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Cigars International
Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : PA, USA
Online Since : 1996
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Description : Cigar International boasts an impressive range of non-Cuban cigars - all the most famous brands seem to be there.

124 Comments on “Cigars International”

  1. Experience:

    Their “Daily Deal” occasionally is outstanding and everything you include in that order is included in the free shipping.

  2. Experience:

    It was an ok experience, shipping took longer than expected, they mixed flavors with naturals in the same bag, but still good smokes.

  3. bitbuster says:


    a good place to find a bargain – every now and then! reliable service.

  4. Experience:

    I’ve always had a good experience with CI. Great prices.

  5. Experience: Neutral

    I don’t care for CI. Yeah, they have some cheap cigars, but I prefer great customer service and fast shipping. CI is the Walmart of the online cigar world. Give me or Fumee World any day.

  6. Experience:

    I’ve been using Cigars International for awhile now & always found ordering from them to be a pleasent experience. The postal service lost my order & CI sent out a replacement order & I had my cigars the next day. The cigars are always fresh even if you get them from their auction site If anyone ever has the chance you have to visit their super store in PA. You won’t be disappointed.

  7. GerryRosso says:


    Great company and really great customer service. They Joe Cigar deals save me a bundle.

  8. Experience:

    All the orders I have purchased arrived on time and were packed well.

  9. Experience:

    I’ve always had a great experience with them and their customer service reps are very helpful when you have questions. I like how their search has an option for wrapper type. The site itself is easy to navigate and has some nice descriptions for cigars as well as good user reviews.

  10. Experience: Neutral

    I have ordered on line and traveled the 180 mile round trip manytimes. I visit both the City and super stores. Never had any complaints. Great people all the way around.I swear by them.

  11. Experience:

    I feel CI/Cigarbid did me wrong even after spending Alot of my hard earned $$ there. They will never see my business again !

  12. Experience:

    Some of the best prices, good interface. Top notch.

  13. Experience:

    I’ve had good experiences all around. Quick shipping and good prices.

  14. Experience: Neutral

    I have ordered from CI many times. They have great deals and a good selection. They push their selected sticks like a dealer in a back alley but a lot of them are actually pretty good and not misrepresented. The daily deal keeps taking my money…

  15. Experience:

    No complaints here. I really like the daily deals.

  16. Saint Jimbob says:


    I don’t know if there’s a week that goes by when I don’t drop by their site at least once to check on deals. Their pricing is fairly competitive, and their customer service is top-notch.

  17. Experience:

    One of my few trusted on-line retailers. Good deals, fast shipping and they arrive in good shape. Give em a try.

  18. ronhoffman2 says:


    i’m also lucky enough to live close to both CI stores. The downtown store runs great “buy one get one free” deals. The Superstore has fun events. Cigarbid is also a great place to get cigars. I have never ever had an issue with shipping or cigar quality when I’ve purchased from them.

  19. Experience:

    great customer service and prices, what more can you ask for??

  20. Carol Wingert says:


    I love cigars international. Quick service too!

  21. Experience:

    Good place to order your cigars. Shipping is super slow but other than that, good deal.

  22. Experience:

    Some great deals and super fast shipping. Highly recommended!

  23. Experience:

    I’ve never had any problems with CI, and only one problem with the auction side. Their shipping has been good and all my cigars are packed well. I do recommend that if you order from CI that you let your cigars rest in your own humidor for a couple of weeks!

  24. Experience:

    I have never had a bad CI experience. I like their fast response and, heck, I like their paper catalogs! While I am not a *regular* shopper there, they DO have some SUPER deals on occasion.

  25. Experience:

    I decided to do the “make me an offer” program. I found a pack of 10 Graycliff 1666 msrp at around $180. I submitted a bid of $30,and it was accepted. First response was holy crap, but after receiving them my next was response was, holy crap these are horrible. In no way are these authentic, in fact the more i researched the 1666’s, Cigars International themselves are producing them, and slapping the Graycliff logo on them and selling them as “premium” cigars. As of now I’m looking into returning them,and most likely I will be steering clear of them all together.

  26. Experience:

    As a guy who likes samplers CI, to me, has the best variety of sampler packs out there. If you like to “mix it up” as I do, I do not think you can do any better than CI.

  27. BostonCigar says:


    Pleased with pricing and service of CI

  28. Experience:

    Why do they call themselves “Cigars International” when they don’t ship internationally?

  29. Experience:

    Great place to buy Cigars. Fast shipping, great customer service. Awesome deals. They probably don’t ship international for tax and customs reasons. No reason to give them a thumbs down. May thier imply there cigars come from all over the world.

  30. Experience: Neutral

    Or maybe in the land of the “World Series”, the rest of us don’t quite exist? :) I shouldn’t grumble, though – you’re right. If it wasn’t for the Internet, I’d never have turned on to great non-Cuban cigars. What an irony, though – out here, Cubans are so much more widely available than non-Cubans, other than the premium likes of Arturo Fuente, Padron, Ashton and Avo. My beloved Puros Indios, no one’s ever heard of here! So although Internet retailing has done marvels for exposing non-Cuban cigars to the wider world, with their sumptuous variety, generally excellent construction and above all fantastic value for money, they’re almost as hard to get as Cubans in the US!! Ironic, huh?

  31. Experience:

    Great experience with this company. They ROCK!!! The best deals and prices, I’ll end up sounding like a commercial advertisement! Would highly recommend.

