Cigars of Cuba

Cigars of Cuba
Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Switzerland
Online Since : 1997
Rating : 25 ( : 55, : 30)
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Description (from the website) : Cigars-of-Cuba Club was founded in 1994. Three years later our members decided to go online and share their cigar passion with other fellow connoisseurs around the globe. Cigars-of-Cuba offers you a selection of quality Cuban cigars distributed by Habanos and shipped from walk-in humidors in Geneva, Switzerland.

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  1. Experience:

    They are apparently the oldest online cigar shop. My personal experience has been a positive one – great communication and advice, well-priced and timely shipment.
    The cigars I ordered were in excellent condition too.

  2. Experience:

    *I’m a first time customer of this company and my order arrived quickly, in-tact, and looking very delicious! Very, VERY happy with this transaction. Their website is very attractive and colorful.

    Update #1 (Dec 29 2010) I have just successfully received my 2nd order from them! Perfect delivery, in-tact arrival. Very, VERY happy with this company’s service!

    Update #2 (Feb 23 2011) *I’ve just had another (quick!) successful delivery from this company. Their smokes are well aged and great. Pure havana delight pleasure. No nonsense customer service par excellance! Very very VERY happy with this company!

  3. Experience:

    I have been ordering from C.O.C for 2 years. I have ordered a lot of cigars and I will continue to acquire from they
    Great prices…Great service…great cigars and shipped fast
    The cigars from C.O.C. are 100% real cubans.

  4. Experience:

    I’ve dealt with many of the online vendors selling Habanos for more than 9 years. These guys are the best. If you are willing to accept your order with labels they will ship FEDEX and you will have in 3 to 4 days. If you want original boxes and labels they ship Swiss ground to US postal and you will receive anywhere from one to four weeks. The quality is always excellent and their service is unmatched. If you ever have a problem it will be resolved fast and amicable. Top notch distributor of Habanos. With Cigars of Cuba your only complaint will be when you run out of cigars. Five stars guys…

    Update (Aug 8 2011) I’ve been spreading my business around the last few months and I have posted my experiences on various distributors sites. Bottom line is except for Cigars of Cuba all the others are very inconsistent with the quality of the Habanos. Every cigar I have purchassed from COC have been excellent. I am not sure why there is not more traffic here…

  5. jdaxgonz says:


    Top notch! I received my order yesterday, great service and shipping. My cubans smell SOOooo delicious….

    Can’t wait to put together my next order!

  6. Experience:

    Hi all. I am from South Africa and I have used them for the first time. I was very impressed, both with the speed of delivery, as well as the quality of the cigars. I will certainly use them again.

  7. Experience: Neutral

    i tried to contact them two times to ask for some information before placing an order. i never received an answer so it did not make confident to order from them. i am still looking for a good cuban online shop.

  8. Experience:

    i have used coc 3 years,and for me is the best.quality and fast spiping.

  9. Experience: Neutral

    Tried to place an order…havent got confirmation anything, sent them a follow up email inquiring about status, another few days passed, still no communication…only reason i’m not giving them “negative” is that no money was taken from me.

  10. Experience:

    Great site authentic cuban pleasure!!!!

  11. Experience:

    been doing business with COC about five years Cigs have gone up a bit in the last couple years Had one order, two packages, confiscated total five boxes COC sent replacements about 30 days of not arriving That was a fair time line

  12. fat fat says:


    h.upmann half corona n25-box
    good vacumm pack.
    but, barcode and seals is cut.
    5 sticks have good flavor. real cuban.
    other sticks have no flavor. just mushroom-smell.
    very dire difference. hu…….

  13. Experience:

    I’ve been buying cubans online for a few years now. Main dealers are from HK, Australia and Switzerland. COC may not be the cheapest but they are consistent. Cigars come vacuum sealed which is a must for me. Cigars are as authentic as they can get, never had a reason to doubt them. All of my orders came through, will continue to be a customer for a long time.

  14. Graham - London says:


    I ordered cigars from Cigars Of Cuba on November 13 and contacted them on Nov 21 when the goods had not arrived. They advised that it may take 10 days for delivery. I e-mailed them every day since November 26th and they have not responded to any of my e-mails. I am as a result of my experience to date surprised at reading the positive reports of other users. I cannot comment on quality as I have not received any cigars to smoke nor have I received any proposal from COC on a refund or an offer of a replacement of my order. My advice is that you find a supplier who will deliver your orders – Leave Cigars Of Cuba alone!!!!!

    Update (Dec 12 2012) Please see below my communication of today (December 12th)sent to Cigars Of Cuba following their failure to deliver my cigar order which was placed on November 13th, and to respond to my e-mails of December 4th and 7th:-




  15. paperakadizi says:

    Experience: Neutral

    When I ordered from them for the first time, it was just fine. I got my package, and cigars were in good condition, even if they took 5days to answer my question.
    So i ordered from them for the second time, and i think they are NOT taking care for my order this time. Almost 3 days have passed and my order is still in ‘Paid’ status – meaning they didnt even ship my order. I will wait for couple of days…I will get you updated then.
    P.S. They NEVER check emails. So if you have questions, just use ‘Customer Service’ section. Sending them an Email is a waste of time.

