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Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : FL, USA
Online Since : 2000
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Description (taken from the website) : was founded on a simple principal: Provide the widest assortment of hard to find premium cigars at great prices with unsurpassed customer service. We strive to make our Cigar Smoking customers happy with prompt shipments and fresh cigars.

17 Comments on “Cigars Direct”

  1. jinelvistown says:


    Cigars direct stocks rare, hard to find cigars along with your everyday favorites. The cigar of the month offer can’t be beat. They are fully devoted to customer service.

  2. Experience:

    Wonderful customer service, contests that can’t be beat, and any cigar I’ve ever wanted.

  3. Experience:

    Always a pleasure to deal with Cigars Direct. They also sponsor many cigar blogs, which is totally awesome.

  4. Experience:

    great site, i’m about to order some ’92 opus x’s

  5. Experience:

    Was easy to get ahold of on the phone and when they didn’t have exactly what I was looking for, they more than made it up to me with a substituted brand. Amazing service that made me go LOOKING for a place to write them a rave review!

  6. Experience:

    First time order of Padron #45 Maduro. Excited to find low price on rare cigar, but the box I ordered was very dry which impacts flavor profile and utlimately smoking experience. This may be a one-off experience but it was not a good one.

  7. Experience:

    This is my 1st time ordering. I got that A-1 Manager’s Special where you get 10 premium cigars (their choice)for $24.95. Absolutely stunning selection for the price; Ashton ESV, JC Newman Maximus, Padron 1964 Anniversary maduro, 3 or 4 prime Arturo Fuentes including a mammoth Tubo, Oliva D series, 2 Nubs…and all of these corona gorda, large Pyramides, Churchill sizes…it was a GREAT bargain! HIGHLY impressed with this company and with my order!

  8. Dungaree says:


    Cigars Direct cigars are fake Fuente cigars. I ordered a opus X fuente fuente maduro and what I got wasn’t on the website. I called customer services and the sales person said smoke the cigars and he would replace them. I email them and didn’t get a responds. Don’t order from them.

  9. Sauntered-in says:


    Received a recent order of an Opus X cigar just to say I tried one. When I received it, the foot of the cigar was crushed. It had flakes of the wrapper in the cello. Since they state in their return policy they must be notified within 30 days of delivery, I wrote an email the next day as they need to issue a return #. No response in 3 business days. I wrote again and two more days no response. Called and the gentleman said they would replace the cigar and send it right out. Still no replacement. I don’t know if this is normal but when you buy a $60 cigar you expect a little better service.

  10. User 98765 says:


    Never again will I do business with these guys. I am still not convinced the site is not a scam. I ordered from them about a week ago and immediately got an email saying to call them before they could ship the cigars. I called twice that day and replied to the email. I have called and left massages every day since and tried emailing again. No response. No one ever picks up the phones… its always “leave a message and someone will return your call”. I regret attempting the purchase. I am watching my credit card statement closely for fraudulent purchases.

  11. Experience:

    I ordered an Opus X from Cigars Direct and it arrived 2 days later. They package it properly in a sealed bag with a Boveda 72, however, the foot of the cigar had developed a crack in the wrapper. Within a few minutes of sending them an email, I get a call and they shipped another the same day. They handled the situation well.

  12. User 98765 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    In response to my comment left on August 6, 2013…. I finally got the merchandise I ordered. Turns out every thing is legit but the lack of communication and how long it took to get the cigars really worries me. Long story short, the site is not a scam and I received the merchandise. However, the communication and service leave a lot to be desired.

  13. Experience:

    Tried to order on two different occasions. Both times the order was cancelled. A friends sent me, as a gift, an Opus X maduro double robusto that they sold on there site. Fake as fake can be. Did some digging and it turns out the Fuente never produced a maduro double robusto. Google “cigarsdirect opus x maduro double robusto” and see for yourself.

  14. Experience:

    I ordered product on 2/20 and was charged immediately. I never got the product. I emailed them at least 4 times before I got a response. When they did respond they said they’s check on the problem. Again no followup and as of 3/13 I still have no product, no answers and they have my money.

    poor customer service. poor followup. I’ve dealt with CI and JR’s for years and have never had a problem. Not impressed with this outfit

  15. Experience:

    I have ordered several times, ordering the Fuenta Opus line.
    Fast shipping, well packaged, and never a problem.

  16. Experience:

    I’ve tried calling the number on this site 3x. No response. That says a lot to me. When a company can not return a simple phone call……that’s a problem for me. JMO

  17. Experience:

    Placed an order Padron cigars, after 5 days when I call for status, the man who picks the phone says he may not have the stock and have not shipped yet. No emails or any intonation of delay. Then he ask should I pursue or cancel the order very rudely. I asked him to connect me to his supervisor, he is the owner he claimed and hung up the phone. I think they may work well if they have stock and if not they are very (or just he is) rude. I certainly do not recommend them I hope I get my refund or it may be out of stock too.

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