  32. Experience:

    CI does in fact ship internationally. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them and whenever I have an issue they correct it within hours. I’m currently in Afghanistan and they do their best to get the package out as soon as they can. The longest wait I’ve ever had for one of their packages was maybe 10 days.
    I don’t even waste my time with other cigar shops online. Their prices do nothing to compare with CI.

  33. jstephens492 says:


    Customer service is just horrible! Will never shop there again.

  34. Experience: Neutral

    Freqlord, their email to me was quite categorical about not shipping internationally. Maybe they ship to Americans overseas, especially servicemen, as well they should!

  35. Experience:

    ordered my first humi from CI. for $30, it was a steal. ok, its not $3000 davidoff quality/construction, but for my first humi its perfect for me. took 2 days to season, and its been holding perfect humidity ever since.
    CI’s service blew me away. i ordered it online monday at 330pm, called them on tuesday 9am to change my order (i originally ordered the yukon, but decided burl was nicer looking), they pulled my box from the shipping area, repackaged it, and the humi arrived wednesday afternoon. wow! and CI doesnt rip you off with crazy shipping/handling charges either. great shop. i’l be orderering all my supplies from CI from now on.

  36. Experience:

    I have placed one order from CI so far. It arrived promptly and exactly as described.

    Bought a 5 pack of Montecristo Media Noches with a free 5 cigar travel herfador and CI Lotus Laser Lighter. Cigars were in great shape and the free lighter is a great compliment to the travel case. I would not hesitate to buy from these guys again since ordering from them is effortless and you seem to get exactly what you pay for plus freebies.

  37. Experience:

    Price was right… cigars were not. Ordered some Arturo Fuente Don Carlos cigars and the wrapper was already pealing and cracked out of the zip lock. Had to throw them away… no response from CI.

  38. Experience: Neutral

    You THREW THEM AWAY?! *gasp* That had to hurt. I really like AFDcs, too.

    Come now, there MUST be something to remedy this. Perhaps not if the cigar’s split like a sausage and its insides are spilling out, but if a wrapper has torn loose or split a little, might it be fixed with that mysterious glue torcedores use to put the caps on?

    What IS that stuff, and is it commercially available? Inspector?

  39. Experience: Neutral

    Split like a sausage. Too bad I can’t upload a pic here. Very disapointing.

  40. Experience: Neutral

    All you do is upload the pic to a public picture hosting site and provide the link to it as a comment here.

  41. Experience:

    Great deals on deal of the day. who could beat 2x deal of the day and free shipping, especially when their deal of the days are killer good deals!

  42. Experience:

    I’ve ordered from CI a number of times over the years, and not only have I had very few problems with the cigars I’ve ordered, but the very few that I did have a problem with CI promply replaced for me.

  43. Experience:

    I have spent a lot of money at CI. I feel that I have saved a lot of money by shopping there as well. The normal prices are discounted but the samplers and daily deals are great values. Customer service is good. I was unsatisfied with some cigars and CI credited me for all uncut cigars and paid for return shipping. Can you ask for more than that?

  44. Experience:

    Will not order from them again. No response from CI to my complaint. has won all my business now. Better quality and customer service by a mile!

  45. Experience:

    I live in Central PA and have been Internet shopping elsewhere. I looked at CI’s website and found one of my favorite brands at a higher price than I was paying. Being they were close to me I sent them an email and told them the price I was paying and asked them if they could match the price. What a joke. They told me that I HAD to call and they would contact the competitor and verify the price while I was on the phone. They would not include shipping and PA sales tax with the deal, so they weren’t going to match the price. I told them that the price I was paying was posted on the competitor’s site and they could verify it themselves if they just looked at their competitors website. CI was nothing but a big run around.

    They might be OK if you are looking for inexpensive bundles of cigars. Their printed catalog has all of 4 or 5 rated cigars at HIGH prices, the rest are bargain bundles. Big Deal. Poor business model and are targeted toward people that should shop around a little more before spending their $$$


  46. Experience:

    Great place to order. Everything I’ve ordered from there has been an excellent experience.

  47. SmokinWheelzzz says:


    Love em! I’ve ordered everything from humidors to the cigars that stock them. Always satisfied with the experience. Thumbs up!

  48. Experience:

    I’ve ordered from CI many times and delivery has always been 2 days max. They may lack the $15+ higher end smokes, but they have good prices on great smokes.

  49. Ammonia International says:


    Quick shipping
    Excellent deals
    Wide selection
    Easy to navigate website

    Cigars look like seconds
    Taste of ammonia!!

    I love a deal as much as anyone, but something is very wrong at Cigars International. I’ve been buying from them for a couple of months now and have placed 4 orders as of this writing. They have fantastic sales and it’s hard not to grab at a great deal. The cigars have all arrived quickly, in brand new condition and sealed up in cellophane. It is after unwrapping them that the problems become evident.
    I can get over the wrappers being a little rough and an occasional stem here and there (which you will invariably get on their sale items), but for the money, it’s still a no-brainer. The real problem lies with the fact that regardless of whether it’s a Padilla, 5 Vegas, Torano, Alec Bradley, La Aurora, Graycliff, Diesel, etc, they all have had problems with ammonia/salt/chlorine taste. That’s not to say that you won’t get some that are outstanding! But, in general, too many have disappointed me and that is why I’m pulling the plug on any further purchases.
    PS. My humidor runs like a well oiled machine and the cigars that live there are happy. After a couple of months of rest, it seems as though SOME of the earlier ones have come around and taste fine. This seems like a problem that originates at CI.