    Update (Jan 16 2013) Okay, so finaly I got my cigars, seals cut. But i think they are not fake.

  16. thriftyqualityshopper says:


    I will say at best they are o.k. You will never get a email responce from them.
    The cigars are decent quality. and are real.. But again this company is not good at corresponding with it’s clients.!!!!!!!

    Update (Feb 23 2013) I fanlly heard back from Joe. All is good. Small communication error between us. So I can change my review to positive.

  17. Experience:

    Thriftyquality – you have to go on their web page and click on “customer service”. Then click on the segment where you leave your message/correspondence/concerns and enter your msg. in the open box for that. Then hit send – and that’s how you contact them. I’ve done that with them FOREVER with concerns, questions, etc. and they have ALWAYS responded. Yes, it may take up to two days sometimes, but they WILL respond on their Customer service entry section. Hope this helps

  18. Experience:

    I have ordered from this company several times. Everything has always gone great. Earlier this month I ordered a box of Punch serie d’oro UK editions. This is an $816 box of cigars. Plus twenty dollars for insurance to have it shipped to my country. They shipped on the 11th and haven’t moved from Switzerland since the 12th. I have tried to contact them 5 time about more order and no response. I paid extra for guaranteed shipping and they are just ignoring me. I will change this review if they get back to me because I have never had a problem in the past but this is simple not cool.

  19. Experience:

    Placed an order that shipped on March 18. Hasn’t arrived after one month. I’ve emailed numerous times and got no response. Today I emailed them asking for a refund, that i probably won’t get. I’ve bought Cubans from other sources and heard nothing but great things about cigars of Cuba. I would definitely avoid this site.

    Update (Apr 30 2013) This is an update to a post of one week ago. I HAVE to change my experience to POSITIVE! My last email was replied to by Joe. He said they hadn’t received my earlier emails. Last Friday, he offered to resend my order (to the US) without labels. Said he could have them here by Wednesday. They arrived just this AM (Tuesday) from Switzerland! Packaged better than ANY I’ve received from other sources. They appear to be the real deal too! They’re heading for the humidor right now. Can’t wait to put a match to one this weekend. Thanks Joe!!!

  20. Mikej772000 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Here is my experience with COC. First order of $599.00 received with no problem. True Cubans, great condition and very happy. Second order Of $556.00 never made it out of US customs; confiscated. I paid for the insurance and COC kept to their word and replaced the resent the smokes. Third order of $2,200 was broken up into 3 shipments, again all 3 never made it out of customs. I have been messaging with COC and not getting feedback. I’m have come to the conclusion that it looks as if I am out of pocket the money. I have also contacted the USPS and the cannot the me where my cigars are, as they were sent First Class not Priority. In fact COC will not truly know if your smokes have ever made as the USPS has no clue. If you order from these guys you will receive true cigars in great condition however you are taking a HUGE risk as I am out $2,200 US dollars.

    And I paid extra for the insurance, if I ever get my order replaced. I will give an update.

  21. sublimaze1 says:


    I have been watching for a while now. I have not pulled the trigger on ordering, simply because of the few reviews that have been negative. If I am going to spend hundreds of dollars on cigars, I wanted to get hundreds of dollars worth of service. Well, a weekend special came up for a box of Partagas Series D No.4 for just a bit over $200. So, I bit. Less than 10 days later, the box arrived at my door, sealed in a plastic sheath, seals on the box broken (for examination purposes, I understand) and 25 perfectly aligned cigars in the correct box, with the correct stamps, seals, and markings, correct packaging. I no longer have to wait for my trips to Canada to get what I need, when I need them. I give c-o-c thumbs up and will purchase again.

  22. eddy_bullpoo says:


    I placed an order for 2 boxes or RA Superiors. I requested in the order for them not to be open. When the order arrived both boxes were opened. Not only that the serial numbers were removed as well. The cigars look like they might be real, but the boxes are a bit questionable. the Cuban seals are not folded over on the logo, every other box from every other brand i have is, plus I heard they had to be. the Habanos band and the LCDH bands arn’t even on both boxes either and I have been taught they always are the same distance from the corner. I emailed them and I will see what they have to say. But I defiantly would not order from them again

  23. Experience:

    I have ordered significant amount of stock over the past 2 and a half years with them and had never any issue. Slowest delivery from Switzerland to Hong Kong was a bit over 2 weeks with a slight delay in customs…

    Quality is very good and never had any complaints. I smoke Lusitanias, D4, JLo No2.. bought several hundred sticks each..

