have one minor disappointment, the behike 52’s had the barcodes removed, they look ok but have not opened them yet. I will continue to do business with them.

  180. Experience:

    Two good size orders in the last month. First arrived in 7 days next one made it in 4. All boxes checked out and arrived in great condition. COH is my new favorite dealer!

  181. Experience:

    I have made 2 orders from Cigarsofhabanos. The first order was Partagas serie P number 2. I am sad to inform everyone who orders from this site that these cigars are very good fakes. the Partagas I received from CoH were identical to each other but lighter in colour when you look at the real ones. I took the boxes to cigar company representatives who I know personally and they pointed out some faults. the ink that bleeds from the fake box that does not bleed from the real one plus their is a weight difference. for people that order from this site and like the cigars, power to you, as long as you like them, I do not know why Mario is getting upset for. but do not think that these cigars are authentic, they are not, Mr. Ravi tells people that they are, which if anyone with common sense will understand that anything coming from china is not going to be real. china is known for counterfeit items, starting from Rolex watches to you name it.
    on another note, Pacific Cigar company Limited owns all rights from Habanos S.A. to import Cuban Cigars into Asia since 1992. So the fact the Ravi says the cigars come from Habanos S.A. is false, where these cigars come from is a mystery to me. as I mentioned before I believe that these cigars are high quality fakes
    Do your own research about this site if you have concerns

  182. Experience:

    I would go with the majority of reviews on here (positive) and my personal experience (positive). Saying all of their cigars are fakes because they come from China is ridiculous. I’ve made numerous orders over the last few years and all have been genuine, with excellent service. Strangely enough, hand made natural products can vary slightly between each other despite quality control, and age, humidity, and storage all play a part. I’m sorry you were disappointed, but claiming all CoH’s cigars are fakes isn’t something that remotely tallies with the experience that I or many others who have used CoH have had. In fact I’m currently smoking a lovely Cohiba Maduro Genios ordered from Ravi which has been settling in my hidor for the last 12 months and it is absolutely beautiful

  183. Nightdiver says:


    I have to agree with Gawain. I have been smoking CC’s for over 20 years, and have ordered many times from Ravi. Every box I have received is genuine. I also know for a fact that Ravi does get his cigars from the Pacific Cigar Company. Also, there is still a difference between Hong Kong and China, as I have been to Hong Kong several times, and have to say they have high quality products at some very good prices…
    The last thing I will point out is 147 positive reviews compared to only 10 negative… And, most of the negative comments are just like Ivan’s, which are opinions based on faulty logic.

  184. Experience:

    I have made several orders from COH and have been extremely pleased with all of them. Each box I’ve received comes with AN INTACT BARCODE THAT IS VERIFIABLE ON THE HABANOS, SA WEBSITE. Plus, they bare all the hallmarks of being well-stored before shipment and are securely shipped to arrive undamaged. Plus, COH’s prices are rather competitive. I am currently awaiting an order and I will continue to order from Ravi. Big Thumbs Up.

  185. chitown joe says:


    another great set of orders from Ravi, 2 orders placed starting the 4-9 recieved the both orders as of yesterday 4-21, cigars are great condition, barcodes now which they never had before, just plain good service all they way around.

  186. Experience:

    I am not sure I understand why there are negative reviews here on COH! I’ve come across COH early this year, and after years of ordering from various online cigar websites, I have to say, that by far COH is the best online cigar store I have come across from a service, price and quality. The moment you place the order, Ravi gets in touch, which feels like a very pleasant personalised like service, despite I am sure Ravi and his team are incredibly busy. The cigars are 100% authentic, and arrive in a timely manner. Awaiting patiently my Cohiba order to arrive. Big thumbs up to COH and Ravi. Buy from this store with absolute confidence.

  187. Experience:

    Purchased 3 box’s during the special sale period. Took about 3 weeks to receive. Cigars are authentic and came in great condition. Shipping was free and the prices are the best i have ever seen. big thumbs up

  188. Rocket says:

    Experience: Neutral

    As I have use COH for some years no and have no complains. fast service and perfect condition when arrive after just few days from HongKong to Thailand.I had 40 orders last year and before that another 30. in total thrue the years close to 100! and only 1 pluged box, I put it away for 10 month and they are now ready to go. So to Ravi I must say it was my own fault bcse I could not pick it up from post office for 1 month. so again, I must say Ravi had nothing to do with that. I like COH and if any one out there do not, you are free to pick another suplier…. Stop complain and enjoy your smoke. Bstrgrds: ROCKET

  189. Hudson says:


    Reading some of the comments, if I didn’t know any better, I would be skeptical about COH. But I have ordered no less than ten boxes from them, and the sticker codes all checked out, the cigars are usually great. Cuba is Cuba, you really can’t start questioning the vendor just because you get a couple crappy ones in every box. Someone posted that he suspects they change out half of the cigars and replace with fakes. This is just laughable logic if you know anything about Cuban cigars. Ravi works hard, and he deserves the benefit of doubt.

  190. Mike mc says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Ordered 10 monte 2. Came unopened with legit serial code that checked up on habana as website. Delivered in about 10 days however cigars taste acidy look good smell good but are not smoking good! Box date is 2013. Puffed 2 so far and both flavor profile not pleasing. Hope it improves a lot

  191. Experience: Neutral

    They may need a couple of months in the humidor to mellow out. I got some of the same cigars (from a different store) + the Petits and they did not smoke well. They were a little too wet.

  192. Mike R says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I second Joe’s comment. It seems Habanos SA have been caught out by the extra demand created by Cigar Aficionado and are rushing these out to the market. They always were a hit or miss smoke though. Upmann #2s and Partagas P2s are much more reliable.

  193. Experience:

    Ordered 2 10-boxes of Monte #4 from CoH on recommendation from a very knowledgeable friend. Shipping was like lightning – 4 days after shipping notice. Requested sealed boxes, and got them. Everything 100% checks – seals, box, factory stamp, box codes (on Habanos SA website), bands, wrappers, caps, bunching, smell. Perfect product, excellent prices, VERY prompt shipping. Will buy again, no doubt.

  194. Mike mc says:


    Follow up just gave my montecristo 2 a couple days in humidor and made all the difference tasted great good burn this is what I expected will make another order soon thx ravi

  195. Experience:

    First order from this website. I emailed Ravi and asked for some recommendations and had a positive email conversation.

    Decided on a small order of a box of 10 Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios.

    Made order 5/4/2014
    Order shipped 5/5/2014
    Received order 5/10/2014 (SE United States)

    Everything is 100% correct with the labeling of the box to the cigars.

    Very happy. Have already made follow up orders.

  196. Experience:

    This is my second review on COH and Ravi, and the reason i have decided to write a second positive review, is because before i started using COH, i had many dealings with other online retailers from Hong Kong to Switzerland to Canary Island etc. and by far Ravi and COH is a true example of not only quality, but awesome customer service too. I feel this forum and whoever checks feedback on COH to decide whether to do business with them or not, should be made aware of this and buy with confidence. There was a problem with my last order, and without going into any specifics, Ravi’s attitude towards the issue from the very begining was very positive and helpful, not to mention the fast response and great communication. Issue resolved with a mutual agreement in no time at all, and without any rifts. Ravi’s dedication to his business, loyalty to his customers, coupled with the care and quality he takes in the range of product he offers is tremendous. I congratulate him once more for being a great business, and I am now without a doubt a lifetime customer of his. Well done!

  197. sportster says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Just recieved another order in 7 days. All seals intact and checked out as authentic on Habanos website. Great deals on the current sale! Customer for life.

  198. sportster says:


    Just recieved another order in 7 days. Proper seal intact and checked out on Habanos website. Great deals on current sale. Customer for life,they are the BEST.

  199. Toad680 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Having heard many here rave about Ravi I gave CoH a try. About 10 days ago I ordered 1 box of Behike 54s, 1×25 Genios and 1×25 Siglo VI.

    I received the Genios 4-5 days ago and they seem fine. But yesterday I got the Behike. The labels look spectacular, except that the small hologram on the back is different entirely from any Behike I have smoked, or those sitting my humidor that I purchased at Dubai Duty Free. You can see a photo at the following address. I use the same name to post there.

    So naturally I wrote to Ravi to ask why the cigars had a label that I believe to be counterfeit. He went on about his long history selling and his reputation and that he sourced all cigars from Pacific Cigar. He then told me that he has seen that hologram on Behikes and that if I were concerned it wasn’t genuine, I could send my cigars to Pacific Cigar for authentication–gee, thanks.

    So I replied that since he removed the number from the warranty label, it would be pretty hard for me to prove I had purchased them from him, much less for Pacific Cigar to evaluate their authenticity (although given the label, I am pretty sure authenticity, or lack thereof, could be established).

    So I asked him for any proof from Cohiba that there was indeed a hologram change, because I certainly can’t find any information out there on it. I figure it’s the least he could do with such a strong relationship to Pacific Cigar and his long standing reputation. Surely he would be able to confirm from Cohiba through Pacific Cigar that the hologram was changed.

    His reply to me was to call Pacific Cigar and they will put me at ease. Or else I can send the cigars back to an address and he will give me a refund at some point.

    So buyer beware. There is either a new hologram on Behike cigars that no one is aware of, or CoH are sending counterfeits. I don’t want to go as far as to accuse CoH of the latter without contacting Cohiba and getting confirmation about the hologram, but it’s a very uncomfortable feeling I have about CoH right now.

  200. Experience: Neutral


    I have to say I will probably be in the same position, and I would be very concerned. The only way you should be able to ascertain whether they are fake or not is by lighting one up. Have you smoked one?

    From experience, bands, boxes whatever change. It’s down to the individual stogie that will tell you whether it’s fake or real. Appreciate you don’t want to light up something fake. After all you don’t know what you’re smoking. But for the first few puffs, you will be able to tell straight away. I had a friend of mine who bought me a box of Cohiba Robustos back from holiday. Everything about the box, the band, the cigar and the smell was perfect. I still had a feeling there was something wrong about it. I lit one up, draw was awful, and it was like New Year’s Eve freaking fire works out there. I am not saying yours are real, I just had a very positive experience with COH to date, and can’t really believe they are selling fakes. If you prove otherwise, that would be a major blow though, and there is something major with my taste buds. Keep us posted.

  201. Toad680 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Thanks Karim. I will. I think they are a bit dry and I want to give them some time in the humidor. But I will light one and report back soon.

    You are right, labels do change. It would just be surprising to have a change on such a high profile cigar without there being any information in the market.

    At the same time, while you can’t see it in the photo, when I take a magnifying glass to the small hologram, in the squares were there isn’t a head, it alternates between the words Cohiba and Behike. It is so small and intricate that if you could make that you could easily copy the hologram that everyone knows.

    So I reserve judgment for now and I will apologize to Ravi if it smokes well.

  202. Experience: Neutral

    Yes please keep us posted.

    I have to say, counterfeiters are getting so close, but not so close yet to the level of detail you mentioned above. I agree though that if Cohiba would change the label on such high profile cigar, there should be some communication around it. After all, with such expensive item, and at the amount of money paid, purchased over the internet, I would be worried. If you are not in the US, take it to your local cigar shop. I took my first ever purchase from Ravi to them, a box of Cohiba Genios, and despite the fact they turned their nose up at the idea of my purchasing online, they put the box under heavy inspection, top bottom left right and centre, and concluded that it is original, and of fake, then the fakers must be spending a fortune to get it to that high level of fake details. I am not really defending COH, a batch might have fell between the cracks or something. I was just very paranoid about buying cigars online, and just concluded hey, it is a risk, I accept it, know your supplier well, and put trust. If you prove otherwise, then make it know , and move on.

    Did you try contacting pacific cigar company btw? What did they say?

    Also I suggest going to and contact them directly. Usually, they take a week or two, but they should be able to answer any questions you have, and will get to the bottom of this. Btw, you mentioned you got some Genios. How did they smoke?

  203. Toad680 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I haven’t smoked any of the new Genios as I have some from before yet.

    I did receive this from Ravi, who checked with Pacific Cigar about the hologram.

    “I refer to your email regarding Behike and hologram. We have checked this matter and it appears that Habanos changed the hologram during 2013.
    We have the same hologram on stock in our warehouse. Will send photo separately.”

    It’s not my intention to wrongfully ruin any reputations. It is possible the hologram was changed. I will smoke one of the Behikes tonight and put the matter to rest.

  204. Toad680 says:


    I have gotten information from two different official distributors that they have this hologram on their Behikes in stock.

    I owe Ravi and apology. I am very sorry. The hologram has changed. The cigars sent to me were perfect, except for this new hologram, which I did not know about. So I became very suspicious. Ravi stuck by his product and he was correct.

    Moderator, would it be possible to change my negative reviews to positive?