    Conclusion: Good for toilet work.

  50. Louie/ Central Jewelry says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Great company, polite service, and always concerned about the customer. From cigars to humidors, the deliver what the promise. I waitted for a humidor on backorder, when it arrived the analog gauge had a cracked crystal. I was going to have one of our family’s watchmakers cut me a new crystal, but decided to call them instead. Sure enough it came quickly in two days with a follow up call on the 3rd day. I have recomended this company with great confidence to my friends as I feel they truly care about their customers. It’s been nothing but a continued pleasure ordering from them each month like clockwork. I have many humidors, but it looks like I need another come July as a gift for another business owner who is openning a second business. The 5 Vegas special offered by Cigars International, humidor and 30 cigars ought to set the tone for future reciprocation of a few things I’d like him to handle.

  51. Louie/ Central Jewelry says:

    Experience: Neutral

    To answer an earlier question posed by REY on the glue for a wrap repair on a cigar; I use Blunt Kingpin Glue as it is an all natural glue. My cigars are well kept in several closely monitored humidors; but Colorado is a dry climate here in the Mile High City. Carry a cigar too long and it can happen. The glue has a slight flavor, but it isn’t that noticable and it works well. One little bottle of this natural glue lasts forever it seems as it takes very little to do the trick.

  52. shopman says:


    I have been doing bussiness with CI for about a year.Their shipping time is good 3 days.The quality not too bad for discount smokes.My problem is with their customer service.Seems that when they offer free shipping they should honor it.They state in their online banner when it ends but no start date.So my order afew days before the day they claim it started excempts me.So even with fine print they are not holding up their end of the bargain.I would think that the shipping cost of $8 would be worth the money I spend and to keep the customer but they seem to be hard line on this issue.So the lesson learned here is what you see on the check out cost is what you WILL pay for.What you see on their web site is not what will happen when you order.

  53. Cholliday says:


    I’ve done business with these guys for years and they are pretty hard to beat. Their deals are really good. I love the Alec Bradley Tempus line. Normally $135 or so/box of 25. They ran a special and I picked up 50 cigars for $99.95!

  54. Experience:

    Been ordering for a about a year now. Cigars come as ordered however the shipping is killing me. I live on the opposite side of the country from PA. The shipping takes 7 business days and 2 weekend days? Really. I ordered at 3:00pm and it doesn’t ship till the next day at 5:30pm. Amazon has my stuff here within 5 days max. Get it together or lose the business.

  55. Experience:

    Sent me an opened box (should have been sealed) and when I asked customer service about it I was told she would check on that and call me back. needless to say, she didn’t. Don’t tell a customer you will call him back if you don’t really intend to do so.

  56. Experience:

    I buy from them and thier auction site all the time. These people that complain about poor cutomer service I don’t understand. They ship immediatly the cigars are well kept and they guarantee your satisfaction. What else do you want?

  57. Experience:

    Just be careful of the Customer Service. I was called by a Supervisor and thought my problem was resolved. I got an E mail from Jessica a supervisor in Customer Service who took it back to square one. C.I. has great bargains but if you have problem they sure don’t make it pleasant to get a problem resolved. Very disappointed in their attitude.

  58. Experience:

    Great prices, large selection, and for moving such a large volume of smokes, they always arrive looking great!

  59. Experience:

    Finally got a call from Trish Dunsmore @ C.I. customer service. She is a supervisor and handled my problem. She’s wonderful.Satisfied with outcome of the customer service problem.

  60. Experience:

    Sent back mediocre, overpriced cigars at extra postage expense, and sealed in freezer storage bag, to ensure they could restock the product ASAP. Two weeks later, no refund. Customer service says refunds take 2-3 WEEKS! Compared to other mail order companies, these people are the worst. Got an allegedly $50 cigar cutter for $10; broke before I got through the first box. BEWARE these guys; their LOWEST RATING is well deserved. JSDJSD

  61. Experience: Neutral

    Cigarsinternational has a lot of good constantly changing limited time deals. Most products I have ever received have been great at a good price.

    My problems with their site are the censorship of their fan mail feedback and the way their deals and staff reviews push a few good brands while shunning other just as good if not better sticks. I can only assume it all comes down to how much money each makes them.

  62. Experience:

    The return treatment at cigar international is at the bottom. After sending back a batch of cigars I was unhappy with, I was told I must call back 10 – 15 days. called back and found they received them but it may be 10 – 12 more days to post a refund. Now 30 days later and no word from them, but I must keep calling them. Why cant they alert me to the issues and tell me when refunded. poor customer service.

  63. Experience:

    hated cigars untill 1998 always a its a boy or girl cigar then i was given a fuente connecticut chateau loved it since then i have hunted that perfect cigar smoked hundreds did lots of research do not understand the negitive coments about ci i receive 7 cigar magizines a month ci has the best combo deals i have not received a cigar in poor shape found my favorite cigar at the lowest price not a computer person but had to respond

  64. Experience:

    I’ve been doing business with CI for many years, and really like them. Their bundled and free shipping deals can save you considerable money. Their 5-packs are better-packed than they used to be (they were never bad). Twice out of dozens of orders, things went wrong – some cigars arrived wet, and a lighter that wouldn’t work – and both times they immediately replaced the merchandise no questions asked, and sent a prepaid return label for the defective stuff. Sometimes, the ‘deals’ have a little ‘back alley’ attitude, but it’s all in fun. I love these guys.