  24. Experience:

    Best consistent quality Habanos on the internet. My only complaint is they no longer take Visa. Otherwise, every order I have received has been authentic.

  25. Experience:

    Very fast delivery. I live in Asia and my first order with the site arrived within just a week. Also, upon opening the box, the cigars were well packed and in good condition. I would definitely order again from this site.

  26. Experience: Neutral

    I have ordered many times.I was satisfied with them.
    But my recent order which is bolivar petiet coronas was not good.There were small bugs(not cigar beatle) in my box and some of these was rolled by wrapper which has a lot of black spots.and Cap were uneven.So I sent message through my account page three days ago but they have not replyed yet. I have started to smoke cigar since last year.So I am quite biginner but it was bad box I think.
    I hope they would do the right things.

    I will give an update when I hear from them.

  27. Experience:

    Joe sent me message on 12,Dec.
    He told me I can send cigars back to them.
    But almost of my questions were ignored.
    one of my question was that I don’t want to send it back even quality is not good as long as it is real.Because I don’t want to pay shipping charge and tabacco tax again.
    I sent message again on 12,Dec,which I asked if they can do anything or they have any idea what they can do for it.
    But I have not recieved their response yet.
    So I have to put negative.
    Their price is competitive,I like it.But their customer service is not good.too slow.
    I will be waiting for their response.

  28. Experience:

    The shop never delivered my order and never answered my e-mails. I believe the chop has closed.

  29. Experience:

    They did again.
    I send message through my account ask how many bolivar coronas extra they have left on 13 January.
    They did not reply and Bolivar coronas extra is sold out today.
    I tell them I am going to buy it.I am not just asking.
    I missed the last chance to get them.
    I fed up with thier costomer service.THEY ARE TOO SLOW BUT CHARGING US COST.

  30. Experience:

    I have placed several orders with them over the last few months and have been very happy with their service. One order never made it and Joe sent replacements after 15 days and that was received in perfect shape. Customer service is very good if a little slow. Very helpful and good prices too.
    I will be placing orders in the future.

  31. Experience:

    No written communication so I called the guy (found his number on the copyright page of the site). The guy is french and clearly know his stuff. I got my first delivery within a week and I was quite happy with everything (price etc…)

    Do call them if you have any issues!

  32. Experience:

    Been buying from these folks since 2002. Never gave me reason to have to contact them. They always check the boxes…so don’t expect sealed boxes. Shipping has changed in recent years to where they charge extra if cigars, bands & box are sent intact. But if you just want genuine smokes and don’t care, they ship free and vacuum sealed and you get them quicker. As far as I’m concerned they have one of the best web site designs for navigation and selection. Their prices are on par with the EU retailers, but they do have some great promotions.

  33. Serap Albayrak says:


    Ordered 4 boxes of cigars amounting to 942 USD. As a request, I advised the vendor in their customer services section to ship the order separately with the customs X-Ray scrunity, it wouldn’t fly. To my surprise, they shipped three boxes (!!!) in one parcel, which, of course caught the ever vigilant eyes of the customs. (For goodness sake, who sends three boxes of Cohiba, Trinidad, RASS in one parcel these troubling days of heightened customs scrunity???!!)
    The parcel was, of course, seized. I then contacted Joe stating their fault in shipping. However, my comment on this issue in the customer service has, conveniently, vanished. Joe wrote in his reply that they complied with my request as they never had any comment on separate shipments of boxes!!!
    In the FAQ section of the website, they promise to effect a refund in an event of no receipt of the goods after 10 days of shipment. Well, 19 days have passed and they have not replied to all of my messages.
    Understanding that this could not be resolved, I made my way to the customs and agreed with the authorities to have the parcel sent back to the sender by March 4th – just to prove to the firm honesty and authenticity is the norm.
    Since my trip to the customs, I have written to their [email protected] address, their [email protected] address, their customer services section with no reply from their side whatsoever. To make the matters worse, their contact page has been erased and they cannot be reached by phone!
    Customers beware! Take time and consider the option of never receiving your order and not being taken seriously as a paying customer. The sore thing is that I did order 4 separate times previously and they always shipped the boxes, each in a single parcel, which I received safe and sound. I believe they wanted to cut down on their shipping costs and ship 3 boxes in one shipment.
    I am awaiting their response and have planned to complain to the Swiss embassy in this regard. I have always known the Swiss for their honesty, and integrity in their business dealings. It is quite sad, really.

  34. Experience:

    You will not receive a response for any inquiries. Please do not waste your time with this vendor.

  35. Experience:

    Being an expat based in beautiful Turkey, it’s a special treat to smoke your favorite stogies at the Bosphorus or if you are down in the south of the country playing golf in exquisite golf courses. Well, through an email message from one of my cigar buddies from my cigar club here in Istanbul, I got the details of this vendor.