  205. Experience: Neutral

    Toad, I am glad this issue was resolved amicably. I have dealt with Ravi many times and bought several boxes from him and never had a problem. His prices are good and his cigars are genuine.

  206. Experience: Neutral

    I am really pleased the issue was resolved in a good way. At the end of the day cigar smoking is a joy, and better put your mind at ease and rest then wonder a lot. As mentioned in my previous comments and reviews, Ravi is a great gentleman, runs a very good business, and is a very hard working individual. What enforces this statement is the fact that he didn’t just ignore you, he went on to try and get as much info as possible to help sort out the issue. Keep smoking and enjoy.

  207. Toad680 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Final chapter… Smoked one tonight. It was spot on.

    Again, my most sincere apology to Ravi and CoH.

  208. Experience:

    Have ordered about 10 boxes from Ravi over the past several months and all have arrived in great condition and quickly. Top retailer!

  209. Experience: Neutral

    My first order from Ravi was perfect, but the order I received today had the serial number for authentication scratched off and the box (25 Siglo VI) had been opened. Everything inside looked intact however. Does anybody know the reason for this and is it a reason to be concerned?


  210. Experience: Neutral


    The FAQ on the website says that each box is opened and inspected prior to shipping to ensure the cigars are free of mold and in good condition. You can request sealed boxes when you checkout by asking in the comments section if you wish.

    As far as the serial number, it isn’t a big deal and is common among Internet sellers. The explanation I’ve heard is that these sellers will sometimes get their product through means that Habanos SA doesn’t necessarly approve of but is accepted. The serial numbers are removed to make it difficult for Habanos SA to find out exactly where the cigar originated. It’s generally referred to as “grey market”.

    I don’t know why some boxes have the serial number in place and others don’t.

  211. Nshan23 says:


    Hello everyone. I placed my first order with COH for a box of 10 Montecristo No. 2. The shipping was super fast coming from Switzerland. It took about 9 days total! The packaging was terrific, wrapped in bubble wrap with a humidi-pack. The serial number check out on Hananos S.A. Website as Authentic. Upon inspection of the box and cigars themselves, they were on point. The seals were intact as requested. The cigars look gorgeous all if them same color, triple cap, no soft spots. So far I have smoked two of them, the flavor is on point. The only issue I have with these cigars is the burn. It does have a pretty uneven burn and I do get burning from the inside at times. I did have to re lite it 3 times to fix the burn. Has any body else had the same experience when smoking a Monte No. 2? Overall the cigars are authentic Cuban Monte’s and very flavorful and smooth. The only issue I have with them is the burn. It might be because the box is fairly new from Dec. 2013.

  212. Experience: Neutral


    Many cigars that rate highly in the Cigar Aficionado annual rankings are almost impossible to get for months afterwards, but the Monte #2s have been available everywhere despite the fact that their sales have more than doubled. My guess is that Habanos SA were tipped off (or more likely bought the award for this mediocre cigar) and have been massively ramping up production since early 2013, using inferior rollers and immature tobacco. The last box I had (5×3 pack) contained three plugged sticks out of 15 and none of the others smoked well. Dissection of the plugged sticks revealed excessive moisture and ridiculously tight packing above the band. However, I have sourced Monte #4s for myself and friends over the past year and all have been perfect straight from the box. The best thing you can do is keep them in a relatively dry humidor for a year and see how they develop.

    If you want a reliable Monte, try #3, #4 or Edmundo. If you want a great and affordable Cuban torpedo, try an H. Upmann #2 or a Partagas Serie P.

    Large quantities are not a problem, viz the Monte #4. We’re getting too far off-topic so I’ll say no more.

  213. Nshan23 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    @Mike R

    Thank you so much for that knowledge. Thas was definately helpful. I though I was the only one with this problem. The explanation of ramping up production and using inferior rollers and immature tobacco would totally make sence as I have heard that Cuba does generally do that to increase their profits. I guess I would have to look into purchasing either more limited edition cigars or ones that have not been produced in large quantities. Also, thank you for those suggestions on the cigars.

    Any other general cigars that anyone can recomend that would be in their top 5 cuban smokes that’s also consistant from box to box? I am looking for somethig that will blow me away and leave me in awe. I am new to the Cuban world and want to explore what their finest has to offer. With the quality that Nicaragua or the Dominican is putting out is rather really impressive. 8 years into smoking cigars, I have yet to come across a cigar superior to that of a Padron Anniversario or Family Reserve. Any thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  214. Mike mc says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Monte2 problems are extremely frustrating! I have issues with Monty2 and also With hoyo ep.especial some of those are sure all are legit Cubans just not top quality wondering if I’m better off with nice pardons or perdomos never had issues. It’s embarrassing when you offered to friends cuban with such issues.

  215. Phillip R says:


    Just received my first order from COH and things couldn’t have gone any smoother. This was a fairly small “trial” order of Monte 4s and Trini Reyes. Shipping was fast and the cigars arrived in great condition. Will definitely use them again.

  216. Experience:

    I’am a customer from Ravi since 2008 and all was right untill we had a simple problem of customs’ inspection lately on a single cabinet.
    Then, Ravi didn’t assume and we had kind of words…
    Plus I have to say that sometimes I’d a bad impressions on few sticks of a SLB. And also one time on a whole pack.
    So I can’t trust CoH anymore.

  217. Experience:

    I recently ordered a box of Behike 54 cigars. I requested a sealed box. The shipment was faster than expected (less than a week to North America). There was a boveda in the package and the cigars were in excellent shape! The box seals were intact, but the bar code was removed (as expected). Label micro-print numbers were verified on the Habanos site. Everything is now resting comfortably in the humidor.
    This order will likely be followed by more, when I have room in the humidor!

  218. Experience:

    Received order today just as described,sealed box great cigars..thanks

  219. Bopper76 says:


    I placed my first order with COH on June 15th, my cc confirmed the order and shipped on June 18th, today June 24th, the cigars arrived. A box of Monty #2 and Partagas series D No. 4…All in great condition, bar codes left on, all checked out on the habanos website..But the real test comes when they are smoked. I have no doubt that they are real cubans.

  220. Experience:

    As I live in Hong Kong and they dont ship to HK, i have to get friends from overseas to buy them for and send them back to HK.

    Although the cigars are all relatively young as you would expect from an on line store, they are all authentic Cubans. What really impress me is that they include a humipack with the vacuum packaging

    The only thing which i can pick on is that they actually put down the name of the cigars on the customs declaration for which does atract unnecessary attention. I wish they can declare it as cedar mahogany like c-o-c.

  221. Rich Uncle Skeleton says:


    Keen prices, very fast shipping (HK to Ireland in less than a week), good genuine product. Would definitely use again.

  222. Experience:

    This was my first order from Ravi,everything went smooth as hair on A frog! Box’s inspected,seals and codes still in place,cigars look damn fine! He came highly recomended from someone I realy respect in the industry! Super Quick delivery! less than 7 working days! Two thumbs up!

    Update #1 (Jul 28 2014) After so many orders of quality smokes,all I can say it’s like A well oiled Swiss watch!

    Update #2 (Aug 17 2014) Well after several orders after my last review,everything is top shelf! I asked questions on current stock, and was answered the next day!

    Update #3 (Sep 14 2014) I have been ordering from Ravi for some time I dont even know how many box’s.I positively know I have NEVER received A fake much less multipal fakes!!! Man before you try and ruin somebodys reputation you need to be 100% shure! Anybody who has been smokeing Cubans any length of time knows that the same marca can be rolled at several factories! That being said there are like at least A half dozen different wrappers! Just recently the Cohiba Extra (torpedo) was reviewed by CA they knocked alot of points of because the foot was not cut evenly! I think over the years I received one pluged cigar,which is not his fault! I hope you carry these to Britian and follow through with retracting your statement if they tell you they are real! By the way I have been smokeing Cubans since the early 70’s yes I have seen alot of issues with quality 15 years ago.All I can say is Ravi has never sent me A fake!

  223. Experience:

    I have ordered 3 boxes on 3 different occasion form COH
    Box of 10 Montes #2
    Box of 25 Vegas Famosos
    Box of 25 Monte #2

    They were young boxes and the box of Monte #2 came opened, the seals were broke, but barcode in tact, checked out on Habanos site.

    To test them I asked that that box of Famosos be sent sealed, it was, also with a barcode in tact, also checked out on Habanos site.

    I figure it’s hard to get around a sealed box and a valid box code but the construction and taste would be enough to tell you these are authentic.

    I will order form them again when I get some room in the humi.

    I just wish they sold singles and or mixed boxes that would put them over the top.

  224. Experience:

    This is my first order of Havanos. Thank you Cigar Inspector for being such a great match maker.

    I order 3 boxes, CAH delivered then faster than expected, I’m sure this won’t happened every time. The sticks look – smell and feel like the real thing, I will let them rest and try them out, if I wait more then a few days I will be surprised.

    Happy smoke

  225. Experience:

    Initially I was skeptical and read a number of reviews on this and other pages. It didn’t make sense to me how they could offer the best prices and still accept American credit cards (unlike many of the other sites currently).

    After placing my order I was concerned that it would be either seized by customs or lost during shipment, but to my surprise it showed up 13 days (9 business days) later. Cigars were in fantastic condition, boxed with barcode that checked out on I’ll let them sit in my humidor for a while then test one out in a few days.

    Overall I am very pleased. I will place another order in the near future and will comment again later.

  226. Experience: Neutral

    This is a second review of CoH and since my first was positive, I think I’m supposed to leave this neutral.

    I just received my 9th order from CoH. Every order has been exceptional. I started asking that the boxes be sealed and after my initial order, all have been sealed with the cuban warranty seal and barcode intact.

    My only “complaint” (it isn’t a complaint really) is that the packaging is somewhat minimal. The bag is generally damaged where it rubs on the corners of the boxes. I have yet to actually have a compromised package or damaged product though.

    I would also like to see a full list of product, even when it is out of stock. It would just be nice to see what his price point is compared to my 2nd or 3rd choice of shops to make a buying decision easier.

    CoH and Ravi have and will continue to be my 1st choice for buying habano cigars.

  227. Experience:

    I*ve been a customer for about one year now. After using close to 15.000 USD I can say its all good!
    (Buying also for some of my cigar friends)

    Love the packaging and the products are 100% the real thing.

    I will continue to order from Ravi.

    Big Thumbs Up from me!

  228. Experience:

    Did not expect to receive my order within 5 calendar days, especially when the email confirmation said 10 – 18 working days! The Hoyo epicure de luxe are out of stock everywhere however I managed to find them at Cigar of Habanos. The packaging was good (although opened probably by customs) and Ravi was very helpful with answering all my quires. I confirmed the authenticity by entering the bar code on the website as I was hesitant when ordering from Hong Kong, but it seems like I will be doing more business with Ravi than my local Habanos store!

  229. bigpapapuff says:


    I ordered a box of Montecristo No. 2 10 days ago and received it yesterday. The box was sealed, retained the original bar code, came with a humidity pack, was in tip top shape. I have yet to smoke them as I like to age mine for at least 6 months but I will definitely order from them again! Great price, awesome quality and customer service!

  230. Experience:

    Second box showed up this past weekend. For orders in the US they use USPS, so mine arrived on Saturday. Box of PSP No. 2s looks and smells fantastic. Resting in the humidor ’til next summer then testing them out.

    Top notch retailer. Only downside is the lack of tracking information related to your shipment, but that is negligible when orders arrive so quickly (7 business days).

    Can’t wait to keep ordering and growing the collection!

  231. Experience:

    CoH is legit.

    If copying Pinar del Rio grown tobacco was possible, then I with respect to Jose Padron and Carlos Fuente, they would have done it before the Chinese.

  232. Experience: Neutral

    So I’ve placed a few orders with Ravi over the past few months. I just recently placed an order with another vendor and after experiencing things with them I think I need to amend my prior comments.

    Ravi deals legitimate cuban cigars. There is no doubt in my mind about that. But once you get over the excitement of having a LEGITIMATE CC, you start to realize that that is not good enough. Sure, having a cigar from any of the cuban marcas is cool, but at some point you start wanting the finest that each brand has to offer.

    If you’re just looking to get a legitimate cuban, COH is your place. If you’re looking to purchase the top-of-the-line, best in the world cigars, then you should probably look elsewhere. After doing extensive research, purchasing from multiple vendors, I now realize that for me it is not acceptable to have just a CC. I want the best! And in order for me to acquire the best, I must take my business to other vendors.

    Again, Ravi sells LEGIT CCs. They just aren’t the best CCs you can find for a similar price.


  233. Experience:

    Agree with Tom.

    For every habanos brand and product, not all produced yeild top of the line.

    I have seen differences for instance, in quality of printing on its packaging. Once product tested though, I was certain of its authenticity.

    CoH is brilliant for day to day smokes, but maybe find a european high street marque for special moments.