  65. Experience:

    I placed an order that with a 2-7 business day delivery window. Ten business days later I called customer service and they said the item was out of stock and they had no idea when it would be in stock. Talk about a let down. I doubt I use them again if they can’t manage their inventory.

  66. Experience:

    I have purchased from them a number of times fast shipping, yes . Cigars okay, yes. I purchased a domed humidor for 160 bucks, very pretty. But the sticky was all gone and the hydrometer had the glue all over the place. (not stickable).Called customer service and they told me they only distribute this product and she suggested velcro to me. That was the wrong answer . I put a review of the product and told of this story, and stated when they send me a new hydrometer I would order again. 6 month ago and I have not purchased from them … you should not either… unsatisfied……

  67. Experience:

    I saw a great deal with CI online one day and decided to give them a try(I normally use I placed my order, sampler of 10, and was so excited when my package arrived until I opened it. The cigars we’re just thrown into the box and right away I could see two were damaged. The rest were pretty dry so I placed them in the humi. As I’ve been working my way through them I have come to discover that they all have pinholes, small tears, or tasted like they had been dipped in ammonia. Needless to say I am very unhappy with my purchase and will be spending a little extra with other companies or taking the hour trip to the closest cigar store. Also not impressed with their customer service.

  68. David D. Davidson says:


    Reading some of these shocks me, as I have never had a problem with CI! I live in the one day ship zone, so maybe that helps, but they’ve never screwed up an order, lost anything, or ripped me off. I’ve never gotten sticks that I suspected were knockoffs, sticks with bad flavor, or any damage what so ever. I’ve dealt with customer service twice, once to exchange a humidifier and once to ask for details on a product. Both times I found them very knowledgeable and helpful. CI gets a big thumbs up from me!

  69. ronnieO says:


    I have ordered from CI for several years. Most og the time things are fine. I live in what was the one day ship zone. This has changed, apparently they ship with ups picking up the order at ci then delivering it to the post office then the post office delivers it to my home. Go figure? But the customer service can be bad.

  70. Experience:

    Ordered a fathers day deal. Arrived quickly and in great condition. Will order from again.

  71. jcrawford says:


    They admit fault on an order after checking their call recordings, but when a gift pack is offered by the rep. for their mistake the manager Bambi overrides the offer. What a Power-trip…beware if you have to work with this company on any issue relating to money. Glad their are many other sites to choose from.

  72. Experience:

    I have order many times from them over many years, prices cannot be beat. I have searched the web far n wide in my search, great company, great deals, great service. If u already haven’t ordered from them give them a shot u won’t be disappointed..

  73. CigarRedneck says:


    There price are good and they have a lot of sampler package at good cost.

  74. Dandorthewarlord says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Prices/Value- A+( Awesome)

    Customer Service- B+ (Pretty good but not great. You kinda feel like a number. Like shopping at walmart)

    Free Shipping- D (Verrrrrry Slow- UPS Sure Post)I think driving 2100 miles from Texas to pick them up would be faster. I pay extra for normal ship. Cuts shipping time in half.

    Cigar Freshness- A-

    Bottom Line- I order often from CI(strictly for price). If you’re looking for a great daily/ sampler or weekly deal ..GO Here, and they do guarantee product and back it 100% I know, I have had to return on a few rare occasions.

    Overall Rating- A –

  75. cary pollack says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I cancelled an order with cigars international. It was never sent naturally. They charged my account. I had to dispute my bill. The head of the customer service dept did not review my problrm. She just said I how them the money. I am going to the better business bureau and the federal trade commission

  76. Bill Stump says:


    Excellent!! Nice energetic young guys on the sales floor–obvious they like their jobs. An older employee mentioned a bundle that CI has in its catalogue, called it just as good as as almost any cigar in the handsome Bethlehem store–and frowned when I asked him if another catalogue item I asked him about was worth the price. My main point: it’s fun to shop at CI. Another great big store I won’t identify makes cigar shopping akin to walking into the lobby of a Wall Street bank.

  77. Smokey Bear says:


    I import cigars from suppliers around the world, and in this case I was looking for a new supplier of non-Cuban cigars in the USA because my existing USA-based supplier was retiring. A friend of mine was visiting USA so I ordered a box of NUB Connecticut 464T from Cigars International, to be delivered to my friend’s hotel room. The box was full of severely cracked cigars, as shown in photos taken by my friend at the time. However, he knows nothing about cigars and had no internet connection before boarding the plane home so the first I knew of the problem was when I met him at home. Cigars International response? Get stuffed. You’re an international customer, and despite having “international” in their name they have no interest in helping me. I reminded them that I purchase large quantities of cigars from USA currently and would be transferring my business to them, but no interest. Well, I’ve since tested two other USA-based suppliers and found them to be satisfactory, so there!

  78. Brendan_UT says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Would you buy a cigar thinking your getting the real deal, only to find out that CI bought the license to produce cigars under the same band? The blend might be the same, but all of the important nuances, such as where the tobbacco came from, are left to CI discretion. Guess what? That’s part of CI’s scheme and thousands of customers are duped thinking they’ve put one on the ol’ CI, only to find out that their the ones on losing end. Horrendous business practice in my opinion.