    I contacted them through their customer service and it took them a couple of days to return to me – which I put down to the not slow but their even-paced work tempo – knowing the Swiss.

    In my message, I specifically asked them their policies in events such as loss of parcels or customs seizing the goods. Joe assured me after they have conducted their investigations through the Swiss post (I.e. their shipping partner), should any such event occur, they would provide either a refund or a replacement of goods and he further assured me that they are the proud holder of the most stellar track record in this industry for keeping customers in current of developments regarding the above possible and unfortunate mishaps.

    With the peace of mind, then, I ordered a box of RASS to check them out. I paid with my credit card through their financial broker, namely, Klik & Pay. The parcel got bogged down at the customs. Upon my inquiries, the customs authorities stated that the sender had declared the contents as CIGARS!!!

    Now, I do recall that I reiterated several times during the ordering process that should this word be stated or declared, all and every nation’s customs would take all measures to seize the parcel – lost or destroyed would the unfortunate outcome of these beautiful works of art – not mentioning the personal financial loss incurred by all involved….

    I. then, attempted to contact Joe or anyone at the firm to get to the bottom of this in vain. 32 business days have passed, all of my enquiries are logged “OPENED” in my account with no replies at all.

    The contacts page is a blank so I have not been able to reach them. I have forwarded a number of messages to their sales and info email addresses – identical to Serap above – with absolutely no success.

    To be honest, it is the first time I have been duped. I have worked in many parts of the world and made it a rule to be wary of deals too good to be true.

    It is apparent this vendor has neither the integrity nor the well-balanced sense of business last long in this business. I feel someone somewhere will pull his plug, really. People are NOT fools. People have political or other connections….

    I cordially bring to the attention of whoever reading this comment to stay far far away from Cigars Of Cuba lest you end up losing more than the cost of a 200+-Dollar box of RASS.

    My companiy’s HQ is based in Geneva and I am due for a meeting there in March. I have made up my mind firm on paying these goons a courtesy call to get to the bottom of things.

  36. Experience:


    Dear Thoryr.

    You state in your comments that you have these guys’ phone number(s). Could you, kindly, share this piece of information with me?

    Many thanks in advance.


  37. Experience:

    Hi Julian,

    Try that buddy!

  38. Experience:

    I order an average of 3 boxes every 2 months. In almost 4 years had 3 shipments stuck / lost, they were always replaced within a reasonable time frame after investigation.

    I have received shipments via swisspost and german post, average shipment time from Switzerland to a major Asian city is 10 days

  39. Experience:

    TO MIKE:

    Dear Mike,
    I’d like to thank you for your input. My query is:


    Is 35 business days with no replies or heads up as to their opting for an investigation as a course of action into the issue a universally valid customer-focused approach?

    Furthermore, Swisspost takes 4-5 business days to have a parcel delivered to a Turkish location. As I commented previously, I work for a multi-national Swiss corporation and we receive countless parcels a week within the above time frame.

    My buddy, THORYR, provided me with their phone number – which I shall use to contact them tomorrow to get to the bottom of things.

    Regards to all!


  40. Experience:


    I never had that experience that I got no reply. You can track the shipment for Swisspost. There has been a delivery delay on 2 occasions, it always was with customs in my location..

    The parcels which did not arrive did not even make it to customs. In the past, when a shipment did not arrive, COC did open a investigative case with the post. Once that cleared I would get my replacements.

    I never contacted them via email – use the customer service feedback button

    Give them a call when you are in Geneva.. Good luck and happy smoking

  41. Experience:

    Just received my first order from COC – cigars were 100% authentic with all seals intact, very well packaged and arrived in perfect condition.

  42. Experience:

    been buying here for several years. was about as good as it gets for online cubans. good, decent , never great , but mostly smokeable. over the years, a noticable decrease in quality. they replaced an extremely stale box of cigars once. shippng has never been a problem here.
    the real problem is with the quality , taste and construction. i believe there must be some kind of middle “seconds ” market for cuban on line cigars . lately , the cigars are of such inferior quality and flavor, that a cheap $2 dollar honest cigar tastes better. construction is questionalable at best, not even sure and do not believe these can in any way be REAL cubans. stopped purchasing here. am looking for an honest to goodness real cuabn cigar site you can trust…..

  43. alistair boyle says:


    they dont respond to email. no telephone. my cigars are stting at the post office after ten days and no delivery with a $80 excess fee inc $12 customs handling fee to pay. the total order was just over $150 so this is a joke.

  44. Experience:

    Was robbed by cigars of Cuba. Promised shipment would be ‘discrete’ to not be taxed duty/custom. Bill came to door by customs for amount greater then then purchase. Advised joe, he said to reject shipment. He sent on second attempt – same issue. Now claims the return has not come back to him 7 weeks later.