    Once more, CoH is legit.

  234. Experience: Neutral

    I disagree with Tom. I had wonderful smokes from COH and bad ones, and same applies to well established UK cigar merchants. It is not really down to the merchant the quality go the cigar. Conditions like humidity, temperature and keeping them in good condition also varies from one merchant to another. I don’t think it’s fair to judge COH on the premise of quality, unless you know for sure they sell third or fourth grade cuban, which I don’t think they do. Out of interest who are the other online retail shops you dealt with. Maybe I will give them a go to see if there are any differences, which I doubt. Thanks.

  235. Experience:

    I agree with Tom. I have ordered close to 20 boxes this year so far, and no problems. They usually come with seals intact. I would urge you to try their Custom Rolls as well. The 56’s and dalihia are excellent. I have gotten a cigar out of a 3 pack tjat was way off flavor from the other 2. Someone fake 1 cigar out of a 3 pack? I think not, just bad quality control. I rely on COH for most of my needs.

  236. Experience:

    ALWAYS good cuban cigars here. If you can’t tell my smoking a cuban if its real or not you should give up cigars. The cuban “twang” cannot be copied. I’ve ordered a dozen times here with great results.

  237. Experience:

    I have placed three orders with Ravi and am very pleased with the cigars and the service. Authentic cigars at a good price with solid customer service. What else do you need?

  238. Stonedpirate says:


    2 orders in and excellent service. Great cigars at a great price with super fast shipping.

    No complaints

  239. Experience:

    He is the man. quick delivery every time. Always able to verify. You cant go wrong with his company and customer service. Cheers!

  240. Experience:

    I have ordered from COH and Ravi since May 2011 till Nov 2013. I also referred many people to them. I stopped because of too many very suspicious boxes. People I referred also started to have these problems. Some returned them for refunds. Others just ate the loss.

    Not everything they ship is suspicious. I have gotten many legit boxes over my time doing business with them. However, recently my buddy received his order, four boxes, and one box, Lopez 2’s, was highly suspicious. I had received a legit box on my last order from COH in Nov 2013. I have also had many Lopez 2’s when traveling to London for Premier League games from top retail shops on St. James Street. I won’t name the shops, because I believe we can’t in reviews.

    As soon as I saw what my buddy got as a Lopez 2, I knew it wasn’t right. Wrong color leaf, smaller ring size, and length was off (see picture : The dark is my cigar and the same as every Lopez 2 I’ve ever had. The light one is what my friend received. It’s length is longer, ring size smaller, and is about the shade of a Connecticut wrap. Both of these came from Ravi’s CoH.). My uncle and I both smoked one of them and it was like eating an ash tray. Similar to some other suspicious cigars we have received from COH. Most of which were in robusto size. Such as Serie D 4, Cohiba robusto, Romeo short Churchill, and a few others of different sizes.

    My buddy emailed him and got the Ravi run around like it seems everyone gets when they confront him. He has been in business for a long time. Gets his cigars from Pacific Cigar, blah blah blah, sent him pics of his stock room. It’s insulting that Ravi believes all his customers are dumb and attempts to get over on them from time to time.

    I contacted him and told him to save us the time of the run around. He said we could return any cigars we had issues with. Personally, I’m not wasting my time and money to return crap to Hong Kong. I’m also not going to send my evidence away. He wanted them to go to people at Pacific Cigar, Dag for inspection. I have enough qualified people in my area that can confirm the authenticity of these cigars. A couple of local shop owners own and produce their own cigars from Dominican and Ecuador. Along with many other experienced cigar people.

    I told Ravi that would not happen. I told him my next trip to London, I will bring each disputed cigar with me to be compared and inspected by the shops I visit on St. James Street. If he is correct, I would apologize and remove all reviews of his site. If I’m correct, I will in detail review every single disputed cigar. My account at COH has been removed as of this morning. I did take a screen shot the other day as proof, I in fact ordered from COH between the times I stated.

    The rest of my friend’s order came in. Monte 520, Partagas D5, and St. Luis Rey. All checked out just fine. I think he is going to return the Lopez 2’s, but that is up to him. I will be keeping one of them for future reference. I’m also going to be buying from elsewhere in the future. Not sure what he will be doing though.

  241. Experience: Neutral

    @mike haha true.
    @Gary I live near London and have ordered from St James street vendors and Havana Houses across England, and had really awful smokes from there. Never had a single bad smoke from Ravi and to top that his service is exceptional. Just about to place 3 delicious boxes of Bolivar and Trinidad. Cheers to Ravi.

  242. Experience: Neutral

    In my experience, customer reviews are just like cigars, i.e. when they look like fakes and smell like fakes, they generally are fakes. What clinched this one for me is Gary’s assertion that Ravi is swapping out JL No 2s with his own custom rolls. Any of us who have actually tried COH custom rolls would be delighted at the $75 discount.

  243. Experience: Neutral

    Shawn, post up a pic of your Lopez 2’s you received. I see you commented about them before. I have ordered many boxes, thousands myself. The reason why the positive comments get racked up is because it seems the same people are the ones posting a positive every so often. I too could have posted positives in the past. I don’t need a refund and I’m not paying to send them back. I put them in a different humidor. You can call my story suspect all you want. If you read other reviews here, they could be suspect as well. The admin could check the ips of the posters. Of course there are ways to change that aswell My online business isn’t cigars and my feedback score is much more positive than the rating COH has gotten on this site. I don’t gain anything from writing my review. Just letting people know.
    As for the two Mike’s. Whenever I head out there, I will bring them with me. One of you has only started ordering back in July of this year. Anyone who had real Lopez 2’s would take that over a bogus custom rolled.
    Karim, go with the short Bolivar. Those were legit when I got them. Same with the Belicosos and Simones. I’d say Robusto T, but they don’t have them anymore. If you like COH, keep buying. I can’t make you change your minds. As I said, I did receive many legit boxes, but did get several that weren’t. Along with people I referred to COH.

  244. Shawn Watson says:

    Experience: Neutral

    @Gary, I have no doubts mine are real I have already smoked over half the box. The reason I said your story didnt make sense is that Ravi would refund me or replace a box I might not be satisfied with for any reason. So why would he knowingly sell some partial fakes. His reputation is important and he sells such volumes it would be a waste of time and resources to do this. So why not just get your money back if not satisfied and you won’t have to use him anymore. But to say fake because acigar size is off or wrapper color is different or doesnt taste great. How long have you been smoking cuban cigars we all know the consistency in some factories is not always well. Just my opinions but I have been doing this awhile. I hope you get your issue resolved. Cheers

  245. Experience: Neutral

    Please remember this is not a discussion forum. The poster supplied pictures of Juan Lopez No. 2 which are now included in his original review. Have a look and decide for yourself. Further discussion is, IMO, pointless.

  246. Experience:

    I have been ordering from Ravi for a few years. Evrrything I’ve order has been spot on. His customer service/shipping n answering emails ASAP have been the same. I have many exCuban pat amigos who work in cigar biz n have family inCuban tobacco biz that also say they’re legit.They also admit that quality slipped for a while down there.But said that was pre 2012.Habanos SA has changed QC and replaced the previous head of HSA. As a matter of fact he was arrested for financial mismanagement. So, that being said…take it for what it’s worth. I will happily continue to do bizw COH.

  247. Experience:

    The overwhelming amount of positive reviews speaks for itself. Here you can buy original cuban cigars at unbelievable prices. Box codes check out ok at habanos web site. Only 2 orders so far but absolutely no complaints.

  248. Bonana King says:


    I admit I was skeptical. So I ordered a small $ amount, $100. Cigars shipped pretty quickly, within a day or two. Seven days for delivery. AWESOME! I ordered Monte #2’s. The seals had been broken, like everyone else says. Bar code checked out, date code was legit and the cigars looked amazing. Smoked one that night, all I can say is damn!

    Overall I am extremely please with COH and Ravi. He’s got my business until ?? I would not hesitate to order.

    Update (Oct 13 2014) On my third order from COH and am very impressed. Quick shipping and good communication. All labels check out no red flags. I would (and will) order with confidence. Also, his prices are better than anyone else’s on the net.

  249. Erika Wong says:


    Ravi is a great communicator. Excellent service and authentic cigars. Will shop with them in the future.

  250. Experience: Neutral

    I’ve already made positive reviews for CoH so I’ll keep it neutral but wish I could make it positive.

    My latest order was 2 orders of 2 boxes each made on the same day. 1 was RASS & BHK 52. The 2nd was BRC and HdM Epicure De Luxe.

    I received my first parcel 4 days later and it was a box of BRC and a box of RyJ Short Churchills. Hmm. They must have mistakenly sent me a box of Churchills instead of the HdM EDL. I’ve been wanting a box of Short Churchills anyway so I contacted Ravi and we setup a payment to pay for the difference of the boxes.

    2 days later, I received the 2nd parcel and I was expecting a box of BHK 52s and RASS. However, it was a box of BRCs and the box of HdM EDL. It seems that the 1st parcel I received was for the order of BHKs and RASS but was mixed up with someone else’s order.

    After a quick email exchange with Ravi, he’s making it right. Minimal hassle, no monetary loss on my end and I get the boxes I wanted.

    I was a little concerned about what would happen when I ran in to my first mixup or confiscated package. Ravi put that concern to rest and I couldn’t be happier with the manner that this has been handled.

  251. Experience:

    All I have to say is RavI is the man 9 days from order to home numbers checked out some 4 years old epicure2 and Piedra cazadores. Man it’s like Xmas smoke good right out the box.

  252. Experience:

    First time buying from CofH. Today I received a box of Cohiba maduro 5 in an excellent condition. It took 14 working days to be delivered in Greece. I have verified it too and everything was ok.

    I saw on the delivery box that both puroexpress and CofH use the Hong Kong based “The Int’l marketing Ex. Ltd”.

  253. Experience:

    I ordered and received what is purported to be a 50 count SLB of Partagas shorts. I tried two of them from different spots in the box. Very loose roll and the nastiest thing I have attempted to smoke in my life including dried out dog rockets. I contacted Ravi and first thing he did was reply with how dare I question the authenticity, when I did not question anything. I simply stated that the cigars he sent me were bad! Then he went on to excuses of how they all have different flavors from year to year and factory to factory. I asked for a replacement, didnt happen. First thing he did was block my IP from his website. After many back and forths he said he was going to issue me a refund. That hasnt happened either.He promised the refund on 10/23, its now 11/4 and now he it telling me that it takes longer and threatened me of disclosure of all records if I report him to Visa. I am reporting him as a fraud.

  254. Experience:

    order box of opusx xxx. fast delivery and top notch conditions of the cigars.thank fanny who keep in track of the delivery. good job.

  255. Experience:

    Wow recieved order in 5 days! All barcodes intact and verified. These folks are for REAL!

  256. Experience:

    Super fast shipping. Great product. Very impressed!

  257. Experience:

    First time customer and everything is perfect.Ravi is very informative about his inventory and about the way of deliverance.I have chosen the slowest way to deliver (18 days)from the fear of customs and there isn’t any problem.I will buy again.

  258. Experience:

    Ravi is the man quick ship awesome montis numbers check out great prices what more can you ask for. Ohh yeah I’ll be buying more.

  259. Erika Wong says:


    Received my box of Por Larranaga Robustos de Larranaga ER Asia Pacifico 2007 all in good order. As always excellent service and communication from Ravi.

  260. Experience:

    I would definitely have to give a thumbs up to Ravi and COH! The only issue I have ever had is to be charged duty and taxes by my country’s (Canada) government. I have had multiple successful deliveries get through. I have only been charged the duty once and it hurt, but the other orders getting through have eased the pain. There is no doubt that the cigars are legit and in great condition when I received them. I have found that if I keep the orders relatively smaller in cost, they seem to creep their way through untouched. Some of these orders to roll on through include: Partagas Culebras (a must buy), Cuaba Distinguidos, Cohiba Robustos (legendary), RYJ Short Churchills, Partagas Serie P No 2 and Partagas Serie D No 4 (awesome). All of these were great of course. I would suggest if you love Cubans, you need to place an order soon.

  261. Erika Wong says:


    Received a box of completely plugged Monte A’s. Ravi was quick to offer full store credit. Customer satisfaction doesn’t get any better. CoH is great!!

  262. Experience:

    Ordered a box of Partgas D no. 4, and it arrive in ten days to Virginia. Everything checked out, and I got a great deal on the price. Will order again. Highly recommend for anyone looking for Cubans.

  263. Experience:

    Just received the box of Serie D no. 4 and the cigars are in great condition. It only took couple of days to get to Seoul. Thanks Ravi…

  264. Experience: Neutral

    As a follow up for my review on 10/16…

    My reshipment never arrived. I suspect that for some reason, my order information got mixed up with someone else. I haven’t received anything from customs so I don’t believe that my parcel was intercepted. So the address mixup is the only think I can think of that would make sense… Someone got some great Christmas presents!