  79. Smokin' Joe says:


    I’ve been using CI for years and I have never had any of the problems that I just read. In fact I was shocked that there were negative reviews on here at all! The prices are great on really attractive NC cigars when you buy their samplers, and pretty competitive when you’re buying boxes. Daily deals and specials on their site, not to mention their clearances and humidor deals have allowed me to fill a bookcase with humis and sticks to go in them for pennies on the dollar. Probably my biggest gripe is that I get their catalog sometimes up to twice a month (by design, I ish you not, they have May I and May II issues). A lot of the read is hilarious and the pictures gorgeous, but it’s basically the same thing repeatedly, and I do my shopping online anyway.

    Also, as a Soldier CI has been great when I’ve been in Germany, Iraq, and Afghanistan. I’ve had no problems with shipping and at the most austere locations they are still in great shape. Usually they’re packed double cello’d and with inflatable packing, and besides being a little dry the cigars look like you just got them out of a smoke shop.

  80. Experience:

    Big thumbs down to CI. I bought a sampler of ten premium cigars and every cigar except two were dry as a bone, unraveling and in crappy condition. I couldn’t even nurse these back to decent condition after several days in a humidor. It took 9 days for my order to arrive. They didn’t even put a humipack in the bag with the cigars. I’ll never order from them again! They get my vote as the biggest shyster crap cigar store in the internet!

  81. Experience:

    General prices are not always “deals” but their specials and samplers definitely are! Got a super starter deal of 10 premiums (Cohiba, Gurkha, Torano, Hoyo, Punch, CAO, etc.) and a 25-50ct glasstop humidor… $30? Dang right, $30. Slight shipping delay, but arrived well packaged, humi is beautiful and now seasoned and showing off my sticks. Again, may not be awesome prices if you are buying their “shelf” prices, but samplers and deal prices are astounding compared to B&M prices in my area.

  82. Experience:

    This place advertises like many online providers do – they claim to have inventory they don’t. And, yeah, it will probably take a whole lot longer to get what you ordered. My first order (which was taking a lot longer than I thought it would to ship out), I asked customer service whether or not my sticks were shipped with a humi-pack, and this is the response I got “Good idea. I will pass that along”. Dang! Even my local shop throws in a pack just to take my sticks home! AND, Please! Don’t advertise what you don’t have… and for f’s sake, please humidify the sticks you ship! It’s not that hard.
    Keep your site up to date for cryin’ out loud! I hate to order stuff you don’t have!!! I would avoid ordering from here. Someone called them the Wal-Mart of cigars and I feel like that is right on. Selection is good – but, most often, you get what you pay for. Crap.

  83. Soupbone says:


    Ordered some cigars, they took the money, and some were not in stock. They gave me a store credit for the amount I over paid. Next order, I applied the store credit i had from the previous order. They actually tried to tell me I owed them money. I told them to take me to court. They lost a good customer.

  84. Experience:

    I buy cigars from many different stores both online and in person. I was attracted by the low prices from cigars international, and placed an order. I had problems with their shipping and customer service was mediocre at best.

    I will be continuing to purchase cigars online but will not be doing so from cigars international. There are many more stores with GREAT customer service and a willingness to keep customers.

  85. Experience:

    i odered more than 10 times but they cancel all .and 5 of my friend have the same result .they didnt mail or call or do somethin to tell us about that they cant or dont or doesnt want to sell thier cigars …. after a loooooong time wasted , i make a call , then they say my order is cancel . wtf , its happen to me again , and to all my friend who trying to buy somethin

  86. nitroexpress says:


    You may think that the following is only one side of the story, or that it’s too long to read and take in. But consider – there just may be some truth to this story. There are plenty of places on the web and elsewhere that sell cigars. Do you really want to run the risk – no matter how small – that what happened to me might happen to you?
    If you’re like me, you want a place where you can place an order, relax, and confidently wait for your cigars to arrive when they are supposed to. Cigars International is not that place. My experience is consistent with Steven J.’s. I have been dealing with C.I. for probably ten years or so with very little trouble. I placed my last order some time ago, received an email confirmation and … nothing, nada, ziltch. Although I always order in plenty of time so that I don’t run the risk of running out before the delivery arrives, this time their quoted delivery time came and was long gone. Finally, I called the spectacularly mis-named “customer service” to find out why. Their story was that there had been some sort of difficulty with the payment. This the first time this has happened in ten years, and, had I known, I would have taken care of it immediately. You will have to trust me that I am good for the price of the cigars. But, the point is that I didn’t know because they didn’t tell me. When I asked them why they didn’t tell me, they said that they had emailed me. I then asked why I got the email order confirmation but not this bad news about the payment. They suggested that it might have been spam filtered. It wasn’t, and they declined to offer any other explanation. On the rare occasions when other suppliers have failed to deliver they have apologized and done what they could to make good the damage their mistake has caused, even to the extent that they send a replacement order by next day delivery at no cost to me. When I suggested that C.I. do that or any other thing they might think of to mitigate the damage THEY caused, I was told that they “couldn’t”. You and I know perfectly well that they could, they just wouldn’t. As a matter of fact, I must have been told “they couldn’t” about 100 times during the conversation. Instead of a good old American “can do” attitude they have a “can’t do” attitude. Anyway, it’s safe to say that customer satisfaction doesn’t appear anywhere at all on their list of priorities. Caveat emptor. Now, after years of business and thousands of dollars spent – NO MORE.