  45. Dave The Rave says:


    First off I have ordered dozens of boxes, from these guys, all arrived in a timely manner, and in good condition. They have answered all queries promptly. With regards to customs I am in Hong Kong, and have never had a problem. They mark the boxes as Cedar marquetry, of little commercial value.

    With regards to other comments on here, if your customs are like rottweilers that can hardly be laid at the door of COfC

    I unfortunately tried Royal Habanos, on a friends recommendation, and I am sitting here with 8 Boxes of fakes!!

    So take your choice

  46. Philip Beale says:


    I have not ordered from Cigars of Cuba for a long time but a colleague did just a couple of months ago with success.
    I placed an order on 21 February 2015 and paid with Klick and Pay as requested the next day . I got a tracking number and order ID number and nothing . I can afford to loose $204 but I am really annoyed that these scoundrels are so bare faced that they have just refused to answer my enquirey over and over .At least for emails in the last three weeks .
    Give the guys a wide birth and save yourself time and trouble .

    Can anyone suggest another on line cigar shop for cubans that is RELIABLE with no rip off.


  47. Philip Beale says:


    Another week has gone by and still no response from Cigars Of Cuba . My cigars never even left Switzerland . I even tried ringing them 3 times but the telephone goes straight to a recorded message . These people are pros tell everyone they are obviously about to go away and are just making the most of the last ounce of good will they had on a few people who thought Swiss Companies don’t do that .They are still using Klick and Pay too so I am going to let them know how they take peoples money under the cover of respectability provided by Klick and Pay

    To be avoided .Very Nasty !


  48. Dave The Rave says:


    I Have Just read Philip Beale’s comment, are you sure this is the same website?

    I ordered 4 Boxes of cigars on March 30th (Mixed Brands)

    The tracking tool, shows they arrived in Hong Kong Yesterday 3rd April, we have 5 days of Public Holidays, so will expect them to be delivered by the Local Post office on Wednesday.

    The only time I had a problem, out of dozens of orders they responded very quickly by e-mail.

    Not like those scammers Royal Habanos, Swiss cuban cigars, and their other scamming web sites.

  49. Experience:

    Placed an order on Mar 31. Shipped on Apr 2. Received on Apr 14. Not too bad for shipping. The boxes were vacuum sealed and cigars were still humid even for the long trip.

    I had no issues with Cigars of Cuba like others have, but then again, my order did arrive. I can’t speak to what would have happened if my order didn’t arrive.

    Update (Jun 2 2015) Just had another order arrive from Cigars-of-cuba. They were packed well, sealed and look great. Arrived in less than 10 days from order.

    I’ve contacted them through the system and have received responses within a few days.

    Make sure you are going to the site with the dashes in the name.

  50. Philip Beale says:

    Experience: Neutral

    UP DATE Cigars of Cuba have now contacted me and offered to replace the box of Ramones .It has been a lot of trouble for a $220 box of rubustos .Jesse! but it’s the principle of the thing . The other thing is the reviews on the other on line sellers of Cubans suggests they are even worse and selling fakes as well.
    The trouble with COC is that they do have delivery problems .this is not the first time but in the past everything has arrived eventually This was the first time I had so much trouble and it turned out they were not replying to my emails but posting in my COC site which I don’t use.and wasn’t even aware had a messaging capability.
    I promise to let you all know if they finally come up with the goods because it looks like there are plenty of worse suppliers .

  51. Ertugrul Ihlamur says:


    I did not receive the cigars and they did not make a refund. It has been months and still struggling with them. They do not even reply to my mails. Be careful ….

  52. Experience: Neutral

    Just received my 3rd order in 2 years (first two were also fine). Cigars were exactly as described, very well packed, best prices available for the particular items and were shipped the same day my TT payment cleared. Can’t ask for more than that.

    Experience NEUTRAL as I have previously rated.

  53. Experience:

    No communication is a bad start. This site is dead. Won’t even try to order.

  54. Experience:

    Received my cigars . And wow major disappointment . Seems like these guys just open the MasterCard of boxes and ship out anything . Quailty control is terrible . All the cigars smell like butt crack .seriously. Wrappers are all dried out , looks like it was moldy at one point and they rubbed it with alcohol . So I let the cigars rest for 3 months away to try em … With low expectations already … I became upset . Terrible place to spend your coin on a box . Time+money into this place = major waste of time .

  55. Hiroyuki J says:


    I bought TRINIDAD REYES cabinet of 24 on 2015/09/07.
    It was fake cigars.
    It poor box, smaller than original Reyes of thickness and bad taste.
    I’m so sad.

  56. Experience:

    This site is a complete fraud. They stole me 153 dollars. I ordered a cabinet of 25 Ramon Allones Small Club coronas and 4 Vegueros. Before I paid they answered my doubts and questions, but then they dissappeared. They never sent me a trackcode or a message like “we received your pay, your package is on the way”. They don’t responde e-mails, the customer services is dead, the phone is a recording. After a month, I don’t have any kind of information about my cigars and my money.