    Instead of another reshipment, at my request, I was issued store credit. Over the last couple weeks, I ordered a box each of Por Larranaga Encantos RE Asia 2010, Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra RE Asia 2008 and Cohiba Esplendidos.

    I received each parcel within 5 working days of shipment and everything has been absolutely perfect.

    I can’t recommend CoH enough!

  265. Experience: Neutral

    I received another two boxes of Bolivars and Hoyos to the Commonwealth. Once again, everything checks out. 10 days order to my doorstep is outstanding.

  266. chitown joe says:


    well I have ordered from ravi before, no issues, my last order was april 2014, everything was fine great service, I went to place a large order, I could not log into my account with coh, I figured I had the wring password, but after retrieving it, still could not log on, emailed them got a reply several hours later from ravi telling me that after our last transaction that they decided to not want to do business with me, and that are not the supplier for me, well I was in shock, our last transaction was great, he went on to tell me that I now I would call him names and how he’s a bad business man, not sure whats going on, but our last transaction was great but now he saying this, no worries his loss of business

  267. Experience:

    I have been ordering from COH for about 2 years now. I can only say that Ravi has always delivered quality products. Any inquiries that I may have had he has answered promptly. Always good to deal with people like this.

  268. Experience:

    Been ordering from CoH since 2011 and have been a satisfied customer. This year they’ve started sending their cigars shrink wrapped with a Boveda pack which obviously helps to keep them fresh during the journey.

    Also, I’d venture to say their prices are the most competitve in the industry

  269. Experience:

    Bought from these guys many times and never had a problem. Very fast postage and always sent with humipaks and in sealed bags. Ravi is good to talk to and quick to respond to emails. You can’t go wrong.

  270. Experience:

    I have ordered several time from Ravi, and he sends out nothing but the real thing. His shipping is excellent and his email response is exceptional.
    I have referred my friends who also smoke and really enjoy a fine cigar and they all agree that this company is the best.

  271. Experience:

    Absolutely 100% legit. Those who post reviews about COH being fakes… are FOS. Several(100+) transactions done with nothing but good cigars. There are boxes that are just from a bad year and these guys have nothing to do with what they get from Cuba. They verify the cigars for quality and will NOT ship sealed or try to re-seal boxes. Will do business with them for many years to come.

  272. Experience:

    This is great avenue to get cuban cigars without going to Cuba every few months.
    I’ve placed 2 orders over the past few months. The product is fantastic the shipping is quick to Vancouver, Canada. Ordered on Dec 29th, shipped on Jan 6th and delivered Jan 9th. While I was fortunate this time with duty/taxes etc. I did pay taxes/duty on one of the two packages from my previous order. I most recently ordered 25 Bolivar ROYAL coronas. I’m waiting for my next order which was shipped out on Jan 7th.
    Feel free to message me if you have any questions. I trust the cigars that are getting shipped from CigarsOfHabanos. Com.

  273. Experience:

    COH has delivered several boxes of Bolivar’s for my Bucket List. Cigars arrive quickly and in excellent condition.

  274. Experience:

    I have placed several orders with COH and all have been perfect. I recently placed an order of several boxes and they arrived in under one week of shipping. Very happy with their service and will definitely be ordering from them again.

  275. Experience:

    Got referred to this site by a friend – ordered 1 x 15 Cohiba robustos and 1 x20 Padron 2000s – product was perfect and speedy delivery with good tracking – only thing that delays whole process is Aus customs! I’ve got an order now sitting awaiting customs clearance H Upman 25 half coronas

  276. Experience:

    Great seller. Ravi answered all questions promptly and politely. Partagas D4’s arrived 12 days after shipping in perfect condition. 100% authentic, box codes provided before ordering and packaging, tax stamps and cigars flawless. Will definitely order from again.

  277. Experience:

    This is by far the best website to buy Habanos Online. I was a little hesitant at first, seeing as my only Habanos purchases up to this point have been from La Casa Del Habanos authorized dealers. Ravi was very quick to respond to my emails, and my order of 15 Siglo II Tubos arrived in perfect condition just a week after ordering! He event included a Boveda 69% pack sealed in the box to keep the Cigars fresh. These cigars are 100% real. I currently have numerous Cohibas bought from authorized dealers, and these sticks compare identically. I would highly recommend this seller. Don’t be afraid to reach out to him with questions as well!

  278. Experience:

    Received my boxes of Behike 52 and Partagas Lusitania in 11 days, which is amazing IMHO. I asked to have both boxes sealed, and they were. All cigars came in immaculate condition, for those of you wondering if they need to be inspected prior to shipping or not. Also, these cigars are the real deal. Here’s a quick unboxing of the Behike 52’s as further proof. Buy in confidence!

  279. Experience:

    Two orders so far from Ravi. First, test order, came in 6 days from shipping notification. Second, larger order, arrived in 8 days. Both had humidipacks and arrived in good condition with barcodes intact and verifiable. All labels, seals, bands and stamps are as they should and compare with ones they’re replacing in the aging humidor. The prices are very good and i’ll probably be using COH for stock replenishment of regular sticks from now on.

  280. Experience:

    I ordered a box of Ramone Allones Specially Selected and couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. The cigars were well packaged and sealed. No damage when they arrived. Shipping was just over a week. I will definitely be ordering from COH again!

  281. Experience:

    Genuine products, very good service – only placed three orders so far tho, but more to come

  282. Experience:

    Two orders placed and no issues. Shipping took 6 days on the first and 9 on the second. Will be ordering from them again.

  283. Experience:

    For those who are skeptical, I offer this:

    1) I met a gentleman at the Carnegie Club in NY while I was up there and he coincidentally was ordering from Ravi too. This gentleman vouched for him.

    2) Since my first test order, I’ve ordered more. Check this out. My most recent order was placed Feb 23rd. It shipped the 25th and it just got to my doorstep in the Mid-Atlantic on March 2nd (within 5 days). FAST SHIPPING.

    3) In the last month, I’ve bought 5 boxes, all of which checked out.

    Funny because as I was reading all about CoH before i pulled the trigger for my first “test” order, I read all about them and sure enough, i’m dropping a review now.

    Ravi’s legit and i’ll say it again, SHIPPING IS FAST.

  284. David Wilkinson says:


    My experience started of as very positive. I ordered the box of 3 Cohiba Behike 52, 54 and 56. I felt comfortable ordering those because I’d smoked them before and because the hologram would have to be nearly impossible to fake. IMHO they were genuine.

    Next up was a Bolivar Belicos Finos. I’d never smoked those before but had read plenty of reviews and there were two things that made me doubt there authenticity. 1) about half were plugged. 2) even after sitting in my humidor for 4-6 weeks even the unplugged ones tasted nothing like the descriptions in the reviews. They heated up very quickly even with a loose draw and didn’t have a lot of smoke.

    As a “one more try” attempt I currently I have some Ramon Allon Specially Selected and Partegas Series D4 on order. It’s not looking good as they sent the wrong order so someone else has mine and I have their H Upmanns, and Trinidads. I will make an update when/if I get my order and if they turn out to be authentic I will change my review from negative to positive.

  285. JoshBosh says:


    Multiple orders to the UK. Customs label uses exact product name, so for example ‘Gurkha Ghost Asura’ and give customs value at around the single unit amount, so under the UK customs limit for non-european shipments.
    Website looks like something from the 90’s, very outdated, but works a charm.

    Email updates on shipping and tracked from HK, to my door in the UK.
    Also they sent me a free christmas gift!

  286. Experience:

    My 2nd review here. Just ordered an SLB of Bolivar Belicos Finos. Very happy with them. All legit. Please see my unboxing of the actual cigars here:

    Really great website, cheap prices and quick shipping. Another thumbs up.

  287. Experience: Neutral

    This company comes across as a reputable one which sells authentic Cuban cigars, but let me assure you this company will rip you off. I purchased two boxes of cigars. The cheaper of my two boxes came sealed and we’re authentic Montecristos. The second box I ordered, Partagas number 2’s box of 25, arrived opened and all seals were broken. After smoking a cigar, it was extremely evident that the authentic cigars were switched out and replaced with knockoffs.I’ve smoked Partagas cigars for 10 years, so I know exactly when it’s a fake. I’ve tried to contact them several times, but they will not reach me back. They made their money by selling me fake cigars and now they’ve written me off. I will continue to write more reviews and expose these frauds. Don’t buy from them unless you want to get ripped off like I did.

  288. Experience:

    Great service. Order was placed on 3/7, shipped 3/10 and received 3/18. The Partagas Lusitanias looked fantastic and smelled great. Will order from them again.

  289. Experience:

    Have made a couple purchases and had a great overall experience with price and speed of shipping. Great company!

  290. Experience: Neutral

    Just place and order last Thursday for various MC’s. So far have had all my email’s responded to. Was sent confirmation that order was shipped but on partial. I asked if this was normal for them to ship partial orders, I was told yes. So, I going to wait it out and see how it goes and will publish updates.

  291. Experience:

    My Romeo y Julieta churchills just arrived today. Overall very happy with order. I have place orders in the past and like always excellent service. Thanks Ravi

  292. Experience:

    Great price, second to none!
    Great service, top notch among online retailers, even my custom officer is also familar with this shop.
    Ordered a box of monte #2 and wished I have more time to have a stick daily! Will definitely return for more.

  293. Experience:

    Received my order and I could not be more pleased.

  294. Experience:

    I have ordered from Ravi in the past and have a very enjoyable experience. Great cigars and service. thank you Ravi!

  295. Experience:

    Ordered Cuaba Salomones. arrive within two day from HK to Shenzhen China. Unfortunately they cannot deliver to HK from their bonded warehouse – which is pity for a HK company. Cigars are legit and in good condition, cominh with humidifying pads and well packed. Boxes have opended though to put bubble wrap around the vitolas. dont like ths too much…..
    Forgot to mention, orders were posted -Fri and Sat – separately but arrived the same day – Tuesday after.

  296. Experience: Neutral

    Real thing, good prices! Whoever says they are fake should be smoking weed, not Cuban cigars. LOL. Ravi is a very decent guy. Highly recommended. Now I use only 2 merchants: them and Cigar Terminal out of Switzerland.

  297. Experience:

    Received the last of my order Cohiba Piramedes Extra & Cohiba Esplanidos and could not be more happier. I am very impressed with this company!

  298. Richard says:


    My first order – shipped in 2 days from Switzerland and arrived one week later in California. Faster than I had expected. The box of 25 Partagas Serie P No 2 arrived opened as expected. All the labels looked correct, the code checked out online and the box and packaging had all the right characteristics. Nevertheless I started to second guess the authenticity – maybe they felt a bit uneven, could they be fakes in a real box, were those bands genuine, was the construction good enough? After only one day I couldn’t help myself so I cut one and lit it up. I know I should wait for a few weeks but I couldn’t. Well, with the first puff it was quite clear that this was the real deal. Draw was good and my senses where overwhelmed by the wonderful, slightly perfumed aroma that I love about this particular vitola. Clearly some time in the humidor will allow this stick to mellow out – but no fake could taste like this.

    Time to place another order – I’m thinking H. Upmann Royal Robustos, and maybe Cohiba Robustos too. I can’t wait.

  299. kyriakos says:


    My last order(belicosos finos) arrived safely.Everything is OK with Ravi.

  300. Barry O'Connor says:


    A couple weeks ago I decided to try a box of cigars from Cigars of Habanos. I ordered a box of BOLIVAR Libertador cigars. When the shipment finally arrived I removed the box from the packing and the lid fell off. That gave me bad feelings immediately. I sent an e-mail to the store and never had a response from them. A couple days later I had the opportunity to smoke one of the cigars. While I was smoking it, it came apart. Pretty sure I was duped!!

  301. Experience:

    Barry I have been ordering from Cigars of Habanos the last couple of months placing numerous orders of various cigars. I can say with out question there is no question as to the cigars authenticity. Remember the lid could have been ripped off when customs inspected the package for its contents. I would have a very hard time believing you received nothing but genuine cigars from this company. I am in Canada and I intend on sticking with Cigars of Habanos. You just can’t get better anywhere!

  302. Barry O'Connor says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Louis; Thanks for your response. The thing that really got me was no response when and wrote and told them of the problem. I will give them another chance when I am ready to place my next order.
    Thanks again for your response.

  303. Experience: Neutral

    Ordered 3 boxes last year (partagas and montecristo). Boxes, codes and labels all checked out and looked fantastic.
    Cigars looked good too…some water spots and a nice aroma but very poor smokes.
    Im starting to believe in all the “grey market” counterfeits/poor-quality authentic rants that go on here.
    It’s been a year and the cigars are still the same as before.
    Going to try my luck and pay the extra $ for LCDH retailer’s products instead.