  87. Experience:

    They ship what they want and not what you order. When call on the customer service line their respond is least to be courteous and good marketing conducing. I will not recommend Cigars International to any of my friends!

  88. Experience: Neutral

    shame on u. call urself cigar international but do not do international shipping

  89. Experience:

    I am still waiting foe two items that I ordered over one month agp
    I have to email CI to get any update on my order.
    Worst company I have ever dealt with online.

  90. Experience:

    Terrible customer service, the standard answer is “wait a couple of days.” No help. Uncaring attitude. No options for appeal. Waste of time and I’m out the cost of a box of premium cigars that are at this time no where to be found, two weeks after my order was accepted. Of course, it’s not CI’s fault.

  91. Experience:

    Ordering for 5 years (5-7 times a year) and NEVER had any problems!

  92. Experience:

    Do not order! Customer service is a horror story. You DO get what you pay for. Pay a cheap price and get a cheap product….or get sick from a nasty, moldy, putrid puff of a so-called “cigar”. Run, do not walk. I should notify the county health department or maybe the circus inspector? They just said send it back, but they could not accept partially burnt cigars. REAL FUNNY! Responded to 2nd complaint by closing the ticket. Real professional……..

  93. Carey Holliday says:


    I’ve ordered from CI for over 5 years now and spent several thousand dollars with them. I have always gotten what I paid for. If I ordered cheap cigars, I got cheap cigars. If I ordered premium cigars, I got premium cigars. The few times I’ve had to contact customer service, they have been immediately helpful and resonsive.
    I don’t get the complaints.

  94. Experience:

    To Paul –

    I’ve never heard of any company accepting partially burnt cigars back. I haven’t. Have ordered many times from them and no complaints. I do btw get smokes it turns out I don’t like but I don’t try to return them. It’s not the proprietor’s fault…it’s not even the manufacturer’s fault. It just didn’t do anything for ME. That was MY tastes. And you did intimate that they were willing to take back the moldy smokes. But just not the partially smoked ones. It sounds reasonable.

  95. Experience:

    To all who’ve been dealing with CI for years and have never had any trouble: You’ve been lucky. I’ve been dealing with them for ten years without trouble. Then I placed an order and waited, and waited, and…The order wasn’t shipped, and I wasn’t told. Customer service couldn’t care less. If you like to place an order and be confident that your cigars will show up, try someone else.

  96. Johnny B. says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Over the past 2+ years, my CI orders have always arrived promptly, but I always pay extra for 2 or 3 day shipping. However, two different bundles of cigars from my last 2 orders tasted moldy. I’m over 50 and I know what mold smells and tastes like. There is something wrong going on here. I am very hesitant to order now.

  97. Experience:

    Lately I have been having quality issues with CI (e.g. peeling wrappers, tough draw, etc). My last order, which included Gurkha Symphony’s and a RP Connecticut has been the worst. Constant re-lighting and an almost impossible draw. I would say they were too moist when shipped but I allowed a few to dry outside of the humidor (which I keep at 68). I have emailed their Customer Service and am awaiting a reply. I do not feel that I should struggle with premium brands. I’ll let you know their response.

  98. Michael W. says:


    Cheap and there’s a reason for that.
    I placed an order on Sunday, on Monday morning I received a notification about an issue with age verification. Really? It wasn’t my first purchase. So I called at 9:00am EST and the rep said it’s released and will ship today. Next morning, no email tracking, no nothing so I call and I was informed that I missed the 12:00pm cut off for shipment but that it would ship that day and was given tracking. At 7:00pm that evening I checked tracking and it says “Pre shipment info sent to USPS” I had paid for 2-3 day shipping so that it would arrive below I was scheduled to leave on Friday. It’s not going to make it. So spent over 3 hours trying to reach a rep let alone management and kept getting the run around. While waiting on hold etc. I happened across the BBB report for their area which rates them at an F.

    Finally reaching a member of management? All they could offer me was a half hearted sorry. Not even we can refund the shipping that I paid extra fr to ensure on time arrival.

    Never Again!

  99. Experience:

    Bought and paid for a $300+ box of cigars and they never shipped the product. Customer service was non existent and “in your face”. I had to file a claim with PayPal to obtain a refund.

  100. Experience: Neutral

    Been using CI for about 9 years now. They are not what they once were. They recently shipped 3 incorrect orders(totally their mistake) to me and refused to make it up to me. Yes, they have some great prices, but the once great renowned “CI” customer service is gone.

  101. Experience:

    Wife bought a nice ($345) box of cigars for my birthday. The box arrived damaged and had been previously opened (seal broken). After some pressure they agreed to replace upon return of the originals. They said they open boxes to check for quality issues and that UPS damaged the box. The replacement arrived in the same shape…..damaged box from poor packaging and a cut seal. Steer clear.