  57. Philip Beale says:


    Ordered some more cigars after my last neutral experience with COC and they arrived in a reasonable time and of course genuine in a world full of fakes that’s worth a lot . True they are not cheap but the real thing is worth paying for. They sometimes don’t answer enquiries promptly but what can you do . They should also think seriously about using a courier service like DHL or similar because delivery delay and mail lost is their big problem

  58. Experience:

    Have been ordering from COC for years. Only had one problem of a shipment arriving but then Customs losing it. COC send another order a week later via DHL.
    Always great quality and timely shipments even to Thailand…less than 10 days!!
    About to order again

  59. Experience:

    I placed an order on 12/2/16. No email confirmation but I have an order number – I tried to contact the two email addresses listed on the website – got failure notices. I wish I would have read some of these reviews. My purchase was for a Christmas gift. I am now going to contact my CC company, the attorney general in my state, and the US attorney general to register a complaint. Why are these global banks even allowing merchant accounts for this company if it is fake?

  60. Dennis Egan says:


    I know the last time I ordered that COC stated it was discontinuing using traceable mail, probably for customs reasons. I used to order on a Saturday and get the cigars about a week later. The last time it took more like two weeks.

    The company is not fake and the cigars are not fake. Try [email protected]. I have exchanged emails with him before.

  61. Robert Williams says:


    As a long time, over 10 year customer of COC club. I have found that COC is a place that can be trusted with High Level Quality cigars. They are the “BEST”…. The product and the services are top of the line. Their customer service response within 24 hours and deliver of service is 4-5 days through FedEx.

  62. Experience:

    My order was delivered to the US in less than a week. They cigars were fantastic! I will definitely place more orders.

  63. Experience:

    I’ve had nothing but good experiences with CoC so far. One shipment was recently lost. I contacted them and they asked for one more week to see if it showed up. When it didn’t, they sent a replacement package right away. No other questions or concerns. I will continue purchasing from them and recommending them to others.

  64. Experience:

    I was introduced to the COC club by my good friend who has been ordering from them for the past 4 years without incident.

    I placed my first order and being a novice they were good enough to advise me of the shipping and insurance issues inherent in this process.

    They were very professional and provided me with the best possible outcome with no additional charges.

    I received the cigars in fine condition and will smoke one shortly. Once enjoyed I will come back to let you know more about the experience.

    So far so good! I would recommend them highly.

  65. Experience:

    Without doubt, COC is the best online cigar merchant

    Quality, service and price are always exceptional.

    The times I have had problems with shipments (not COC’s fault) COC have always sorted me a new box without fail

    5 out of 5

  66. Derrick says:


    I’ve ordered from cigars of Cuba three times now and am very very pleased. Definitely legitimate. Delivery was prompt and cigars are great quality. One of my orders was multiple tubos to take on vacation. One of my hoyas had a little mold (not rare for tubos) and COC replaced all three without issue. I have seen no sign of any communication or customer services issues, quite the contrary in fact.

  67. Rick Shedden says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I ordered a box of Cohiba Robustos (insured and in the original box). When the cigars arrived, they were labeled as Costa Rican bulk cigars. I contacted COC with my concern and they explained it was their error. I had paid for insurance but COC failed to notice so I was shipped the correct cigars but without the bands. COC has refunded the insurance cost and is going to include a three pack of Cohiba Robustos with my next order.

    I am impressed with not only their quick response time and outstanding customer service (free cigars for the mix up) but also the speed with which cigars arrive. I placed an order on 5/24/17 and they arrived via FedEx on 5/26/17.

    I buy from many foreign shops on the internet, but none match the service and speed of COC.

    One final comment– all of my cigars have arrived shrink wrapped! No other purveyor of fine cigars duplicates that.

  68. Experience:

    This was my first time ordering from COC and to be honest I was a little wary about the condition of the MonteCristo 5# due to the travel process and customs procedures.
    My wariness was totally uncalled for. The cubanos came in a box that was very well padded inside and the cubanos were vacuum sealed in a pouch for freshness and let me tell you it had been 12 years since I smoked this wonderful cigar while in the Army stationed in Italy with S.E.TA.F. Southern European Task Force Vicenza Italy.
    I had always wanted to smoke an authentic cubano and when I did I was hooked! I never thought I would be blessed with these again once I retired.
    This brought back so many good memories and the taste and draw of the cigars is unmatched for quality and authenticity.
    COC will be my only purveyor of fine cigars and I will be telling my fellow aficionados about COC club.
    Amazing customer service quick responses by email and tracking all the way to your post box.

  69. Justin Johnson says:


    It was my first time ordering Cuban cigars online and I was not disappointed. The cigars arrived very quickly and in perfect condition, in the original packaging just like I asked. This site is absolutely legit. If you want 100% authentic Cuban cigars for a very reasonable price, look no further than CigarsofCuba!