  304. sportster says:


    Another fast delivery on my orders. You all should really try their COH Custom rolled sticks! The rubusto 52’s re awesome as well as the dalihas. Great work guys!

  305. Experience:

    Just received my first box from COH. The order took a total of eight business day from start to finish. The cigars appear to be 100% authentic, and arrived in perfect condition. They have the best reputation on the internet for good reason, and I will definitely order from them again in the future.

  306. Experience:

    Got a box of Portages Shorts (25).

    I have to say, the packaging is good, very good. Am pretty sure customs did not open it (Hailing from Australia $587/kg tobacco tax)
    as the vacuum seal was still on, but the seals on the box were cut.
    I just bought a box ($360 friggin dollars here) locally so I have sticks on hand to measure it against.

    We smoked two last night from the COH box. One for my friend, one for myself. My friend asked if it was supposed to taste like dirt, I thought it was just because he was drinking, but mine was so bland and had no taste. Not the best experience with COH products and will get back to this as I leave them in the Humidor and try again after a few weeks. Not happy with the box seals cut though. Will check back.

  307. Cigar Lover says:


    COH is about as legit as it gets. Awesome prices and Ravi is a gentleman. Cigars are totally real deal and I have been ordering for years.

  308. Experience:

    If you didn’t like them, did you contact Rai? He states he will make good if there’s an issue. Money back guarantee even. If not that was your fault. I know many who would ONLY order from COH. Besides, they’re owned by the PanPacific Importer go LCDH. They were written up in Cigar Aficionado.
    Q&A in Cuba is usually the culprit.

  309. Experience: Neutral

    I ordered from them once and the cigars looks good, they were 100% genuine but 70% were too firm and very hard to smoke. im sue they would have never passed the drawmaster test before they were boxed. these guys sell them at an unbelievably cheap price so i dont see how they can buy them and still make a profit at the end. I think these guys get hold of cigars that dont pass quality control for a stupidly cheap price and sell them on.

  310. Steven D says:


    Bought cigars several times for a total of 300 cigars. Have had one small issue with a box was damaged in shipping but they were tubos in that box and all came away safe. Will buy from COH again.

  311. Professor Twain says:


    Great vendor. Super sales. Will send stock list upon request, one of the few vendors to do this. Legit.

  312. Experience:

    Purchased H Upmann No. 2, Juan Lopez Selection No. 2 and RYJ Short Churchill 25s from Ravi recently. Had to smoke a Juan Lopez right away as I was dying of thirst.
    Even though the cigar was young and had not settled down, it was still a beautiful smoke.

    Very pleasant aroma which resulted in a few compliments from other guests in the open air lounge.

    The cigars are all in their respective humidors and I will savour these early in 2016 or later.

    Yes I will certainly buy from Ravi and recommend him as a reliable supplier of quality Cuban cigars.

  313. Experience:

    Took 8 days even and they kept all the authentication for Habanos SA on the box and everything checked out as REAL. Will order from here again.

  314. Experience: Neutral

    A lot of negative posts lately, all overlooking the fact that Cuba produces plenty of crap cigars (most 2014 Shorts production is garbage) but people still want to buy them so Ravi and other online merchants go out of business if they don’t sell them.

    Nowadays I only order cigars whose recent production has a reputation for being excellent (RASS, most Upmanns, Monte Petit and regular Edmundos, Hoyo Petit Robustos) and smoke NCs otherwise. I’ve smoked plenty of dog rockets in my local LCDH, together with the proprietor who has cringed in shame. Everything I get from CoH is excellent, but that’s because I do my homework.

  315. Experience:

    I’ve ordered from Ravi numerous times. Things can sometimes be a little slow to move from the warehouse, but it’s always quality cigars, and his communication is always within 24 hours. Great store!

  316. Experience:

    I recently placed an order with coh for a box of 10 monte no 4. I received the order in nj exactly 1 week after placing the order! Cigars were definitely legit; smelled right, code on the label checked out, etc. I know I am supposed to age the cigars for a few weeks in a humidor before smoking one, but I was so excited I smoked one right out of the box. The draw was very tight and the taste was way more bitter than ones I have smoked in Mexico, Canada, etc. I realize that this is the worlds most popular cigar and that production may be rushed in order to meet the demand, but I feel like the construction is a little to blame for the tight draw.

    The complaint about the cigar is irrelevant to CoH, there customer service and responsiveness were great! (as well as the very low prices!)

    If anyone with more expertise would like to shine some light on my cigar complaints, please feel free to do so. Are they supposed to be harsh and hard to draw out of the box? How long should I leave them in the humidor for? Would using a draw poker help?

  317. Experience:

    Ordered a box of Cohiba esplendidos. Came within a week, and were definitely the real deal. Great tasting.

    Waiting for my second order now of a box of Montecristo #2. will follow up after I receive them. So far, so good. best prices on the net.

  318. Experience:

    I am surprised with negative comments about Cigars of Habanos. Indeed, they offer Cuban cigars at shockingly low prices (as compared to other shops), but my overall experience has been positive. I ordered several boxes of top shelf Cuban cigars and all boxes arrived sealed and in perfect condition. I checked the boxes’ numbers at Habanos website and all boxes were authentic. I smoked cigars (Cohibas and Monte No 2) and they were excellent – frankly, don’t know what else to say …

  319. Experience: Neutral

    Mikey R – I have had similar recent experiences with No 4s and No 2s, but have just finished a box of perfect-as-can-be Petit Edmundos, so the problem appears to be specific to those vitolas, not to Montecristo per se. A few months rest at 65%RH should help. However, I would never smoke a cigar that had been shipped by air without at least two weeks rest.
    Having said that, I am currently finding it impossible to buy a bad H. Upmann, having just started a box of Majestics from Jan 2014 that have absolutely no right to be that good for the money.

  320. Experience:

    They threaten you very badly, nobody listen to you, they do not care anything after they got payment. My last order were 2 boxes ( 25 cigars of each box) of H.Upman, one of them fully demaged cigars, when I informed them, they did not care and they said beacuse of shipment. And I stopped buying them.

  321. Experience: Neutral

    I am based out of the U.S and so I am always on the look out for online shops that have a high success rate in shipping to the U.S. I was running out of my cuban stock and ordered 20 cigars from COH based on reviews here and on online forums. After 25 calendar days, I still didn’t receive the package. So I contacted COH and they asked me to wait the full 22 Calendar days. Fair enough. I waited and contacted them after 30 Working days. Didn’t receive a response. Contacted them again and received a response asking me confirm if my address was correct and other questions. I understand the legitimacy of the questions, but it did annoy me a bit. But I responded and they replied saying they will reship. A few days later, I received the customs confiscation letter and I sent a copy to COH and gave them an option to either refund or re ship it without bands. They re shipped it without bands and I got it in about 5 working days. The total elapsed time was about 2 calendar months from the time I placed my Order.

    In the meantime, I was able to order 2 very small orders from another Swiss based online merchant and got 1 package in 5 days and the other in 3 days.

    I like COH’s selection and price, but not too thrilled with their shipping. Even after placing the order, there is a lag of 2 – 4 days before the order gets shipped. In my case, I got unlucky with the first package getting held up. I would order again only if it is a brand I am extremely familiar with and in the medium price range like hoyo or partagas as I would definitely ask them to ship without bands. But others seem to have better luck with their shipping.

  322. Experience:

    Good vendor. Timely deliveries. Strongly recommended.

  323. Experience:

    Smooth transaction with COH. Cigars arrived in a timely fashion and were well packed and in good shape. Can’t wait to smoke one.

  324. Experience: Neutral

    SO, does Rav sell fake, authentic, or a mix of both? Which is it?

  325. Experience: Neutral

    Timothy, as 217 of us say they are fine, and 17 of us disagree, NOBODY can give you a definitive answer to that question. Read the comments for yourself and make your own mind up. That’s what this page is for.

  326. Experience: Neutral

    Timothy, I can only share my own experience of buying cigars at COH. My first order of 4 various boxes of Cohiba and 1 Montecristo arrived in good condition and properly sealed – apparently, because when placing my order I added the “Sealed Boxes” instruction. I checked the seal numbers at the official Habanos site and they were all authentic. I smoked Cuban cigars before and can say that I had the same feeling when I smoked the cigars that were delivered to me from COH.
    Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about my second order – this time I ordered 2 boxes of Davidoff. Although I asked for “sealed boxes” again, one of the boxes was delivered open. I do not know how to check the authenticity of the Davidoff cigars and therefore cannot say whether they were genuine or not. But I did not enjoy smoking them at all; frankly, I want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Maybe these are just wrong cigars for me or maybe these are not Davidoff – don’t know.
    Nor sure if my comment is helpful but I came to the conclusion that buying cigars from COH could be similar to lottery, i.e. you may be lucky at some times and unlucky at other times. I am not sure if i am willing to take another chance with COH.

  327. Experience:

    I can say with absolute certainty COH is 100% legite. I have ordered thousands $$ worth cigars & never did i question the product. One has to consider that cigar production is not perfect & there are variances with construction & taste beyond the sellers control. Thats just the way it is when it comes to Cuban cigars. They cannot keep up with demand period! All in all there is satisfactory consistency because the demand is always there. Cuban cigars are the best & i am grateful for COH because you cannot beat them. This company is connected and supplies high volume around the world and will continue to be my main supplier as i refuse the rip off prices here in Canada. Thanks to COH i’m smoking the best Cubans at unbeatable prices. The only downside is takes on average 14-21 days to arrive but i wait patiently simply because COH is worth it & Ravi runs a clean business. My 2 cents worth. I hope this helps you out with your question Timothy.

  328. Experience:

    Hi Sean R, till recently it was illegal to import Cuban goods into the USA. When US customs confiscates cigars, I am not sure if COH has any obligation to re-send. Who bears the risk is the salient point in question.

    I just had a friend bring back yet another box of Juan Lopez No. 2, purchased from COH. Excellent cigars and arrived in pristine condition. Everything checked out as genuine.

    Allowing them to settle at 65% RH for a few months before I start to puff.

    My experience with COH has always been positive and pleasant.

  329. Experience:

    Extremely fast shipping- 5 days (including weekend!) not sure how they got here so quick. Quai Dorsay – Coronas. They were nice and oily. Looked and smelled amazing. Bar codes and microprint cut off but that’s expected in some instances. Came with a small 69 boveda. This is the real deal folks. Quality for me is on par with LCDHs. These babies are gonna rest for a few years

  330. Experience: Neutral


  331. Experience: Neutral

    I just wanted to update, i’ve had 4 more successful orders from COH. All barcodes have checked out on the HSA website, though seals are cut to inspect, except for the one I asked to be sealed. Assuming they aren’t opening genuine boxes and putting counterfeits inside, they smoke great after at least a month in the coolerdor (65%), and are almost indistinguishable from the ones I bring back from overseas trips.
    I did check the website recently and it’s been laggy and as Eric said, there are no specials, though, the prices on my to buy list seem to be the same non-sale prices.
    I do hope Ravi puts up more specials cause it allows me some more incentive to try brands and sizes that aren’t in my normal rotation.
    (Neutral rating to not skew results)

  332. Experience:

    5 years+ of ordering weekly from CoH – I live in the UK & have been smoking Havana’s daily for over 30 years. My comments are probably long overdue; from time to time I read these reviews and I would like to reinforce the one recently written by:
    Louis says:
    July 27, 2015 at 13:51
    Nice to see someone with knowledge and experience writing sense!
    The majority of boxes I have received have been excellent, with the occasional box being not so great. Taking the average of the 250 boxes ordered over the last 5 years (approx) from CoH I would estimate 95% have been acceptable to very good. I never have requested sealed boxes or codes I would much prefer that they are opened and checked prior to shipping. The cigars are genuine to start with and this adds a second layer of quality control prior to shipping. You guys who request sealed boxes are setting yourselves up for potentially receiving less than good product that would be out of the suppliers control. Along with this you are starting off on a ‘footing’ of mistrust so why even bother! H&F the legitimate sole distributor for the UK open all boxes for inspection prior to distributing and this has always been their policy (along with most other bona fide Havana cigar importers and distributors worldwide).
    I would agree recently the website seems slow to load and am certain Ravi must be aware and addressing whatever issues they are having.
    Several acquaintances that I have recommended CoH too have been very happy with the prices, service and product.
    The reason its taken me 5 years to add my comment is partly selfish – for me CoH works perfectly in every way and by letting you all know I could be ‘shooting myself in the foot’ by informing you of a secret I had previously only let out to a few deserving people – LoL!

  333. Experience:

    I wanted to add my brief but positive experience with Cigars Of Habanos. I had a bit of a problem with my order, but Ravi was very congenial and addressed the issue very quickly. My sincere thanks to both Ravi and Polly for taking care of everything in such a prompt and professional manner. Very pleased with my dealings with COH.