  102. Experience:

    I have been buying cigars from them for years. They just ripped me off on a $20.00 gift card. Customer service was bad and did not care they lost a long time customer. Watch your back with these folks

  103. Experience:

    Quickly scanned these comments and have noticed many of the negative comments are more recent, so maybe CI is experiencing some pains presently, I hope not…I have been ordering from them for 10+ years and have ALWAYS received my order on time, fresh and well packaged….the deliveries have been so great in fact I never had to contact CS, so I can’t speak to their helpfulness. But as far as the overall ordering and delivery I have nothing but good things to say…they are also for the most part, less expensive than J&R, Famous, Thompsons to name a few…I am actually placing my second order this month so I hope I have not spoken too soon…

  104. mrwilhite says:


    3rd time I have encountered less than stellar performance. I had to ask for a tracking number, it shipped a day late, received a canned response skirting the direct question. Not happy with their customer service and feel it is worth a few more pennies per stick to deal with a customer service department that cares/

  105. Experience:

    Hi Joe
    Me, too. Ten years with no problem. But you and I were lucky. Wait until you’re really depending on getting your order and getting it on time. Sooner or later, they’ll let you down, and when they do, they couldn’t care less about fixing their mistake. Mrwilhite has it right. They don’t care.

  106. Experience:

    Bought some Fuente Opus Maduro from them about a year ago. Paid way too much. Just had Carlito Fuente himself confirm my worst fears – they are fake. He says they never released a double robusto maduro Opus commercially and CI selling fakes is why their auction site no longer carries much in the way of Fuente. These people are scammers! I contacted them and while they would not guarantee the authenticity of these fakes, they also would not refund my money. I’m wondering if this is why they also stopped carrying Padron Anniversaries on their auction site – there was a bust of fake Padrons a few months ago.

  107. Experience: Neutral

    I’m calling B.S. On that last post. When they sold Fuente on their site I bought a lot of them and never had a problem. I’ve smoked all manner of Fuente cigars and I know fakes.

  108. Experience:

    I am currently fighting with CI over a lost order. Ups lost it and CI was going to resend my order then at some point the lost package is suddenly “found”. Its been ten(10) days with no humidity pack rattling around in ups system and CI thinks that is fine.
    Originally it looked as if the issue was going to be handled then days with no information passed and i have to call to be informed the earlier solution was not going to happen and i can use a return authorization when it does arrive if i dont want it..which i am doing.
    I have done a lot of orders past two years or so and accept packages get lost but CI telling me to “revive” them myself after cancelling the agreed upon resolution without telling me is what i am upset about. I also agree there are some odd things going on with the cigars and they may be selling rebanded fakes and damaged cigars.. Bet they ship out those dried sticks i am refusing to some unsuspecting customer as i have had a number of truly terrible/damaged cigars from them in the past.
    May try tinderbox and of course my local shops but CI did a shafty thing and is acting like they dont care and i am thinking i may need to quit ordering.
    A cheap cigar deal is no good if you cannot or will not smoke them. All this damage/fakery/bad customer service seems to hover over this company from 2009 to today.
    Thanks for letting me post!

  109. Adde Linn? says:


    I ordered a mix of cigars to be sent to an APO address in Afghanistan where I’m doing service.
    I could hardly believe the mail I got from CI when I’d already paid with my credit card.
    It said; We have processed a verification charge of under $3.00 on this order, this is to verify the card activity. Once the amount has been verified and the correct billing address applied, we will charge the remaining balance and release the orders.

    The thing is that they sent me a pack to the same APO two weeks before this mail without any problems and now they are going to charge 3$ extra. Charging me after I’ve checked out from my purchase.
    This is pure theft and fraud. I’ll NEVER BUY FROM CIGAR INTERNATIONAL AGAIN.


  110. Mike Ekiss says:

    Experience: Neutral

    just to add to my last post. I too have been a customer for 10 years. Have never been happy with hoq they fill the orders and shipping time but this last deal frosted me as they sat on a modified order and never filled it or told me. Said something about a paypal limit which is a crock. I think this stuff starts at the top. This guy spends too much time being clever instead of customer service. I too wonder about the quality and freshness. I believe the guy about the Fuentes.

  111. Experience: Neutral

    I have purchased pipe tobacco from them for years. They are the only people who actually get close to the original 1q tobacco. However customer service borders on incompetent and the warehouse is just bad. I recently bought 5 pounds of 1 Q. It came to me in a torn unsealed the band at 6 and 1/2 pounds. It was horrible. The extra pounds that I have did not make up for the bad taste. I want to try to order a pound of tobacco from them and they told me they only sold 16 ounces not one pound. This has been generally my experience however I will send more than 75% of the time they get things right. I use them only because of their 1q. Recently they jacked their prices up a lot and I can get one cheaper almost anywhere butt I may not get that taste. On a one-to-ten I rate d them a 7.

  112. Mark Polites says:


    Wow what a terrible experience I just had. I have bought cigars from them in the past. They have very deceptive advertising. I thought I purchased a Sons of Anarchy box with 5 cigars along with the rest of my order. No decorative box. They said that they do not even have a box. There was a picture in the catalog, and two pictures of it when I made my online order. I called their customer service and even waited for a manager to call me back. Very, very deceptive advertising. I will buy from a local shop next time so I can actually touch what I am buying.

  113. Experience:

    I have been a customer of cigars international for many years and for the most part been very satisfied until this last purchase. I ordered 3 -20 cigar bundles f overruns and when they arrived they were dried out, brittle and tasted terrible. They boast the biggest humidor of anyone but these must have been left out in the sun. I requested an rma# for the entire order and two days later got an email with a ticket?? number. Three days went by with no rma# from them, so I packed the cigars up and paid usps postage back to them with the ticket number on the package. The following day (5 days after i requested the rma#) I get an email asking if I wanted to return the cigars. HELLO…It’s been over three weeks and they refuse to honor their so-called return policy. Their customer service stinks.