  70. Experience:

    I placed an order with COC. The cigars came quick and were in relatively good shap. My only problem is that I don’t think they are the brands they say they are. They may be Cuban tobacco because they taste really good, and are imo still worth the money. My suspicion comes from the fact that I bought 5 different brands and the wrapper is the exact same shade on all of them. I also noticed some questionble markings on the box. Habano wasn’t burnt into the box instead it was stamped on. I still haven’t found my go to source, but I will think twice before ordering from COC again.

  71. felice manzi says:


    Fast service and authentic Cuban cigars, what more do you need. The Siglo III’s I ordered were the best I ever smoked and I have been a cigar smoker for fifty years.

  72. Experience:

    In the past fee months I ordered several times and each time multiple boxes of different brands from Cigars of Cuba and was always happy with both the quality of the cigars as well as their fast shipping and communication. I am also still ordering some Cigars from another supplier with similar prices but I find the quality and the condition of the cigars delivered from COC generally better. Can definitely recommend !

  73. William Lewis says:


    I received 2 boxes of Romeo Juliet cigars that were not in good shape and contacted Cigars of Cuba, I was told to cut them up and send a photo. I then was told that I would be receiving 2 boxes to replace them and I have received them in good condition. I’m very impressed with the service that Cigars of Cuba offers. Thanks for your great support !!

  74. Experience:

    COC Team provides very professional services.Especially Jacques,a nice and honest man, gave me very pertinent and helpful advice for the products. I received my two orders in good condition.Besides, the logistic service from Geneva to Shanghai is efficient.My second order only took 6 days to delivery.
    I strongly recommend COC to customers all over the world.

  75. Experience: Neutral

    Is this shit legit?!? I posted my comment about getting scammed and have pics to prove it and that shot didn’t post!

  76. Experience:

    Just got my first order and it was perfect great company awesome staff!
    They definitely earned a lifetime customer.
    I’ll be placing a second order asap and will recommend this company to my fellow aficionados.

  77. Mr. Calabrese says:


    Just got my first order and it was perfect great company awesome staff!
    They definitely earned a lifetime customer.
    I’ll be placing a second order asap and will recommend this company to my fellow aficionados.

  78. Mark of MA USA says:


    I was dinning one night and gentleman next to me recommended Cigars of Cuba
    Im so greatfull best advise I was ever given !!
    Very happy with service , 10
    Quality and service amazing


  79. Experience:

    I only buy my cigars from reliable sources with best grades & reasonable prices, I do not buy lower grades with cheap price. Perhaps, not many of them, and COC is my most favorite among all of them. My other 2 brothers also a regular to COC. The shipment is very reliable, I would say never delay. Price of cigars are mostly cheaper than the others, I would say 90% stocks are cheaper (we are comparing apple to apple).

    We never have problem for many orders, until recently I’d problem with my last order which I received my Montecristo 520 in not a good condition, some cracked. I emailed Jean and after quick verification then he agreed to send me the replacement package. He solved my problem in less than 48 hours, that is really amazing.

    I highly recommend COC, they are the best, very reliable, and never missed to reply your email.

  80. Richard Dominick says:


    I have to be one of COC’s oldest customers – as it must be 15-years now that I’ve been buying cigars from them…. and I have never been disappointed. The cigars have always been ‘perfect’. Delivery time has always been short… and whenever I had a question or a request COC got back to me immediately… There is nothing better than to receive a package from Cigars of Cuba, open it up and smell that great cuban cigar aroma… and after letting the cigars ‘relax’ for a few days, lighting one of COC’s cigars up and enjoying the great taste… COC have never let me down… they have never sent me a bad batch of cigars.. Cigar Inspector’s highest rating is ‘Positive’… My rating is even Higher… After 15-years of receiving great cigars and great service from Cigars of Cuba – a ‘positive’ rating isn’t enough. Ratings of ‘Peerless’ ‘Unparalleled’ and ‘Paramount’ are how I rate Cigars of Cuba.

  81. Malek Winfrey says:


    I’ve ordered twice from Cigars of Cuba. Both orders shipped the next day and arrived in North America within 6 days. The cigars arrived in excellent condition and smoked great. No complaints.

  82. Experience:

    This cigars are 100% fake indeed, this is a scam, please stay away from them.

  83. David Crombie says:


    Agree with latest poster. A huge scam. Would suggest all the positive poster are employees. I checked the web sites on authentication and they failed on every criteria

  84. Isaac Shahn says:


    Love these guys – super fast communication, delivery, and excellent products. They just helped me out with my 6th order from them – thank you very much!

    Keep up the good work.