  334. Experience:

    Just received a box of San Cristobal De La Habana El Príncipe from CoH and they are perfect, arrived to me in Australia in just over a week after shipment (including customs) and are 100% legit as verified on the Habanos website. The smell, appearance and feel of the cigars was absolutely divine so I knew they were the real deal from the get go without checking the barcode.

    I have a Cab of H. Upmann Connoisseur 1 on the way still, that seems to have got stuck in customs and I will update this review if they are anything less than excellent. For now though CoH gets two thumbs up from me!

  335. Gabe Chapman says:


    I have made at least 5 separate orders with COH and I am completely satisfied. The cigars are always of good quality as expected and are in great condition. Ravi always responds to e-mails and always provides the answers and information I’m looking for. I really trust this site to get genuine cuban cigars at a very competitive price.

    Highly recommended!

  336. Experience:

    Been buying from these guys since 2012. They actually sell the best Cohibas on the planet, no idea why but the Siglo 6 and Esplendidos are stunning, better than Swiss/UK/European bought Cohibas. Unfortunately, UK customs now tax every single box from them at tobacco+box weight and getting the money is a total pain. I now only buy Asian REs from here. Not CoH fault but that’s the reality of importing things

  337. Experience:

    Place 4 orders from CoH and all for orders arrived as promised so i requested sealed some i didnt. So far the best prices i’ve found on the internet. Wouldn’t hesitate to order from CoH again.

  338. Experience: Neutral

    My first order was on Aug 13 of this year and I am still waiting for my order, this being sept 11. I hope the smoking experience is worth the wait. I will let you know.

  339. Experience:

    I have had an excellent experience time and again with COH. Recently had 10 boxes of cigars shipped to my hotel in Macao which took a long time (2 weeks) at the Macao post office but finally reached me intact. Had 5 boxes shipped to my hotel in the UK on September 11th and 12th. Tracking was easy, and they arrived on the 15th and 16th with no extra charges from anyone – customs or freight. Ravi is always very helpful and prompt with replies to queries and ably assisted by Polly and Amy. I shop for prices of Cubans and theirs are the best.

  340. DashingDuke says:


    God bless you Cigars of Habanos and Damnation to the UK customs!!! I have had several orders and am enjoying my excellent cigars, a pleasure which has been denied to me the last few years due to the exorbitant cost of the king of smokes here. I thought it was a delight I would have to forfeit for good until my discovery of CoH and there very practical attitude to business and shipping, free trade is the life blood of a buoyant economy, providing the customer with what he wants at the price he can afford has always been the cornerstone of success in trade, its a pity the UK government and the greedy merchants that control the cigar supply here don’t recognises this. I did get a huge customs fee this time which took all the pleasure out of my smokes, not at all the fault of CoH. I would be interested to here how long one should leave ordering so as not to pip the customs radar? has any one got any thoughts on that subject. Well keep up the good work CoH, and I will be back soon! after an enforced break to shake off the excise men.

  341. Experience:

    I’ve ordered multiple times from Ravi and COH. Always quick to communicate, and relatively quick to ship. One of, if not, the most cheap on a lot of items. Lifelong customer, would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

  342. Experience:

    I’ve been dealing with Ravi and COH for over two years now. Between myself and two friends we have spent over $10,000. Only one time we had a problem and Ravi was all over it. He always responds to our emails within a day. Great prices for the real deal. Just my 2 cents. Cheers!

  343. Experience:

    Placed my order on Sept 13/15 and just received (Sept.22/15) 2 of the three boxes ordered.. Both boxes were packaged well (including humipak))and were sealed as requested. The sticks are now going to sit in my humidor for awhile before sampling. Looking forward to receiving my last box that I ordered.

  344. Experience:

    First of all, COH has the best price and great service and they sell only legit cigars. They inspect them to be sure, but if you’re bothered by the seals being broken, ask that he does not inspect them and they will arrive sealed.

    If you think you were sold a fake, you should check the authenticity before slandering Ravi. I would bet that those who think they were sold a fake, are not familiar with CC’s. Here’s the Cuban cigar encyclopedia for those who need some clarification – Go to packaging and you will be an instant CC aficionado:

  345. Experience: Neutral

    I have been receiving excellent service from COH for the last few years, but the quality of a vendor really shows when something goes wrong, which it did recently for the first time. My shipment of 2 boxes of Arturo Fuente cigars disappeared off the tracking radar somewhere between HK and Malaysia. After contacting Ravi, he took 48 hrs to verify the loss with HK Post then shipped one replacement box (the only one left in stock) and immediately refunded the balance. You can’t get fairer than that.

  346. Experience:

    First time buyer here and I must say COH delivers in every aspect. Price, customer service, perfect goods, vast selection and prompt delivery. Looking forward to my next order

  347. Experience:

    Been ordering from CoH since September 2013. Initially, I was hesitant when I received my first order and saw the box seals had been broken. However, my fears were alleviated when I looked at how the cigars were packed into the box. Any counterfeits would be pretty obvious: inconsistent sizes, off-color wrappers, uneven fillers, etc. CoH is the real deal!

    Some quick advice: When ordering with a credit card, be sure your bank knows you regularly shop online with Hong Kong retailers. This way you’ll prevent your credit card’s Automatic Fraud Protection from kicking in. :-)

    I’m a HUGE FAN of CoH and will order with them from here on out!

  348. Experience:

    I have placed 5 orders from CoH, and every single one of them has been great. Absolutely authentic and verified each one.

    Last order was sealed upon request (just for grins), but there’s no reason to do that.

    These cigars are real, and the prices are better than nearly every other site. Some sites are a lot more expensive.

    The customer service is top notch too.

  349. Experience:

    I have been very pleased with Every box has checked out as genuine. I recently ordered on a Sunday and they arrived the following Saturday. No hidden charges. Shipping included means shipping included. The cigars have been in great condition. Very happy with this vendor.

  350. Tommy Blankenship says:


    Have delt with them for thee years. Great cigars, fast service, fair price. COH is now my preferred provider for CC.

  351. Experience:

    Lately Ravi’s packages take twice as long with the new tracking system being in effect. Used to get them in 5-6 days… now passed the 10th day and still nothing. Wonder why?

  352. Experience:

    I have received my last order from COH after 33 days.I think it is fault of my country’s post or the rush of this month.
    I’m smoking cuban cigars over 20 years and I can certify that Ravi sells genuine habanos.

  353. Experience:

    COH is a great business that I can highly recommend. Ravi is prompt with email responses. I have always gotten high-quality product across a dozen or so orders (so far). All at a reasonable cost. Look no further than COH.

  354. Experience:

    Ordered and received in the Philippines, Macau and the UK with great service from Ravi and his team over a few years. Once again for UK this December, took just 4 days from shipping to receive my Petit No.2’s, Punch coronation and San Cristobal De la Habanas. My vintage order got flagged and prior to ordering Ravi had warned me that it happens on occasion. I’m glad COH ship the boxes separately so if something gets stuck, it’s just one box. With the great prices, a box or two is worth it in my humble opinion.

  355. Experience:

    I have to say these guys surprised me. I was skeptical, but Ravi and his team took care of me very well, I placed a few orders with these guys and had one issue which Ravi took care of immediately. Fast delivery, legit cubans, best selection of vintage sticks and really good prices. Can’t go wrong with COH!

  356. Experience:

    So I came across the Cigar inspector website early last year and like a kid in a very expensive candy store I’ve been working my way down the shop list starting with the top rated.

    I recently had a chance to try Cigars of Habanos this past December, taking advantage of their specials.

    On Dec. 9th I placed a small order for 2 boxes. On Dec. 11th it shipped.

    Now unfortunately it wasn’t until Jan. 9th the cigars reached me. To me that is an unusually long time. Especially given the ultra quick nature of some other shops on this list. I did send Ravi an email about 20 days in and he assured me they would arrive sometime soon. While they did, nearly a month after they were shipped seems long. However it was December- a month full of holidays and delays.

    Packing of the cigars was typical of other retailers- bubble wrap padded shipping envelopes and a small boveda pack. Nice, but I really wish all these companies would just add another small slip of bubble wrap. Especially when things do get delayed and rough handled.

    Where CoH really shined to me was the cigars themselves. Opened for inspection before shipping and they all looked beautiful. The box of hoyo epi deluxe was especially nice with a box date of DEC 2012. Nice plume and aroma. No cracks and not dry.

    Overall a positive experience if not a little worrisome for a moment. Watch their specials as the prices include shipping and can make for some great deals. It will be interesting how a 2nd order goes and if it is any quicker.

  357. Experience:

    Just received my order today from COH. Took about 13 business days. Everything looks and smells great.
    Thanks, Ravi!

  358. Experience: Neutral

    Best prices CC. Fast shipping.Will buy from COH again.

  359. Experience:

    I am a little torn here. I ordered some Montecristo Petit #2s and not having looked at any in Cuba in a while, they looked ok but quite dark, the torpedo ends were not consistent and the lengths varied more than I thought they should with large veins in the wrapper.
    Then a friend brought the same cigars back from Cayo Santa Maria and they looked Ravi’s but not what I thought was usual cuban color and quality. Both boxes smoked ok, I thought.
    My spider senses were tingling however. A few months later, I bought a box of regular Montecristos and they too were dark and veiny with poor construction at the pointy end.
    Then another friend brought me a box of regular Monte #2’s from the Veradero airport and what a difference! They were a completely different color. Much lighter, like what you see in the pictures and there were no protruding veins. The caps were way more consistent and the lengths were even. The smoke was amazing by comparison to the Hong Kong cigars.
    So were COH fakes? I can’t say for sure but they were not the same quality as most pictures you see or the ones purchased at the airport. It may be bad torcedors or who knows what but two bad batches is all I am going to risk.
    Also, after a few months the cigars started going moldy and I have hundreds of cigars in my humidor and they were the only ones to go moldy and Ravi told me to send them back, which is ridiculous in this day and age. It would have cost $50 to send back and what is he going to do with them – resell them? Scary but probably, lol. So he revealed his true colors. Not great cigars and not great customer service if you have an issue. I don’t know where they get these but the boxes all checked out so i don’t know where the quality discrepancy comes from. They may sell two grades of cigars. Ones to discount retailers and one to premium retailers?
    It’s a mystery but I’d rather pay a bit more and know what I’m getting.
    I will also say that Ravi sent me a nice little ashtray for christmas which I’m sure he does for all his customers but he did not reply to my thank you which also questioned his source of cigars.

  360. Tom Grady says:


    Great service and beautiful cigars for years, but now all packages require a signature. Deal-breaker for me.

  361. Experience:

    Best site ever got my 10th box today. Big time smoker here 100% real

  362. Experience:

    Best prices ! Great service and fast delivery! Definitely ordering from here again!

  363. Experience: Neutral

    I’ve read lots of opinions about whether COH ships real or fake Cubanos. I just placed my 4th order with COH of 3 boxes, the most I’ve risked ordering at one time. I only order brands that I’ve had lots of experience smoking, thinking (hoping) that I can readily spot any fakes. Last year, when I received my first COH order of Bolivar Belicoso Finos, I noticed a slight musty smell upon opening the box, but otherwise they drew and burned well and tasted like other recent vintage BBFs. Fast forward to last month when I vacationed in Cabo San Lucas and bought a box of BBFs from the Casa Del Habanos shop in town. They had the same slight musty smell and drew, burned and tasted the same as my COH order. So…as with any other internet vendor, I’ll continue trusting and ordering from COH until and unless they give me a reason not to.

  364. Experience:

    You can’t beat COH. Ravi is great and his cigar prices and quality are Primo!! Sorry Patty, you have not got a clue what you are talking about. I think you live your life thinking everybody is out to get you. Not once have I ever felt my cigars from Ravi were not authentic, period. I spend big $$$$ with COH because, simply, there is no other that can compete with them.

  365. Experience:

    I received my latest order of Bolivars and Montes last week; all arrived in EXCELLENT condition and within 2 weeks of ordering. A late night impulse buy on a COH “SPECIAL 24-HOUR SALE” added a 4th box of cigars to the mix and they were delivered just 2 days after my primary order – also arriving in excellent condition. Lastly, Kudos to COH for saving me a few bucks after I realized that my fat fingers hit the wrong selection button on my late night “SPECIAL 24-HOUR SALE” order; a hastily sent email from me was quickly responded to by Ravi with “No problem, we’ll take care of it for you.” My confidence level is high with COH sales & service.