  114. Experience:

    Patrick- You mean you actually received them? I didn’t even get that! If you look on their facebook page you will see tons of complaints. they state they had a computer bug that they fixed that put them behind a few days. Meanwhile they haven’t shipped in weeks. Their phone appears to be off the hook, don’t respond to e-mails, don’t respond to their messages. I’ve called their physical stores, that have nothing to do with it, they are nice, but cannot be of help. I’d ben ordering from them for years. No more.

  115. malachi Davis says:


    great with daily deals great customer service cigars come on time had a couple of problems but they fixed it and good quality cigars. and they changed system and wait times are long and there shipments are all taking a long time

  116. Experience:

    Two previous orders were OK. 5-6 days to my door. Content was correct and in good order. Third order was a nightmare. I shared Al’s experiences (March 1,2017). It took 5 weeks to finally receive a partial order with no explanation of the missing items. I was not overcharged,though.

  117. Michael R says:


    CI sends me there catalog so I finally decided to give them a try. I order a lot of cigars online from others so I’m not new to this.

    Everything I wanted to order was on back order. I couldn’t order any of the cigars I wanted. Then I tried to call their customer service line, it rang 20 times and NO ONE PICKED UP!!!! I can’t believe this level of crap service. CI can keep their stupid catalog, I’m done in one with them!!!

  118. Experience:

    i ordered cigars on 4-28-17..with 5 day delivery.after two weeks of no delivery.finially got ahold of them..said i did not order any.went to bank to stop payment on check..was told that cigars inter. put check[$83.97 into their account…tried to get ahold of cigars for several days…bank sent them a copy of deposit.. they sent me half of order and they were wrong ones..still cant get ahold of them..will go back to bank and send another fax.almost two months now…is this mail fraud,was told yes.going to see legal people next week..bad bad experencethank you for the time.

  119. Experience:

    They have lost a customer of over 15 years. Their customer service is non existent. They have gone from being a top notch company, to being the pits. Will never order from them again.

  120. Experience:

    I’ve been a customer since 2012. Back in February 2017 I contacted customer service on line about a sale they had going on. They never responded. They lost a sale.
    Then, I was stupid enough to buy shirts with their logo on it. The size was off; I contacted customer service on line on May 21st, 2017. No response. I have been trying to reach them EVERY DAY since then. NO RESPONSE. I copied all of my attempts of contact & printed them out ( 5 pages ) I sent these, along with a cover letter to company founder/executive, Keith Meier at their headquarters in Bethlehem, PA. Again, NO RESPONSE. I just boxed up the shirts & sent them back. If I am not issued a full refund, CI will need to send a lawyer to New Jersey, because I will file in small claims court.
    Avoid this company & buy elsewhere. No customer service, no responsibility & probably soon, out of business.

  121. Experience:

    I’ve been ordering from CI for the past 3 years and have had a few experiences that needed to be addressed with customer service. The first regarded an incorrect shipment that was rectified on the spot when I contacted customer service, the second was a sampler pack that contained cigars too dry to even try and revive (took the bite on those 5 and didn’t bother to call). My last experience centered around their upgrade to the warehouse system. Like other posters, I am located at an APO address. One of my orders during this time was sent via UPS which does not deliver to APO. I called Cust Service and explained the situation and they sent a replacement order via Priority Mail. On the same call, I let them know I had a second order placed and it needed to ship Priority Mail v. UPS. Said it would be handled and then I got he shipping notification that it went UPS. I was a little upset and called back and got a great Rep who handled everything with no additional cost to me. I think their cust service is above par and for those who ordered during their warehouse migration should give them another try. Additionally, they supplied me with a Cigars for Troops package to share with my military brothers and sisters for where I’m currently assigned.

  122. Experience:

    On May 19th 2017, I placed an order for a Torano 92+ sampler. In their ad they stated that this order would also include an Ashcroft Humidor and Rockwell torch lighter at no charge.They shipped the Free Humidor, but no cigars or lighter. When I called their customer service number I had to wait about 20 minutes before someone answered.I was then told that the rest of the order was on backorder and that it would be 6-8 weeks for the order to be shipped.As of now and several E-Mails and calls to their customer service department, I am still told that the order is on back order.This week will be 12 weeks and still on back order.

  123. WA Carter says:


    2nd time in 6 mo’s ordered 8-pk special. 1st dried n cracked wrapper on a Romeo rubusto. Most recent cracked n dry wrapper on Vegas Gold robusto. Never again! Return policy too many hoops compated to especially after you’ve ordered before. even sent pics of Romy!

  124. Experience:

    I ordered cigars as a gift for my father-in-law’s birthday. A few days later I received a email asking for ID verification. I confirmed my age with ID, and I was told my order was placed in processing. On the 15th (over 1 week later), I had not received my order or any contact from the company. I called their customer service, and they said that they cancelled the order yesterday because they couldn’t contact me. I did not receive any further emails or calls from the company since the ID verification on Jan. 7th. They then told me I could make a whole new order since my original order was cancelled. I asked if they could help me out and expedite the shipping because it is past my father-in-law’s birthday, and they said only at my expense. Not only did they just cancel my order without contacting be they also refused to make ammends for their poor customer service. Contacted BBB.

Please share your experience...