  85. Brian Blades says:


    I’ve ordered from them twice and both times the box seals have been cut and the boxes look to have been abused. Once the box seals have been cut, there is no true way to authenticate the quality of the cigars or that they are true Cubans. You can simply take a used box, fill it with fake cigars, and ship them in fancy Swiss postage. Based on the lack of reply from their customer service, I have to assume this place is a scam, selling fake Cuban cigars.

  86. Walid idris says:


    I have made many ordered through COC. I have to say they are the best online store I have used.they have a decent collection, well kept. The shipping and packing is impeccable. Orders are shipped on time and their weekly flash sales are great. If you can’t find a cigar simply email them and they will work on sourcing it for you through their contacts. I have checked every serial number for every box and checks authentic every single time. I would recommend them to anyone any day. Email [email protected] and address to Jean

  87. Experience:

    Hi Brian,

    Any decent cigarshop including LCDH will always cut the seals and inspect the cigars. Coming from Cuba you have no clue what damage could have happened in transit , not to mention Bugs and mold etc.. no one with any sense and cares about customers will ship an uninspected box. What happens if you receive the cigars and they were all busted or moldy .. how do they verify it wasn’t a swap?. Also if you cannot tell a fake from a real cigar from taste, bands and simple measurements/characteristics then I recommend you don’t use online shopping and stick to your local cigar shop.

  88. Experience:

    I’ve been enjoying cigars for close to 20 years. Plenty of Cubans along the way. Took a chance at ordering from COC. Absolutely no regrets. Placed order April 9. Received tracking number next day. Opened my box today. Everything perfect, no issues whatsoever. Prices are a bit higher, due to insurance, but guess what, I got my stogies.

    Another order will be placed in two weeks.

  89. Experience: Neutral

    I have ordered several times from Cigars of Cuba and have never been disappointed. The cigars have always arrived promptly and well packed. The communication with Jean Jacques has always been on point. On two separate occasions, I ordered a box of Bolivar Belicosos Finos and a box of PSD 4’s and requested that they send the darkest shade they had. Both times, Jean Jacques and his team came through and sent me the darkest and oiliest cigars I have come across. They are currently tucked away in my wineador to age. Thank you COC for your attention to detail and your dedication to customer service. I will be ordering again very soon.

  90. butcher156 says:


    I have purchased cigars from Cigars of Cuba six times in the last two years. I have purchased several different brands (Montecristo, upmann, cohiba, romeo e julieta, hoyo de monterey, bolivar, and rey del mundo) and they all were shipped in a timely matter and all of the finest quality. No fakes. I highly recommend.

  91. Experience:

    i bought one box of Magnum 54&Wide Churchill for father’s day gift, they shipped very fast, lunckily much of the problem mentioned above was not my case.

    However, i seriously doubt that they were selling fake cigar to me, the Magnum 54, which has a very nice but nicaragua-like wrapper, when it somes to taste, the flavor is light without complexity, just like what you get from a Dominican cigar.I’ve been smoking Magnum 46~56 for many times but this unpleasant experience make me doubt therir genuity.

    In a word, i won’t waste my buck on this shop

  92. Experience:

    I have ordered cigars from Eli and his team for over 20 years… Certainly a few hundred boxes. All cigars are the REAL deal no BS..Customer service has always been good…

  93. Experience:


    They have been selling FAKE cigars!!!

    I bought box of Sir Winston and Wide Churchill from them in June, but when the cigar arrvied they proved to be 100% FAKE.

    The code on Sir Winston is 000036855956(Habanos verification shows this JOSE L. PIEDRA CAZADORES)

    The code on Wide Churchill is 000007937387 (Habanos website shows this Montercristo No.2)

    When i write to Jean for return he is so arrogant and don’t want to return my money.

    This is my first order but i would never buy again from this cheater.

  94. Experience:

    I’ve been ordering from for around 12 years. During that time the quality and service has been outstanding. Any problems with delivery they have sorted super quick. Big thanks to Adrian for sorting my last order. I wouldn’t order from anywhere else. Try one of their seconds samplers, 25 for £169, great way to try lots of different cigars at a great price. As an Fyi, My favourite smoke, Bolivar RC’s.

  95. Experience:

    Let me tell ya! I would stay away for these guys. Why well I won’t say fake But I will say I NEVER got a Great box! Funny All box’s opened and some say two years old with no plume??? Really! I have spent some dam good money with this guys. Yes I will give you All my order #’s, dates if you want. But I even bit the bullet and bought a box of Cohiba’s. Yeah you guessed it EVERY label was loose on EVERY stick. NO WAY WERE THEY Especials. NOT good. The best box I got from these guys were Vegueros. They were even better than the Cohiba’s……….. There excuse they need time on them! Ya right. You NEED to Leave them in a SEALED BOX. Won’t Happen with these guy’s………. Well one question that should be going through your head, Why did I deal with them then? Well back in the early 2000 they were the only Cuban cigars reseller that would ship to the US. NOW I know why. I say this to ALL. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Please share your experience...