  366. Experience:

    I have ordered 8 times and I currently have 2 boxes on route , and I can say they are 100% authentic, yes I was a little hesitant at first , which in in my option is normal for anyone . Yes I had a few banged up cigars , but your ordering online so It happens, I’ve had 1 box of LGC that when I opened smelled like ammonia that does not make them fake they just have to rest

  367. motionsick says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Ordered a box of Monecristo No.2’s. Took a little while but they arrived in good shape, shipped with a humipak. The stickers and serial # checked out, but 2 of the cigars arrived cracked.

    I know COH opens each box/pack to inspect, but if they still ship damaged cigars, what’s the point of claiming to inspect?

    COH will take back the damaged sticks, but I have to ship them back at my own cost to get a refund.

    I didn’t damage them, they shipped me an “inspected” damaged product.

  368. Veronica says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I have mix feelings about COH. On the upside I’ve received some cigars that were over a decade old that were just sublime and I was just blown away by the luck of the draw that I ended up with something so good!(Punch Churchill, Vegueros No1} On the other hand I did end of with a box of Bolivar Belicosos that about 5 in the SLB were badly cracked. It looked like someone had aggressively shoved a piece of foam in the box for extra padding but ended up doing a lot more damage then good. As other have stated, if the cigars are inspected before shipping then why did this happen? The packaging could be better but the shipping was relatively fast. All in all I would order again but COH would not be my first choice between the 3 other vendors I routinely use.

  369. Experience:

    Veronica, chances are it has nothing to do with COH. Most likely someone in customs probable did it trying to discourage you from buying online at great savings. Never ever had a problem with COH and they are simply the best online retailer in my opinion.

  370. Veronica says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Louis, customs would not of even let the package through. I would of received another one of those annoying letters. I am impressed with some of the cigars I’ve received from COH as stated previously but I’ve had better luck with my other preferred vendors. You win some you lose some.

  371. Experience:

    Competitive pricing and possibly the best customer service of the online vendors. Quick shipping and I have as of yet to receive a bad box from them. My prefered vendor.

  372. Experience:

    I have been using COH for over ten years and I have never had an issue. Always stocked with my “go to” cigars. Also, enough of a selection for me to choose outside my comfort zone. Fairly priced and shipping is fast. Cigars are always delivered as I request. Boxes sealed. Can’t imagine using anyone else.

  373. Experience:

    2 THUMBS UP for COH/Ravi!! Whoever trashes this place is full of SHIT! This place guarantees everything and ALWAYS delivers. If one has an issue, then they didn’t contact COH/Ravi to work it out! Been dealing with them for 5 years and NEVER had an issue!

  374. Experience:

    I agree with your comment regarding COH. For me these is not another comparable online vendor with their selection & prices. I’m hooked on COH. Nothing will change that anh time soon.

  375. David aka CigarSeeker says:


    I have ordered few boxes from Ravi and CoH. No issues here. My boxes are always sealed and though I have other sources, Ravi is the only one who provides Code/date boxes. Till they give me a reason not to use them, they will continue being one of my primary sources. Cheers to Ravi and the rest of the crew at COH.

  376. Experience:

    I second & third that DCG. Anyone who says anything negative about COH or claims cigars are not legite do not know what they are talking about, period. Here in Canada they rake us over the coals taxing the cigar to death. With COH, I smoke the best and it brings me nothing but pleasure when I light up knowing I am not getting ripped off. You cant beat COH prices and Ravi is a stand up guy. Never let me down once !!!

  377. Kyriakos says:


    I have delivered the most dark and oily SCDLH La Fuerza I have sheen.Bravo Ravi!!!

  378. Experience:

    Top notch vendor!! I have now received over 20 different orders from Ravi. 100% authentic, 100% condition, 100% packaging. Delivery times to Europe have been from 5 to 12 working days, no problems whatsoever. Highly recommended!

  379. Experience:

    I have ordered from Ravi 4 times. Currently waiting on a Cab of RASS. Couldn’t be happier with the product I’ve received. Beautiful boxes of Bolivar BF and RyJ. Service and communication is good. I’d recommend COH to anyone.

  380. 100% Legit says:


    I ordered a box of 25 Montecristo NO 2 on 27 april 2015. Ravi send me an email that many of his packages get confiscated by the customs of my country and I told him to send them and mark them as a gift.

    CoH send them on 4 May 2016. They got here on 10 May 2016 but since the postal service here sucks so much the postal office send me a letter that I had to come and pick them up (why didn’t they just send me the cigars instead on this letter… what a logic lol). I received this letter after 5 days so I went and picked them up.

    Once I got home I opened the package. They did pack it very good, it was vacuum sealed and they placed one small boveda pack with it.

    I inspected all the cigars and they where fine except for one it had a crack on it. Just a small crack it was smokable because I tried to blow gently trough the foot of the cigar and feel if air came out of the crack which it didn’t in this case.

    So I decided to use this cigar for dissection. I cut the cigar and I noticed that the wrapper was cut perfectly by the rollers.

    After this I tried to open the binder, once I managed it I was very curious about the filler. Fake Cuban cigars never contain long filler leaves, they contain short fillers aka floor scrapping.

    This cigar has longfiller. I can get Cuban Cigars here legally I have smoked many Cuban Cigars especially the monte 2. Cuban Tobacco has a different smell compared to cigars from other countries.

    I could recognize the smell of this tobacco immediately. It smells a little bit like vinegar, chocolate, cinnamon and a barn. Man I can’t stop sniffing the filler, it smells so good I wish there was a cologne of this smell. This is what I smell when I enter the walk in humidor of a local Casa Del Habano. Too bad I can’t upload images here else I would have posted them.

    I also did the verification check on the site of Habano’s SA. And it said “The product is original from Habanos S.A.”

    So this is the proof that CoH sells 100% authentic Cuban Cigars.

    Those people who say that CoH sells fake I wonder if they even 1) did check the barcode? 2) Dissect the cigar 3) Even smoked Cuban Cigars before they slander Coh?

    There are many clips on youtube on dissection of fake cuban cigars. I’m going to let them rest for a while before I smoke them. I know they’ll taste good because I know they are 100% authentic.

    This week I’m going to order an another box of Monte NO 2. I wish I found this vendor earlier. Great service, fast shipping, great prices (the cheapest vendor online) and 100% REAL Cuban cigars.

  381. Experience:

    This is a first-class vendor, Selling genuine cigars. I have ordered from them 5 times, communication is always good, the cigars are delivered on time and in good condition – Excellent! I highly recommend them.

  382. Experience:

    I just received a 4-box order of cigars from COH; all arrived safely and in excellent condition. I was quite surprised to find the box of Punch Serie D’Oro No.2s that I ordered had a “vintage” date of October 2013. When I opened the box I found 25 perfectly preserved cigars, almost 1/3 of which had a delicate dusting of plume. I realize it isn’t cool for an old guy to use kid language… but all I could think to say was “OMG!” over and over and over again.

  383. Experience:

    Excellent shop! Probably the best overall prices around. Cigar quality is outstanding. Shipping is dependable but a bit slow. Great selection. Thank you to Ravi.

  384. Experience: Neutral

    Placed a big order (for me) Cazadores, H Upman petit coronas, PLPCs s, and Montecristo #3’s. Only issue is that I recieved Montecristo #4s. All the cigars are in good shape and everything I have ordered over the past 6 years has been smoking great. Waiting to hear back to see how this can be fixed.

  385. 100% Legit says:


    I made a second order, this time I ordered a box of Padron 7000 since I cannot get them anywhere. I received my cigars within 8 days!

    They really did their best to pack everything up, the box was airtight sealed with a small boveda pack of 69%. All cigars were fine.

    An another thing I want to mention about CoH is that they really do stock up their cigars once they’re sold out. I was planning to buy a box of H.Upmann Magnum 50, after a while they were out of stock. Couple days later they got re-stocked again. So I will get them once I recieve my paycheck lol (we all know that smoking cigars isn’t addictive but buying them is haha)

    I can recommend this vendor to everybody.

  386. Experience:

    I have just received some cigars from Ravi.
    Arrived in perfect condition, in a sealed box with bands on.
    Took only 6 days to arrive to the UK.
    I will definitely be ordering from this company again.
    Excellent customer service also.

  387. Experience:

    Good delivery, good cigars. When they didn’t have exactly what I had ordered, they reached out to me to ensure a version of different packaging would be acceptable. When both boxes arrived, they looked a little dinged up, especially towards the openings at the bottom. Though unusual, and though it looked like someone attempted to tamper with the box, I’m giving the benefit of the doubt and blaming it on transportation. After reading around the internet on different forums, my advice to anyone else wishing to reap the great prices and free shipping of COH is to order only sealed boxes. That was the route I took, all of the embargo labels were intact, the codes checked out on the CDH website, and both boxes had already been aged two years.

  388. Experience:

    I have ordered from cigars of habanos a few times now. All of my orders have arrived within 5 business days after my cc was processed. They deliver authentic habanos, nice and fresh. Their stock is young but still great tasting!! I live in north America below Canada, if you know what i mean ;- ) They included some bovida packs and it was vacuumed sealed for my pleasure…I can’t say enough about the pricing which I found to be cheaper than other online retaliers or if the pricing was close, they didn’t include their shipping. Cigars of Habanos includes shipping in all their prices with no minimum order, that’s definitely a huge plus for me!! TWO THUMBS UP FOR Cigars of Habanos from me!!

  389. 100% Legit says:


    I ordered again from them, this time I purchased a box of Bolivar Belicosos Finos it arrived after three weeks, nothing they can do about it. I also don’t care too much about it.

    The cigars are legit, they have that distinct Cuban smell. I have smoked a lot of CC’s which came from a local Casa Del Habano so I do recognize that Cuban tobacco scent. It smells like vinegar combined with cheese and smelly feet lol

    I checked the barcode code at Habanos website and the code seems valid. I already smoked four of them right out of the box and they are delicious and hard to keep my hands away from them lol. Within one month I have probably smoked them all.

    I had a question about my order and they responded quickly so the service is outstanding in my book.

    I also want to mention that I ordered a box of Montecristo NO 2 from them which was my first order. Some of those sticks had a very tight draw and almost impossible to smoke. If you have any of these sticks don’t trash them away!!!! Instead use a kebab stick to create an airway trough the cigar, I can promise you this always works and the draw will be perfect!

    I tried this with one of the Monte’s NO. 2 and the draw was perfect, the cigar tasted SO sweet I wanted to eat the smoke. I hope this will help someone like it helped me.

    My next order will be Montecristo Open Eagle

  390. BoomerSooner1 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I have done business with Ravi for a number of years. Quality, price or authenticity have ever been a question. One shipment stopped in transit and replacement was immediately shipped.
    Top notch people to deal with.

  391. Experience:

    This is the first time I have used this site. Ordered 15 Hoyo de Monterey Epicure No2. It took three weeks to get the cigars, but then that is to be expected coming from Hong Kong. However when I got the box, it head been opened and the barcode plus accompanying serial number had been scraped off. I checked the rest of the label with a magnifying glass to find the repeat of the serial number and this checked out on the Habanos authenticity website. I have e-mailed to ask what reason there could be to remove this serial number and bar code, if not to pass off fake cigars? I await response. Needless to say the answer will have to be very very good to convince me to make a second purchase.

  392. Experience:

    I’ve become a regular customer of COH; have ordered $3K worth of cigars from Ravi over the last 6 months. All arrived in excellent condition, all have smoked/tasted wonderfully. Latest order was from Flash Sale (these just kill my discipline for ordering more cigars than I should). A price discrepancy was quickly resolved in my favor by Ravi… He’s a stand-up guy in my book!

  393. Experience: Neutral

    I have been confused so far in my own experience with Ravi and this site. I placed my first order and got a confirmation e-mail. Now, 8 days later, the order is still listed as “processing”. Is this normal? I have e-mailed the site twice and even called Hong Kong at lunchtime and the afternoon, Hong Kong time and no one picks up. Not sure if I should give up hope on this one.

  394. Experience:

    I had ordered nine times from this site without incident, however on the tenth time I was sent a box with the serial number torn off. First red flag. I opened it and looked at the cigars and one of the labels was falling off. Second red flag. A friend of mine and I tried the Montecristo No.2s, usually floral and smooth, and they were peppery, harsh, had to be re-lit several times, and had a lousy draw. They were obviously fakes and looked like it. What I wrote Rafi about the serial number being torn off, here was part of his response, “Whilst we have no problem shipping sealed boxes if that request is made at the time of ordering, for shipments to the US the bar codes are removed from the warranty label as they identify the supplying distributor.” Again, I have never had a bar code with serial number removed by prior to this. When I wrote him that they were fakes, his response was “You are wrong and so are your friends…” My friends and I are experience smokers, not fooled easily. Lastly, as the emails went back and forth, Ravi wrote “It is one thing to say that you received a bad box and a totally different thing to say that we have sold you fakes. All our stock is bought directly from distributors with no middle man.” So, rather than check with his distributor, he accused me of not knowing my stuff (as well as my friends). He did offer to return the box, but having split with someone us who left town, I could not. He refused to send another box. I will never be doing business with Rafi or again.

  395. Experience: Neutral

    You claim to be an experienced smoker, yet you (or any of your experienced friends) have never heard of why cigar vendors remove the serial numbers or barcodes from the boxes? In this case, Ravi’s distributor likely didn’t have those particular cigars available, so Ravi needs to buy them from another region’s distributor. Logically, nothing wrong with that, but this practice is for some reason prohibited by Habanos. So, both the overseas distributor and Ravi are covering their backs by removing the barcodes to avoid sanctions from Habanos.

    Earlier this year I received a box of Bolivars with the codes scratched off. Some of the microprinted codes were still legible though, and they checked out as fully authentic product on the Habanos website. Missing serial numbers or barcodes are by no means an indication of fake cigars. Lousy draw, harsh taste, problems with staying lit etc. sound to me like problems with too high moisture, and/or lack of proper time to acclimatize after transit. Have you tried to smoke another one after letting them rest for a time?

  396. Brandyn S says:


    Ordered my first two boxes from COH last month. One box of monte no 2 and a box of bolivar libertadors. My montes got here two weeks after ordering in great condition (very veiny tho, I’ve never seen monte 2’s like these) and they checked out on Havanas sa. The bolivars never made it tho! But luckily I told Ravi and he replied with “we will reship” with no questions asked. Awesome company. Just ordered two more boxes.

  397. Experience: Neutral

    I’m pretty conflicted about Cigars of Habanos, I was purchasing from them for about 5 years, in the begging no problems, I can even say I received the best batch of H. Uppman Royal Robustos I’ve ever smoked from them but after 2 bad batches (Partagas P2’s and Cohiba Genios) I lost my confidence in them and took Ravi’s advise stating If I suspect they are not genuine then they are not the vendor for me.
    So in fairness to COH my advise would be order a small batch first and judge for yourself.

  398. Experience:

    Processed my first order a few weeks ago and am very happy with the results.
    I had fast response from Ravi and all questions answers accuratly and quickly.
    I chose regular shipping and my order arrived in about 15 days as expected. Order was well packaged, shrink wrapped, boveda pack included with all the correct labels, papers and codes. Having one of the Por Larranaga petit corona right now and it’s great. My D4s arrived the same.
    Have already processed my next order.
    Will update is there are any changes in the 100% service I have received so far.

  399. Experience: Neutral

    Just an update as I haven’t posted for a year. Have received a further 9 orders, all of which were perfect.

  400. Experience:

    Another great order. Ordered some HDM serie le hoyo San Juan. Order arrived a hair before the 22 day mark. Box and cigars were all in great shape. I compared these to a couple of the same stick I bought from LCDH and they are identical. They smoke the same, look the same. I have bought and will buy again with confidence.

  401. Experience: Neutral

    I placed my second order from COH and wasnt happy with the result. my first order of partagas no. 4 seemed legit. second order for MONTE no. 4 didnt seem genuine at all. The cigars were square pressed instead of round. make small orders and judge for yourself.

  402. Experience:

    Just received my first order from CoH, a box of Monte 2’s and PSD4’s. Shipping arrived without tracking in about 3.5 weeks from order, within the 10-22 business days allotted for transit. Emailed Ravi a question and he got back to me in less then 24 hours. Haven’t tried the cigars yet because I’m letting them rest in the humidor but they look and smell tasty!

  403. Experience:

    Just an update! Order after order, year after year quality and service A+ Last box of Por Larrannga Montecarlo were the best I’ve ever had! Just one word about getting fakes, after years of me and my friends ordering we HAVE NEVER got A fake! I have been smoking cigars over 35 yrs. my friend about the same!! Now that being said anybody who has smoked cigars that long has seen GOOD years and BAD years, I’ll just leave it there…….do some research on growing conditions some marcas arnt rolled some years for A reason!
    Ravi your the man, keep up the great work!!

  404. Experience: Neutral

    Ordered a box of wide churchills (Romeo Y Julieta) and was disapointed. Should have asked for a sealed box? First time buyer and disapointed with the quality of taste and draw. The cigars tasted like a non cuban 5 dollar cigar. Definitely will go elsewhere with my business.

  405. Experience: Neutral

    Ravi is the man another great order some Jose Piedra cazadores. Box codes marked Feb 11 taste like champs right out the box. I will always stay faithful to COH. Keep them gems going good job Rav.

  406. Experience:

    John, i doubt what you claim is true. Open box means nothing when you buy online. I can say without doubt the cigars are 100% authentic. I have dealt with COH for years and never questioned my cigars. I refuse to beleive what you claim based on my experience and will bet many others will agree.

  407. Experience:

    I have been dealing with COH and Ravi for over two plus years. Cigars alwYs arrive within 3 weeks and cigars top quality. Never have i questioned authenticity. My order arrives within three weeks of ship date all in order never a problem. I order from Ontario Canada. I cannot beleive any negative claim about fake cigars because its a load of crap, period. Those with negative cooment claiming boxes open or fakes are clueless. Open box means absolute zero if you know anything about ordering online. I will go to bat for COH any day.

  408. Experience:

    I have ordered over 12 times and for the love of god this is the last time I’m going to say this they are 100% authentic …… look at the seal , look at the parchment, look at the serial number , and lastly look at the cigars …. YES sometimes there some water marks , or a banged up foot but come on !!! Its all part of it yes tight draw loose draw AGAIN Its made by hand people … I actually did my last order and had Ravi and the boys do there thing open check them out pack it with bubble wrap…… and again they are bang on ….. why would they sell fakes !! They know we would just leave … as said above when you get them give it a chance to settle … let them rest then have one

  409. Experience:

    Since May 2016 I’ve placed 10 orders totaling 30 boxes of cigars. Although the wait often took every bit of the maximum 22 business days for delivery stated by COH’s website, every box of cigars arrived in great condition and have met my high expectations. Given my experience to date, I have only good things to say about Ravi, his operation, and the quality of cigars that he sells.

  410. Experience:

    Ross in response to your comment, I second and third that. Yes I sometimes wait the full 22 days but the cigars are authentic and with boveda pack. COH & Ravi are Top Notch Vendor, period. I cannot beleive any negativity or questions of authenticity based on thousands of $$$ spent over last two plus years. Those with negative comments are either clueless or simply chronic complainers who expect same day delivery and can never be happy regardless of what they receive. Me, I sit back and enjoy my Cuban Cigars laughing at them.

  411. Experience:

    I’ve placed a few orders with CoH and have always been very satisfied with the service and the quality of the cigars. Ravi is very helpful and responsive to email inquiries. Highly recommended as a reliable source for authentic CCs.

  412. Experience:

    I have now received over 30 orders from Ravi and the team. The cigars always arrive on time, well packaged and in excellent condition. For the avoidance of doubt, COH sells GENUINE cigars. I cannot understand for the life of me why people are whining and complaining, they obviously don’t know real cigars. I will continue to use them as my supplier of choice.

  413. Experience: Neutral

    They use to send Seal box when you ask them to, but as you return to purchase more, they will start to ignore your comments.

    I also see that the quality of the cigars has been going slowly down hill. It almost feels like they will send you better cigars if you are a new buyer, but once they realise you are a frequent return customer, they will give you less quality stuff.

    I normally buy partagas D4, a few times I get cigars with lose rings (which i think its either low quality or fake), and tiny green spots on the cigars.

  414. Experience: Neutral

    I don’t know if this will help anyone but I bought couple times from Ravi and the first order was spot on. The smokes were a little light in strength but it was probably just the type I ordered. I was very pleased with my first order so I went for another go and ordered two 10 count boxes of monte edmundos and a ramone allones gigantes. Great prices and speedy delivery. I looked the over and they looked real quality so without thinking about it I placed them in my humi cab with my valued collection of over 1000 non cc’s. this was about six weeks ago. I was doing my routine inspection last night and was going through my box of ramone sand nor iced little brown bugs about three of them, well being an experienced collector my heart dropped and I got an immediate sickening feeling. I then looked at my box of monte 2 and punch D.C. And more of the little bastards. Long story short I have had the worst two days. My whole stash has been compromised. I guess it was my mistake mixing cc with my non cc and not screening new ccs in a sperate humi before taking the chance adding them to my valued stash. Either way I took the singles and placed them in the freezer and threw away the cc boxes Ravi sent. I am still debating if I should freeze my open but still FULL boxes of Camacho, Ashton’s, Fuentes anejos etc. also I noticed the monte double edmundos I placed in my humi contaminated my non cc that were adjacent to it with white fuzzy mold.. not plume. 12 yrs never any mold or beetles now both from one order. The price was right and they are legit ccs and I was very content with my first order so I’m staying with a neutral rating but I have no words to describe the panic I am going through and fearing I’m gonna lose over 10 grand in smokes..

  415. Experience:

    I ordered a box of Partagas Shorts from COH in Feb. The box came quickly enough but the box was opened and it was just placed in an envelope for shipping, no shrink wrap, no bubble wrap, no boveda, no nothing. Just an opened box in an envelope. Also, the verification # on the warranty seal did not pass verification at When I informed Ravi he said he would reship or refund. Because of the way the first box was shipped I chose to be refunded. The next day when I went to double check my order # to place on the return package I found out my account on COH was deleted. I’ll post a follow up if/when my refund is processed.

  416. Experience: Neutral

    Well.. just an update on my earlier post. I froze every box and single I own, cleaned my cabinet with distilled water and ammonia mix and looked them over one by one and luckily no holes or signs of the little brown bastards whew!! Thank you lord. I now don’t know if they were beetles or some other type of brown insect but I think I narrowly missed a devastating catastrophe. I wiped off the mold and have been keeping a close eye on them. I bought a separate humidor for my cc and noticed the white mold was trying to come back. I wiped them off with a piece of carpet, a little trick i learned from a botl I saw online doing a monte cristo 2 review.. so far so good. Fingers crossed. I smoked a couple and very good and smooth. I think I let the RH and temp to get too high in my cabinet. Gotta love this hobby…even though it was a stressful 3 weeks it helped me realize how intricate this hobby is and always something new and interesting to learn. Thank you to all BOTLs that post you’re much appreciated knowledge. Smoke on Brothers!

  417. Experience:

    Have made 10 plus orders from Ravi at COH, I have never been disappointed! Top notch quality Cubans. Sometimes seals are there to verify, or micro print is legible, and sometimes not. No big deal, if you know Cuban cigars then you know what else to look for to authenticate and seals don’t matter. And you understand the reasoning for removing seals, or you should! Not sure what was crawling on johns cigars but not beetles, habanos not only fumigates but began freezing in 2005. Like I said, Ravi is the real deal, one of only 4 online sellers I trust. And found them all on CI!

  418. Experience:

    Received two opened boxes when I specifically asked them to be sealed. If you have ever received an opened box or are unable to authenticate it then you must question the company and cigars.

  419. Experience:

    I have ordered and received over a dozen boxes from Ravi. Every one was not only authentic but extremely high quality sticks. My most recent order included 50 of the COH custom rolled and they are incredible. COH is unquestionably one of the top merchants on the web and I’d recommend them without hesitation.

  420. Experience:

    I don’t know why COH is not higher up on the list. I have had nothing but great service and excellent cigars for many years and am well pleased. Highly recommend this shop.

  421. Experience:

    I have bought several boxes from Ravi, and could not be happier. Is the shipping slow? Yes. But the price and quality more than make up for it. Ravi is very quick to respond to emails, and he keeps an updated box code list that he will send upon request. I’ve made purchases across multiple marcas (Punch, HdM, Partagas, RA) and the quality has been very consistent. I always request a sealed box, not due to lack of trust, but I’ve found in my experience that the less they are handled, the better my odds are of getting a good box.

  422. Experience:

    I ordered two boxes of cigars, have not received either box and am out of pocket by over £240.00

    After a few emails back and forth, they finally advised me that two separate parcels had been sent not one, neither of which have been received.

    They say one of the boxes has been returned to them due to customs charges and the other has been delivered to me, I have received no deliveries and no notification from a parcel company about customs charges, the other box they say has been delivered, and they have sent a carrier company’s proof of delivery has someone else’s signature on the delivery note, so not delivered to me, if delivered at all.

    After emailing this company numerous times, I have only had abrupt replays, and accusing me of receiving these cigars and trying to get more sent, which is obviously not the case, I only want what I ordered.

    Do not trust this company, they will take your money and then make every excuse possible not to supply your cigars.

    A complete con.

  423. Brian L says:


    Ravi and COH only provide the real deal and the best quality. I have ordered from them for over 11 years over 500 hundred boxes.
    For those whiners about open boxes this is the only way to inspect quality and wrapper color which is very important. The other 15 years ordering from other vendors COH is the best of the best.

  424. Tango says: